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RSVP if you'll be watching!
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Fiona m
omg victoria chat me!!!!
Fiona m
and cnt wait to see it!!!
i so will i almost never miss an episode
Fiona m
i cant wait to see it!!! RSVP ME!!!
For sure victorious is my FAVORIE SHOW!! No jokes.... :)
u r cool,,,, :) ,,,,,i will be there
Fiona m
hey anyone chat me???
Planes are not new chapters in my country (Mexico) would like to see, do not want to miss any episode of victorious if not for that
sorry i can't my mom still has not paid the bill yet but i wish i could
Casey H
Coolio totally gonna watch it
I'm going can I be in won of ur videos as a actor like a extra I can juggle
Hey you beautiful and every day I watch victorios
Hey you beautiful and every day I watch victorios
I'll be watching! "The World Will Be Watching" (whoa.... Hunger Games moment! xD)
you look so pretty in this picture victoria!! :D
<3 u!!
i love u sikowits u make my world when ur hilarious:)
cute shirt.i love the way she does her hair.p.s im not gay
yes im definetly gonna watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Definetly Watching, just got cable!
It means Please reply.... Its french.
i bet it will be funny!
ill watch it!!! i have to go to gymnastics first tho!
bri bri
I too will be watching it.Good luck Victoria
man it's on nick so i can't watch it, but when it's on ytv i'll be waiting
How could you be so pretty,dear Victoria!
i wouldnt so hahahahahahahah
<33 your soo pretty <333 hair flawless,face perfect,body,beautiful everytime <333 you never cease to amaze me <3
Hanna W
cool i know i will be:) i put it on my TO DO list
Sarah P
Gonna be watching! Expecially because its a spoof of match game! Match game and victorious are awesome!
I've been WAITING !! Yay ! :]
I still dont like victorious
cat is soooooooooooo funnny!!!!!!?!!!?!!!
Can't wait to see you guys make me laugh!

YOU HATE VICTORIOUS??? but its the most awesome show on nick. and the music is really good.
No mater how old il love nickelodeon .specailly victorious. Never forget zoey101 Danielle money and her were on it. :D
i love cat she is so awesome my fav carachter
omg!!!!! i love thay show i wish i was on that show he is awesome in so funnnnnny
especially the episode where they had to go to their teacher's house and with their different characters!
"I want to say something.... I'm gonna put it out there..... If you like it you can take it, if you don't send it right back." I'll leave that unsaid, but for real, you look great. Been a fan since The Suite Life and Zoey 101
what's the episode gonna be about?
looks like some 70's style gameshow
hi my name is tamika savage ima big fan
Me and sisters watch your show all the time.
What a sweet lovely pix my friend on you profile
hey gurl arent u mi friend on googleplus
i always watch victorius
Yay i cannot wait to watch it. :D
omg of corse ill b watchin it luv victorious as much as i love sleep lol:)
hawe sweet day to you miss justice..wishing harry from finland
will it be on ytv? i dnt have nick
well done ))
gut gemacht :)
Im definitely watching!
(you are sooo hot) lol
what is pchyoitz really like? and i will absolutly be watcing.
Deffo I will
April Fools day is my favorite holiday...well...tradition but its so funny and I love being silly :{)
Lea Dlb
ses toi qui joue dans victorious sur nikelodeon
Sycowits you're great!! and you Victoria too!!!
so pretty and tell da dude that plays sycowits i say heyy lol and btw im a fan but dont worry im not a weird one ur a normal person with very cute cheeck bones
I hope I can watch it I'm sorry bout that guy swearing at you.
im gonna b watching cant wait so excited!!!!!
definatly will i will be in the wisconsin dells when i do
Add meeeee plz i LOVE ur show and ur SOOOO pretty i'm deffently watching it! x
Excited! Cant wait to see the new episode!!!!!!;)
is there sctually an app called "the slap"?
и весна еще,как на зло. такая,как Вики может вогнать в кому. надо держаться подальше. пока.
i wish i had her voice <3.....anyways chat me
awesome! I'm a big big big fan! please can you send me some thing please BIG FAN!
+rajbir thandi watch your mouth! why would you ever say fuck you to victoria!? she rocks! You are so cyberbullying her so go fuck yourself you idiotic bitch
i love tory she is my bay cause she hothot
hey bethany you stole my old profile pic!
not the right mustache man its like this :{D <----------- gosh
i was just watching your show Victorious where u never broke character!!! :)
Does the actor that plays sycowits like cocanuts that much like in the show?
hey tori I love your show my favorite one on nickolodeon
You are a hot Babe, and you know it very well ! U naugthy you ! XXXX
I am from braziliam,alfenas, dia,buenos dias!?"casteliana???????rsrsr!?kisssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
man i'm telling you,she can be the younger sister of nina dobrev
Go Victorious! Cant wait to see you at the KCA's this year! im so excited!!!!!
I rlly like ur show especially when u r singing
i love you victoria justice i want to chat with you
When does it start? What time and when? Thankyou x
What time does it start? And when?
*Does it? i cant see the photo cuz the photos messege up on my laptop thankyouuu
I wonder if its fun working with the victorious cast
I bet it is
P.s. I love u victoria
i love your show on nick so far i saw every single show
prank night is almost on!!! in hours...
I love victorious by to bad I am going to miss it I have a sleepover
loved that episode your an awesome actoris and singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your my favoritestar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like to watch the slap is so cool :D
i love it!!!!!!!!!!
I'm jealous of phycowits tell em hands of K...How did you find me? had to be god
beautiful girl
i love that one!! my fav
lol that is so true but he os a hilarious actor in all of the victoriouses hahah lol
i watched that episode last night, it was funny, confusing and weird!!!! gotta luv victoria!!!!
i already watched it and i loved it.
Victoria are you with Avon? cause you guys should be together!
hello girl i love ur songs add me on yahoo to find out more abuot me
Sycowitz is SYCO! xD ''Hense name SYCOwitz''
te amo love love argentina
my mom went to school with sikowitz
like husband and wife love each other that is the only way you can leave as a happy family
Hi Victoria, I think you and your music really cool, I hope you write me back soon and then once
watched it the best episode from the series along with the others
i am going 2 be some where but i wish i could wach
I watched that with my sister! I like how you kept getting pushed down by the really wierd lopster who was playing that thing anyway?
Here in South Africa we cant see what you see...
Is psychowits really crazy?
he is so funny even just lookin at him makes me want 2 laugh lololololololololololololololololololololololol :P
hahahaha thats soooooo funny!!!!!!!
سلام يسرني تواصلي معكم
Jo Mead
i think its funny how his hair stays the same...
ur hair is soooo pretty!! ur awesome i luv u
I wana be your teacher for be with you
¿its that the crazy guy of the show ?
like tht episode wish i had a teacher like him
Maya W
Eric is sooo funny on this show! :)
Hey vic im Anthony im a singer/actor i was wondering if you could help me become famous! P.S love ur show
Victoria what was the most funnest Episode of victorious you worked on?
can you add me as your friened
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