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I'm going on tour this Summer & I would LOVE to see you guys there! Tickets available here: Crazy excited, spread the word :{)
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queria estar nesse show, SERIA UM MELHOR SONHO!!!
That wood bi soooo cool to meet u in person but I can't go :( :(:(:((
I rel wanna meet Victoria justice in person or via FaceTime or Skype but I bet that wood Neva happen :( :(
Cool wish I could come!! I love ur show!! I watch it all the time! :)
I will totally ask my mOm
Eeep!!! Can u come to Canada plz
come 2 edmonton alberta!!:)
Can you come to Utah! Please! I think most people here in Utah like you out of all the states!
Log Man
haha hope that goes well
tht is so not true!!! lots of ppl would LOVE 2 hear u sing!!:) wht Carly Burstedt said was so rude!
I wish you could come to Canada
You arent coming to TX:(
Please email me I really want to show you a song I wrote I know you would like it just please email me
will it be on tv if so what channel
aww none in santa barbra
My sister got me and Our family tickets already! so yeah!
I'm gonna try and convince my mom to get me tickets, You're one of my favorite singers and actresses.
thats so cool i wish I could go but I have a huge family
Awesome! But too bad you're not coming to Sri Lanka. But still... AWESOME! ;)
:( hey Vctoria I wish I could see you in concert/tour but I live in Oahu please reply :(
hi victoria I'm happy for you but why do not you come to Switzerland :( but it's okay I love you big kisses! <3 <3
casually raving in her chair WOOP WOOP!!!!!!! shouting at the top of her voice, facing the door muuuuuuummm!!!!!!!! we need tickets for a VicJ concert nnnnoooooooowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx
That's awesome I can't come I'm going to my dads wedding in Thai but I'll come for sure next time

Oh im so sorry i cant come Victoria but im still a true huge fan and always will be
could u come in singapore please one day u have lots of fans and u sing really good well AMAZING ! and i love u
r u coming to washinton? so kewl.
yeah i am ready to come with you. when you come to india please pick up me ok dear
COME TO BOSTON (i dont live there but its the most common place near me that famous people come)
I love u Victoria but I live on the other side of the world!!! Please come to Asia sometime 
Wish I could go. Are you planning to come to Singapore anytime soon?
i love you even know im a girl and im not gay
Can u come to england (UK) pleade 
Can u come to england (UK) pleade 
Praying for you to do great. Can you have one in TN please??
what type of music u play? i've herd of u sumwhere but i dont know who u are?
I cant wait to see you in concert! Im so excited! Youre the best!
somepeople really need to learn how to talk to someone with respect srry girl feel for you
1D Af
i love victoria justice! shes totally amzing she has a good voice and i love the show victurios!
i've never been to a concert this could be my first one hope for th e best
I love Victoria Justice she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To bad I can't go to the concert though. Love you Victoria.
Have fun filming Victorious!!!!!
Yeah I will spread the words out!!!!!! Expecting alot of fun!!!!!!
hey, i'll spread the word too
wow!!! the tickets are so cheap compared to one direction and many other awesome bands!!!
wish you could come to Vermont though
if you make your tour stop to portland me it be a blast to see you in concert!
how many tickets are there left? i want 2 go
hey i luved the new VICTORIAS it was awesome!!!!!
Your so funny:P I love your outfits their cool and perfect haha :D
Hi Victoria.
On your tour, will you becoming to Tacoma Seattle
or Portland?
I really want to come see you.
i probably cant afford it if its over 100 bucks
i will i bought ticets for my sister but i did not know she bought some tickets for me
Victoria is kinda what the word uh let me see ah RATCHET GIRL ARRGH
wow i wish i could come..... my mom would never let me go to any concert..... :(
I dont have the money :( i love you victoria justice i watch your show all the time :-)
You are the best female singer n the world I wish I could come but I can't
i am sooooo gettin' tikets to dat joint!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
i love how she carries herself nd her musical ability is great but i can tell Tori u have just begun keep up u good work ;)
I want to come
but I cant too expensive!!
water save for all wold in house's in water miteer
shes comin to the wv state fair cant wait to see ya victoria
heeeey Victoria i am your biggest fan i wihs wedder i can have a signature from you
great Lisa
i wish i can go to see your show victroria justice
♥aww are u not in the UK or Ireland awwww noooo I really would have bought a ticket 😢♥but hope u do well anyway
Per caso Vittoria fai tappa anche in Italia perché vorrei venirti a vedere!!!
that sound awsum hope u hav fun emjoy every second i cant go but every1 that is guna hav fun!
Zoe L.V
cant u come 2 south Africa Cape Town !!!!? im Zoe La Vita! :0
If you come to Massachusetts i am gonna ask my mom to buy me tixs and thats amazing congrats!
I am beggin on my knees for u! come to massachusetts i perfer boston massachusetts
can you come to my house in malden massachusetts if you decide yes, email me at
Ha ha me 2 and how about a plane ticket + hotel stay :)
What City in FL. Are you coming to?? I HAVE to know.
i love her her music and her show she and kat ahhh!!!
i love her her music and her show she and kat ahhh!!!
Victoria, have you done a tour in Australia yet because i know i would love to see you performe. i just love your songs.
Cool! Where's it going to be?? cuz i don't live in america...
i so want to go see you that would be sweat!!!!!!
Hello Victoria. You think to come to Brazil someday?
can i get 3 tikects or 4 for me best friend. you are they best singer and friend in the world
I really want some tickets, but we already got our concert tickets for the year, BIG TIME RUSH in September!!!! SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
emil me and you bet i will be there no questions asked just need the info!!!!
when is it the one in universal orlando,florida. like what they said e-mail me the details
can u come and perform in trindad
i would loove for you to come to omaha,nebraska and i would go watch you and perform but we just don't have the money right now to randomly go see someone famous in concert.
Could you come to Seattle, Washington??? I would SO come see you!
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Can you go to Winnipeg for a concert?
like !
i wanna go to that concert!!!!!!!!!!!
where in the netherlands ( lage landen, holland, nederland, dutch)
life is too short ! so enjoy & enjoy & enjoy
r they expensive u know what i might be able to come there is humm 0 chances in a million but hey u go and kick some butt
I AM YOUR #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wishin' I lived in America! :{
omg so sweet victoria
i would love to go but i cant
yay!!! i hope i get to see u!!
I love your show!!! I watch it every Saturday

Are you coming to LA or California
i wish i went to your concert wanna go but its not gonna happen :'(
I don't want to come because this is not the real Victoria Justice
You are so dumb you have worked with nick for ever oh yeah you were an idiot on that stupid show zoey 101 and now your even more weird on Victorious but your a good singer but you lipsink all the time why would you guys waste money on a concert when someone is going to lipsink?
who ever naiara is ur such a victoria justice stalker!!!!
vai la victoria justice and legal for you camber
I didn't know you were going on tour!!!! I will have to see you perform <3
Let me know if you need an opening act! touring with you would be amazing. love your music and the message your sending to everyone with it! truly an amazing artist :)
Hi this is Natalie I love your music it rocks please respond
YAY where would the concert be? cause i live in arlington
wish I could but I cant but Ik u will rock the crowd and have fun. And ur awsomeeee!!!!!!!!
I like your music
and your concert!
you don even know what we look like I really am a sock monkey!
Poko ko
I like songf.u......?
I am in love with you Victoria and I want you to know about me! Dial the number: 301 684 4174
wats the date????????? wheres is it @????????
when is the concert and clear in that place
where is it going to be in
i know where victoria justice lives iam going to kill her wach@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG i would luv to c u in concert how much do front row seats cost
Vendras a Argentina ?!
I want to go but i think i can i do not know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Hope I Meet U
SO SAD!!!! I BET I CANT GO!!! :'( but ill ask any way!!! :)
i want to be there so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow i'll be there
can't wait!
apg apg
Come to Mallorca plis hardly anyone is so you would be even more famous
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