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#MakeItInAmerica Day 2, photo a day challenge! "2 way street" :{). What's yours? X
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Luie G
Sweet Pic.. Peace!
Hey Victoria are u ever going 2 chat 2 ur fans
yes i would like to now one of biggest fans ever
trust some people on this post is boys and u won't want them if they are gay
Me jk
Luv the pic
man why is every one so screwed up over looks? did it a cure to any one, she may have a nice character that's what I see:) nice picture
u are hot but u better wacth out for them cars
Luv your profile pic jasmine

You look so beautiful with that outfit, then again you always look beautiful :[) 
Wat u doin jasmine
I mean wats up 
omg victoria i LUV u soooo much!!!! im a huge fan!!!! plz follow me!!!!
Izhar ur not funny u see it just a photoshot kinda
Exactly how old r u vicky justice?????
Yes I'm in middle school but I'm not going to tell in what grade I'm in and yes I'm in band @ +taylor boccelli
12 going to 13 in middle school
@+taylor boccelli I don't know ruby monroy
And before I tell u at what school I go to u have to say what state u live in
Taylor boccelli what do u mean "us"
Just forget I'm not saying anything anymore I'm leaving PEACE
I live for the grove, and bass to me is pure, like the rhythm of the planet, like a sailboat looks for the sure. It’s all timing , it’s the silent spaces that matter!
woof! in my day justice with a peace sign is a great idea,,,what is ur plan to get real peace to the bi-peds?
Dons Eq
DO GET HIT BY A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Toro!!! xaoxoxooaoxaoxoaoaxoxaoxoxaoax You are so nice kisses sweetie!
dats rite say it out loud
Ma ja
very nice
you look so beauti ful in this picture
i love your photo... You look cool! Just saying that I love the song from Victorious: Take a Hint
I've had the biggest crush on her ever since victorious went on tv
is this the real victoria justicee adress?
es linda pero para ellla es mejor miley cyruss jeje
I love u Victoria I watch ur show whenever it's on
look so cool I love u Victoria I watch ur show whenever it's on
I are a fan of you
You are the best
I love you !!!!!!!😊😜
You are so cool congratulations to you. Are you friends with selena or not?
hi vici send some videos
Can't believe Liam hemsworth is dating Miley Cyrus 
Taylor do u ever get off of google lol
Luv u Victoria I am from Maine!!! I'm a bigggg fan!!!!!!! :p
y r sitting next 2 a traffic cone? and cool pic!
oh nooo you might get hit by a car!!
wooooooooooow gud style........!
very very nice natural photo, and you are quite attractive
Ur gonna go really far with all that talent! :)
whats da cone there for? is it really needed in this photo??? lol
I always want to take a photo "on" the road :)
I ❤ everything lol Xxx love u Victoria
I love the way the orange brings out the shape of that cone!!! JKS, you are really pretty Victoria
OMG we did this at school in art =D
you going to get hit by a car
not good ................................
OMG your Beautiful!! <3 i love youu soooo mcuh!! <3
Oh ya peace out suckers !!!
hola,victoria me amigo se llama carlos quiere hablarte si podes conectate
Alexa R
You're so pretty D: (:
peace is my favorite symbol
hey victoria add me u dont know me but i want to be friends with u
playing bass, I live for the grove,and slap:)
waw! victor u are beauty. i liked ur photo documentation./ lemma from Ethiopia/
Hahahah Coney 2012 see what I did there
ss Ram
yeh nice photo
i ride a mountain bike i would just miss you on the road Victoria .
nice pic but whats with the cone lol u r awesome
next time use a bench to sit on coz roads a for vehicles .....looks like a poor girl askin for cash in the streets when u sit like that .....
I like the street cone..........but your pretty to.........but the cone is ORANGE!
You look pretty in any way victoria or tori vega
no need to use road alone, she is enough
ur gunna get a ticket :( lol
no parking near red cones lol
watch wen u get hit by a car lol jk
watch out for crazy driver called sicowits
what's doing here go to crouded area?????????????????
hvor det, ser ut som fint sted
sam bob
get with them
hey victoria whats you done over there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah just sittin in the middle of the street with my cone buddy!
ha ha ha sorry poor girl looking
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