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Please do not use that hashtag Victor. It will be muted by the people that mute it. It's not for images. :)
+Victor Westerhout –– good. :) We don't want your nice photo to be muted by people using the Chrome add-on. :)
Utterly fascinating!  Rotterdam had two choices - be proactive, as the nation has always been, or be at the mercy of storms and rising oceans.  It took the prudent course.  There is something very brave and inspiring about this image.  It symbolises the ability of the human race to band together in the face of a silent danger and protect itself.  The hard part in the US is for people to stop arguing with each other long enough to realise that this is a time for cooperation, good will, and determination to do what it takes to do two things at once: build barriers while tackling the root cause of the problem, global warming.  What a beautiful, meaningful image.  
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