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Victor Marinov

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Giveaway - Play, Watch, and Browse in Style With This Superior Android Tablet
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Victor Marinov

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 Hi, I need your help.

I am, or maybe was, in the foundation year (1st year) of my design college. The college provided me with 75% off the tuition fee as scholarship. I topped the first semester but did not do too well in the second, so said the teachers. 

They sent me for an internship during the second semester promising me that I won't have to do the work going on in college while I'm gone. When I came back to college, all the work was literally 'demanded' by the teachers. I had to finish off everything in no time. Late submissions got me - My marks went down.

The second semester got over and now my scholarship is cancelled. Due to financial constraints - It will be very hard for me to stay in college. I'm selling off my stuff to get the money. My parents are not happy - And that's the last thing I ever wanted to happen.

I have worked day and night on various projects like Web Design, Graphics and sometimes PA (Paranoid Android) stuff - None of them provided me the capital through which I could continue my education.

Design colleges are very expensive. Except the ones which are government operated. My father wants me to apply and go study there - But I don't like that college at all. I know I won't be happy there, I know its not my type.

I need your help. If anyone could get me some work - Something like web design, or graphics, anything.. It would be of great help.

I'm also looking for people who could help me create themes for the new Android Theme Engine (Paid). 

I don't have much time before I'm kicked out of college. 

Help me out if you can.. Thanks.

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Victor Marinov

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Maybe tomorrow:
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Victor Marinov

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First the PIE with immersive mode. Now this ?!?!
This is how you simplify UX and keep your users happy
Peek seems so natural with respect to how one uses their mobile phones. You don't always need to have a full look at the notifications you receive while you're doing something like walking down the street or even driving. Peek allows you to have a look at what you receive almost instantly, without making you unlock your device and go through your notifications. It's just so simple, yet beautiful.

More on how Peek works -

Sensors are fully disabled when screen is on. When you turn the screen off, it will start polling both gyroscope and proximity sensor values. If it detects using the gyroscope sensor that device is lying on a table, it disables proximity polling. If it detects with proximity sensor that it is in your pocket, it disables gyroscope polling. This way, we save some battery from the beginning. Later, when you receive a notification, it enables a partial wakelock (CPU on but at low frequency), and starts listening for movement, either from getting it out your pocket or lifting off from the table. If it detects those events, it will turn on screen and show the notification. Wakelock timeouts on 10 secs, so if you receive a notification and there is no movement in that time, sensors will stop polling after that time, disabling peek interaction until a new notification comes.

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Victor Marinov

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Great job guys and gals!
With the release of KitKat, not only did a few icons and applications change, the entire environment shifted. Android is becoming easier to use; something that “just works.” As previously mentioned, we’ve decided to take a new approach to the ParanoidAndroid ecosystem due to these changes. One of the “flagship” features of PA has been Pie, a simple, straight-forward replacement of the navigation bar that optimizes the screen space available to the user. Due to the introduction of immersive mode, we were faced with a challenge. The soul of what Pie was in Jellybean didn’t belong in a KitKat world. So, we decided to redesign both the functionality and style of Pie while maintaining a familiar feel. After countless late nights and internal debate, we are happy to announce the following.

* Pie has been redesigned to match the KitKat design philosophies, with new typography and cleaner animations. 
* Pie is now fully integrated into the core user experience with the introduction of on-the-spot preferences. Gone are the days of sorting through endless settings, it can now all be configured on the fly.
* Pie gives you all your status information at a glance, when your status bar is hidden, allowing you to get the full immersive experience without missing out on important information.
* Pie now integrates the stock google now gesture. Your cards are never more than just a quick swipe away.
* Pie no longer features access to the notifications and quick settings panel. Immersive mode means there is always quick access to the status bar. 

We hope these changes improve the pa experience you know and love.

So... care for a slice? Nom nom nom

Graphics by +Arz Bhatia 
Wallpaper by +Justin Maller 
Change log:
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Victor Marinov

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This will be totally mental:
You'll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content. Exploding Kittens's video poster. Play. 00:00. 00:00. Kickstarter.
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Victor Marinov

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Now this looks more like an sctual watch.
It's time a watch told you more than just the time. #Moto360  
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Victor Marinov

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Immersive Mode + Pie FTW!
4.1 Beta 2

Last week we re-introduced one of our signature features, Pie. Consequently, we received reports that some users were experiencing significant bugs. This release fixes the majority of those issues in the revamped implement. We pride ourselves in not only implementing features but also maintaining the quality of those features.

One major announcement we would like to present to you guys is our new blog!
Allowing users to obtain information from a central hub apart from Google+ was an idea we have been spinning into motion for some time. This also allows, you as a user, to learn more background information about our rom and the team. We will be adding more content in the near future so users can gain a better understanding of our vision.

Visit: to find out more!

Additional changes in 4.1 Beta 2 are:

Quicksettings: Bump dual switch icon(s)
Quicksettings: New transition animation
Fixed volume/volume panel related bugs
Lightbulb has a lockscreen widget now

#stayparanoid  #notapeek
The musings of a band of open source bandits.
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  • Playtech
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