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Manufacturers of Equipment for the Moving, Storing & Holding Hot & Cold Foods
Manufacturers of Equipment for the Moving, Storing & Holding Hot & Cold Foods


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The food-to-go Evolution is here.

Dearest readers,

Victor’s Evolution range of hot, cold and ambient retail display’s has seen incredible success since its launch last year.

Since the introduction of the Evolution models, we have had a significant uptake in interest with many order’s placed.

Delivered in 15-20 working days.
2 Years parts and labour warranty included.
Peter Brewin, Commercial Manager at Victor, said “Victor has designed the Evolution range in response to our customers’ requirements. Sales in the food-to-go market continue to increase year-on-year and the latest units will ensure food outlets can take advantage of this growing opportunity.”

Victor Evolution displays are perfectly suited for delis, coffee shops, convenience stores and all food-to-go outlets. These versatile displays facilitate the effective presentation of ambient, chilled and warmed produce whilst maintaining correct core product temperatures.

Featuring polished and satin finish stainless steel with toughened glass screens, the Evolution units are available to suit either assisted or self-service applications.

Heated units use a multi-zone air jet heating technology which surrounds the product on display in an envelope of heat by recirculating temperature controlled hot air. Heated flat base and two inclined shelves are included with an independent temperature control to each heat zone. The displays also boast enhanced specification LED illumination to each level, four low-level castors, two brakes and hinged rear opening double glazed door/s.

Refrigerated units use a microprocessor-based temperature control with automatic defrost and condensate handling system for trouble-free operation. Enhanced specification LED illumination is included on each level. The refrigerated units also include double glazed eco gas filled thermo glass panels, Three height adjustable 8mm toughened glass shelves which can be inclined by 10º if required, stainless steel removable recessed well for easy service access and cleaning and four low-level castors with two brakes.

All the best,


+44 (0)1274 722125
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The new countertops are available in four designs: square, curved and two multi-shelf options for those looking to maximise storage space. Each display includes a fully enclosed glass screen for the effective and hygienic presentation of ambient bakery goods.

Victor Manufacturing released the new range as part of its Hotelympia exhibition. Each model comes in three sizes and includes a food safe laminate base available in beech, oak or walnut finish. Alternative finishes are also available on request.

Mike Inwood Sales Director at Victor, said:

“We are delighted to launch our latest range for new and existing customers, interest in this product at the show was high with a number of orders already placed.”

“Easy to position and move, the cake displays are ideal for a wide range of foodservice and retail outlets looking to better present cakes and desserts in order to maximise sales in this growing sector.”

Made to order, the units can be delivered in just 10 days, and include free UK mainland delivery.

The range starts from £735, and as with all Victor products, comes with full 24-month parts and labour warranty.

View Brochure

All the best,


+44 (0)1274 722125
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Victor Jamaican counter units can be finished to three sides in almost any design style. We can apply images, logo’s, fonts and unique illustrations to suit your requirements.
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Victor invites you to join us at the Dubai World Trade Centre for the Gulfhost 2017 Exhibition, Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th September
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Dear Gastronauts,

Victor brings you yet another outstanding case study to cast your eyes over.


Refurbishment of Stately home visitor cafe. The style of the counter had to reflect ornate surroundings. All counter sections are mobile to allow for flexibility of layout


Victor was required to supply Synergy refrigerated and heated displays, Optimax refrigerated cabinets, l Counter top from 20mm Nero Absolute Granite with stainless steel tray runners, l Counter frontage painted tongue & groove effect MDF with Oak effect buttress/mouldings and Flat glass fitted to all Synergy units.

We are proud to report yet another success from our custom counter installations to complement our portfolio of bespoke counters.

Click to see our Leisure Portfolio

All the best,


+44 (0)1274 722125
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Dear Restaurateurs,

Minimising your energy usage saves your business money, helps the planet and generally is an all-around great thing to do.

At Victor, we have been wholeheartedly committed to helping our dear customers reduce their energy usage for 70 years and we've learned a thing or two along the way. Having amassed a wealth of energy saving know-how we thought it would be helpful to share what we've learned. So here you have it:

7 Energy saving tips for restaurants

Energy Saving Tip #1
Training staff can cut your catering energy use by up to 30%.

Invest a little time in training your people using some of the simple ideas below.

Turn off kitchen extraction when not in use.
Only switch on equipment when necessary instead of switching on all equipment at the start of the shift.
Turn fridges off after hours if they store only ambient products.
When pans are brought to the boil, turn hobs down to the minimum to simmer (boiling does not speed up the cooking process).
Avoid over-filling saucepans and kettles.
Use lids and covers to retain heat and steam.

Energy Saving Tip #2
Promote a healthy service and clean regime.

Regular checks and cleaning of your kitchen and servery equipment can drastically reduce your ongoing energy costs. They also lengthen the lifetime of equipment and are important for maintaining food safety and hygiene standards so its a win/win/win. Be sure that heating elements, burners, thermostats, seals and switches are all in working order. Equipment should be frequently cleaned to remove food deposits, scaling and corrosion which directly reduce heat transfer.

Energy Saving Tip #3
Purchase equipment with running costs in mind

The running costs of equipment far outweigh the buying price in the medium to long-term. It truly pays to invest in energy efficient and effective equipment as demonstrated in this case study sourced from the Carbon Trust.

"A catering operation cleaned their diffusers and reflectors and replaced all their 38mm fluorescent tubes with slimline 26mm tubes. This enabled it to reduce the number of lamps used by 25% whilst still achieving the same light output. The capital cost of refurbishment was £900, but it provided ongoing savings of more than £2,000 per year."

Victor was awarded a Carbon Trust accreditation for our Optimax range. It’s the first of its kind to be granted Carbon Trust approval and to be included on the ECA Energy Technology List. The patent-protected design, developed by our clever engineers, minimises the loss of chilled air from the cabinet, effectively trapping the cold air, which continues to circulate in the lower half of the display unit, meaning less energy is used to continually supply cool air. Energy saving efficiency and performance is Victors Forte.

Energy Saving Tip #4
Select equipment with enhanced controls

We specify electronic controls with a temperature display to ensure that the correct temperature is maintained. we can't manage what we can't measure so our customers find it helpful to make use of the temperature gauge when operating your catering equipment. We also integrate timer setting controls on many of our products to automate and simplify the process altogether. Smart thinking, we think so.

Energy Saving Tip #5
Turn Down the Thermostat

There's no need to have diners shivering, but a 1°C decrease in temperature will go unnoticed and could save you 7% on your energy bills. Fitting thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) in the kitchen will reduce the heat output from radiators as the kitchen fills with heat from food preparation activities. You may then have the ability to turn off the heat in the kitchen altogether whilst maintaining the right temperature for your diners. just a thought!

Energy Saving Tip #6
Avoid opening oven doors

Using the viewing window to check on food may seem an obvious trick but this is usually not the case. Using the display panel instead of opening the oven continuously will reduce the heat loss incurred throughout the day clocking up your bills throughout the year. following this little tip will reduce the power consumption of your ovens and also minimise cooking times, another Win/Win.

Energy Saving Tip #7
Use Time-Switches

Last but not least, install and Check time switches for your equipment so that heating times match the building being used. Another one of our Simple, yet effective energy saving tips for restaurants.

Good luck with your energy saving endeavours.

All the best,

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