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Hello Tango Developers,
We have implemented for a hackathon this weekend our first Area Learning solution. It was design for a museum/castle experience. A few points, if I may:

1) The documentation is kind of bad, the unity guides seem obsolete as the interface in the Unity Tango Plugin has changed. Also it's annoying that it seems Tango SDK is not working with the latest Unity version.

2) We have done place-in-front-of-you AR before but we haven't used Area Learning, as in show the same virtual object always in the same physical spot (preferably indoors). It took us longer then we expected to figure out how to work with ADF. This paragraph in the documentation regarding the ways to create ADF points to the simplistic sample, instead of the Explorer App.

3) We managed to get it working in the end but the objects would not appear in the same spot every time. I have a question for the more experienced of you: When relocalization is done, let's say 3m away from the starting point of the ADF, the objects will be placed relative to this points or to the starting point of the ADF? I am asking this because it's either this or drifting due to changes in the environment (light, people), that make my objects change positions in consecutive runs. Thanks.

As competition tightens I would expect Google pay more attention to Tango docs as it is a great technology.

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Open source Material Components for Android, iOS, and web!

In case you haven't already seen the github repos, there are open source material components available for Android, iOS, and web! The site (above) just got updated today with a whole bunch of info about the components, how to use them, and how to contribute to them.

I'm super excited to see this much love being put into material components for the three biggest platforms at once. Try them out and let us know what you think 😀 💚

#uiux #materialdesign #design #android #ios #web #webdesign
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Man points camera at ice – seconds later he captures the impossible on film as a piece of glacier the size of the Lower Manhattan falls into the ocean.

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Until we have a more open Android Auto, there is this

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A review of various apps and games that are available for Project Tango. Would you be in for a Project Tango Hackathon in Bucharest? Leave us a comment here.

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Interesting insights on Google VR
VR Design Best Practices with Google VR’s Alex Faaborg

At the company's annual I/O conference, Google announced the Daydream VR platform and mobile headset that will be coming to the latest Android phones later this year. There's a DIY dev kit that you can start using today to start developing Daydream-ready apps, and Google has also released a Google VR Unity SDK that includes a number of DaydreamLabs Controller Playground examples to demonstrate different user interactions with the 3DOF controller.

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It's time for a new GDG Bucharest technical meetup. This time we'll take on the IoT subject and hardware related projects. It's happening at TechHub on April 7th starting with 19:00. We'll start the evening with an introduction to ubiquitous computing and a presentation about Wireless Sensor Networks, by Dan Tudose, and we'll continue with a talk with Andrei Dinu about Brillo, Google's IoT operating system. You can register and find more details about the event here:
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After several meetings on Android Development, our first meeting in 2016 will be almost all about the Backend. Please come to Tech Hub for this one, on the 6th of January, at 19:00.

The agenda will be:

• Florin Patan - The Go Programming language. 

Florin is co-organising GO language meetups as part of GDG Berlin and he’s also involved in the AWS community. He’s a maintainer of the GO plugin for the IntelliJ Platform.

He’ll introduce us to the Go language and talk about the benefits of using it vs other programming languages.

• Bogdan Nourescu - Containers & Google Cloud Platform

Bogdan is a Web App Developer with more than 5 years expertise in designing highly scalable apps. He is also a Google Cloud Platform Authorized Trainer

He’ll talk about what “containers" are, why are they the HOT topic of the day and how to start using them.
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Dear Android coders, join us on Wednesday, December 9th, for a new meetup on Android development.

We'll go deeper into storing data on Android, reverse engineering and Android TV. We'll also talk about some competitions where we can exercise our skills.


• Diana Loredana Radu - "Benchmarking Solutions for Storing Data in Android - Realm vs. Active Android vs Green Dao”

• Mircea Nistor - "A first dive into reversing Android Apps"

• Victor Gradinescu - "Android and the TV”
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