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Morning... have a nice day...
you write very good words , i like it . tanks
but i think , i dont have enough time
Not only to sit and get relaxed but to be drugged totally into this perspective , + scary but so inviting +Victor Bezrukov . Good morning!
It sets a mood, a place and time. Very well done.
Perhaps a lonely place or at least a place where someone would be alone.
it seems comfortable
wanna hv a seat............?? hehe.............jst gv a try...
Cool Black and white, leaves me with a sense of rest .
I like the ghostly apparition.
Nice touch, Victor.
and think about what & how do ur day...
just a min
wanna "stop for a moment".
it's simple but very good picture
My life train would like to stop here for a while..........
looks inviting to take a rest ...
Thanks for your compliment..........
Yoli lp
Un buen enfoque un tranquilo ambiente
its a bloody seat
Why cant I take photos like this :[ Amazing.
A perfect shot... sit relax with the person you love most...
Well since you posted this at 1:45am, you'll be sleeping til noon! lol, forgive me, I have a wierd sense of humor!
please I want to sit and relax - all day, watch ppl pass me by...
I like this... Sit, relax, reflect, listen, and to hear. Awesome thanks
Ahhh... j en ai tellement besoin....
its the simplest things that make the most beautiful pictures <3
Why +Victor Bezrukov - why is it unreachable? you choose your own life - I hope. But I then hope you took a slow moment on the bench....
I have, just makes the day longer.
love the depth of filed in this picture Victor and the black and white contrast makes the bench that more standoutish.
i like to take a long rest while studying....
i would only make it through my day with the one i love.
I havent seen an ugly picture of a bench yet. Great object to shoot. Nice! :)
Nice image really engaging yet so simple
That's a really cool picture. Hope u enjoyed Ur morning break. 
BOOKAAAAAAAA'HKHM :D sry on caps but i must :D
W Wee
simple but...... ohhh
+Christa Persson this time on another bench !
we all choose our life - it so right
sometimes during our adventure we make changes :-)
+Shirley Ann it very useful TIP ! to bring this gift to yourself - 15 additional minutes just to sit after night, to think and to drink first coffee :-) i do it sometimes !
I really want to have a sit ,but I have no time.I have exams.TAT
nice pic... love the composition and depth of field.
Amazing! If you don't mind, i'm going to sit with my two cats. :-)
silence,, plz don't make any noise............................
I love the pictures you take. Theyre different and unique from anyothers ; ) 
Wow ! Magnifique ! :))
between your pics of white and black, I see a world of peace. well done!
Al final del camino ya no sabremos si difrutamos o no nuestras vidas... no, nos sentemos a contemplar que los dias pasen... vivamoslos y disfrutemoslos hoy que tenemos la fortuna de respirar¡!¡
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