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small terrorists just filled my home
actually they three and they only 3 weeks old, they lost their mom and now learns to arrange their life with no parents...
their tails like antennas, their blue eyes like small buttons.
they trying to explore the place around them and the life ahead them !
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What a great post!
Poor little babies...
Look like little organic robots to me!
Pretty sure you've just overloaded my cute detection hardware. 
Poor little things! And how do they manage without mother?
има и друго място,където да отида,нали това очаквахте нощес,
във водата.но е друго решението
maybe they are curious and naughty :)
Remote controlled dogs !!! good luck with house training them Victor !
So cute, but I can imagine.
Wait another 3 weeks, then they'll be real terrorist =D!
hehe cute! Love that they are terrorists! :)
And they can shoot laser beams out of the tips!
Oh we have just experienced the same thing, abandoned babies have chosen you to look after them, very special :)
Well done for taking them in +Victor Bezrukov. Good luck with the work.
10 years ago I raised a litter of kittens by hand. Hard work but great fun. 
They walk straight into your hart - Have a wonderful day Victor
Three kittens vs Poonch -- and Poonch admit defeat? o.O
Please to pet cats! Poor them without their mom! so sadness
lovely...cute...lost mother's love...
i don't touch cats, but i love them very much on pictures, they can portray a lot of drama, impressive and very expressive...
Of course now that you have reported the suspects +Victor Bezrukov , surveillance must continue, along with detailed activity reports. Gifs are optional, but if exceeding well done, might win you wide acclaim. Of sorts. We look forward to updates.
Very cute little terrorists. :)
You'll be a good "father" 4 them 3 ?
that is how i ended up with my two kittens. They had no mother so I felt bad and took them in. Now they are 1 year old, and doing great
cute terrorists..
from now on they will capture your life every moment with their lovely "schnurr"
Oh I just adore cats and kittens.Love to play with then at that age. I'm a real softie when it comes to rescuing waifs n strays (yep people too). How about you?
even i have some like these. they are cute.
Nothing is more cute than a kitten. Nothing.
What the hell? 243 pluses? You gotta be famous
I hope you can give them some loving care.
I have one the same age bless your heart!
Keep us update as time goes wonder who will be the Alpha Male in this house hold
They need some milk :( they look awfully thin
Two apparently rachitic kittens ... where is the vet?
I am going to have to hide this post from my wife, we already have three cats :D
the kittens are very sweet when they are little . Now for them you are their mother and you are all for them . take care the little cats . they can't survive without you
right anyone who fights for their rights to live are called terrorists .....
The best cats are the cats who have been "out there" then choose to be with humans. Feed these blessings well.
Hey... Please Dont mess up the home :P
To +Julia Gyurova Please, improve your pronounce. It seems like intelligence don't stay close to most of Russians... Don't confuse jokes and roughness.
just put them in a bag and throw it in the river...
OMG I wish I could have them, I just love them, nice photo!
These kitties will bring you much love.
Sof K
they are adorable :)
Kittens restore my desire to be kind to every living thing! Too bad my boyfriend's allergic :(
Great' picture?..But where,s the third-one???
Ni Gang
These little and full of bravery lovely cats. Always be in attractiveness.
Kittens are the greatest little creatures in the world... I was a vet Tech for many years this picture brings back memories of me being there foster mom.. they are so much fun : )
My two are ten years old now. But still making terror.
don't keep them in your room. They'll eat you while you sleep!!!
my dog would enjoy certainly enjoy them......a cat a day keeps the doc away
Kudos to you! Anyone who would adopt orphan kitties must have a BIG heart <3
+Mike Shaw hahaha ! i understand you ! we're looking for warm home for these tiny creatures !
ohhhhh!!! ma god..they r so small.....n dy lost their mom......
+Robert Voight the phrase that you said is really not stay close to intelligence ! by my opinion - intelligence is not about national but about personal grade !
Our two devils are still using their forks...and they are almost six years old.
well ...u should have used some other word instead of innocent burglers or angels and devils or little muskeeters...and so on....
yes of course u can.....sorry to suggest the words...
+nusrat rasool you know i use by this word for joke ! :-) not in serious way
i'm sorry if you find my answer too offend !
yes i did feel like that but its ok if it was just for a joke...
Never in my life have i had a cat, but those baby's are beautiful. Enjoy them.
Ina Gat
Ha, kittens really get you plusses ;) (okay, they ARE cute)
ah, its a pity there is no mom to feed them but atleast they have u, the best parent ever!! be a good dad
Dear +Victor Bezrukov , to my deep regret, 100 percents of personal rudeness I received in the comments were from Russian users, none from anyone else. What should I think?
And follow my comment: “It seems” doesn’t mean asseveration, and btw - “most” doesn’t mean ALL.
You´ll never be sorry! They will always fill your life with true love and gratitute. Unlike some people, puppies can´t pretend anything
Hi, I am Khal from france, love it, sweet they look like they are using WIFI connections with the antenna lol
Take good care of them. Little sweeties
looooool I better get myself armed to the teeth;))))
Cute lil' terrorists... lol
soooooo cuteeeeeeee... <3 it
What a beautiful description! Tiny, precious things.
In my opinion the missing focus is completing the story you tell in this picture. The missing direction of the small terrorists properly explains the blurry way of them :) Have a nice week +Victor Bezrukov
Saved cats are the best, I used to have pedigree cats but the kitten I saved from the street (very near death) was the most beautiful, affectionate and FUN.
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh!!!!! They're so cute! Take good care off them Hunny, good you don't know me if you don't. :-P
Awwww! They are so cute!
I hope that you'll treat them with love. <3
Hahaha, this photo has made my day.
can ik have them they look sooooooooooooooooooo cute that i would take soooooooooooooooooooo good care of them
I love their antenna-like tails! And as for them being little terrorists, I know they will barge in and take over your heart...
Oh my goodness! The most adorable terrorists ever! I had one show up a year ago. She now runs my home! ; )
I got one of my cats, Lushkin, when she was only a couple of days old. She was left behind by her mum, so i had to nurse and raise her, I didn't think she would survive, but she did...

5 years afterwards, she still thinks I am her mum... :)

Good luck with your kittens, Victor!
Soon they will be private investigators, turning your household upside down, finding hiding places you never knew existed.
They're need help...pleaseeeeeeee!!!
oh baby!!!!!!!!! Ur tail like an antenna
kitty stew? (really small oven mitts?) they are precious. enjoy
Awww poor cute kitties!!! god bless them!!!! :)
Adorable little creatures..
You are an angel, definitely for them. My 3 angels adopted me.
So cute,Jungli billi....meow...
There are definitely worse things in life. Good for you on becoming "parents".
Awww... so sweet. I've enjoyed rescuing little terrorists like these.
Whatever you do, don't feed them after midnight. Bwahamas.
Everything is so nice when is little, can we keep that way.... Lovely shot m8
ahhhhhhhhhhhh they are sooooooooooo cute!
Those small "terrorists" are sooooo cute. Love the picture.
irene m
Terrorists.... of your heart.... just looking at the photo
I know they would capture mine
I still find it such an oddity that a few of the animal kind would actually align themselves to humans but it is the single reason for continued existence for some humans. Me too
Hey, what's that sound? Listen! MEW...MEW...MEW....Oh! That's the little intruders using their antennas to locate your house! Beware! To get prepared, you should set a Microwave Early Warning (MEW) radar. 
ohhhh, so tiny but amazing friends, honestly.
awwww kitty kiity awe
aahhh! thts so sad nd cute at th same time! nd scientists said tht tht wasnt possible! ha-lol jokes! ^_^
I have one! I'm totally in love with him.
Dude,I have 2 terrorists myself. Their cute but the pee and poop problem is soooo not funny. But I'm still a sucker for the little dears. Coincidently, I have a cat we raised with no mother, bottle fed him until he was ready to eat on his own. you?
that is a really cute pic
Oh, there is the picture. They look like they are ready to attack. Watch out for your toes...LOL
You have some great pictures. I love cats so enjoyed them very much
I agree with +Nina Couser especially while here in Afghanistan. I miss my room mates 2 little ones but they won't be little by the time I get home.
absolutely charming story. it's all there in less than 50 words!
to funny ! i love it !
do you sell your "terrorists" ? lol
A brave new world to discover. Let the games began.
thats great,keep them,,god use u as their parents
Good on you for taking those poor little creatures on...........I am sure they bury into your heart and there will be much mutual love :)
There will also be many pieces of scratched furniture, wreaked carpets, and early morning headbuts for feeding........but it will all be worth it xxx
Ooooooooh they're so cute <3 <3 cuty cats ^^,
Ohhh....just too special. Send them all to me. They will fit right in with the bunch.!!! I'll come and get them even..!!
They are some cute, unique terrorists.
O God I envy you! But not for a long time, I will have my own sweet terrorists soon! Have you given them names? : D
Eles são terroristas realmente!!Pois aterrorizam com nosso coração♥!!Eu tenho alguns terroristas que aparecem algumas vezes em minha casa para eu dar comida e muito carinho♥They are so cute♥ Com certeza eles se adaptaram bem ao novo lar.
Pl do not call them terorist.. these r the  cutee cutee little them, 
Your description on this photograph is awesome! Of course so as the image. I am also so pleased that you love animal. :)
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