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after party morning (re-post)

#monochrome #blackandwhite #blackwhite #blackandwhitephotography #streettogs #streetphotography
street photography, black and white photography
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Where did I park?.....oh yeah, on the sidewalk. Doh!
Love this photo. ... and the caption reflects the exact mood of the photograph.
haha i knew i shudda took a picture of the way my daddy parked almost ever night when he come home drunk!! cept he had the front passanger side tire on the curb an the other three on the road i have no idea how the hell he did that!!
I think this is the ancient !!
Looks like the world has ended...
in our side streets are'nt look like dis much....... our streets are always full of idiots......always noisy....even in night also....
and sirens goin off all hours of the night an hell all day to makes me pray even harder that im a bird in my next life
ihhh seremm keren good
very nice i like it
Good shot, Victor. The position of the car adds another dimension to the shot. Well done!
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nice black and white photo.....good work
I like how the car stands out of line, the black and white helps bring out the street's rawness.
ur whole collection is just ossuumm woooowwwwww :) :0
+Nikola Nikolski no riots here
it's usual picture of the morning in this place !
but all days in the middle of the week this place just busy by cars and peoples !
This car parked like that like someone had to leave quickly.... or after party morning
nice black and white photo
i like this very much
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