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Spring time !! i know that it's looks like fall because of the color of dried grass, but actually it's Spring !
From this week i changed the format of my images for Web-publishing from 1000px to 1200px and i hope that they look better now on your screens !
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Subtle colors, great composition and light. Very good!
Great shot! Love the posture of the girl and the light that designs the contours!
I love people asking for "which lens"... I guess 135mm, F2 on a full frame camera :)
Beautiful tones! Love the vignette, both the one created by the vegetation, and the one on top.
OMG what exposure did you use???

i love it -- your pictures are dreamstuff.
Great Picture. It was the first photo I saw this morning. What a great way to start the day.
so lovely..that even breeze of the wind has meaning.. christopher scott would u agree with me that this girl is not american...
Off course it does look better. Another very rare color photo from you +Victor Bezrukov. Is she a relative? The new Mother perhaps?
Yoli lp
Super maravillosa imagen y la luz me gusta saludos
Прекрасное фото, замечательное освещение
It's looks splendid indeed, Victor, in full a 1200px glory :-)
I love all your works and all people who undrestand them.
Thanks for sharing.
Lot of enlighting. Pl keep it up and more.
Lovely lighting, subject and color. Very nice photo!
Lovely photograph, particularly the lighting. Blurring the distance has given it very romantic touch. Excellent
she is very beutifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
E Herz
it is so lovely, somehow it make me imagine what if i am also in that place. thanks for sharing
woo i would put amillion dollars for her
Ken lax
I love it!! It looks wonderful! I love the backround
the inspiration picture,, love this view. Tq
Excellent photography of a beauty with beauty of nature!
The closer you look at this image the more you appreciate the quality and lighting
oooooooooh baaaaaaaby--------------no comment
I agree with Rodney that the lighting is absolutely amazing. So soft and delicate but absolutely essential to the aura of this picture.
it's cool.......
nd beautifulllllllllll
that's really pretty! im into digital photography my self i dont have any of my pics on here but i will download them some time!!
tnx Victor, its really beautiful. I knew that it is spring time and not fall at first.
For some reason, this reminds me of the Flake advert from back in the 70's. 
very cool and idealist photography
Nice Picture..

Overall rating
Very nice shot looks like spring to me of course having a beautiful woman does not hurt the shot at all !
Nice pics, what did you take it with. Photography is my next hobby. Thx..
Nice portrait, love the back lighting and pose.
Already better,they are cute trust me
the snap z fyn but the face and the body view is major in consideration, work on that and i will c u rock
what a beautiful picture i love to watch that kind off picture
There is so much depth and texture to this photo, great Job
Something tells me the model would make it seem like Spring even in the darkest Winter.
This is a beautiful picture. We all know that we have no control over the weather and how the seasons are not the same as they use to be. The beauty of this picture is the model who looks like she has ajusted to the season of not being what it suppose to be and how you captured that moment, and that's what counts. I'm not an expert at all, but that's what I see.
I wish i knew tech wise what you meant but it looks great
facebook i love to have facebook but iam toooooooooooooooooo young
ah dee
I want to see the naked women.
beautiful shot !! thanks +Victor Bezrukov
BTW what camera do you use ?? I have recently bought a Canon Rebel T3i and I'm learning how to use it.
Lovely image. I like the back lighting in her hair and the grass and the rim it creates around her face & shoulder.
very nice, very strong, i feel like i can smell the pollen in the air
Fabulous image, Victor. You created an amazing mood that makes me want to be there
Beatiful Victor, i loved it <3
عکس خیلی قشنگیه و جالب
Wonderful portrait of a beautiful woman in incredible light ...
Talked about the grass, but what about the girl?
whoo i can not stop looking at this picture
nice profile. the grass, for get about it.
i wish i was her right now , peaceful with no one to bother me
Wow!! I wish I have a picture like this.
Superb! Moments... Precious moments... Ohhh, she is a princess, isn't she...
I am learning Photograph. Not sure when I can take the photo like this.
ame esa espera ,amaria que me esperaran así ... 
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