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my son Tom.. my best model ever !
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Beautiful photograph! Resembles your profile picture. :)
Charming boy. Blessings. A mirror of our mood.
Beautiful Child, you really see the sadness in his eyes... But why?
Tres beau portrait et Tom est magnifique ! :))
Souvent boudeurs à cet age ... ^^
effectivement..une très belle photo!!
great photo, I'd like to paint using it as reference if that's ok
Impressively handsome...fantastic picture and lighting.
Great use of shadow - sometimes it's the things you don't see that make a picture.
why do you say "sad..."? This is a great photo...his eyes and face so beautiful...
it doesnt look sad for me..ahm shadow make him appear mysterous
What beautiful features he has in his face. His Mother must have been beautiful. I see Asian eyes and Native American nose. Just a nice handsome face.
Our children will always be the best model...we know when to capture their true moods. Beautiful portrait. 
he is cute and should be proud :)
Handsome model, made to look even better with that wonderful lighting +Victor Bezrukov!

My kids are my models too, but most times they don't listen to me, but that's okay because I get some of their best shots when they aren't conscious that they are being photographed :)
He handsome and a wonderful picture
Wow, look at his eyes! A very handsome young man and an amazing shot.
pouty you told him no on something didnt you
I'm a fan of these kind of portraits ... the crop , the b&w etc. :)
I like images that make you stop and ponder, rather than stop and move on. This image makes me want to stay longer and try to read what is inside his head. Great image.
Nice photo.Belíssima!!!!
wonderful portrait, the narrow depth of field ,in this short distance produces spectacular effect!!!
Have you finished? Can I go back to my skateboard now?
I am a definite fan. Your photos are so beautiful, original and ginseng for thoughts.
t's definitely very difficult to shoot a bad photo of your sun
Very nice shot m8
I'm interested to know how your son's day began before he posed for this picture. It's the "Average Teenage Look". It's a great photo!
Great photo of a husband young man.
I think you son will like this one. My two sons also have to stand in as models every now and then, but normally quite reluctant I must add.
Smart Boy Ever I Seen

Overall rating
Excellent captured mood ...
Does he like it, if you take photos of him? My daughters don't always like ...:)
the photo is amazing, the ligths, etc...etc...... BUT the model, is so exotic, that any photo with him, became a great photo... :)
(jus kidding!)
i know the feeling.
good job as always.
trop bien j'adore en noir et blanc, terrible
Why the sad face? Did daddy just say "NO" to you, Tom?
He is very good; another insparation to go in my folder. A broad artistice artist like you
can i be a model? ha :-)
just kidding,.
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