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Between the 3DS and the PlayStation VITA, which one would you consider buying if you were an RPG lover?
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Both have a great backlog of DS and PSP classics! They also have some great stuff coming out in the near future!

I did the research before trading in my 3DS and decided I want to have a portable Persona collection and the new Final Fantasy X HD also!

If you want a list of games I can totally spam one with a quickness!!!!
please do. :)

I'm just considering long-term. I want the persona games, but the 3DS is supposed to be cheaper right?
Yep it's less of an investment and there are still a whole slew of great games but if you're looking for really good rpgs you'll be going back to the DS and have to wait for the Monster Hunter and Brabe Story (?) games to come out for 3DS. Here comes the links!
They do! It's just if you get a 3ds you'll mostly be playing DS games. That sorta thing slightly bugs me.
I'd say Vita, mainly because it's new, which means it's got a LOT of potential ahead of it, and it can technically do a LOT more then the 3DS.
Hmm... my issue is that I have horrible download speeds here. So grabbing PSP games is out. Would you suggest waiting till some killer RPGs are out before making a decision?
Depends, I guess. the 3DS can play DS games, and the Vita has the PSP catalog. I don't know if either will get anything earth-shattering in the future. It's kind of a crap-shoot with these things, since console RPGs isn't as popular as they once were...But there's always the import option from Japan, if you REALLY want to go that route.

Could you possibly hang out at a coffee shop and use their wifi, if it's better?
well, I could, but either way, the max speed over here is kinda slow. :( I'll do some more research before making a purchase, I suppose.

Either that or I'll get a 3ds now and wait a year for the PS VITA. :D
Well the links are panning out so I'm going to just list them here and you google them!

Infinite Space
Shin Megami Tensei: Stranger Journey
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 1 & 2
Radiant Historia

Tales of the Abyss
Awesome! That was just a handful I could remember of the top of my head. One think you have a better chance of getting with the Vita will be games that you can play online. A lot are still going to be adhoc only but I'm hoping stuff like this will come over!
I might go to the local game shop later to see what's on offer for the 3DS and any DS games I haven't tried. Radiant Historia doesn't seem to interst me though. Maybe Devil Survivor 2 will grab me.
What time travel! Multiple ending! Messing with the timestream worse then Back to the Future! It may not look unique but the story is really great!
Oh no, I don't doubt that the story is awesome. It's just, I don't want the 3DS to consume all my game time. Just thinking of a nice game for when Im waiting for class to start that won't kill my concentration. :D Besides, my main game now is EVE Online, and even then I'm not trying to obsess over it like I sometimes do with games.
Wanna see my super heroes in DCUO....follow me to this back alley.... muhahahahaha!!! I'm really good at wasting peoples time muhahahhahaha
LOL. :D Thank you though. I think the absolute worst case scenario is I buy a 3DS, then I buy Pokemon Black/White, and I realize, "WHY THE HELL AM I PLAYING THIS AGAIN?! ARGH|"
Well they've already announced a 3ds pokemon so you're good!
ah darn I assumed it would be on 3ds...good ol' nintendo!
Unless you really need a system right now I would wait. The Vita might under sale forcing Sony to lower the price in a few months or come out with a better cost effective bundle. If you need something fast just pick up a used DS light. I'm sure people are trading them in for 3DS or Vita credit.
Yeah... not buying a 3DS or VITA now. Nobody's got the games I want to play. Damnit. Devil Survivor 2 is sold out, for heaven's sakes.
I will pick up Vita...for Persona and i hope for a new or a old (someone says VII???!!!) FF...I think Jp SH will enjoy with Vita like PSP...
I've looked at Persona, but I'm not sure which one. I haven't played the series since the very first one, way back when.
Persona has changed big time since the first game. Persona 1 and 2 are similar but Persona 3 and for share gameplay and school sim mechanics. Persona 4 is probably the best to go with sinc it has a great story and a ton of variety in environments compared to Persona 3! Imagine the jrpg of Psychonauts!

You may want hold of though since they are coming out with a Vita version of 4 with a bunch of added content!
Yah, I'll sit on it. I was looking through the PSP market last night. I picked up FFT: War of the Lions, which I deleted because I was totally destroyed after sitting through 45 minutes of exposition, and Hustle Kings. Both were only $10, so what the hell, right?
Yep! I picked up dynasty warriors next and am going to grab Primal!
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