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Victor Alonso Lion
Project Management, Localization, Global Content Strategy, Business Development, Marketing
Project Management, Localization, Global Content Strategy, Business Development, Marketing


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Subject Matter Expertise and Product Knowledge
Subject Matter Expertise and Product Knowledge are very different things.  As a client, what can you expect from your vendors? Each industry has its own specificity. If you are a Life Sciences company, you can expect industry knowledge from your vendors. If...

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You have a plan, now we can check it off (and forget about it)
One of the common issues found in complex everchanging programas and projects is the disconnection between the plan and the reality. Often this comes from the fact that the team is not perceiving the plan as the guide to follow, as the instructions book tha...

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Tech Gadget for 2017 - Surprise!
You probably won't believe this, but the best gadget in 2017 so far is: a Nexus One. I was a little tired of getting too many things working simultaneously in my mobile and got back to my 2009 Nexus One. I got it from Google on 2009, as a speaker at GDC 200...

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9 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make
While there might be a lot of social media advice out there, businesses are still struggling to make the most it.

These nine common mistakes from +Jason Squires are a great opportunity for businesses of any size to focus on what matters and overcome challenges hindering success.

What's been your biggest challenge with social media?

1. Focusing on follower quantity. The number of followers isn’t important; your business will see a much greater return if you target those users that care about your marketing.
2. Irregular posting of unengaging content. 176 million people buy products online every year, and sporadic, lackluster content will not persuade them to buy your products.
3. Not converting followers into paying customers. Only 12 percent of social media users that see ads are likely to make a purchase, so highly shared posts are only useful if they convert into sales.
4. Focusing on too many channels.  New, fast-growing services like Snapchat and Ello may seem very active, but focusing on established channels with a tried and true audience might be a better use of your time and energy.
5. Having no brand personality. Oreo gained huge exposure with their timely, witty marketing during the Super Bowl in 2013, and still only 22 percent of companies see the value in creating a personality for their brand marketing.
6. Spamming. This one’s a no brainer. Everyone hates spam.
7. Doing everything manually. When scheduling tools exist, attempting to manually manage a handful of campaigns or half a dozen pages is a waste of potential.
8. Broadcasting the same message across multiple channels. Much like brand personalities, different platforms require different styles of content. It may also irritate the most loyal fans that follow your brand across multiple networks.
9. Not having a strategy at all. 90 percent of businesses have a social media strategy, so running any campaign without one and possibly without meaningful analysis and goals could be a huge waste of energy.

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Is a pivot language always necessary?
In multilingual translation projects, using a pivot language is mandatory: often English is the non negotiable choice. Your engineers are more confortable writing your documentation in German and then you need to seel the product in multiple languages in Eu...

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Bad news for LSPs: life is hard.
One of the recurring requests when speaking with LSP business owners is:"I would like to have those easy big volume projects everyone else in the competition seems to get, not sure what my sales guys are doing, but we always get the complicated, low margin ...

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Global Freedom of Speech: not careless talk
You can't always express exactly what you think. Or can you? Or should you?

It's a difficult question, specially if you work with people of all sorts of backgrounds, points of view.

In personal conversations it is normally easier to explain where you sta...

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How to become a good leader

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