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first article of how to shoot macro without a macro ;-)
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Sorry, I have no time for new photos, but I don't want either to be "non active" so I'll post this video I made with a selection of the photos I took near my home in Albacete, now that we have moved and maybe we won't go back there, it is quite weird to see all those images. They bring me sweet memories, sweeter than I ever thought, considering those years have not been my best years at all.
Have a nice weekend. 
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I'll be without internet the next days. Behave while I'm out and don't forget to be happy. 
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Shame on us again, Spain.

Please, sign and share. Too late for "Volante", the bull killed this year, but we have to stop it. No more slaughters in name of tradition.

"Fiesta Nacional"= vergüenza nacional. ESTA NO ES MI FIESTA NACIONAL
"Volante" D.E.P, espero que seas el último toro lanceado. #NoalTorodelaVega
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I'm a bit uncomfortable with lots of circles here in g+, those in which "if you want to be here you have to share this". I never do it. That's not a photographer's circle or a dog lovers circle, it's a circle of people who wants to be in a circle, I can't see the meaning...
Said that, I want to share this post with you for two reasons: the first +Fabio Bucchieri didn't asked me to share the circle and the second reason and most important, with the weekly photo theme they are gathering photos for a charity book, so I think that instead of sharing a photo to get +1 and woowws we can do a lot more with our work.  
If you haven't joined the project yet I don't know what you are waiting for. 
Hawkea's Friends v1

this circle (that is the first I have ever shared and also the last so dont worry) includes all the wonderful people that have been contributing so far to +Hawkea's friends  and +Hawkea's Charity Book projects. If you want to know more about it just click here:
This is an extraordinary bunch of great people/photographers that I commend without reservations to anyone.
From time to time I will be updating this circle with the new gorgeous people that have decided to participate in the meantime.
You do NOT need to do anything to be kept in this circle (so no need to share, plus, comment, etc. unless of course you want to, that it is always nice :) ).
If you have been participating in the projects above (by meaning of image contributions, serious reshares, constructive comments, etc.) and I have missed you and you want to be included, just drop me a PM or a comment here.
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(Note that this is NOT my photo )

I usually share my photos for the "daily photography themes" here in G+, but  the most important photo that I have to share today is not mine, it's the photo of an angry People: the Spanish are fed up with so many government cuts that we don't understand. 
Cuts in public education, cuts in hospitals and primary attention, cuts for unemployed, cuts for dependent people, cuts for domestic violence. And, on the other hand, help for the banks, who don't want to be responsible for their toxic assets. We will all have to pay for their lack of responsibility, our children will have to pay for them. We are facing the bankrupt of a State because we are afraid of facing the bankrupt of several banks... I can't understand it. 
Today our government have raised our VAT because  quote: "is lower than in some other countries in Europe", I say: our salaries are lower too. And we have more politics and more official cars than the rest countries in Europe, you can begin cutting there, if you ask me. 
But of course they don't ask. They don't listen. 

Recently government have applied more cuts to coal miners and they have started to fight. Doctors, teachers and professors, civil servants, and the rest of collectives have been doing pacific demonstrations against the cuts and they have not been listened. Miners are different. They want to talk, but if they are not listened, they fight. They are not afraid of macro economic figures, they are not afraid of the pressure of the markets.  They are afraid of unemployment. How will they feed their families? That's a strong motivation to fight. 
Last night they came to Madrid, thousands of people went out to the street to meet them. Miners are encouraging people to join the fight... I wonder how this is going to end. 
Do you want more information?: see last news in google: Spanish miners 
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If you follow my publications you know that for a long time I've been introducing you to my foster dogs in #fidofriday . This week we'll go back to six or seven  years ago. At those times I wasn't keen on photography and I was the proud owner of a 3mpx camera, so the pictures, except this first one are taken with my old camera, but this album is not for great pictures, it's for great dogs, so let's go with her:
At those time I was working at a dog boarding facilities where some shelters took their new dogs until they had a place in their kennels. A saw a beautiful German shepherd and I didn't pay much attention to her. I assumed she had a family and was there only during their holidays. But weeks passed and she was still there. I ask my boss and he told me that she was from a shelter, she had been abandoned because she was old and she couldn't breed more.

One day I opened her kennel and she refused to go out, she was lying on the ground, I thought she was very ill and about to die so I phoned her rescue association and asked if I could take her to my home "to pass her last days in a house, and not in a kennel". They of course happily agreed. 

To my surprise, the right moment I took her home she decided that it *definitely* wasn't her time to die and the next day she was running through the fields like a pup, chasing rabbits, sheeps (the shepherd wasn't very happy about the miraculous recovery) and having the time of her life. I felt quite stupid for being deceived by that old demon ;-) 
She stayed a year with me until she was adopted  by a great family in Germany. She spent with them at least three more years (after that I lost contact with them, but I assume Sally lived longer).
The moral of the story: don't ever dare to assume that an old dog is "finished". They are always pups in their hearts if you give them the opportunity to be happy.  
Thanks to those marvelous families who adopt old dogs and give them the last years that they deserve.  

For #fidofriday  curated by +Wes Lum +mel peifer +Lisa Lisa +Suhaib Ayaz and +The G+ DogPark  community. 

Have a nice weekend. 
foster dogs (6 photos)
98 Photos - View album
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The will to live
Today I want to share with you this moving video from the association Great Dane Spain.
Mora is a pup who was born with a neuron disease. She couldn't stand up or walk. She was only able to lift her head. At first she was diagnosed with quadriplegia and her owners thought about euthanizing her, but before doing that, they wanted to try everything else. 

Thankfully 'Great Dane Spain' took care of her, and their vets told them that the problem was a disease, not an spinal injury, but they also said  the probabilities to walk were low...

A foster family wanted to give her a try, no matter how improbable it was to see her walking. They brought her to their home and now they're taking care of her. In this video you will see the first 7 days at their home, and the evolution of Mora who is now, at 5 months old, giving her first steps. A lesson in overcoming troubles: Never give up.

Please, share.

+The G+ DogPark 
+Dog Lovers Worldwide - DLW 
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Sssshhhh. It's #sleepysaturday  again. 
+Gemma Costa  +Andrea Martinez 
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