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Here's a question that came up in last weekend's gaming: can you move from the Astral Plane to the Umbral Plane, or vice versa? In our example, my Umbral PC was fighting an Oracle boss, who pulled her into the Astral Plane with Astral Duel. Could the Umbral have been able to use Void Imprisonment to get to the Umbra? I know Astral Duel has restrictions/conditions for returning to the physical realm, but we were unsure about moving to another plane.

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From tonight's game: an exciting nine zone fight featuring a giant squid guarding an enchantment hidden in a well. As that 5 demonstrates, the dice were not on my side, and the squid used his special attack to pull my Umbral into his beaked maw in the centre zone, chomping down a third of her hit points in the process...

Another issue from last night's Chronos session: can you willingly turn off a boon on yourself?

Here's the example from play: I had used Phase Shift to do a Terrestrial Shift, to help mitigate the colossal amount of damage I was taking during an Astral Duel an Oracle boss had pulled me into. I managed to land some nice crits on her, while all of her hits were now glancing, and she chucked me back into the physical realm in frustration. Where now, because of the Terrestrial Shift, her two bodyguards were automatically criting me... 

So here's a question that came out of last night's game session: what happens when you use Resurrection on someone that's been the target of Neural Rewrite? 

Here's the example from our campaign: the leadership of the tribe of Oracles is a nasty group called The Five. They use Neural Rewrite to keep themselves alive and young beyond their natural years. They captured an Umbral, Lara, and put the consciousness of #5 into Lara's body. My PC then fought #5, killed her, and recovered the body. If we were then to use Resurrection on that body, who would we get back? #5? Or the original inhabitant of the body, Lara?
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