OCF in Europe. Would you take part in a Clear Field event at the Berlin anomaly?

We want to show that people are interested in an Operation Clear Field event in Europe. If we show interest, Niantic and GORUCK might consider an event at the Berlin anomaly weekend (November 4th).

Imagine an Ingress event that directly helps the local community. Clear Field events have taken place across the USA, as well as in Japan, and there is an event coming up at Seoul #13MagnusReawakens. So far there have not been any Clear Field events in Europe

What is Clear Field?

An event to benefit the local community
An event run on a different day to the anomaly, over four hours
Clear Field is not like other more physical GORUCK events such as urban and stealth. Instead you take part in a scavenger hunt, tasks to help the community e.g. picking up litter, helping at a fire station, community service, help an animal shelter, and play Ingress in a team
Find out more about the city and explore
Costs money to take part in (Approx 25 Euros, goes to good causes)
You get a scanner medal and a patch from GORUCK

If you think you would take part in an OCF at Berlin, or support the idea of OCF in Europe in general, please vote below.
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I plan to go to Berlin and would do OCF
I would like to see OCF events in Europe
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