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Great interview on Classroom management with +Tom Bennett from the UK (I can't find his link!)
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My student, Elizabeth, reflects upon a session she attended at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai on Effective Teaching. I love to hear a student's perspective on great teaching. I hope to be that great teacher. Love this. #gesf   #teaching   #education  
What are the qualities of an effective teacher? This was one of the main questions that one of the panels at the 2015 Global Education and Skills Forum tried to answer. Over and over again, all the panelists seemed to list the same characteristics that they believed an effective teacher possessed: knowledge of the subject, motivation, …
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A fantastic program for #edtech startups. IF you know anyone who has a company or an idea for #education  then you should let them know about this program which includes mentoring and potential angel investments. Applications are open through May 22, 2015. They sponsored this post on my blog, but as I've dug deeper, it is a fantastic program that will really help some companies get off the ground. Good luck! Thinking #edtechchat  and perhaps even some #gafe  friends might have ideas and be interested!
The Intel Education Accelerator Program is designed to help #edtech startups in education. Applications are open until May 22, 2015. Great program.
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Thanks for sharing this!
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Vicki Davis

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My take on what is wrong in education. If we have the wrong questions, the right answers will never make it right.
We know that when students are tested in environments similar to those they learn in, that they recall the information better. (This makes us wonder why students are taken out of the classroom and put in a gym or computer lab and expected to recall the material.) We also know that chewing gum or even …
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Wow great quote, Vicki! And such a great point!
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Yes +Jon Bergmann is AWESOME. This is one of the best interviews I've heard him do about #flipclass  and #inflip  and the mistakes that teachers make! Well done! #everyclassroommatters  
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Looking forward to sharing with writing teachers, curriculum directors, and principals about the 9 ways writing has been reinvented in a free webinar tomorrow. Join us! #amwriting   #engchat   #writing   #freebies  with +Jason Levine -- Join me!
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Can't wait!
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10 Terrible Traits of Lousy Leaders -- Any traits I left out? #leadership   #education   #edreform  
There is a short, three letter hop from leading to misleading. Having a position of leadership is a paramount calling in life. You have a lot of responsibilities. It is hard to be a leader. The truth is, as flawed humans, most of us who lead in anything have a very short step to being …
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+Vicki Davis , have you been in SL since this pic was taken?
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My reflections on how hard it is to teach this time of year. "If I'm a Great Teacher, Why Do I Want to Quit?" #education   #teaching  
April and May are tough times of the year for me. Every year. Right now, I teach straight from 8:11 until 2:11. Then, at 2:11, my room is usually full of kids working on projects for other teachers — needing password resets and help. Then, at 3:03, I sit down to try to grade and …
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LOVE this quote!
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This is my opinion on the biggest mistake we make when integrating technology in the classroom, written at the behest of +Cathy Rubin -- thanks Cathy for such great questions. (I sure wish I could find you on Google Plus to tag you properly. (Anyone find her?)
#edtech   #edreform   #21stcentury  
If you see technology controlling students, then you’ve got a classroom using 21st century technology for 20th century teaching. If you see students creating and programming the technology, then you’ve got a more modern classroom approach. Too many classrooms cover Lesson 52 today and Lesson 53 tomorrow and the next day, guess what they’ll do…. …
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I can't wait to hear you speak at #ucet  
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My problem with education is the questions are WRONG. It shouldn't be "how can we help our students do better on the test" -- we are spending so much effort on the wrong questions! No wonder we aren't happy with the answers! #edreform  
We know that when students are tested in environments similar to those they learn in, that they recall the information better. (This makes us wonder why students are taken out of the classroom and put in a gym or computer lab and expected to recall the material.) We also know that chewing gum or even …
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I have thought this for years. Thank you for your post.
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I love what +Bob Greenberg  is doing with his incredible Brainwaves YouTube Channel. I interviewed Bob and listed several of my favorite videos in this post. If you're an #educator  or interested in #edreform  , you are missing out if you're not checkin gout his videos!
Bob Greenberg, veteran educator, inspires other educators through his Brainwaves channel. Listen now to find out about his exciting guests.
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Vicki Davis

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Hi James - I think that the way some people use the term rigor it is one of those educational terms. The way Barbara teaches it - it means something. Thanks for listening. She helped me understand it better than it is being implemented by many. In particular, her comments on Common Core assessment are spot on.
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Hosting Every Classroom Matters on BAM Radio and iTunes is a joy I look forward to weekly.The show has real classroom teachers doing amazing things talk about what they're doing in a short 10 minute shows published twice a week. I've keynoted more than 20 conferences in the past few years and traveled around the world sharing how you can have a world class technology program at your school without a huge budget. My focus is my students and my children, husband, three cats, and one dog and getting outside every chance I get. Oh, and I'm a prolific sharer on TwitterTumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, and beyond.

Cooking is awesome. People are amazing and talking to them about their lives is a joy. Reading and good books fill my life with learning. Teaching and technology can work well together if you know how and you have the self control to put down technology and pay attention to the human beings in front of you when they need you.

Teachers are the most amazing professionals on the planet and wish the very few who shouldn't be teachers, wouldn't. Teaching is a noble profession and I want to empower educators everywhere to reach every child. 
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