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I went on a brief hike with my daughter, and ended up getting busted by a ranger for flying my drone. He was super polite, and we took the Inspire 1 drone down right away. (I know flying in State, City, and National Parks is not allowed, but we were in an "open preserve" and didn't realize the rules)

Anyway, I posted a 4k video on Youtube, but have no idea how to place a link to the 4k video. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know. Otherwise you the viewer have to select the 4k quality option.
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Vic Gundotra

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Venkat was one the kindest and charismatic leaders I've ever met. He made you feel like you mattered more than the issue you were arguing about. His untimely death is a reminder to me of how short and fragile life can be. It was an honor to have worked beside him.

My thoughts are with his wife and children. They lost an amazing man.

Venkat Panchapakesan, YouTube's engineering chief and a "deeply admired" tech veteran, died on Monday.
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I don't know him.But after looking at his photo I can say that he was a bright young man.RIP..
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Vic Gundotra

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If you don't know +Xiaomi, you are missing a revolution. Congrats to +Hugo Barra and team for shaking things up!

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun​ just launched Mi Note Pro at a highly interactive and fun media event this morning in Beijing. All specs now revealed!

- 3D curved glass on the back, 2.5D curved glass on front
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64-bit 8-core CPU, Adreno 430 GPU
- AnTuTu score 63,424
- 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB eMMC 5.0 flash 
- 5.7” 2K (2560x1440) Sharp/JDI display, 515 PPI  
- Sunlight Display technology for unparalleled outdoor visibility
- 13MP camera with optical image stabilization (OIS)
- Sony IMX214 CMOS, 6-element f/2.0 lens, Qualcomm 14-bit image processor
- New camera features: flash “suggest”, auto-leveling, DSLR style peak focus indicator, color temperature adjustment 
- 4MP front camera with large 2-micron pixels, exceptional low-light performance
- High-capacity 3090mAh battery
- Quick Charge 2.0, 9V 1.2A with two charging modules, 70% charging in 1 hour
- Supports LTE CAT 9 networks, up to 450Mbps download speed
- Hardware-optimized HiFi audio for FLAC playback
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El precio
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Vic Gundotra

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Every time I eat at Dametra Cafe in Carmel I end up in a scene like this one. I recorded this tonight. Not only is the food spectacular, the atmosphere of hospitality and dancing make the place epic.

Best place to eat in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. You will need reservations as there is always a line.

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Wow. Look at how happy all the rich people are.
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Vic Gundotra

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Ben died yesterday. I bet generations from now people will still be singing his song.
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My mom loved this song, she played it did I!!!
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Vic Gundotra

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If I was an airline CEO I'd promise my passengers their bags would arrive at the baggage carousel before they did. I mean how hard can this technological challenge be?

I can't tell you how frustrating it is to fly +American Airlines and always having to wait 20-30 minutes for my bags :-(

The entire flight seems to be here waiting. We could have individually carried our bags out of the plane faster than this wait.


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A picture from my 13 year old daughter. Not bad :-)

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Good pic!
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Vic Gundotra

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Even animals understand inequality of pay!
Now a classic experiment but still fun to watch, and stikk surprising (at least to me): monkeys have a very acute sense of fairness.
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Jean por.que você a pagou minha foto
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I found this print in an art gallery in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. For some reasons it mesmerized me. Anyone else think it's cool?
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+Laura Hutson fatha.balaraj

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Incredibly inspiring. So worth 20 minutes of your time. I've already ordered mine. Elon has the amazing ability to make things happen. He doesn't just dream, he executes and delivers against his ideas. That's inspiring.
I've watched a lot of handsomely paid CEOs get on stages for keynote presentations over the past decade, and none were as good as the one I saw Elon Musk give Thursday night in California as he...
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This video did gloss over a lot of technical details, but 10Kwh is quite a lot, it would be comparable to having a deep cycle lead acid battery of about 1500Ah or more since you don't want to regularly deep discharge a lead acid battery, even a deep cycle one.

On the other hand, it's not guaranteed to be large enough to store all the energy from a days good sunlight with a 4Kw rooftop solar panel,,, and it's not large enough to last a full day in most of our houses without some careful reviewing of our usage... I would want 2 batteries, which is not utterly unreasonable given the price.

It would make rooftop solar a much more viable proposition tho, since currently the peak generation is during the day when most of our usage is lowest, and so with a solar system you have to sell that electricity to the grid for 3p a unit and then buy it back later for 14p a unit. (UK prices)

If there were no subsidy, and assuming you could use all your solar energy, not just about 25% of it then you would be saving 11p per unit on about 3000 units per year, by having these batteries... so it would pay for itself on the order of 10 years... the lifetime of the pack is probably a little over 10 years... ultimately this means that financially it does not save you a huge amount of money over its lifetime, but what it does is give you a degree of self reliance, certainly 10-20Kwh per day is a massive amount of energy in a disaster situation where the grid might be down... or just as a UPS for the 5 minute outage that might loose your work on a's providing you a benefit...

What it is doing tho, is correcting the fact that 75% of your solar energy goes to the grid, at 25% of what it costs you to buy it back... 75% of 75% is 56%, which means that not including subsidy) your solar installation makes more money for the electricity company than it does for you... which is why you need a subsidy to justify it in many countries.

I am very happy to have that extra money go to green energy companies like solar installation companies and companies like Tesla, rather than have it go to large energy companies to pay for coal / gas fired power stations.
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Vic Gundotra

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Okay, this is the strangest thing I've seen this year. (H/t to +Yonatan Zunger)
Betsy McCall originally shared to Science & Math:
During a surgery to remove an apparent brain tumor in a 26-year-old woman, doctors in Los Angeles were shocked to discover an embryonic twin instead.
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Vic Gundotra

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Who says your workouts have to stop just because you are on vacation? I might look weird in the gym watching my +P90X videos, but I love it.
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add me how arew you doing how is today
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You have to try the Abalone here. They recently changed the recipe and now it's Panko crusted. This place is fantastic. Only complaint is that it is loud and difficult to talk at peak times.
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Fantastic small town theater with the latest sound equipment. The upstairs theater is like a great home theater room with individual coach seats. But it only holds 30 so buy tickets online early.
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Fantastic hotel with great service and very fast Internet wifi.
Public - 11 months ago
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13 reviews
Fantastic Pizza. Great steak salad. Wine list is good if you like European wine, but a bit short on California Napa selection. My new favorite place in Los Gatos! Service is excellent as well.
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I rarely post restaurant reviews publicly, but sometimes you have an experience so good you have to tell everyone. Eating at +The Lexington House in Los Gatos, California is like that. You'll enjoy the meal so much that you'll want to tell everyone. Spectacular food, at reasonable prices (for this quality) with fantastic service. It's a bit difficult to get in (and they have only been open 7 weeks!) but once you get a table, you'll be very happy. Highly, highly recommended.
• • •
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Wonderful high end clothing store for women. It's a great place to find a gift that she will love. Excellent service.
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