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Not slowing down. More improvements to Google+.
Making it easier to move, download, and upload your Google+ photos

Over the past few weeks, it’s been a blast to hear what you think of the new Google+ Photos. We’re excited about the ways people are using Auto Awesome, Highlights, photo search, and other new features. 

You’ve also told us a few ways we can make Google+ Photos even better, so today we’re making some improvements based on your feedback:

- A new “Move” option makes it easy to move photos between albums. Just pick a few photos in an album (or click the new “Select” link to select all of them) and choose where they go. 
- Easier photo downloads. Once you’ve selected photos, use the new “Download” option to save them to your computer. 
- Faster uploading for large sets of photos. We’ve made a few small changes that make adding photos from your desktop an even smoother process. 

We hope this latest set of changes makes managing your photos with Google+ easier than ever. We’ll keep improving Google+ Photos based on your feedback, so please keep it coming. 

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Andy L
Birthday presents!
A way for non Google users to view a thumbnail of a sent image along with a subtle invitation to sign up would be good. 
I'd love to be able to select large groups of photos at one time, similar to holding down shift when selecting files in windows, +Vic Gundotra 
Rob Ban
Nice indeed! Like the improvements you've made to the G+ Android app too. Auto-backup is managable since a few versions. However, will these new album changes come to Android?

Btw, off-topic, bit I'd love to get easier selection of friends and circles when sharing in the G+ Android app. Much like the new Hangouts app, when starting a new chat.
That "Move" is great. It's a feature I haven't even asked for yet wanted all along.
Amith F
Finding duplicates or similar photos with a click and being able to select multiple photos at the same time. Selecting 40-50 photos at a time to complete the actions you've just enabled (download/move/copy) needs us to click on each photo individually right now. 
+Vic Gundotra Is there a G+ Lightroom plugin yet? G+ has a great interface and UX, but you'd capture more "non-camera phone" photographers if there's an easier way to publish from LR to G+.
A welcome change. I've always thought album management was more cumbersome than it needed to be. This pretty much fixes it. Is there a way to have a single photo be part of more than one album?
These new improvements are a direct result from your feedback so remember to keep sharing your feedback with us using the Feedback link at the bottom of the Nav Menu (the one that slides out on the left). We're always listening and take your submissions very seriously.
"Is there a way to have a single photo be part of more than one album?"
It's nice to have improvements, but what I'm really missing on Picasaweb and now on Google Photos for years is the ability to organize albums thematicaly into folders and subfolders. I'd really love the ability to make e.g. a folder called "Sunset and sunrise" and be able to create a new album in that folder each time I upload a new batch of sunset photos, 

Right now, organizing pictures on Google Photos is simply a mess. Working with large albums and adding to them is pretty much broken, the ordering and image counts get all wrong when sharing a new batch of photos added to already existing larger albums. So the only solution is to pretty much create a new album for every upload batch, which in turn leaves you with an unmanageable mess of tens (or hundreds, if you are an active photographer) albums.

Also, the ability to share selected photos from a single album would be nice. Right now you can only share a single photo or a whole album. Sure, you can toss a bunch of photo URLs into a single post, but it's not very comfortable for the viewer and you only get a thumbnail for the first of the images.
For me when you move a photo from the main photos tab to an album that should erase the photo in the main tab 
I have been using Google Drive to back up my photos for a while. Is there an easy  "import from Google Drive feature"  that will work the Google+ photos magick on photos from drive 
Is it possible to manually apply auto awesome ("motion" aka making an animated gif) on a set of pictures?
Finally you are on the MOVE!! ;-) 
Finally, an option to move photos instead of adding from auto update and having to go back and delete.

Organization is still a mess, but it's getting better
a couple of weeks ago I was looking through some pictures on my phone and thought to myself "that sequence would make a nice animated gif" and lo, after they were auto uploaded, there was the gif I was thinking of making! Awesome indeed :-)
+Vic Gundotra thanx for the hard work you guys put in to make us happy. shared to my stream for those who follow me...
what about public links to individual photos?
Great new features!
Futhermore I have still one request: Please bring (back) the map view of a photo album at Google+ Photos. This useful function was (and still is) already present at Picasa web albums.
As long as Google doesn't retire Pic as a and Picasaweb ... Both which are superior products to Google+ photos.
+Vic Gundotra do you think you could help with a search tool for images that uses the META DATA that resides within the  image. ie date taken, location, camera used and other nice stuff....

You have some influence, pleas see if you can arrange this... it will make photographers ecstatic...
I have spent a lot of time clicking photos, but no longer @w@ all button, yay ~~
When will we get to add our own searchable tags to images? I'm really hoping that this feature is coming ;)
Please add the ability to share photos to other apps then google+! This is the biggest downside with Google+. Same with hangouts! 
Will the desktop Picasa client get some love? Or a Google+ Photos client replace it? 
Collaborative albums would be great!
Most of the time autoawesome makes the animated gift really well. Occasionally though there is the odd frame that doesn't quite fit. The ability to choose the photos for an autoawesome would be great. With autoawesome I'm finding I'm taking more burst photos so that I get the perfect shot and look forward to the autoawesome photo. It's almost like in the old days when you'd wait for the photos to go off and get developed and the wait in anticipation for them. Now I wait in anticipation for the autoawesome. I missed that anticipation with digital. 
Great, just a slimmer, faster and better Picasa and I would be delighted. Sort of Snapseed meets easy Lightroom! 
Great updates +Vic Gundotra, they are certainly welcome! Would it be possible to include print options in the future? 

It would be great if we could photo albums in Google+ ideally with options to include Caption, Data Taken and Location data. 
Nested albums and photos time-stamped with the date/time taken instead of the upload date/time remains top priorities for me - especially the useless timestamps are really killing me...
Your bug with exif tags not being uploaded in auto backup standard size seems to still be there :( missing photo time and date.... 
+Jonas Falck All manipulated photos loose EXIF data. A photo that is rotated on the phone is stripped of valuable data, even though it's the same photo - it's a real PITA because I often make snapshots of objects lying flat on a table and the phone doesn't always sense the aspect of the photo (because of the way it's being held) - rotating the photo afterwards wipes out some of the entries in the EXIF data...
Could you give us tags or hash tags on photos too? And the ability to select cover photos.
+Vic Gundotra love G+ web, but the Android version is horrible = a complete photo mess+ bad video calling..... android version looks like is led without any strategy..... very wild updates without any objectivity what's important..... can not imagine
1) why a link to any updated comment doesn't lead you to the newest comments but you have to scroll scroll scroll scroll and search
2) why can not to replay to any comment

Sincerely your life consumer :)
Just sent the following feedback:

I would like to see photo improvements similar to what Everpix has done. It looks like they've made it easy to upload and organize photos. 

The way they claim to automatically organize your photos without albums seems like a Google thing to me. 

Also, I like the idea that you can set up different locations and services to upload from. For instance, it will add all of my auto-backup photos and any photos added to specific folders on my computer. 

Ability to edit EXIF data like dates would be great. Some of my videos upload with the wrong date taken and I would like to adjust them without having to reupload to do so.

Send photos to print. I share my photos with family and they would like to print photos of my son. I have to send them to my picasaweb link for that because they can't send prints to walgreens with Plus.

Lastly, the automatic duplication detection. I would love to not worry about accidentally uploading photos twice and wasting my storage space. 

I think Google+ photos is very beautiful, but I would appreciate if it made photo management easier, not harder.
After the pinterest styled update, In india with 512kbps broadband, i am unable to upload my  photos collection1000 to an take for ever
After the first mention of Light room I had to jump in with my own please for a lightroom plugin! This would be HUGE.
So great. 'Move to' has been my most wanted feature since the redesign. G+ Photos can finally replace Picasa for me now.
I worked out my own system for moving and downloading/uploading. I never liked Picasa. But with Google+ redesigning their system, it should be a great help. Maybe even a total solution.
The whole Google+, Google Photos, Picasa situation is confusing
Thanks, I just don't understand why I can't not delete the photos into the automatic upload section, now my 15 gb is close to finish.
you can delete them, +Ruperto Camarena ?  Have you tried selecting them then clicking delete at the top, towards the left?
Can the whole of autobackup album be selected at once? Currently it is on a day by day basis making it very annoying to manage lots of photos.
Beth Foster I deleted it but always it's coming again.
An option to email recipients in your circles when sharing would be nice, just like the web version has.
using Picasa to Upload Photos is the Best and most stable method so far.
Picasa just created a bunch of unnamed persons...
+Rich Fowler … there is a workaround to publish to Google+ through the Picasa plug-in. It's not ideal and still takes one extra step, but it is still better than no export to Google+ at all. That said, a proper share API to Google+ is much needed.
Google+ Photo Edit function not working properly. Could not save the edited photo. "Processing" I am using Win7 on Chrome browser.
Subfolders/Collections Please!!!!!!!!!
I would like to know why the EXIF data such as "date taken" is removed when I download pictures?
Collection/Set like in Flickr.. Google+ Photo are mess up with Hangout Photo albums.
When Picasa web album will be shut down? we need URL of each photo.
BTW, why no more update on Picasa desktop ? Should it integrate with Snapseed to make
photo management and editing a breeze. 
Why this stupid thing about yet another online photo manager? Picasa is already there, it works like a charm, it has better a desktop client so stupid decision to spend millions on another product what tried to do the same?
+Vic Gundotra yous guys need to implement sub-folders in albums. I have already more than 100 albums because I organize those as place+evet/date. It is really bad without a hierarquital mode.
+Vic Gundotra  Google+ Photo album is a mess now as hangout photos , hangout video photos or even post photo will create a new album.  Google+ may create a Collection to provide a neat and tidy photos management..
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