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Epic. Worth watching.
Tom Anderson originally shared:
Remember when Jobs returned to Apple? It was 1997, after the failure of the NeXT, and it was not assumed he could affect real change. Even Woz admits he wasn't sure Jobs could fix Apple. In this video Jobs is called out in front of a live audience by a guy who questions Jobs technical understanding and tells Jobs that he doesn't know "what he's talking about." Pretty interesting to watch Steve's response. Saw this from a FastCompany article:

Some thoughts on admitting when you're wrong: I'm big on taking blame and recognizing your own faults. It helps you and others to recognize what you're not good at, and where & how to improve. Sometimes it's hard to admit such things based on where you are in the power structure of a company -- admitting you are wrong can get you fired after all. As the CEO of a company, it's perhaps easier to do, though your shareholders and employees might lose faith if you admit you're wrong. Ultimately, I think you're "safe" to admit such things if you can be honest and genuine enough for people to see past your mistakes and understand you're moving in the right direction. To me, perhaps the biggest mistake a leader can make is to act like he or she is infallible. When you do that, it exponentially increases the damage caused by a weakness that may have been pretty small in the first place.
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Hey Vic, keeping the message about listening to the customer in my mind, how do you feel Google is handling the 'real name policy'? I have no problem using my real name, but I am finding a lot of people really having issues about this ... is this consumer driven feedback important according to you?
Mr. Jobs could admit when he'd made a mistake, +Vic Gundotra. Will you admit that you've handled #Nymwars badly? Or will you ignore his true message?
I wonder how well it worked out for the guy that asked the question.
I think that as in all wars, the victors write history .... so if the guy who asked the question is not as successful as Jobs, then his point of view must be a poor one ... that's the way it goes.
Every time I listen to him explain his reasoning for his business decisions I am in awe at just how brilliant an entrepreneur he is.
This is excellent. Thanks for sharing Vic.
If he was willing to admit to any mistake, it should have been those pants. Joking aside, he is brilliant!
Yeah, the black patches, what are those all about???
"Some mistakes will be made along the way, that's good, cause at least some decisions are being made along the way. We'll find the mistakes, we'll fix them."

There's not a single person who wouldn't benefit from being reminded of this simple idea every now and then. It's about the long term progress, not about the near sighted wins, the bureaucracy, or the schadenfreude-filled mistake mongers waiting to harp all over every little stumble.
I probably would have asked the same question, I was a big proponent of OpenDoc.

I got over it and really wish I had bought some of that stock at $27 a share.
+Vic Gundotra
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speaking of user experience, while watching this in G+, updates to my feed keeps flipping it up and out of site :(
+Matthew Kozachek Yes, I agree. It's one of the reasons G+ has been a joy to play with these last two months :)
I think he is the most hubristic person I know, in a good way. It's all in his idiosyncrasy.
Great find - all about the user experience. Let's remember this.
Glad he stuck by his guns, because Apple finally did get there and more.
RE: The #nymwars. I agree Google shouldn't be so sure they're on the right path. I think, in fact, they've had some reservations (e.g., saying they'll build some pseudonymous features into the product later).

But I think it's funny the pro anonymity peeps are so sure they're right. They're not betting their product on the decision. They can choose to disclose or not to disclose, but other than that, they've got no skin in the game. Just a bunch of righteous friction. It would be nice to see some humility and give the product some time to respond to the very (valid) criticism they've launched at Google. What if the #nymwars people are wrong from a business perspective, and Google is right? Seems like opponents being unwilling to even acknowledge the possibility make them sound a lot like the jackass in the video.
Customer experience above everything else, including the latest greatest hardware/specs. That's tough for some to swallow but Apple has gained from taking that route.
Of course, part of what he'd been doing in the last seven years had also been taking a little graphics hardware company called Pixar, and realizing that the group that did its demos was worth far more than the group that was trying to make better graphics hardware -- and let the demo group lead the specifications for the hardware group...

Tim Berners-Lee developed the original web server on a NeXT, and the people who loved them, loved them, but there were only ever, what, 50K ever sold? (I was the director of the Boston Computer Society NeXT group, back in the day...:)

I remember when people first looked at the NeXT, they were so skeptical -- who could imagine a device that could boot off of optical media? and rewritable optical media? this was just science fiction! (Unfortunately, it kind of was in 1988 -- it was slow as molasses. Some days you felt like you could have booted faster by using a switchbank. yeah, I know, uphill both ways, in the snow, whatever... ;)

When Jobs returned to Apple, Apple bought the company, which by that time consisted of the software, and people howled about the whole thing and what a boondoggle it was to scoop Jobs' equity out of the hole -- but NeXTSTEP as I understand was a solid basis for OS X.

Jobs is living in the future, it just isn't evenly distributed...:) What I'd love to know is, now that he isn't CEO of Apple, what is he thinking about in the hours he thinks about where technology and design go next? Because he can't just stop...
If I remember correctly, AT&T used NeXT hardware in their customer service centers for their call center agents. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing them at the Mesa CSSC.
oh wow... while I have great respect for Steve Jobs, I never considered myself a big fan. That changed 6 minuted ago.
Interesting Jobs went from I don't know everything and I'm wrong to " You're holding it wrong"
Steve is a great man and a great leader. But I like the more OPEN ways like Google did. I always hope there's someone can compete with Google all the time. Competition stimulates innovation.
Wendy W
Jobs has great ideas, but I don't like closed systems.
I just don't quite understand the people and the rampant criticism of the "real name" policy.

Firstly, this is a service you don't even have to have and yet many consider Google's policy with this "evil". It's not, and it's hyperbolic to say otherwise.

Secondly, at the moment I don't know of a single good reason why anonymous and social networking would go together. We're not dealing with oppressive regimes, it's a social network. For those that are dealing with oppressive government censorship, locating it all on one site seems like a stupid idea. If you want your message out there, create a distributed anonymous social network tailored for regime change. Don't expect Google to create it for you.

I know that people want to have an online persona divorced from their real life persona for either an escapism thing or so that it doesn't end up biting them in the tookis for jobs either current or in the future, but it boils down to this. If you think that something can be dangerous to your career or livelihood if it gets out, don't put it on the Internet. Privacy on the Internet is like Germ-free public bathrooms. Both don't exist. I'm open to a logical discussion on the subject, but I've seen people most willing to go the hyperbolic shouty route instead.
I've never had a Mac or an iPhone, only some iPods. But I'll never call Steve's strategy a closed strategy. His technology is not open but Apple's view is. Open to the new, open to the best, open to change when it is necessary, open to discontinue when you don't sell, open to software companies to write apps for the largest and most advanced mobile apps market. And about the tecnnology, I don't think that an open iOS or an open MacOSX would be better than it is now. Cheers
Great Find ... User Experience comes first!
I'm still waiting for Jobs / Apple to admit they are bullshitting everyone about Adobe Flash, and the real reason for not allowing it on their iDevices is purely about control.
Hey folks, please feel free to follow me for nymwars stuff, but we can be kind about it. Teachable moment?

Anonymity is not the same as pseudonymity.

In internet lingo, anonymous means a one-off comment with no persistent identity - e.g. slashdot's famous "anonymous coward."

A pseudonym is a name with a persistent reputation, like a long-term username on any system (for example, your gmail address if you have one), or like Mark Twain, or Andy Warhol, or Marilyn Monroe, or John Wayne or Lady Gaga. A pseudonym has its own honor and reputation.

If we have learned anything here, if I can make a gentle point, it's that people like me and Vic are on G+ at the forbearance of the staff, with names that don't look "real," and might as well be nyms. Technically, there might be a dozen people here you assume are "real" who are under "WASPonym" pen names, while people might suspect and even report people like me whose names look like no language you might recognize but are going by what's on their driver's license.

There's this guy who often is cited under the nym "MLK," who said we should judge people by the content of their character, not their typography. Or something like that.
Can anyone tell me what did the guys said at the beginning? I only heard "Mr. Jobs, you're a bright man". after that?
"you have to work from customer experience back to the technology" we often do it the other way round. --classic
I love that the guy asked "what have you been doing for the last 7 years."

NeXT might have gone down, but Jobs was not totally unsuccessful during that period. He did buy and develop Pixar from a dinky computer imaging arm of LucasFilm into the company that made Toy Story, the first full length computer animated film and one of the best films of all time.
+Corey Atad I believe that question was about what has he been doing for the last 7 years software wise.

+Dmitriy Belenko From personal experience, I have non tech friends that bought an iPhone and they actually thought that Apple invented touch screens, and multi touch... the list goes on.
Brainwashed? I think so.
+Dmitriy Belenko It does count for something, but should they have ridiculous patents regarding multi touch?
They never claimed to have invented multi touch or smart phones or whatever, but their marketing campaigns sure convince "common" people they are the ones doing it first... with "magic" pixie dust or something.
Apple did not invent the multi touch technology, but they did invent a use for it.
Does anybody have or can give me a transcription please, my english listening isn't very good (not even my writing) or a video with the subs (EN) ?
Neither did Apple invent the first "mp3 player" with their ipods. Nothing against the ipods, but they were definitely not the first, contrary to what the "common" people think. Apple has damn good marketers.
Brainwashing is VERY hard to reverse...
They did not invent it but found a way of making it easy for customers to use it. This goes back to Jobs' statement of improving the customer experience.
I prefer to have a better USER experience than a "better" CUSTOMER experience.
This is how Apple sees you, a customer, not a user.

I'd rather have a piece of hardware that allows me to install any OS or any other software I want, than have a shiny piece of hardware that limits my choices in what I can do with with and how I do it.

That's why I never bought an Apple device, and by the way things are going I never will.

But Steve Jobs vision is correct.
He was / is spot on on what the average Joe wants, even if they don't need it.
+Hugo Pinto That's how any company sees you. You're either a customer, a potential customer, an ex customer, etc... It's as equally true of Sony, Disney, Microsoft, etc, as it is of Apple...

Communities have users, companies have customers.
The customer can be the corporate body you work for, while you are the user... most free software commercial models work this way. Here the user is on the development team.
<rereads> I don't see the equality being asserted up there, sry. Vic has said that the vid is both epic and worth watching. While one does not mean the other, they are not mutually exclusive either.
+Nemo Thorx I know that.
Even Google sees me as a customer first and a user second, but they do not force me to do things their way, or to use their software on devices running their OS. As a user or a developer.

Unlike Apple, they do not limit the functionality of bluetooth on my devices, they let me use my devices as USB host, they let me expand my devices storage with MicroSD cards etc etc.

Do I need to go on?
Translation: "treat like users not customers" from Hugo means "treat customers with respect" to Nemo. Am I close?
Technology vs. user experience is a false dichotomy as much as production vs. marketing. You need good technology to produce good user experience. You can actually start with either one, but your vision needs to be broad enough to encompasse both from the beginning. The real interesting question here to me is, if "document/object centered" computing really was bad technology, and why? And how did Steve know it?
+Hugo Pinto of course Google forces you to do things their way. They may give you more options of what "their way" is - options that are closer in tune to your own usage preferences, but to suggest it's not limiting? Of course it is. (less limiting, sure, but that's arguing degrees, not absolutes)

for one example contrary (as far as I know, I'd love to be proved wrong) to your citations, I want a phone that syncs it's addressbook to a master addressbook on my local computer. NOT the cloud.

iPhone does that. Sure, it has to be the ONE TRUE APPLE way, but it does it. I've yet to hear of anyone tell me how Android can do that. Or, indeed, to use it functionally without hooking deep into gmail and related services...

+Simon Bridge yeah, pretty much. For my buying money, both Google and Apple are much higher up on the 'customers get respect' than some other companies, so mostly, the distinction between them for me is... meh.
ok i get what he was saying by trying to please the customers and then work backwards but the only thing following his "working backwards towards the technology" idea that he's talking about is android, right now. i mean apple is trying to stop android from doing this with lawsuits and conspiring with other companies. and it's coming across as arrogant, jealous, immature and hypocritical.
apple needs to give competitors the nod and stop holding them back. and if they're wrong apple should there to support them if/when they fall. cuz that's what it's about - creating the coolest stuff
+Nemo Thorx you can disable phonebook sync and use apps from the market to sync with a local adressbook from Outlook and/or firebird. A bit slow but it works.
+Brian S. indeed, Apple's lawsuits are tarnishing the reputation they have.

+Bert Radke excellent, thankyou! :) (seriously, after two years of idly asking around, that's the most definite answer I've gotten to the question!)
So when is GOOGLE going to realize that it is not such a bad idea and try it out???

I'm personally a Google/Android fanboy all the way but how is it not a "cool tech first. think bout user many years later" approach?

I love Android system but can't even recommend to anyone of my friends who will not be able to flash CM or any other custom rom.
The possibilities are endless but it requires just to much of knowledge and effort to make it work the way it should

The out of the box experience is a disaster.
The preinstalled droid3s have all kicked ass for me so far ... though I do know they are limited from what droid is capable of, the iPhone/Pad user will notice other things... and they tend to be split between the "I want an iPad because it is cool" vs "I want something for work - wow it's got usb".
Why on earth this obsession with a guy whose company sues android-device producers straight up and down?
+Stefan Weißhampel Who else turned the company from the brink of bankrupcy, to the worlds most valuable company (even if momentarily so far), in less than 15 years?

Just because some things the company does now are horrible, doesn't make everything the company does worthless. By all accounts Jobs can be a major arsehole in many ways, but that doesn't mean he hasn't ever said anything of value that is worth listening to.
I would never doubt that but ever since he stepped down the Jobs-buzz has got out of hand.
It's pretty easy to ignore imho, and the normal background buzz of Apple media/rumours/etc will resume soon enough (but now with added "is this what Steve Jobs would have done?" flavour)
+Nemo Thorx Wrong! Google does not force me to do anything their way.
They offer you choices, and if you don't like those choices just look for alternatives. Unlike Apple, they do not block apps that duplicate or replicate Google's offerings.
Face it Michael, you just dont get it... thats ok... just keep using MS products a be happy!
I could not finish watching this. SJ was asked a direct question and his answer had nothing to do with the question.
He was challenged in public, couldn't face the challenge and danced his way out of it with car salesman speak.
This is why i don't appreciate Steve Jobs. I wish him well, I sincerely hope his health improves and I won't deny that he has done great things with Apple. I still don't like him.
+Hugo Pinto Google offer you choices. Apple offer you different choices. Google offers you more choices.

...but if you want to do something that is not Google sanctioned (dare you want to take a screenshot in an android? last I heard, that was not native to android) ... then you have to root the device!

BTW, there are plenty of examples of iPhone apps that duplicate built-in functionality. A better example for you to use might be the open vs closed app-store system - but again, that's just a 'some choices' vs 'some other (and more) choices'.

I don't argue that Android gives you more choices. I'm arguing that Apple does not give you none, and that Google does have limits with their policies too.
+Michael Sebetich one man with a vision can, and regularly DOES change a system. Whether that system be 1990s Apple, the westboro family, or 1930s Germany (yeah yeah, godwin was inevitable, look up the original godwin law and get over it).

Most industry pundits accept that Jobs has been the primary driving force in Apple's resurgance. A god complex would imply that we think he did it Himself. Nobody thinks that. We know the whole company did it, with many talented people all doing their part. But Jobs has provided direction and driving motivation and force that has led (with only occasional hiccups) to where they are today.

tl;dr: For "responsible", nobody is saying "did everything himself".
+Nemo Thorx Not Google sanctioned? Show me an example please.

I can take screenshots since day one on my Android Phone and Tablet.
True, on my phone I still have to use an app for that, but google NEVER blocked an app on their market unless it was proven to be malicious or illegal like some emulators.

I never said that Apple doesn't give you choices. They just don't give me the choices I need. That's why I never owned an Apple device.
Very well responded to. I hope Steve can conquer whatever health issues he's facing and, at the very least, be able to enjoy a well deserved retirement!
+Nemo Thorx Oh, and my HTC Android Phone is able to sync my address book, my photos, my media with my PC. And I'm not forced to use that horrid software iTunes... Is it HTC Magic?

Don't talk about things you don't know.
+Hugo Pinto I stand corrected :) My android-toting friends I've spoken to had indicated to me that they'd never found a way to screenshot that didn't require rooting the device (or maybe installing the SDK).

I think in essence we agree on the difference between the choices, etc, between the companies. For my needs, the functionality and data openness on the iDevice is more than sufficient for me. I wholly understand that this is not the same for everyone. :)
+Hugo Pinto wait, we're not allowed to talk about things we don't know? Right on. I'll shut up about Androids (which I have never owned, but may one day), and you'll shut up about iPhones - which by your own admission you have never owned (and I imagine that you never will unless Apple policies turn around big time)

deal? :)
+Jonathan Godin nah, it'd be boring if everyone was of too similar opinion to yourself. Hugo and I don't see eye to eye in this, in the way we've (kind of) been introduced... but I actually suspect we'd share a lot of ground in other areas. The common/uncommon ground makes for a dynamic that (imho) promotes discussion and ideas.
Such a poignant point of view that holds good even today...see people's problems and try to solve it..rather than make the technology and then try to sell it..awesome.
I dont see how Jobs admitted he was wrong, and he neither responded to the questions asked. As Robert S. McNamara said: "Never answer the question that is asked of you. Answer the question that you wish had been asked of you"
Jobs message is exactly why Apple has been successful. Focus on customer, end user experience and usability, not how the nuts and bolts underneath are put together. Great message.
Watched the video again... i see where he admitted he was wrong... so where did he talk about java or explain what he had been? 
I thought it was a great response. He side stepped the "What have you been doing for 7 years?" question, but was that really a question, or just jab. I love his example of pulling out the printed paper and showing it to someone, "do you want this?" we can sell this. It doesnt' matter what's in the box. That's a great point.
+Vic Gundotra +Tom Anderson Man this is what it is all about, and I think that it IS pretty simple. You have to go to the customer. It's like American Idol. You let the people vote and 9 out of 10 when the last person is voted off you get the one that people like the most. You will sell an album that goes platinum many, many times.
Absolutely the right answer. Amazing how many people don't get this. Strategy works backwards not forwards.
+Nemo Thorx But that's my whole point. I am sure that I know more about iPhones and iPads than the great majority of people that own them.

I never owned an iDevice, but unfortunately I am the one that has to explain to friends and co-workers why they cannot use their iPhones crippled Bluetooth to transfer files or a simple contact from their address book with other devices.
I am the one that has to explain to them why they cannot just select their favourite MP3 as their ringtone, and instead have to use iTunes (ugh).

Funny how they go ohhh! ahhhh! when I just connect any of my devices to their PC and can use them as any other portable storage device, or when I just select any sound file as my ringtone but their magical iPhones cannot.

Oh, and don't get me started on Flash.
as much as i don't like Apple, Steve Jobs is a very smart person, kudos to him for tricking a bunch of idiots into buying overpriced crap
I honestly think this is great rhetorics, but content-wise to some extend bogus. The laser printer he so loves is a prime example to show that.
It was surely not an invention that was driven mainly by the wish for better print-outs (wich has existed since.. well Gutenberg i guess;) but the rapid miniaturization and improvement of mass-production capabilities of lasers (and related optical components). This is the reason we saw laserprinters and CD's emerge at roughly the same time.
It's nice to see a CEO handle a tough situation with thoughtfulness and diplomacy and yet without avoiding the question. Look at how Mr. Ballmer handles tough questions (watch his head turn purple as his volume goes up). He shouts and physically intrudes on the interviewers space. His mouth is obviously outpacing his brain.

Steve Ballmer at Web 2: You'll Dunk Someday, Johhny!

I wonder if these approaches to adversity carry through into the products and services offered by the respective companies.
It was the comment I was going to put Marshall ;)
+chester lohman good point. i realized that he avoided the question too, i should have wrote that in my comment.
i still dont think steve jobs single handedly turned the company around. the iphone and ipad happened in an era where the little guy was "dumb" and ppl 'above' them stole ideas and took credit. it happened at my job and it happened everywhere else. why not apple.
...and here's a demo of an office-sized laser printer in action in 1974, two years before Apple even existed:

The Xerox Alto Computer

Nice try, Jobs.
Comparing the number of people having profile and their activities, I can very easily say that Google+ has lost the fight, easily to Facebook. That was what I've been talking all those days during the hoopla '20 million in a week or so' thing was being talked about G+. They created just version of facebook, with bugs and overly strict Profile Name policy. They should take suggestions and change, otherwise g+ is going to get the Buzz fate.
G+ hasnt lost out because its inferior.... its lost out may be because its technically superior! As Jobs says - it has to come from customer experience. What got people started and hooked on to FB? The fact that they could snoop around... find out about someone's personal life, their friends, their friends' friends, pictures, comments. G+ is clean and frankly, too clean for normal people's liking. Its more like the LinkedIn version or social networking. But G+ can't replace FB unless it becomes more human!
+Casey Dwyer Thanks for that, just another example of Jobs taking credit for something he did not create.

And for the record, Jobs created nothing, the Woz and other geniuses working with / for him did.
I compare him to maybe the best car salesman ever. He can sell almost anything with the Apple logo on it.

I'd like to ask people here to show me examples of technology created by Jobs / Apple.
I can only think of one that Apple contributed to create with Texas Instruments and others:
FireWire / IEEE 1394.
+Hugo Pinto ouch, sounds like your experience with iPhone (via friends/colleagues) is pretty ouch. The only iphone functionality that I've had to explain to people has been the (terrible) task switcher/killer. (though I know multiple iDevice friends who rarely update their phone/music library through iTunes, but from all I can tell, that's not cos they don't know how, just because they dislike iTunes. In all cases, that's iTunes on windows, so I can totally understand the dislike.

I'm pretty sure there are multiple other technologies created by Apple, but most never left the Apple ecosystem. (ADP (Woz) springs to mind as an example. I seem to recall that their early 90s era machines had custom internal busses and everything - not nescessarily better or worse, just different for no great reason. The adoption of standard PC hardware (even if it's a "premium design") is one of the best things Apple has done in years. (the other being "base their new OS on a unix core)

I think comparing Jobs to a car salesman is fair though... to a point. Jobs can sell his stuff because, imho, he believes in them (and thus gets passionate about). This is unlike the cliche car salesman who may know a car is crap, but will upsell it as much as possible anyway. The newton wasn't a product he could believe in (did anyone get "passionate" about it at all?), so he killed it off.

The only piece of actual hardware technology that Jobs had a personal hand in designing, that I'm aware of, was a floppy drive/disk controller (from memory) for the Lisa... and all reports that I recall are that it was terrible in almost every respect.
Ah - the "sacrificial king who brigs prosperity to the land" theory of business success.
+Peng Yang hah! those are great! Now I want to learn more about 永定土楼 =) (edit: and indeed, a short search away got me plenty of info. Yay internet =)
+Hugo Pinto For someone who doesn't think much of Steve Jobs, Apple and Apple products, its weird how obsessed you are about Apple, based on your G+ public stream. I personally don't care too much HTC phones but don't go about finding and sharing anti-HTC articles day in and day out. Maybe you secretly desire Apple products but want to justify yourself that you hate it to make yourself feel better about not buying it?

Why not leave us alone who like the company and its products. Millions of us (including +Vic Gundotra and +Larry Page) appreciate what Steve Jobs did for us and the industry so there isn't much you can do to change that. Sorry.
+Yuvraj Bedi I am not obsessed with Apple or their products.
I live in Sydney and unfortunately most people here buy iPhones for the same reason some people buy a $1000 designer hand bag. And I am sure that happens everywhere, but here is just insane, this is Apple land, seriously.

By the way, some of my work mates changed from iPhones to Android phones as soon as their contracts expired. They just needed to see first hand what you can do with Android that they could not do with their iPhones, or at least you needed a paid app for that, or worse, you really had to use iTunes.

I only post those news articles about Apple to make people aware of their practices. If you don't care, don't read it.

I'll leave Steve and Apple alone when they stop lying about other technologies and treating developers and companies like Adobe with disrespect.
And disrespecting their own users their users in the process.
Just look at what's going on with Final Cut Pro...
But unfortunately most of Apple fans are still blinded by the shiny Apple logo on their devices.

Do I need to explain to you what they have done to Adobe in recent years?
Do I need to explain to you why there was no Photoshop CS4 64 bit for Mac?
People said Adobe was lazy without knowing what happened. I'll take the time to explain it to you if you really need me to.
Do you really think Apple would have survived without Adobe? Really?

I'll leave Steve and Apple alone when they stop trying to unfairly sue competitors with superior products with idiotic patents and doctored images.
+Hugo Pinto Flash will Never come to iOS and Apple will continue to patent inventions and sue companies who they think are violating them. So unfortunately for you, you will have to continue this sad exercise which you are currently indulged in until you are a lonely old man. While billions of Apple products continue to sell.
+Hugo Pinto do something to undermine iphone users thought process then. it wont be hard (and thats not an insult to them - im just saying it wont be hard)
+Yuvraj Bedi If thinking that makes you happy, go ahead.

I am fine with Flash never going to iOS.
I am not fine with Steve LYING why he doesn't want Flash on Apple's iDevices.

I will continue this exercise until I die, or until people around me think about their choices before they buy the most overpriced smart phone just because it's cool.
In my group of co-workers, friends and family I am slowly wining this battle, because I am making them see the light. One by one.

And remember: successful does not always = the best
Android is outselling iOS globally for a while now. Are you conceding that Android is better?
+Hugo Pinto hahahaha "I am making them see the light" hahaha, Steve Jobs doesn´t care what you think or who you are anyway
+Frank Cuenca hahahaha. Good thing I also don't care what you think or who you are.
My friends and family do.
And I care if they are not getting the use / functionalities they should from a gadget of that price range, when even dumb phones can.
And some of them are so much happier now with a cheaper, better and more versatile phone or tablet.
+Hugo Pinto I agree that Apple's treatment of Adobe (actually, developers in general, both for OSX and iOS) is pretty abysmal. I don't mind them keeping products secret to build marketing hype. But changing internal APIs and keeping those plans hidden like that... yes, pretty bad form. Adobe deserves better than that not only for the CS suite, but also because their PDF is the backbone of the whole OSX (and I assume (100%) iOS too)

otoh, I can't wait for flash to die, and imho, if the lack of it on iOS is a nail in it's coffin, then that's sure fine by me.

Adobe? they do some good stuff, they do some bad stuff.
Apple? same.
Microsoft? yes, even a linux head like me will concede that MS gets some things right sometimes ;)
Linux? yes, even a linux head like me will concede that the Linux community (and various companies, distributions, etc) do stupid things sometimes... :/

No one company/person/group is flawless, but neither are any of them totally flawed either.
Amazing! This is still the most valid advice to any company at any time. Personally liked the importance of decisions and learning from mistakes.
He still should've ended his response with a throw-down. The guy that asked the question would still be sat on his ass now.
Impressive speech. Moreover, when you look at it from a 14 years distance - it gives you a hint what kind of person/boss Steve is.
in Hi Vic, I work with an orphanage in Shanghai and I was wondering if you have some old Cr-48s that you can donate. I am happy to answer more questions if you are interested and here is a link to their website.
"Start with the consumer experience first and worry about the tech second." This is really why Jobs has achieved what he has and what really makes him truly great. If more companies in the Valley thought about the market and consumers first as opposed to pure technology we might see more companies like Apple. Steve's genius was not only in his vision but in his ability to make the tech seamless and simple. In the end consumers don't always care about the specific tech behind what they buy - just that it works and they don't need manual to figure it out ;)

Silicon Valley needs more marketers or just maybe just better ones...
Good things: He's an important guy and he did not lose his cool from an unfriendly question. He said rhetorically comforting thing like "We all mistakes," "I don't know everthing," etc, which have their intended effect of making us sympathize with him. Bad things: Right after how he explained how users are more important than users, and how the marketers should drive the design, he uses as an example of three pieces of technology that engineer cobbled together to create a laser printer. When he saw a piece of laser-printed paper, he held it up and said "Behold! The users will love this." Well, d'uh. It's not as the marketers or sales guys designed that result and worked backward.
+Jim Meehan I think you've misunderstood the comments...if you hear carefully, he also says that users/ consumers wanted that clarity of script in publishing industry...hence Apple went after something that prints exactly like you see on screen...then the engineers made it happen...
Isn't this exactly what Twitter did though? Start with tech and try to pawn it off to the public via CNN mostly?
Vik, I like the posts which you share about the incidences related to Steve and Apple. I was wondering if Steve has a google plus profile too? I couldn't find.
This video should be the 101 of Product development..
Steve is so damn goooooooooooood, this short comment embodied what Apple would be in the next 10 years.
This ... and the full article are full of great business wisdom ... way better than the typical business school offerings!
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