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Crazy enthusiasm. Go +Daria Musk :-)

It's hard to believe this video was made way back in July. Daria, you've acquired a bit of audience since then, no?

Congratulations, and +1.
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I went into watching the vid thinking 10 people were going to play together. Still good though. :)
+Gareth Cook due to latency issues jam sessions are pretty much impossible over hangouts still. I don't know if it's an issue the hangouts team is actively working on, but I know they're aware of it (it would be an awesome use for hangouts if they can get the bandwidth problems sorted out).
With my new music software all I need is a singer plus one
remember that show... the start of the large scale digital stage on G+

so when will the system charge for these type of concerts - could get access passes with album purchase or buy tickets - block recordings
Nice ! And I love her laughing at the end, it's so natural !
That was great. First time seeing her perform. 
+Vic Gundotra "Suddenly I'm found in the world that you made..." Lyrics from my song "I Owe It All". Thank you for dreaming up and building this beautiful world that we all get to live in, create in and connect in now. It's a dream come true. ♥
I like that because practice makes perfect.
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