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Help your friends and family with a personal touch. 
Hangouts Remote Desktop: tech support with a personal touch

For those of you who play tech support for friends and family, there’s now a Hangouts app to make things easier -- powered by the same technology behind Chrome Remote Desktop. 

Hangouts Remote Desktop lets you help others by controlling their computer remotely (with their permission, of course). And because you’re both in a Hangout, you can talk with and see each other during the session.

To get started, just start a Hangout and click View More Apps > Add Apps > Hangouts Remote Desktop. 

Let us know what you think, and please keep the feedback coming!

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Great idea, I love to see this kind of innovative move-on, my dad will be pleased!
this is awesome! But does this work cross-platform? :)
My 83 year old Mum is going to thank you Vic! Me even more so!
Now if I could just get my mom to successfully join the hangout. :)
Awesome! Just tried it and it works fairly well. Does it only support one monitor?
I could make good use of this to help out my mom, aunts, uncles... Any family member who falls even remotely near elderly really:-)
Looking forward to trying this with my Mom's old laptop 
nice! i would love to have it yesterday when my mother-in-law had her first day with a chromebook :)
yes, this works across all platforms and all browsers
whoa.. seriously  these guys have been working hard.. 
Looks pretty good and will be very helpful in the future. Does it let you manipulate the entire environment or is it sandboxed to the browser?
Man this would have saved me months of work!  Love it!
+Vic Gundotra awwwww this is gooooood! the possibilities are endless when it comes to Hangouts. Thanks Vic for the amazing work you and your team have put in to make this available for everyone!
+Vic Gundotra This is great news. Thanks for delivering this feature!

The remaining piece of the puzzle that our enterprise needs is to be able to invite non-GApps users to full 2-way Hangouts--using a throwaway password or similar function to what is available in WebEx or GoToMeeting. Adding Google account creation burden to the workflow, in order to have a quick collaboration session with a customer (or potential customer), would make us look very clunky and non-agile.
Hey, +Nicholas Black , would this work with your boss's Chromebook?  Looks like it might...
This is great news. I had convinced my dad who is 75 to get a Chromebook 6 months ago and this was the one thing missing where I could help him as he lives in another state. Can't wait to get home to try it. Have to say though, since he got the Chromebook I havent had to help like it did with his PC.
Love what u guys are doing lately. Keep up the good work. And about google latest chat messenger.....please please please, dont call it babel. Gtalk was and is a better name
Would love to see this on Android. People ask me all the time for tech support on their Android phones...not so much on the desktop
Very very helpful thanks G+ team 
Excellent. Already used it. It is a bit slow, but most remote desktops are. Otherwise, just great!!!
+Vic Gundotra This is incredible!  I can't wait to try it with my parents.  I help them with their computer all the time using the windows remote desktop connection, adding the personal contact will be great!
I'm looking forward to giving this a spin.
amazing update +Vic Gundotra this is exactly what i was looking for....with my parents india and trying to help them setup stuff on their laptop....great job Google+ team
Say goodbye to Skype, Teamview, etc. ... Goggle wants to talk over the world :-D
Nice. I need it for android as well, though. Can it be done? 
I agree with Max, android support would be the cherry on top for sure! Cheers to the GOOGLERS who assisted with this great launch.

Google Hangouts is an awesome way to connect with Family & Friends. Hadn't we had Google Hangouts, my dad would have plotted my assassination for not being a devoted son. :)
This is just amazing Vic, being support professional, I used to connect customer's system through dial-up modem in late 90s. All approach has evolved so greatly, it is disruptive but more than that creative. 
This is truly awesome! +Vic Gundotra is there a full screen mode in the planning? Then it would be perfect! 
does not support chromebook.. why ?
need this on Android for Android to Android support.
Anyone know how to find the app id for this?
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