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Just lost half the power in the building/block.

We are furiously working to bring in a generator for the equipment that drives the live feed. We will likely be delayed by 15 minutes. Sorry about that folks!
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Whaaaat?!? Is +Google trolling us again? :)
Take your time, we'll just munch on some Kit-Kats while we wait.
Seems you lost the calendar event as well, or are the servers struggling?
Uh oh. Thanks for the update.
Dang I was going to miss half of it due to class anyways. Good luck!
All the more to build anticipation. Sending all our power and belief in you.
You guys can catch a break (no pun intended) can you?
Someone told the power to 'take a break' :-) 
ok everybody raise your arms and focus looking the sky
Android Furious confirmed!!!!
Thanks +Vic Gundotra I tried the event link and got weird error 

Oops! This event could not be found.
And event is gone again... weird!
Bora U
The event page is down. For some reason it looks like +Vic Gundotra 's is too. 
Wow that's Murphy's law to the exteme. Good luck guys! rushing in generators is impressive:)
how disappointing is this going to be when no nexus 5 / kitkat is
Mary M
Are we offline? If so, I have magical powers and can still see your post. :)
Sweety beueaty supper wondarful beueatyful exaland fantastic cool picture baiii 
once the power is on, where can I watch this media event at? I dont see it under events :(
+Vic Gundotra Its Facebook and twitter trying to ruin the event cause they are scared out of their minds.....because google+ already has more features than both of them combined and if you guys add more then they will never be able to catch up
Last years nexus 4 event never happened because of hurricane sandy.
is that why the link to the video feed shows an error ?!?! Or should i be worried about something else !
So when I go to your page +Vic Gundotra, I get this "Oops… the system encountered a problem (#500) - Retrying in 1s…"
Wow, talk about moments that matter :)

Good luck team!
Oh no! Hope you guys get it up and running! 
It had to be Samsung, Apple and Microsoft that cut the cables!!!
Crazy timing!   Let's start the conspiracy theory!   Who do you think the culprit is, Apple, Facebook or Twitter?   lol
This surely causes the errors? G+ has problems with the streams. Fingers crossed for you!
Good! Gives me time to get home! 15minutes to get home for me and I finish now... Good timing power. '-)
I would guess we are seeing errors as Google are preping to release an update. I guess with the amount of users G+ has its difficult to release updates seamlessly.
Sweet, I was going to be a few minutes late anyway. Thanks for keeping me in mind. ;-) 
OH that is awful! Just make the broadcast all that more special cause we have to wait! +Vic Gundotra 
What is the link to the live event? Can't seem to find it....
It's ok, we're used to things being delayed lately ;-)
UGH! Well this is off to a good start....
Having trouble getting on can someone post link pls
Error 500s being thrown on +Vic Gundotra , the event page, etc. Unless that power outage took out your servers :P
Hey +Vic Gundotra OK OK, you did not have to stage a power failure to further build excitement. We Plussers are already sufficiently excited!
We'll get you next time Tim Cook...we'll get you next time.
I can't even get to the event page on G+.  I hope this announcement is epic!
So the live stream will be starting 15 minutes later? Got it right? 
Thanks!  May I recommend you flip the switch on the barge in the bay for back up power :)
If this doesn't introduce the N5 I'm going to be a sad panda
It's the nexus curse! No problem, we can wait all day long. :)
oh wow.... good luck you guys. We'll be waiting!
Whats another 15 minutes in a androidgeek life :-) 
So how will we see the live stream? Will there be a link or what?
Well that stinks. The live demo / live feed God's are an interesting bunch.
Anybody got a YouTube link or the channel where it will be streamed? I'm not sure if google+ has a YouTube channel. 
Pure Google, don't let a little thing like a power outage stop you...
The event page is still down
Hope someone didn't press the wrong button and delete it while editing ... 
Just joined...
Okay guys.... You can proceed.. "fix" the power issue!
Google Storm Cloud Messaging, now with added Lightning. zzzap.
15 minutes.. 15 /2 = 7.5 drop the .5 your left with 7 add the first random number I can think of (22) and you get 29! TODAYS DATE, KitKat confirmed.
Personally, I think it's a good sign: the building couldn't handle the power contained in the room!
Thanks for the info, was wondering why the whole event page went down though...
Ahh, that is the crappiest of luck. Hope to see it working soon. In the meantime, I'm getting 500 errors on every other G+ page I try to load... I wonder if that's related?
Everything broken including the +Google+ feed, the invite, some communities.
This is ridiculous. One of the biggest tech companies fails on such a web thingy...
Your punishment is that you'll have to unveil nexus 5 and android 4.4 also. :P
I can't help but think that dirty play has caused this power outage. It's making all google services unstable. I wonder if Apple is up to bad tricks. 
Geez now my ISP just lost it and won't connect! Might have to sacrifice some of my mobile data allowance to watch.
Nav Gi
That remind me the day when I defended my PhD thesis during summer (Power cut was norm in Punjab during summer). I was nervous becz no power and not sure when it would resume, at night I have to catch my flight to Toulouse to join CEMES-CNRS. Eventually, I defended my thesis in old fashion and with chalk on black board. 
You guys gotta get that cloud electricity aka lightning.
There goes your investment in solar and wind power. Maybe your self driving cars can power the building for the time being.
Remember what happened exactly a year ago? Hurricane Sandy came and the whole event was cancelled. It's a curse?
It was the NSA taps that failed....again....  :-(
No Chromecast support! :(
See, that's why you need solar power.
best comment was "have a break have a kitkat" :D
This is how us poor people live.  :)
Ah just look at the positive side...could've been the whole building :D
Google is very unlucky with their announcements.
First time I want to see a live broadcast and now this...oh the irony.. :D
A morning with(out) Google+. D:
Iris W
Google is probably run using smartphones, ancient laptops, sticky tape and luck, much like everything else! ;)
Now it's clear why the event was scheduled to last two hours. At least one hour is needed for generator warm-up ;)
Did they really start already? Without us?
Proof that Google doesn't have as much power as you think...
Have a break...I got so many Kitkats here (Nexus 7 contest)...;-)
eF Ka
Sad that I need a proxy to view it in Germany, total fail...
I need also a proxy to view the videos. Or maybe the news are not so important for people outside the US.
Is this the end or a break?
I care.. cos it's just (AUTO) AWESOME.. Thanks Vic for that morning breath/mid-night here in Malaysia ;)
Amazing presentation, such great features... Can't wait to try them out. There's going to be a lot of disappointed people who expected the Nexus 5 / KitKat announcement
Has it ended??? It was supposed to be two hrs if I am not wrong
Yes, it's over. Clicking the link should bring you to the 51:00 minute video recording. Just remember the video actually starts around  15 minute mark.
Just shoulda moved it to that raft out in the bay...
I blame Facebook they are scared of these awesome changes :P
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