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First, let me say "Thank you". The outpouring of warmth and love has been frankly overwhelming. I love you all. 

Second, I'm not going to comment on what's next yet. 

But I will tell you what I'm doing right now. I'm listening to this song. I'm really into the Canadian group Chromeo. Here is a video I found on +YouTube that combines Chromeo with Daryl Hall. This is music :-)
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We're all going to miss you Vic you are the the heart and soul of Google+ and I have no doubt in my mind +Dave Besbris will lead Google+ in the right direction.
I know you're gonna be the new Motorola CEO. You can just confirm it now. :-)
Please confirm all those rumours about G+ were just that. 
+Brandon Lall You have no idea how great +Dave Besbris is. I love him like a brother. And he will carry Google+ to new heights. He built Google+. Yes he was there from day 1. So trust me, this man knows what he is doing. 
You will be missed +Vic Gundotra! Congratulations on the new gig! We know it's going to be amazing, as usual!

This is a great song! Thanks for everything you have done for so many areas of google, society, and us :)
We love you +Vic Gundotra you are a man with very good idea and I feel respect and admiration for your work and I am little afraid of what is next with Google+

I also wanted to say thank you, but there were already 500 comments :p
Can't wait to hear.. at least it will put an end to the rumors.. lol
+Vic Gundotra lol :) I know you love Tears For Fears but I love Chromeo as well. May your travels bring you happiness ~ All the best  -Motavis
I hope you will just take one or two years away and then come back. 
Best of luck and thanks for everything you've done for G+.
Thank you +Vic Gundotra for your hard work and dedication it just goes to show what can happen when you really believe in what you do. Without you and the team I wouldn't have met some of my closest friends who I've met on G+. I hope you've had the time of your life here and wish you all the best for the future. (Time Of Your Life) [Official Music…:
+Vic Gundotra It's comments like this that makes me excited for the future of Google+; I can't wait to see +Dave Besbris improve this excellent community.
+Vic Gundotra I have met so many amazing people here on G+. Thank you for all the hard work you put into creating such a wonderful place to make friends with people around the globe! :-)
+Damian Mee I will never stop posting in Google+. I kinda have a fondness for this place. 
Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Vic for everything you've done for us here on the best place to be G+! You've given us photographers a home were we can grow, make long lasting friendships and show other networks how to do things right. We will make you proud by keeping G+ alive and well. Cheers :)
+Vic Gundotra thanks for putting in a great shift of work. Best of luck for the future. Take care. 
Too bad G+ was a near-total failure from Google's overall business perspective. :( Bad marketing vibes, low user retention and lack of unique niche didn't allow it to reach Larry's dreams. :highfive: anyways
I am really interested to hear the "and then". The thing I see that you shifting and moving on has done, is make others who may have been stagnant take stock of their lives and what they want to do which is a great thing.
As an instrument of change, this is a great aspect.
Best wishes for success in your future endeavors! I really like Google+ and am glad you will continue to post 
Vic don't leave us you've done such a great job with Google+
+Dave Besbris +Vic Gundotra totally great jam! ... Vic ... come back to Seattle! We totally need your ability to cultivate tech culture and where best can you do that than in a city that has the largest philanthropic largess in the history of hominids? We need your #moonshot thinking!
+Vic Gundotra It was a huge pleasure meeting you at last year's Google I/O conference. I/O keynotes just won't be the same without you. I wish you and your family the best of health and I hope you enjoy creating the next chapter of your life. 
Hope for the best in the future. (You already had 500 comments on the other one.)
Here's the difference between Facebook and Google+. Everybody hates Zuckerberg, even those who love Facebook don't quite like him. On the other hand, every Google+ user loves +Vic Gundotra. Even after he quits!!

TechCrunch can shove it! IITians don't build things that just turn over and die.
+Vic Gundotra  thank you very much for eveything you have done for us while at google.. I really wish i could have attended google IO and met really sucks to hear that you are leaving...but all the best for the future...looking forward to hearing from you in your future posts.... :) cheers!
+Vic Gundotra all the very best. I shall miss you on the live stream of I/O it's the only time I get to have the tv during what is normally kids TV time.
The next big thing is being able to have more than 500 comments on a post. By the way, those "walking dead" rumors were so stupid and had no facts/stats that could prove it. 
Can't wait to see what's next for you and Google+
I'll never forget when you shared Tears for Fears Badman's song it became a favorite of mine :) 
+Regalo Conquistadero It's been almost 3 years. I think that's enough time to say if a website is a success or not. Other web properties grew in months lately.
+Christopher Norulak

It was all over the news a few days ago, and I wrote many posts about the structural problems with G+ from '12 to early '13. Just Communities took way too long to implement, something that should have been obvious.

Anyways they made a nice photo scrolling site. But G+ failed to integrate G+ socially.
+Marc Belley the arstechnica article (taken originally from Techcrunch) doesn't have any sources.

I'm looking for direct evidence that G+ is a failure. Perhaps how much Google has/hasn't made from it or how many users its lost.
Thanks so much for being such a steadfast evangelist for Google+, +Vic Gundotra -- it's definitely my favourite social platform. Best wishes on whatever's next for you.
+Vic Gundotra, no matter what your future holds, I hope that you will continue to use this platform to stay in contact with all of your fans.
We're so glad you'll still be around! Although really where else would you go :)
+Vic Gundotra Best of luck, thank you for all that you have done and will undoubtedly do in the future.  
Google+ ghost town campers (& ppl want to see G+ fail) got excited on your departure, but your words about +Dave Besbris and from other Googler's put it to rest for now +Vic Gundotra 
Thank you for all the Great work you have done with +Google+ and for being so open, and for communicating directly with the g+ users, in the comment field and on various Hangout on Air shows. :O)
For the last time, +Vic Gundotra please stay with +Google+ +Google

I wish you all the best in case you will be 100% sure that you will be leaving us...

Thanks again & have a great weekend
Vic.. Why do I have this feeling that yours was not a smooth exit ?
Thanks for clearing up the air regarding Google+ rumors +Vic Gundotra. Was freaked out for a while there. Keep on rocking. May you and your family be blessed with lots of health and happiness.👍
Dany S
Well listen to the music
+Vic Gundotra may your new path be filled with an endless amount of love and happiness... #AndThen 💜
Thank you for all you have done for all of us!
We miss you already. We feel so alone. :(
+Vic Gundotra You are my role model and an inspiration to me. Best of luck in your new 'and then' adventure! Cheers. 🙌
+Vic Gundotra the work and progress on Google+ is so great! I love you all and the stuff you make. Just the fact that you comment on users posts are unique!
I get really frustrated by the idiotic rumors of G+ ending or dying. I am looking forward to +Dave Besbris continuing to create and integrate more Google products into G+.
Vic, I wish you the best of luck on your next step, #AndThen  ... 
Very Nice smoothe sound, one thing, I always wondered the song I can't go for that, I wonder if his girl dragged him into the mall.... <3's
+Vic Gundotra I definitely miss sleepless nights followed by awesome releases. All the very best.
vic gundotra   everybody including is sad that you are leaving google    i see a lot of post about how sad people are i even saw one  that was   that was mocking the bic pen company logo     are   you still going  to be on google +
Will miss your G+ posts. Thanks for bringing G+ to life All the best! Hope I can be part of what's next
+Vic Gundotra thank you so much for Google+. Your über coolness and fun spirit is what makes this site extraordinary.
All the best to you on your new endeavors.
Please Continue to share awesomeness. :)
We are that sure with or without you G+ will go ahead. Now is the time to give Google Plus a Big +1
Thank you +Vic Gundotra for give us the amazing world of Google Plus!

Because of its uniqueness and its wealth of features, Google+ has become an essential tool in building our global village and it is for me the last utopian space to conquer the best. 
Thank you +Vic Gundotra for taking such good care of the baby,  be sure +Dave Besbris that we shall help you to participate in the good health of the teenager.
I love this!! Thanks for pointing me the right way! :)
+Vic Gundotra wish you the best, as an engineer I admire people that truly have a passion for what they do and help bring technology to everyone. 
+Vic Gundotra we're really happy to see you still using G+ normally even after leaving Google.
thank you +Vic Gundotra , good luck in your next endeavors! I hope you will still use g+ from time to time :) 
Thsnk you +Vic Gundotra for google+ it is the best community for professionals who are interested in advancing their knowledge and promoting their business. Best of luck to you in your next venture. 
Thank you +Vic Gundotra for your work at Google. I use to say that G+ is the public "think tank" on Internet and I hope it will be so for long time. Wish you too much success! :)
+Vic Gundotra What a song! You've put a big smile on my face Vic. Firstly with this song, and secondly for sticking around and continuing to support Google+ and the people you've left to continue growing this amazing service. I wish you all the best in the future, and my thoughts go out to you and your family.

P.s. It's great to hear such positive comments about you as a boss, colleague, and friend, to so many people. It's nice to know that you're as well liked and respected in 'real life' as you are here on G+.

I wish you all the best in your next endeavours and adventures, and maybe/hopefully one day our paths will cross as part of them!

Here's a pick of my own to contribute to this selection of great music!
+Vic Gundotra, if you want an amazing partner-in-crime/apprentice on whatever is next, I would be there in a heartbeat. 
Good luck, +Vic Gundotra, I had similar challenge end january. I am now free and despite I can't say much, I am now much better and follow my real path.
A job is like a stool with 3 legs. The first is the total compensation, the second is the fun you have, the third is the possibility of evolution. If any leg is longer than the other, you fall. The longer the legs, the tougher the fall. So jump away from bad stools as soon as possible. 
Is very nice and I love it,good luck all the best to you guys. ..
+Vic Gundotra We will miss you and the wonderful product and family that you helped to create. I hope the rumors are not true about reducing the importance of Google+. If so, they are wrong. Wishing you and your family all the best. 
You should:

- take a 3 months break and travel around the world
- go completely off-line for 2 weeks: change your phone to the dumbest phone ever and take your wife to romantic hikes
- any combination of the above

If you reach Europe, give me a sign :)
Robby S
Congrats Vic, can't wait to see what you do next!
I have followed you for years. You leave a very large hole at a Google, but I am excited to hear what is next for you. All the best. Thanks for your years of leadership in this industry.
Thanks for giving us this great ecosystem and for your passion driving it forward step by step. I hope that we don't lose you completely here. Would be nice to hear from you in the future, yet posting as a "normal" user of Google+. Wish you all the best.
Thank you for G+ing one of my photos. I was really proud of that.
Good luck with your next adventure.
G+ is fantastic! Well done for making it such a worldwide network. It's great to be able to chat to people in Russia, or Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan, or somewhere else. Without G+ I would probably never have done that. That is a great legacy. 
I love the arrangement and like it better than the original.
You can't go just like this
The Vic that just keeps on giving!
Chromeo ftw. +Vic Gundotra Thanks for creating a social platform that's tasteful, useful as an identity system, and that respects privacy. It couldn't have been easy to surgically implant a unified social spine into all of Google, but somehow you did it. Honestly the scale of the undertaking still baffles me. I'm expecting the "+" to be de-emphasized as the social spine becomes simply a normal part of everything else, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it happens. All the best, Vic.
We all LOVE G+ +Vic Gundotra. Be blessed in your "and then" endeavor, and I pray that it will take you to even greater heights.
I wish you a great new journey +Vic Gundotra , and I thank you not only for your great work in G+, but what "close" you've always been with the whole community. All I hope is that you always on a while, to keep us abreast of your new adventures and to continue receiving (a customary) incredible photos.
Well wishes on your new endeavors. 
emmy e
hugs you tight
+Vic Gundotra All the best in whatever's next ... knowing what you've done so far, its a safe bet that its going to be awesome!

Vic and +Dave Besbris thanks for creating Google+ ... its an endless source of learning, insight, and fun ... its even helping people be "more human!"

Dave - Congratulations!
+Vic Gundotra, great job in building g+ and giving us a platform to share and express. But would +Google+ continue in the same spree after your exit? +Larry Page might have the answer. Or is +Google following the GE principle of exiting from any business where its not #1 or #2?
+Vic Gundotra never have talked to you on here but know that you've built an amazing social network that is simply amazing. You should be very proud. Much thanks to you!

I hope +Dave Besbris is given the resources and help to keep this playing growing even more.

Good luck with your next venture, I hope that success will continue in whatever you do +Vic Gundotra
We are proud of you and love you.
Vinay and Alka 
I hope +Vic Gundotra is forming an awesome new startup that eventually gets bought by Google!
+Vic Gundotra It's great to hear you have confidence in Dave Besbris. Everyone is right that you're the soul of google+. I've never heard of another tech executive having a random Q&A with the public like you did in Dallas. Look forward to seeing what you work on next. 
This takes me down Memory Lane. Nice.
Glad your leaving didn't mean you were giving up Google+. We like you. We really like you. :-)
Thank you +Vic Gundotra! Thank you for building Google+ as nice as it is. This is a great place and it's growing day after day, despite of what TechCrunch tells. Good luck for anything you're going to do next!
+Vic Gundotra : I was waiting for your key note at Google I/O 2014! We will miss you for sure!  Best of luck for your future! I am sure you will do great things everywhere you go! 
I'm sorry to see you go, +Vic Gundotra. Your work at Google+ had been a real success and I hope to be able to follow your achievements elsewhere.

Take care and best of luck! 
+Vic Gundotra it has been great watching your passion steer the ship. I am grateful for how hangouts have such an important impact on the platform and the world and I believe we can thank you for letting them grow as they have. They really help make this place magical and encourage incredible connections, communication and community. I wish you all the best wherever you are headed and know that you've left this place in good hands.
+Vic Gundotra I still watch Google I/o on froyo release. That was the best Google I/o by far. Will miss your presence on Google I/o. Good luck for your next work 
You earned those comments, +Vic Gundotra :)

As everybody else, I am curious on what's next, both for you and for Google+, but I'll patiently await the news :)  I hope you get some time to rest and recharge, and I am glad you'll still be posting here :)

I am sure that +Dave Besbris will keep pushing the envelope and give us more of the features we love and need, and I wish him and his skilled team a productive and positive future.  

Opportunistic P.S.
There are a lot of software developers on G+. Could we please have syntax highlighting markdown in posts and comments?  f.x. in the same markdown as BitBucket - ''' language

P.P.S. Here is some 80's stuff from the northern outskirts of Europe ;)
+Vic Gundotra I'd really like to see you and Elon Musk working together. Your combined energy could be a force of nature.
I just Hope you won't be building another new social network otherwise I'll have to switch again... And probably I would ,😊 all the best Vic, you've always been an inspiration for us plussers 
Would be great if you keep on posting here +Vic Gundotra although I'll miss you and your sleepless nights I'm curious what's next for you. Whatever it is: "The Game is never over", as Sherlock says. All the best! 
Great work Vic. Don't ever leave us on G+!
You will be missed a lot Vic. You and your team have done excellent job in making Google + a wonderful place. It is the only social media that I use on daily basis. I hope Vic you will keep posting on Google +.
I read all your posts. Wishing you a wonderful life and career. 
Thanks a million for what you have given us. Good luck for whatever is coming next.

And stay in touch here on G+.
Awesome having a great person to make Google+ what it is today. Thank you for everything and see you soon, Vic.

Thanks for sharing this music video! Loved it very much. 

PS..No good bye from me. See ya around, Vic! :)
We will miss you best wishes in your future work. :)
Dear +Vic Gundotra, despite that I've never met you personally, I feel I do personally know you. Why? Because of Google+. I think that's a big PLUS :)

I've never known a network where you connect so easy with people from all over the world. 

I want to thank you for your vision to make Google more human. With Google+ you let something beautiful behind. A place where people can find each other and build valuable relationships.

I wish you all the best and strength with the loss of your wife's uncle. Hope to hear from you in the near future! 

Greetings from the Netherlands!
Best of luck with your next leap forwards Vic :-) 
+Vic Gundotra firstly I truly wish you happiness, love and health. There is nothing more needed in our lives :)
Secondly, G+ is very important for Google = for future ad system capabilities otherwise Facebook takes it all = huge mistake. So what is going on with G+? Despite G+ has many flaws mostly on Android, Google needs G+ a lot in future. G+ should become the only communication tool besides Hangouts. You probably cannot answer nevertheless it's very important to say Android + G+ = a very important ecosystem for ads in future. People maybe want some innovations sometimes but people want communication every time! The reason Facebook rules despite its poor privacy and trust.
+Larry Page
All the best for the future, +Vic Gundotra. I hope your new direction is fulfilling and satisfying.
Live at Daryl's House is a great show.  I've been watching it for years on the internet!  A big time Hall & Oates fan!  Good recommendation Vic.  This is an old one with T-Bone, who is now playing in the All Star band above.
Sad to see you go but best of luck in the future and enjoy your family!  I enjoy G+ a lot, the only social media I use so thanks so much for all you have done!
Thanks for creating a solid and better alternative to Facebook. All the best to you +Vic Gundotra
This video is incredibly awesome for a great all time song. 
+Vic Gundotra, daqui do Brasil te agradeço pela criação e desenvolvimento dessa rede fantástica. Estou daqui torcendo pelo seu sucesso.
There's too much to write to fully express how much I love Google+ and what you all have created here. Thank you so much, +Vic Gundotra!
You are awesome Vic. Thanking for the all of the work and heart that you have put into our community over the past 8 years.
T Money
Nice! Don't forget to wash your hands:)
Wow !! I enjoyed that , that's great !!!!
Vic, your awesome! I look forward to your next adventure. You have made great achievements. 
Still got it after all these years, Daryl. Always worth a listen.
Ra g
+Vic Gundotra I also have the similar kind of love for +Google+ :* Tell Google that, don't kill it.. I have around millions of photos on G+. I don't want to lose them, friends & followers.. pls.. Thank you VG, you've done a great project!! All the best!!
Yes Vic photos on G+ are great ...  good job
I will not shake the feeling that behind the song is a statement in relation to the leave of google.
Hello Mr. Gundotra
I have downloaded many photos posted on Google + by you. It's nice, but I am not the person who can be happy by these virtual photos, I feel I would also be there.
Get mean online job from your side sir please. You can see my profile LinkedIn 
All the best for your new move!
I hope you will be active on Google+. You are one great motivating and inspiring person.
+Vic Gundotra We will miss you on Google+. I am working on an interesting product which helps the people with autism. Please let me know when you are free, i can consult with you while you are @Google and also later.
+Vic Gundotra I remember the first time I called you out for not reading comments and sure enough you responded... The moment I fell in love with Google+! Always be shipping Vic! And yes I will still be looking for subtle clues in the music videos and pictures you post for what's happening next at Google lol. 😝
Best of Luck to where the world takes you next and hope you help inspire more people.
LOVED Hall and Oats. I saw them twice back in the day.
Hope you are having great fun and relaxing, you've earned it +Vic Gundotra !
this is great, my two faves jammin... and look at that head of hair...impressive
Wow. That was tasty- I saw Hall and Oates live back in the day. They were amazing then and Darryl is still amazing, man. Thank you for this.
this is a nice HOUSE version..////damn its amazing what can be done with different versions to one song I remember the original
+Oshun Layo U should check out Neil Sadaka...YES, Neil Sadaka! That guy will play U four versions of one of his songs...then U can find some of them have been top ten hits worldwide! Skills, fe real!!!
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