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For those of you who use iPhones:
We have a surprise coming for you today.
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using both iPhone and Android and I like surprises :)
Ohhhhhhhh I love surprises! iPhone user here. Hope it is a good one.

but how about an iPAD version of G+
Rae O.
holy what it is!!!
Does it involve either cash or cupcakes? I'm a fan of both.
SCORE! is this what you were testing the other day ;)
iPad app pretty pretty pretty please? There's finally a decent 3rd party solution in iShare, but I know that Google can do one better.
Please tell us it is something for all iOS Devices :-)
Great I guess... iPad G+ app is well overdue though!
Google play! or Google Drive I will take either.
a free galaxy nexus? if so, if i stick an apple sticker on my nexus S does that count? :-)
Can't wait !!! My hope is an awesome redesign of the whole app. Or maybe merging GChat with Messenger.
hehe a port of android to ipoo would be funny, que steve jobs digging himself out of his grave!
Can't wait to hear what it is.
You know if he told us it wouldn't be a surprise now would it??
Wait wait +Vic Gundotra, don't tell. Your next version of Android will run on the iPhone? **Crosses Fingers**
Or maybe the ability to join on air hangouts on your phone :)
Are you gonna tell us how to hack a I-phone an add the Droid OS to it?
+Jacob Lucas - this sounds vaguely promising! Anyways, I hope the ability to use a plus symbol for any reason is soon fixed on iOS - currently it makes the app very, very slow. Even if you use a plus symbol for non +name reasons, the app becomes very slow and every character entered after is then looked up, like it is doing validation for plus name for any reason. I have feed backed this several times. Thanks for listening.
Yeah When I want to comment on my phone it takes FOREVER TO TYPE SOMETHING!
Hoping it is a Google Play app. Streaming through the browser does not work all that well.
No Seriously Vic...I need a job. I'm a really smart and hard working game producer...please help me...
OK cool, the day is over , tell us the surprise already
Its a new update for the iPhone Google+ app. Not in updates yet but visible from searching....

New stream and navigation experience
Various bug fixes and performance improvements

As for iPad, have a look at +iShare+ as this version is not universal :(
A screen melting virus? I can't wait!
iPhones are useless in my opinion, Androids are so much better having owned both. i had an iPhone 3GS and it was pretty good but quality and speed wise, they really suck. I have an Android phone and holy crap, i would never own an iPhone again after what these things can do. though my family has iPhones and they love them so i guess it's what you want. to be honest lol, my wife had a two year old Android, and i had just gotten the iPhone. her phone could upload and download three times faster than mine, and she has Cricket. then i got my Android got her a new phone and mine is much much faster, and almost faster than her new phone lol. anyway, just wanted to put my two cents in.
I'm always amazed that people take a small mention of one product to display their hatred of it while promoting something else. It's a constant soap opera of irrelevant complaints.
+Tom Branner I have a different opinion, but I don't believe Android phones are useless. I just don't care for them - too many issues.

Of course, that's why there are so many different phones out there. To each his own.
Same Here, I`ve had both and will never plan go back to Apple. My biggest problem with apple is Itunes, they really screwed there PC customers with that piece of crap program.
Hey +Vic Gundotra thank's for the update. I have an android tablet and the whitespace there makes the desktop look positively spread out. Every thumbnail takes up two inches on the left of the screen, while the rest is empty. Any chance of a dedicated Android tablet app?
Please be chrome for ios please be chrome for ios..
Any chance of some love for WP7?
The mobile version of G+ doesn't render properly and none of the links work while the Desktop version keeps resetting to the top of the page
+Aleksander Morgado Excellent. It's the keyboard shortcuts that are killing me. I lost the little card for the top of my keyboard.
Great rework of the App. I like it very much!
And for those of us with iPads? The html5 version is sooo bad (exit a post, return to the start of your stream), G+ is unusable. When this is fixed, I'm sure they'll be many of us who'll have G+ first in the queue, rather than where it currently is vs Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. which is at the back, despite it's excellent content.
Would love it, if I could spare the bandwidth to download it. Wish Google could come up with an alternative to satellite for those of us in rural areas where wifi doesn't reach.
what is it? :) (well I don't have an iPhone, though.... lol)
The update is great! What an awesome new look!
why does the iphone version look nicer then the android version. Should I switch to an iphone now?
Happy to see this however when is that Latitude Update that been waiting for about 6months for coming?
Or do I have to wait till iOS 6 comes out to hope for it.
Thank You! Now surprise us again by making it a Universal App so I get the pretty on iPad.
+Vic Gundotra Are you guys ever going to bring Gtalk to iOS? If not, then how about linking Gtalk and G+ messenger into one system? It seems redundant to have 2 different IM services available.
It looks amazing! Except it just hangs there most of the time... frozen/loading... arg... makes it pretty unusable :(
I'd use G+ 300% more if there were a kickass iPad app. :)
+Vic Gundotra the new iPhone app is awesome!!! The ux is simply magical! Can't wait to have the same experience in my samsung nexus. Congratulations to G+ team!!
Finally ditched the stock app look, nice job
Awesome job on the iPhone but we really need the same for the iPad as well please
It's beautiful. Love it. Got back to Google+ after ages, and now the app is on my home screen. 
Dear Vic, the new version is outstanding!! Ever since g+ launched, I now find myself using it consistently for the first time. You raised the bar! 
Not all the icons are updated to be HD.
Try opening a link. Disappointed in such an easy miss, but great UI otherwise.
Just needs a bit more negative space. Can't make out users from content. 
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