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New experience rolling out now. #googleplusupdate

This is basically Snapseed built for Chrome because of Chrome's native client capabilities.

We hope you love it.
Get creative with the new photo editing tools in Google+

Sometimes a photo needs a little extra touch to truly stand out. To help you customize your images, we’re launching new photo editing tools right within Google+. They’re all based on the power of Snapseed, and available in the Chrome browser (thanks to its Native Client technology). Here are a few of the fun things you can do:

* Auto Enhance already makes the photos you add to Google+ look great. Now you can customize and fine tune these adjustments if you have a different look in mind.
* Selective adjust lets you make edits to specific parts of your image, so you can make that summer sky look even more blue without affecting the beach in the foreground.
* Filters like Vintage, Drama, Retrolux or Black and White give your photos a new look. Add the finishing touch with a frame.

To give the new editing tools a try, open one of your own photos in Chrome and click on “Edit” in the lightbox. You can always undo any changes you make or revert to the original image.

If you're not using the Chrome browser, you can still crop and rotate your photos in Google+ -- in fact we're making these basic editing options easier to find up front, right next to the "Edit" button. And of course on mobile, Snapseed-inspired editing is available in both the Android and iOS Google+ apps.

p.s. We're rolling out these updates gradually, so check back soon if you don't see them yet. #googleplusupdate  
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Love to see the constant improvements. Keep 'em rollin' off the production line.
+Vic Gundotra

Google+ is keep on getting much better enhancements and we thank you for that...

Will you fill the slot that Hugo Barra left this month?
Just asking...

More power to you and G+
Selective adjust seems to be very useful! I'm looking forward to try it...

Damn staged rollout! >_<
Was trying out this before an hour on my phone! :-) 
Right when I'm in the process to move all my pictures in G+ saying goodbye to portable hard disk and fear to loose all my pictures!
I went on a trip recently and go about 200 pictures...G+ AutoBackup didn't backup I copied them to G Drive.....Drive photos show up in G+ but they don't have the same editing tools available.... Do Auto Awesome pictures get generated from Google Drive pictures too?
Wow!!! Awesome Google+ team!!! :)
Yay! I love it right down to the puppy. : )
Now just add  one more thing - sub-albums and I can't be happier !:)
nice spot!! look forward to trying the app.
Having trouble opening up the edit feature on my Samsung Chromebook.
I am hoping to see selective adjusts added to the Google+ Android app. But am really happy to see snapseed features coming to desktop :)
Awesome update that's a bit revolutionary compared to other online editors. Thanks +Vic Gundotra !
The level of integration is really impressive,, good job Google+ team. Next, add video editing tool, please :D
+Vic Gundotra  Another amazing update! There's now only 1 remaining issue preventing me from moving to managing my photos entirely within Google Plus.  Is there any possibility of getting an easy way to select multiple pictures at once to making organizing into folders easier?  Currently you have to click the little check-box (or ctrl+click)on each and every picture, being able to shift+click would be soooo much easier! Thanks again!
Why is sort functionality not included with Google+? It's was (is) available with

I've hundreds of albums stored on +Google+ Photos and searching for a particular album makes really difficult.

Kindly look into the matter! 
this looks great.  looks like the functionality and UI is improved as well
Nice!!! Now, don't take away editing tools again!!
Hi +Vic Gundotra This is awesome news! But one thought i have is that mostly people use phone images and a NOISE Filter to use i think would be one of the best uses of the NIK tech? Your Thoughts anyone???
How about shipping more Android phones with cameras that are worth a damn and maybe these great photo editing updates to Google+ will mean something.
Hey +Vic Gundotra you know how there is a resume button on the side where you can resume where you left off after looking at the new posts? Well I always wanted a feature similar to this but a resume button to take you back to a video you started playing in your stream because I often play videos in my stream and don't always have to watch but listen and continue browsing my stream. Then when I want to go back and continue watching the video it is hard to find where it was. Please take this into consideration. :)
I can see adding this functionality for the usefulness of ChromeOS particularly. And I wouldn't have a problem if it was s simply a matter of Chrome browsers on any platform having the ability to access the capability faster using native client.
However when you start to introduce features on a web based product which are only usable via a particular browser then I cannot help but feel you have made a huge mistake.
This is completely contrary to open web standards concepts and is very disappointing to see coming from Google.
Google could implement the full capabilities for all browsers on server side while giving Chrome the opportunity to do it client side. That would be fine.
Having capability which is unique to Chrome browser is not acceptable.
It is IE with Active X come again.
It is bad and Google should fees bad.
Respect to Lord Huron for providing the song for this spot! 
Great job! Now editing is done. I would love to see some more and better organizing features!
Though this is a nice feature, I can't help feeling that G+ has been concentrating on pictures to the detriment of text, +Vic Gundotra. Reducing the lines that are displayed by default (for me, especially on my Chromebook, it can be down to three for the original entry and just to for the commentary) has made it a lot harder to follow discussions. I have heard the term "war on text" for this. -- At the risk of sounding like a Playboy joke, some of us are more interested in the writing than the images. It would be nice if there was a setting or a slider you use to adjust the amount of text you are presented by default.  
Ashu G
I agree with Scot!
Did Google+ replace the Picnik based photo editing functionality with Snapseed based photo functionality?
Good. Still waiting for an exif viewet inside g+ android app! 
A Google+ Chrome App(packaged app) would be great! 
+Vic Gundotra I love how far google+ has come in editing photos.  I now use it exclusively for my photo storage and photo editing...but even with the latest "snapseed" editing feature, there is something crazy that is lacking..Red Eye Reduction.  Can you please tell me how with all of the amazing things you can still can't automatically get rid of red eye...or at lease let me add different shaped black dots (like iPhoto)????
El cambio a sido sensacional, gran labor!!  Ahora la pregunta es que pasará con las demás herramientas como efectos y decoraciones.  También las regresarán potenciadas?
What a pity the removal of the texts. I used them to create banners just to promote my page
Unfortunately it doesn't work. It locks up at "loading editing tools".
+Vic Gundotra Would be great, if the optimized pics could be synced with the local ones.
E. g. :
-pic taken with my phone
-pic auto uploaded on G+ and auto optimized
-pic on my phone still not optimized
-option to automatically override the local pic with the auto optimized from G+
For me in my Chrome beta in my PC it doesn't load so it doesn't open
It's been 12 days since Google chose to roll out this update, knowing it would take away a feature that previously worked on the ARM Chromebook. The Chrome and G+ teams have gone completely silent on why this happened or when (if?) it will ever get fixed.

Google promised me a laptop that would get better with time. My Chromebook is now significantly worse than when I got it 4 months ago, since using G+ for photos was the biggest reason I picked a Chromebook instead of a traditional laptop.

With a traditional laptop, I can keep using old software. With a Chromebook, customers have to place their trust in Google. Google violates that trust when it takes features away from Chromebook owners. This makes it very hard for me to recommend Chromebooks or Google services to others. Please help make this right, Vic.
How do I add a caption. Why is the option to add words so hard to find?
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