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29 years ago, "Beat It" was the number one song in the USA.

Here is another tip: Type "?" into Google plus on the desktop and we'll show you keyboard shortcuts.

Enjoy your weekend!
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I'd +1 the tip, the song has been beat it to death, can't hear that anymore! But thanks for the tip!
+Peter Vogel Try refreshing your page. You might be running yesterday's build of Google+. We push a new build daily :-)
nice tip, thanks - good work!!
I'm with Peter, Where do I type ? . When I typed in the Google+ search bar on this page I only receive marketing links to Home Depot, Yahoo, etc. I don't think those are the shortcuts you're referring too. Please clarify.

Thanks, and happy weekend to you too!
Nothing here either +Vic Gundotra It just took me to a stream of everything (which I had to pause asap)
Hey who knew? That's a great tip, It worked for me.
+Walid Muhammad and everyone else - Don't type it into the search bar; click somewhere on the page (make sure the search bar isn't selected) and try it.
Awesome tip. Worked in Chrome... perhaps feature is not fully compatible with all browsers?
Thanks. The refresh did it. Love G+ and have used it in my teaching from day 1. I was also the first to demo G+ at CERN when I was fortunate enough to be chosen to represent Canadian physics teachers there last July!
Thanks for the tip (and the hint where I should tip it ;-)

This video is not available in Germany.
Once again not available in Germany. :(
My bad.I was searching "?" in Google plus than typing "?"...LOL
Talent In My Heart
29 years ago??? OMG. Thanks (I think)
Mr. Gundatra,

I have to comment on the new look and feel of the mobile version for +. It's absolutely amazing. I have dreamed of having a platform like this integrated into Goggle+'s design. I am a senior in college studying Web Design and Interactive Media, mostly concentrating on user experience. And this is amazing. Tell ALL your employees to keep up the great work. I want to hang out on + all day now!
I too hope to one day be a part of the Google team! That's my dream, and one day, I will get there. Remember the name: Jason Hess.
Thanks for the ? Tip!
We used to listen to it on a turntable, and talk about the rumours that Eddie Van Halen was paid one million dollars just for the solo :).
Hari B
My favourite
I AM THE BIGGEST MJ FAN EVER MY ROOM IS FOOL OF PICTURES AND POSTERS I KNOW EVERY SINGLE SONG OF HIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
v all missing u Michel.
not only u v all......,missing micheal,bodyyyyyyyyy.
Time flies! Let the Legend RIP
cause hez able of this
I can't get weird Al's version out of my head... lmao
weird al yancovich right?
(Did I spell that right?)
I heard that one!
One of my favorites
I like how you need to know a shortcut to view a list of shortcuts.
"shift" + "/" works for me so long as my cursor isn't active in a textbox.
+Yuga Kurita It really is a signature VH solo. Has many elements of what is distinctly the Edward sound.
The ? is a nice addition. How about an m hot-key for muting the post? Some of us mute 70%+ of the posts in our streams the ones we're interested in reading further comments on aren't drowned out by the noise. If one doesn't comment on a post then G+ doesn't know one's interested in its new comments.
Thanks for the tip, very helpful! Love all the shortcuts, hope you'll add more
Instead of j, k, would like to have

N - next post
P - previous post

So I don't have to keep looking down at the keyboard to move faster.
Space should toggle comments on and off, without losing place in comments.
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