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If you have an iPhone, try the new Google+ iPhone app. Includes mobile hangouts and more.

There is nothing like pushing out new features on a Friday evening :-)
Anish Acharya originally shared:
Hot on the heels of our epic build we’re excited to announce the latest version of Google+ in the iOS app store (v. You can grab it here, but please keep in mind that it may take time to roll out everywhere:

For anyone who missed the big announcement on Tuesday, there are plenty of goodies in this release, including:
Join Hangouts from the mobile app (look for them in your Stream)
Set profile photo
Huddle is now called Messenger, and you can now send photos in Messenger
+1 on comments
Granular push notification settings
Improved +mention support
Share a post with individuals
Improved public search for people
Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Let us know what you think by clicking ‘Send Feedback’ in the app. We know there’s still more features on your wish list, and we’re already looking forward to the next version!

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NEED to be able to "initiate" an hangout, from mobile.
Nice. Ah, any chance of the native iPad version making a very, very late Friday appearance?
Nice Vic, though it does seem as if you're pushing out new features to iPhones on a Friday evening. ;-)
Awesome! Getting the new one now...
what happens when you try to join a hangout with a phone without a front facing camera?
Thanks !!, I have been waiting for this. Any chance we get that instant photo upload as well ?
I like the new "Messenger" name better than the old "Huddle"
Can you let the dev team know it broke autocorrect and speelcheck?
Spell check, auto punctuation, and word completions aren't working when I compose a message. Anyone else running into this?
Please allow us to Sort by Date in our streams, for mobile and desktop.
Hmm... is there a way to initiate a hangout from a phone ? I can see we can join an existing one, but not start one.
I am from Vancouver BC Canada, and it's 6:00pm PST. Haven't see the update yet. Can't wait!
6:02PM - It's up now!! Yeah~
Mike Zhou
Why there is no ipad version??
Looks good so far! I'm yet to test out whether the ordering of Messenger messages have been fixed up. Can't wait to try a huddle from the phone.
hey +Vic Gundotra please dont let g+ die! I keep reading articles talking about a down curve on traffic! I still want you guys to beat facebook ass down!
It's amazing what you already achieved please dont let it die!!
Could you guys do something about the login? The phone I use Google+ on is the same phone with Authenticator on it. I know there are alternate methods, but can't you just set it up for an app-specific password? Also, not making me log in with every update would be nice. Or am I the only one with that problem?
the android app still needs work.
When are we likely to see broadcast hangouts being rolled out to the public? Also when are we likely to see the ability for mobile devices to initiate hangouts?
in Viet Nam, the rich can have iPad/ Tablet app easily, however, with me, a poor student, to have iPad or Iphone is very difficult
The new update seems to have broken my stream. I can only see the latest 2 updates, nothing before them from anyone in my circles. Anyone else experiencing this?
can't wait for iphone 5 or whatever android/htc comes out with this month
When will it be available for android? 
Sorry, why aren't these features available for android??? Epic fail that ios is ahead of the game for the mobile app. 
Next...make it IPad friendly...add dashboard rotation.....s/b easy, no? 
Sam where u been we had them since Tuesday or so 
Mobile hangouts is an awesome feature.
thanks for the update, I'll check it up right away; I so sick of FB assuming they own my private information.
Amazing, but need these following features:
1- start hangout from Mobile\Tab.
2- ability to search for public hangouts\ability to +1 a hangout when you are inside it.
3- sort stream by date.

Sweet. Love the new features. And it did not take as long to get them on the iPhone vs Android as it has in the past.
Vic, thanks for the heads up. Like Google+ only wish there were more folks on it.
Yessss! Glad this came sooner than later. Thanks +Vic Gundotra and thanks to your awesome team of Googlers.
Like to see something like "Smart/Automatic/Shared" Circles
I was imagine that Apple hates Google so they won't allow the Google+ App to appear in the iOS app store... I was over-estimated lol
+jen-chieh yang why would you think that? Haven't you used google maps on the phone? There are tons of google apps on ips. 
+Joshua Woodward I think because they seem so slow in the release of native apps for Google on the iPhone. 
YIKES Friday push!?! Anyone that does that is just asking for trouble! At least it gives the weekend for people to try it out and comment about the features... even if that means a flood of emails/texts/IM's in their inboxes.
Thanks for the Friday D&R, Anisch and Vic. ;)
I have Samsung Galaxy S3 and google+ app for android is not supported :-(... why?
Make the app look a bit more like google+ rather than the unthemed stock standard dribble it is, please.
There is nothing like pushing out new features on a Friday evening :-)
<g> i've never formulated it like this. must remember. Oh, and thanks for the update!
and if u had ur @ss nailed shut u woodnt need that other one (who said that)
I'm 18, but it seems like Google doesn't know that. It won't let me join a hangout from mobile. How do I change that?
hey...friends me new in here...Just help me about use.
Thanks +Vic Gundotra, will do right away. Any idea about the rolling out of the iPad version?
+Jakub Zeman must be a user content thing, my g+ app is using 10mb (evo shift), if you have a sd card install force2sd from the market, not sure if you need root though.
Anything planned for Web O . . . nevermind I'll just wait till my contract is up.
why doesn't the Android App work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch its got front facing Camera? & i've got an unlocked
The Instant upload is a nice feature, had to turn it off for privacy reasons, but still a good feature to have for those that don't have access to a pc to upload pics. (HTC Evo Shift 4g, feature requires Android 2.1+)
Thanks for Hangouts Option. I tried it from My Android Mobile. It Works well and good. And Mr.+Vic Gundotra, I have some Suggestions from my point of view to improve the G+.

1) Please Make an option to Initiate Hangout from mobile itself instead of only joining in to friend's hangouts.

2) Please Concentrate on chat Window. Right now only few of my contacts are displayed in my chat window. Allows us to Chat and hangout with all my gmail chat contacts and make an option to add them to my circles when I mouse over on thier names.

3) About Circle management, Now it has got Horizontal panes. If it's Vertical panes, It'll be much more easier for drag and dropping. And Also in "find Friends option", Please add Hide my friends who are already in my circles.

4) I found an extension in chrome webstore. Its name Circle Management BETA for Google Plus. Please have a look @ it. IT must be a native option in Google+.
G+ for symbian? eg Nokia E72 please :))
g+ for greek apple store; how many months we need to wait?...
Im a little confused, is hangout same as the messenger formerly huddle? If not how come I dont have it on my N1 yet, sad. 
just downloaded and installed the app for android
+Vic Gundotra , could you guys make google+ chat easier to manage? Is terrible hard to invite people because it shows only the name and it is not only the name of people in circles, and its quite a mess... Why not add to the profiles of people we have in circles a button with "Invite to Chat" or something...
+abdulkarriem khan, I got gtab 7inch with android 2.3 custom rom by overcome. The frontfacing camera works flawlessly. Try to upgrade your gtab via kies to the latest rom.
I can't understand why Google mobile apps (Android apps) aren't available in some countries like Turkey. Google+ app isn't available in Turkey. Why?
I have the app, but I also have the pad. Can't wait for an app to happen for this platform. Phone app not the same on the pad!
Still wish I could make Video calls via GTalk without rooting my phone.
Any chance the app will work in landscape mode soon? 
I'd love to Vic, but I live in South Korea, which has several legal and business hurdles for you to jump over and around before I will be able to enjoy Google+ on my Nexus S...apparently.
Hey if nybody's listening, is there a G+ app for small java phones??? If not , why don't they make it..... everybody's just dveloping for iphone, android... why not an app for java phones???
I understand it's the world's worst, least fun phone there is, but I really wish you'd make a Blackberry app for those of us still on OS 5 and stuck with the sucky phone for another six months or so :(
Its not just available on us store only
Oh yeah, haha, thanks guys, forgot to update the app :(
By the way, autocorrect no longer functions on the latest update. I hope that is fixed soon.
Finally I can "hangout" with myself using my pc an iPhone... :-D
When will the new Google App on iPhone be an Android VM?! Then I might consider using an iPhone! Until then, it's Nexus all the way, baby!
+Vic Gundotra when will u guys fix the issues with blackberry OS? google+ doesnt run smoothly on the playbook. also why cant we initiate hangouts from the tablet?
Google+ on Android and iPhone is compelling - Keep innovating - It is appreciated. Now, get that Google+ for Business launched. OK?
Awesome Vic!!

Thanks G+!

I'll start off a hangout on a laptop and join in via the iPhone and get my friends/family into the fun of video conferencing!

Hey +Vic Gundotra I downloaded the update but still can't see the hangout feature.. I even uninstalled the app and then installed it again still with no luck.. Is this feature only for the US app store or did apple do something naughty ?
Looks great but when is the native iPad version coming? It would be a great way of getting one up on Facebook!
Seriously, can anyone help me let Google know that I'm over 18 so I can hangout on mobile?
Does Apple show resistance to any features now that your feature velocity has been noticeable since launch? Like mobile hangout could be in competition with Facetime?
The spellcheck/autocomplete feature on the iPhone doesn't seem to work with the new version of the app...
Why Iphone?? Any phone with Android better
Yo no tengo, pero si me lo regalan, lo claro que lo usaria...
@Vic Gundotra - There seems to be a few bugs with the latest Google+ iPhone app -
1. Spellcheck is not being done on comments automatically.
2. More irritating problem is that if you open another app and then come back to Google+ the state is not maintained - so of you're seeing a list of photos in a google+ album you have to start all over from the 1st photo again.

Overall good stuff and i love the hangouts - tried it out on iPhone4 today. Thank you again!
+Vic Gundotra
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will there be a WebOs version?
nice job vic on google+ its really showing fb and twitter who the real boss is
Google + is great im telling all my mates keep up the good work and lets rid the earth of this facebook plague
Joe M
When is the iPad app coming?
+Vic Gundotra android version of the update seems to be unsearchable in the android market for some running versions 2.1 and 2.2. Myself included. So many have already posted in the forums about this. I have tried accessing the download link as a text to my phone, it takes me to the android market but it then says its incompatible with my phone. I don't know how is that when I've been using it on the same device since the beginning of july. I deleted the previous version due to lagging load times and notification bugs i was experiencing. Can you guys find a work around for this please? Thanks!!
+George Nichols I could access the app just fine on my Motorola Flipside, but to get a mobile hangout on Android, you need (1) Android 2.3 or above, and (2) a front-facing camera...
+Kenny Strawn you may be one of few who were able to download it with no problem. My issue is (like many others), once i deleted the previous update due to notification and load issues, the app was not searchable in the market either for the current update or the previous update. Not even for the android market on the says I have a incompatible device. So since it seems that this update was only for those with 2.3, I need to find a way to download the last update available for android 2.2. Details for the update probably should have been made more clear for those using 2.2 and below.
+Kenny Strawn unfortunately, mines does not say that. As i already stated, My device should not be listed as incompatible as I've already had it for the last two months. There are others using the new update in the forums without having a front facing camera. They are just not able to access the hangout feature on their phones...There is already one developer looking at it. He realize there is a real issue here. Even the previous update should show in the market which it is not for many others with the same issue.
+Ronell Hugh It says on the App Store page for the Google+ app that it is compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad as well as the iPhone. Google just didn't update the Mobile support page...
Unfortunately, the iPhone App is not available on all the App Stores. The English version of the App Store should be rolled out everywhere!
I even can't find my friend by searching a gmail,and the page always jumps automatically..why?
Pushing out new features on a Friday evening makes for an interesting weekend. Good luck.
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