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It made me laugh :-)
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lol, done to the tune of "Another One Bites the Dust"
Thanks Vic, I'll be seeing 20x reshares of this video now lol
im gonna make my own g+ song too lol there will be a lot of these
Rob Go
no, really, what is it?
there goes the pot dealer on her circle
ahh yes, all the ppl resharing & +1'ing before watching because the thumbnail has a hot chick.
love the line "circles are for squares"... should be Facebook's new motto!
nice promo of G+ :-)
but placing so much faith in privacy of circle names... +Vic Gundotra please make sure no API (that you are going to release soon, I hope) can access circle names...
this goes for everyone,, lol
Nick O
lmao love it.
sounds cool!love it
LOL'ed hard! My first login and share at FB this week ;P
If they hadn't mutilated Another One Bites the Dust for it, it would have been funny.
Unfortunately, Youtube is blocked at work so I can't watch it ... yet.
I belong in the PRICKS circle.
alright!!!! nice one!!! hit it up more google!
Den Nis
You gotta love the STD Trail circle - classic :)
Now that's talent! LOL.
I'm pleased to say I make a brief appearance in the video, and it's the brainchild of +Andy Signore . Follow him!
I love how they left the "green screen" profile picture in Ashley Pitman's account.
I just made a "Pot Dealer"
Amazin' video...Now share this video on facebook and twitter as well, so that people join Google+ and "see the light"!
no wonder Western Civilization is going down the toilet.
+Vic Gundotra
Another good promotion would be to at least put some effort into making the G+ app for iOS and Android available in the same regions. I can't believe that where I live, iOS can install G+, but us Android users cannot.
In Google+, there are no ears and no earworms, but this sure seems like a shareworm.
+Vagif Zeynalov
It's not the same though :( I already have some old version of G+ installed from somewhere, but since it's not from the market, I don't get updates and I don't know whether someone has done something malicious with the apk.
I feel for that guy she put in her prick circle :)
+Paul Sybrandy In the song she meant the slang definition of "squares" (definition - conventional or conservative in style or outlook; not hip) and not the shape.
Google+ needs to consolidate re-shares like Facebook does... that way they don't keep popping back the same way.... Facebook really does some clever heuristics there and won't re-spam you w. the same thing so much.
thats pretty cool - google + is much more better, but i need more firends :D
why isn't she using the Kennedy gmail interface??
awesome! buy some airtime for this
will fu
very interesting~
This is the reason, I like Google Plus+
Hilarious and disturbingly effective at making the pitch!
like the babe in the video , who is she ? a google employee ?
Well it beats the hell out of "It's Friday"
really clever. Looks like you got a writer that could stand toe to toe wit Weird Al himself.
i love my google+.Just forget another social network.........
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