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New Google+ for Android: polish and performance

We continue to work toward a simpler, more beautiful Google, and today we're accelerating these efforts with a new Google+ app for Android phones. The update includes lots of highly-requested features—like the ability to start a hangout on the go, and to edit posts inline—as well as a stream that celebrates the rich content shared across Google+. In all cases we're building for a mobile future, and we're excited about what's ahead.

Start a hangout from anywhere, and ring the folks that matter most

With Hangouts we want to help people connect face-to-face-to-face—at any time, from anywhere. Of course, there's really only one device that's always by your side—your phone—so we've invested in mobile hangouts since early on. Today we're adding another important feature to the mix: the ability to start a hangout directly from your mobile device.

To get started, tap “Hangout” in the (new) navigation ribbon, add some friends and tap “Start.” We'll ring their phones (if you want), and if someone misses the hangout, they can ring you back with a single tap.

Share your favorites, and feel awesome afterward

When you share with your circles, we owe you an experience that's both intimate and immersive. Your time and your relationships are precious, after all, so your posts should make you feel proud. Today's new Android app takes this to heart, with full-screen media in the stream, conversations that fade into view and instantly-touchable actions like +1.

Do more, in less time

We think you’ll find today’s app nicer to look at, but we’re also making it easier to use. Improvements include:

A navigation ribbon that slides in and out, providing quick access to just about everything.

The ability to download photos directly from Google+, and turn them into wallpaper.

The chance to edit posts inline, in case you make any mistakes while on the go.

The update is available now from Google Play (version 2.6), so we invite you to download Google+, and let us know what you think!

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Love it! A lot better look, especially when you're doing lots of photography like me.
Any chance the Hangout feature will work with rear facing only camera phones?
Finally! Really very nice! Congratulations :)
Excellent work, +Vic Gundotra and the entire Android Google+ team. A welcome improvement over the previous version.

Now all we need is a native tablet UI and we're golden.
Thank you very much +Vic Gundotra! I had a pleasant surprise 20min before your post went up when I checked my phone for app updates!! Sad to say... I almost wet my pants!! LOL! :)
You might want to check the edit feature again. On a post with a link, I can edit the test, but shouldn't the link itself also be editable? Or at least present in some way? (Feature reqest lol)
Just got it. Looks great! Nice to have feature parity with the iOS version, but this is even better! 
كم اشتاق للاندرويد بس الي كرهني فيه شروط بعض البرامج كالتقاط الصور وغيرها الكثير من اختراق الخصوصية
What about tablets support? Again it looks so bad on tablets... You said that ICS both for phones and for tablets.Oh, really?
thank you for the new update,will try the new features. :)
Thanks! I was waiting for it! Downloading in this exact moment!
What about android tablets? the Google Plus aap is just an stretched phone app in the tablets. I heard the mantra that apps that works on phone they work on tablets if they are optimized. Then how Google own apps are not optimized for tablets like G+ and Listen.
Looking good, just downloaded it.
Doesn't show how many photos are in a post, the iPhone version you can scroll to see the first 3 pics of the post. +Vic Gundotra 
It'll take some getting used to ..not bad :)
+Vic Gundotra this sounds great but instant upload isn't working. This is the number one reason I use this app as much as I do.
Works like a charm! But is there a way to switch to your Brand Page?
Great, looks awesome! Looking forward to more impressive updates.
great update. you guys are awesome.
I am trying to figure out what the extra +Android features are, that made us wait longer.
This looks terrible! Can hardly tell what i'm looking at in the stream
The ribbon is messy... I haven't yet got my head around when the Up button acts as a back, when as an up, and when calls the menu. This is frustrating as hell. Please differentiate the ui!
What's that amazing new promised surprise that was the reason for this delay?
+Vic Gundotra I wish to know what RealTimeChatService and EsService do in background..sometimes those service hit the cpu at 5% for couple of seconds, many times at day...In the settings every notification is off
Looks quite lost on a tablet, at least in landscape. Portrait is great, though.
Looks fantastic here. My Android is updating now...
ETA - oh my heavens but this is lovely. I'll be using this on my phone a lot more often now!
i want an android phone right now!!!
+Andre Jansen +Vic Gundotra I agree. Visually cool, but scrolling is pretty choppy and on Vic's post, it looks like there is another post transposed on the bottom of it.
Absolutely love the update. Finally opens to stream and flows sooo much better.
This isn't what I was expecting... Really, come on... The way it was before I had a better preview of the post... And now I have a bigger font (which actually looks really ugly) and just a one line kinda title...
Also, the messenger looks the same.
So, the waiting was so long just for this?
Nice to see the evolution of G+. Lovely rich visuals coupled with nice little touches such as the motion of the next post coming in makes for a great and engaging user experience.

Well done!
I'd appreciate the option for smaller text size in the app. Everything is so BIG now due to the larger font size used.

This may not be a problem for those on whiz-bang super duper phones with larger screens. But for those with more modest phones, everything just feels crammed together and not quite so professional looking now.
I don't like it. Not everyone is posting photos and with the new design, you can't get a quick overview of your stream anymore. And some posts show the favicon of the linked page extremely large. And I now have to click a posting to read it if it contains more than a few words.

Also who the hell did the preferences? I thought we now have beautiful ON/OFF switches from the Holo-UI …
much awaited... will download now
Pretty good, I notice some UI inconsistences, for example the +1 button in the action bar should be removed as you can +1 directly from the stream as well... it makes no sense to do it in two places as the end user might think why is there two ways.. so yea my review is tidy up the legacy navigation and streamline the new way of using the app and I think it is a very good update. Please base the design for the desktop version from the mobile app!
I'm glad I backed up the old version before installing. Do not like the update at all.
Thanks +Vic Gundotra ! It looks great on my phone! One criticism - The tablet version could use more, well, tablet support. It's a little bit "off" on my ASUS TF300.
Finally! This looks great. A smaller size font maybe?
i want tablet support
Update looks good. Way more usable
Such a shame there is nothing for Windows Phone 7 but yes, beautiful on my iPhone.
Also, the "Send Feedback" option in the app doesn't work. It first complains about my language choice (en-GB) which to be fair, is a problem across the board with Google's help system (seriously, how hard would it be to redirect to enUS if there is no localised version available), then after switching to enUS, the page asks for email, satisfaction, subject but doesn't actually let you type any feedback in before submitting.
Trying it out now, and it looks fantastic. Great work, as usual.
Slick on a tab as well ( portrait ).. killer update .. fantastic job
A fantastic Improvement, really does add polish to the app, makes it visually better than any of the other SM apps.. thanks
Gorgeous new look
Glad the home page is gone, that was kind of useless
Settings look much more organized
Translucent buttons = sexy
Access any section from the top left button? +10000000
interesting we still have old layout in widget
+Vic Gundotra One wish for the next update: please make the font size configurable or zoomable. With all those different screen resolutions a fixed font size fits only on a fracture of devices. It's to big on my smartphone but to small on my tablet.
+Vic Gundotra Now it's even more ugly on tablets! I am deeply disappointed by the bad tablet support for G+. Esp. as Google can do better, looking at GMail and GReader e.g. Further more the new layout is only really nice, if there's a photo in the post...
Slow on my Samsung Galaxy S. Background pictures load slowly. Text on pictures not very clear.
It would be nice to have a choice between a chic version and easy to use version
with this new layouts for the stream, if I posted an article the article title does not appear in the stream. therefore all my followers have to go by without looking at that post is a huge picture that runs together with all the other huge pictures being posted in there stream. +Vic Gundotra
It looks like the emphasis is on the photos now, not the content of the posts. That's OK if you're trying to create just a photo sharing site, then again Picasa does that well. I think this takes away from the substance of what is being said. I think I will use Google+ in a browser on my mobile from now on rather than the app. Sorry, it just doesn't do it for me
This update is great for EVERYTHING but the stream. Having a single line of a post and a flul page background of the article image is bad for two reasons.
1. some of my circles post NSFW pics which I personally have nothing against but ...welll you can see the problem..
secondly all the text is white.. so if someone were to post say a link to
as thier "image" or "web link" in the post it would just show as a gross white block.
the stream needs LOTS more work and less pictures... if i wanna click a picture or a link i'd like the option to be able to show more of the posts test since thats all i really care about.
+Vic Gundotra I'm sorry, I love google+, but this update has ensured that I will use this app half as much as I use to if even that
The new style looks great but it's harde to see the what the post is about, needs more text to see that if there is an picture in the post
Great update. Except the image for your post looks horribly distorted on my Galaxy Nexus.
Does anyone know how to download pics from the G+ app?
Don't like the compressed out of scale photos
Why are the Android and iPhone apps so different?
Anyone can explain, how can I have the "Family" circle next to my "All Circles" like in the screenshot in this +Vic Gundotra post?

And I am using Galaxy Nexus.
When are you going to update (as in improve) the widget?
+Mark Focas I don't even think this works well for photos. All the pictures are stretched and huge . They need to be sized down for the main stream view so that we can see what it is. all I'm seeing are huge stretched pictures with words typed over them .
Furthermore, multiple versions, updates and upgrades on, images are STILL being force cropped to a square aspect ratio on my Wildfire S regardless of the actual dimensions of the image.

Since the new update is so image centric, this seems like such a farce.
+Brenton Klik could you upload the backup somewhere? I can't follow my stream with this new version...
Is like a bunch of pictures and text that doesn't tell me anything...
Been waiting for the update. Hats of to #Google team.
I would like to be able to turn off the background images and switch to a preview with text and small images only (like before). The current mode does not really allow me to preview the posts. I can only see the first words of the posts. I will remove this update...
Jon M
Wow this is a great update. Great work guys.
OMFG Google! What the hell were you thinking?! Putting pictures behind text is just bad design all around. I want my plain white backgrounds back. It was simple and easy on the eyes. Now I don't even want to use the app. Seriously! Pictures behind text?! That reeks of noobie MySpace skins. This is INCREDIBLY hard on the eyes. Actually I'm gonna uninstall my app until this gets fixed.
Will give this a download later and try it out. Been waiting since the iphone app came out to see what android would get!
I'll just sit here and click the +1 buttion all day!
Love it on the phone but why why why don't you design it for tablets? I would expect by now Google would have a great tablet version.
nearly everything is fine. but how i can disable the pictures in the background of the text?
this is terrible. i really don't like it.
please make this optional. please!
It looks better on that Nexus than it does on my Incredible. I have to click and open posts to read entire comments. Comments are placed on top of images which can make the comment hard to read. I hate being a complainer, but this isn't better.
I don't like this new version at all :(
Text over image is sometimes not readable, and why images and texts on top of each other? It looks very ugly and makes hard to differenciate posts.
we need the ability to manage pages from app :)
I am on a Galaxy Nexus. That's a 720p screen upright.

The new design manages to cram 1.5 posts into all that space, and shows me almost one full line from each post. There is no way to scan a large number of posts quickly for useful content. There is no fast way to interact with posts inline.

I am in this for the content and the discussion, and the new layout destroys that completely.

If you want a model application that I like, look at Newsrob Pro, not at Google Currents.

Where can i download the old APK?
Eww. Can we avoid this update? For people who actually like, you know, reading stuff, and not just looking at pretty pictures?
White Text on white Text on bright images. That's unusable and far from polished!
Put a black stroke (outline) on the white title text so it's readable on light backgrounds.. Thanks!
I think this is the first UI update from Google on any of their services that I actually don't like!
I take it +Google has just given up supporting Android tablets then? Looks lovely on a phone, shocking on a tablet.
I agree with +Artemis Entreri. There are a lot of terrific improvements in the new app, and I'm having fun exploring them.
But the stream is overwhelming now. It's like having an RSS feed that only shows you the first 10 words of the article, and superimposes them onto a thumbnail of the site's favicon that's been scaled to take up 35% of your display.
This is especially apparent on "older" devices, like my Epic 4G. Newer devices with larger screens and higher resolutions handle it well, but the smaller displays look cluttered.
I can see what you were aiming for with this update, but the stream looks like a complete mess - Especially when the white font gets smeared over sceenshots with text. Is there any way to customize this?
The drop down menu for circle selection that was in the iPhone is missing, it is so much better than scrolling through your circles.

Also there is nothing to indicate that there are more pictures in a post, while the iPhone version show dots to indicate that there are more photos and you can scroll through some of the pictures. +Vic Gundotra +Google+
My circles tend to be made up of people who have something to say, not something to show. Although visually appealing, this app update appears to only improve the experience for viewing photos. Content itself is so reduced that you can't actually read anything -- at least until you enter that specific post.

I would have preferred that this style be applied to one specific stream (similar to "What's Hot") that contains all of the photos from your Circles (Photos from Posts). It certainly optimizes that experience.

I have no fear that Google will take all of this feedback and continue to make incremental improvements to the experience for all of us. But for me, personally, the mobile app no longer meets my needs.
Looks like a nice improvement on my phone. Doesn't look to good on my tablet. Are we ever going to get a tablet version of G+?
It became worse on tablet after upgrade.. sigh
Wow, my stream looks like a magazine now. I like it! But readability of the "+" count and the comments count could be a bit better. But that's fine tuning. I'm sure you guy's already on it :)
Got it on my Samsung Galaxy2. Not sure if I like it. Because the photos make writings unreadable.
some readability issues, but it's a step in the right direction ... it's hard to tell when a post end and start
I think it could use some more white space around posts. Looks like one endless run-on sentence.
Great!! Now it lets you start hangouts from the phone
+Vic Gundotra Is locations tagging coming back to the desktop website? It's annoying to only be allowed to tag locations in the mobile app.
+Vic Gundotra I need a job...badly...I'm an accomplished Game producer for console, mobile and social and I am also a pretty dang good AR person and Graphic
Yuh but it really sucks for Blackberry...
An option to disable the ribbon for. Home screen would be appreciated.
I like it, but I was really looking forward to that main screen you have on the iOS version, which on Android was replaced with the sidebar pop up. Also, I think there are some big bugs. There are people in my stream who aren't in my circles, some profile images have tiny profile images laid over them, and it looks like some posts are cut off at the top.
More visuals, less information. And what's up with the huge +1 counters? How important are those?
I love this new design. Hopefully we'll see the same love down the road with a tablet specific design.
where is the google+ for windows phone?
This is an amazing, awesome, incredible update. You had me at "Start a Hangout" from mobile. Adding in Editing and the layout changes just makes it even better. Great job by the Google+ team!
Thanks for the warning, I'll be sure not to update the G+ app until the stream UI changes are reverted.
Phil Iott
Sorry Vic, but this update is terrible. If there are nice high-res images in the post it looks ok, but if not, any old tiny image is blown up (and distorted if it has to be) to fill the frame, with text overlaid on top that is in some cases difficult if not impossible to read. Everything is jumbled together. The worst is if the image itself has text, then more text is placed on top of that and you can't read any of it! It looks incredibly amateurish. I'd take back the old version over this. The current FB app for Android is way better, and that's not saying much.
ніби норм, але все дуже велике, ну принаймі для мого #XperiaX8. І ще не відповідність піктограми назві (фотографії, кола) в головному меню
Can anyone tell me if this version can be moved to the SD Card? The only way I can install additional apps is if they can be run from the SD card. When I bought my phone it was trailing edge and now I really am feeling the pinch:-)
Please address the many cases where the new layout doesn't work!
Make a text more readable on photos and I am okay.
+Ian Leslie AFAIK, every version since 1.8 can be installed to the SD Card. You'll loose Widget function but its a small price to pay.

And I feel your pain. SD card installation is the only I can have the G+ app on my phone. Although, I wished it cached data to the SD card as well. Even installed on SD it takes up a minimum of 8mb of phone memory, plus any cache data which I need to periodically clean out every couple of weeks.
Like the feature parity w/iOS, but still can't post Links or Video cleanly from mobile app (iOS & Android)... Still no feature parity with Web Page version for adding content in the post, so mobile posts look clunky in contrast.
Getting closer. Plus one for good effort but still has a long way to go, specially on tablet. Lower res images look horibble on tablet.
now trying the new G± for Android app. now harder to read the stream, and involves more tapping and waiting. not sure I like it. I suppose it's aping Flipboard, but the effect is to make it actually slower to browse stuff than on Twitter or Weibo.
Thx for this beautiful update but can anyone tell me why the Iphone gets the update first?
Dear Mr. Gundotra,

first of all, thanks for shipping the new G+ app. IMO it's a huge improvement over the previous one. I just have one suggestion to make:

Please unify Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts and Google Messenger. These services don't interoperate the way the should, although they have very much in common. I' don't understand why i can't text someone on Google Talk via Google+ Messenger etc.

Will this be addressed in a future update? :-)
Please, someone, take away pens from these "designers". I'm afraid for future "redesign" updates on other Google products...
Too much wasted space on smaller devices (eg Nexus One).
I read Google+ for content, not pictures. This update is a huge step backwards and I am happy to have Titanium Backup so I can restore the old version. All overview is lost now.
A tablet layout would be very nice. It looks great on the phone
+Vic Gundotra I upgraded it, but the page seems too messy using the post image as background, just too much.
Really nice update - just wish there would be a tablet ui as well. There is so much wasted space in landscape format.
I just updated my G+ app and I think it looks absolutely beautiful. Although in this new design, where you go directly to the stream when you open the app, it seems to me that the user will have to have a very good internet connection, and, at least in my country, the 3G sucks (we don't have 4G here yet ¬¬).
Thanks +Vic Gundotra! the app is working smoothly on Nexus G keep the updates coming!
But please pleaaaase pleaaaaaase add Google Pages support, I know you guys want to do it right but I feel this is holding it back!
Nice update BUT images should be full size in stream, not cropped/zoomed in.
+Vic Gundotra can you explain a bit about what are your goals with this release?

It seems as if you're actively trying to dissuade users from writing long posts, and encourage them to post images and one-liner posts instead. Why is that?
I don't like the update:
1) I lost ALL information of the posts in the timeline. I have to open every post to read more than the 1st few words
2) Due to the missing shadow on the teaser text, you hardly can read it
3) Loading the timeline/images is horribly slow .. even with wifi
I'd really like to see that beautiful home-screen the iPhone user's have. Maybe with that ability to choose how the app will start. Either with the home-screen or right at the stream.

Also the grey space between posts in the stream does not look good. It's to big I think.
I am not a hater. Usually, I love all the updates that Google offers. Though, this is the first time when I have to say that 'I hate it'.

In the name of being simple & intuitive, you guys have just created a mess on the stream with pictures stretched out and pixellated. It was beautiful, simple and intuitive before.

I am a daily user of Google+ and happy to see additional features, but from design point of view, its disappointing :|
I, for one, welcome our new "broken CSS look" overlords...
Nice! +Vic Gundotra Can't wait to check it out on ICS
Excellent job, I love it, thanks!
I can't read the text, I can't discern one post from another, and it's slow, super slow. I am shocked people are liking this update, it's a user experience nightmare. The reviews on Play are much more accurate.
I do not like the new update, but I hear it looks better on ICS phones than my current Gingerbread phone. Anyone can confirm this?
Thanks for adding Hangout and the inline editing! Sweet upgrades
Any chance of getting the notification count back on the main screen?
Thanks for using iPhone fanboys as guinea pigs. Now we should be bug free!!!
nice but you cant see that much content at once there flipboard much better! 
Bo Stone
This is bad design and even worth usability. I hate pics as backgrounds. It creates clutter, it doesn't add anything except difficulties reading such as white on white

And BTW - I am #androiddev with at least 3 successful apps on the market, so please listen
Hmm...not sure about the stretched pics. Interface is pretty smooth...
Truly dislike this. Its a mess on my nexus, and from a use ability standpoint, awkward to skim
Hi +Vic Gundotra Whenever we share someone's post that person's pic is shown with in the profile pic. Can we have it placed on the right side of the grey tab ? That spot is anyways empty.
On my ICS device the new update overwhelmingly places emphasis on title and background image.
nobody with visual impairment is testing these applications? how can be text on picture? if the picture has light colors it is even not readable for sighted people
Square pictures get stretched, and scrolling in this thread is super choppy. This sucks.
Looks nice at first sight but it's almost impossible to read anything. Completely annoying. I don't think I will use G+ very often on the phone anymore.
+Vic Gundotra, I am a big fan of all things Google, but this was not an improvement - at all - for all the reasons already mentioned in the comments. The white text over many times light pictures is very hard to read, and with only a few words of the post visible, it is often impossible to judge if a post is interesting enough to click through to the full version of the post. I tried to find a way of turning off the "eye candy", but didn't succeed.

I was fortunate to have a ten day old backup of a previous version, which is a small blessing. Please let us know when there is a new version available that is usable for more than looking at pictures.
Square pictures get stretched, and scrolling in this thread is super choppy. This sucks.
Hangout is the best communication tool, now with Hangout on mobile it is the hammer:) Thank you Google donated this mobile evolution to the World.
I am sure some people will like it, however: There is much space wasted (I saw that already on my iDevice). I want content and not pictures in every post which eats up the complete space. I can't be the only one thinking this goes in the wrong direction?!
Gary Hoggatt
It looks pretty and all, but not being able to read more than half a sentence on any given post means that I have no idea what anyone is saying. I come on G+ to read and participate in interesting discussions, not (just) to look at pretty pictures all day. The app needs to show more of the actual text users are taking the time to compose. You also can't see any of the comments without clicking on the post anymore, which is another way of minimizing the conversations I come to G+ for.
I like the design and emphasis on photos but text can be a little hard to make out - perhaps s semitransparent overlay may help.
The new look is simply amazing. I love it.
love the UI.
haters gonna hate.
unbelievably good! GREAT WORK!
This update is a marketer's dream. All of the emphasis is on the picture and the headline.
+Vic Gundotra Well I was excited when I saw the iPhone version, but this looks like a rough port. There isn't much polish. If you're looking at a post and start scrolling down, there is a weird gradient that moves over the top that looks odd until you reach the white where the comments are. I don't see any sexy animations like the iPhone has. Come on guys!
And Facebook redesigning its own mobile app to match with G+ in 3, 2, and 1....
تحديث جدا رائع .. وواجهة جميله جدا
Looks awesome on my Phone, for that thank-you...... however... on my tablet it looks hideous. :-/ If you want android tablets to start flying off the shelves your going to have to make better quality tablet apps for your own services.
I would like to tell hundreds of thousands of college students about interesting hang outs on Google+ right when they turn on their computer. I can do that now, but need to talk to someone in Google+? Who can I talk to?
New app is a great step forward. Thanks to the team!
looks nice, photo centric and straight in to the eye!!
O_o feels like looking into a wastepaper container. Sorry, this is terrible!
The text on top of pictures needs to fixed with some type of opaque overlay. In some instances it is impossible to read text due to a distracting background picture.
I love the update! Great work.
When viewing full post from widget, scrolling is still shit and stutters its like 5fps. Also smaller fonts would be nice though
Looks good! Is Google+ Messenger going to replace the Google Talk IM tool? If so Messenger will need to support multiple account logins like the Talk tool does.
+Vic Gundotra Thank you for updates. While some improvements are nice and useful, such as ability to start direct Hangouts, and edit the posts, the Steam has become useless. White text on photos is absolutely unreadable, especially with white background. The fact that only few words are shown and photos themselves are not fitted into the window, makes me open every single post, just to understand what the post is all about, which is absolutely counterproductive. I used to skim through the Stream, and just pick the topics I wanted to read or contribute to. This really forces me to go back to desktop client, and use mobile version less often.
Looks great but posts with multiple photos look like only one photo is shared... And you don't realize it unless you actually try to scroll them... That is a bad oversight...
Initial feedback:
1) on my Android phone, Submit Feedback is broken.

2) I have slower connection and new G+ is way too slow because it's so image oriented.

3) I could more efficiently browse my stream with prior UI because it had more info/text.

4) Summary: prettier but substantially less functional.
I find the new layout virtually unreadble on my Droid2 (froyo). The poorly stretched images as the background of posts, and the poor definition between users in the stream makes me want to uninstall.
Just changed my review on the Play store to one star. I think everyone who Hayes the new stream ui should do the same.
I want to like it, but it's actually horrible. I can no longer see the latest few comments on a post from the stream; instead of showing the first paragraph of a post it only shows two lines (sometimes even drawing white text on a white background!); I have to click every post just to read any new comments; it crops the images badly, and in order to see an entire image you have to click it TWICE, paying a loading penalty twice.

I really want to like it, I just wish that it behaved more like the full desktop version where comments are the bread and butter, rather than a focus on poorly cropped images with a tiny amount of text on them.

And please let me disable the annoying fade-in effect when I'm scrolling down. I'm trying to consume content, not be annoyed by silly special effects.
Generally good. But if can difficult to read the text on image backgrounds. Particularly if it is a light coloured one. Also, does each post take up too much space in the stream now?
Kind of like a larger version of Pulse... I like it a lot. Only thing I would change is update the icons and make it easier to switch steams.
Looks greeat on my phone +Vic Gundotra. It doesn't look very good on my 10" tablet. In fact it looks really ugly - only marginally better than the last app, but still a sore disappointment. Please release a tablet optimised version soon.
+Vic Gundotra This looks incredible on the HTC One X - I assumed everyone else was having the same experience as me with it.
looks brilliant, I may use G+ even more now
"Start a hangout from anywhere" That's a bit misleading as I, for one, thought it meant anywhere in the app, and you can't. Why is it still so specific about where you can initiate the hangout? Just make it an item in the long press menu just like the one with +1, share and mute. It's in every post in the web version, why not the mobile one?
Gabh N
Using it here. Magical
Why can't Facebook look this nice?
Far too much emphasis on images when that's not really what Google+ is about. It needs to be centered around the text and comments. Happy medium between the old/new versions.
I've just downloaded the update and had a play. It looks so much nicer and has a really nice 'feel'. Much more distinctive. Nice work G+
It needs tweaking (without repeating the criticisms of others) but overall I'm blown away by the update. Great job. And the new ability to start Hangouts is fantastic. Thank you.
The new update is a mess. Sorry but even if it looks nice there are serious usability issues. The stream is cluttered, there is no way to discern posts at a glance, if you don't comment a post while sharing there in no way to know what it is about without opening it.
Love new interface. Much better than Facebook mobile app.
+Vic Gundotra I am pleased so far! To be able to edit posts was a BIGGIE that I was waiting on. (I always make mistakes when it comes to those damned underscores to italicize) To have the mobile experience match my PC experience was most important for me to embrace the mobile app. Cudos!
I find the fonts are way too big on the Galaxy Nexus and it's still got the annoying issue whereby if you're not dead accurate in your initial up/down scroll that you end up going sideways. It's very pretty, but it's not an improvement IMHO
Zli Zi
u guys rock the world!
I'm here for the interaction and the discussions with other people, not for some shiny pictures. This is true for both the desktop and the mobile app.

Rated down to 1 star, which is about 1 star too much IMHO: Right now the G+ app is utterly useless. Back to the old version.
Horrible design, I loved the text view, if i really wanted 140 characters, i would get a twitter client... The whole appeal of the mobile app was that I could glance through a lot of stuff without having to click through to see if the article was interesting.

The new design has some severe drawbacks

* Scrolling is slow, the images pop in and out, very distracting
* Text contrast is bad with images in the background, making it hard to read
* Fonts are too big
* Everything needs to be clicked on because the stream view is useless
* Really if photographs were to be the central thing, then Instagram is better

Give users the option to choose between the text view vs the image heavy view!
+Mario Aguila some of those reasons pretty much nailed it. The rest of the update is pretty good. It's just the stream that's all screwed up. There's the design issues I mentioned above. But the focus seems to now be on pictures and photography more than the content and that's not why I use G+. And with FB's launch today of photo sharing functionality that's quite similar to Instagram it almost feels like G+ is trying to push itself more in an Instagram direction as well.
This is really nice! Much nicer look and fun to use.
I loved the new interface !! I have to say you how I love it !! It's more beautiful that Facebook's Interface !!

The two only problems in this version are latencies and the inability to administer your page !! I want you to find a solution to see these problems going away !!

In one word, That's a beautiful evolution, because my experience on Google+ for Android has evolved.. Now, I spend more time on Google+ for Android than usual..

Thank You Google ! You never let us alone and we will never let you alone too !!

Google+ And Google For Ever !!
It is beautiful, and awesome to view photos. The HangOut system is great too.

I like being able to +1 and share straight from the stream.
However it is harder to read posts with more text since it shows only a small part of it, I have to load the post separetely now, it only happened for very big posts before.

Also, it is now harder to keep track of the notifications you turned off for your phone, please add the notification count by the side of the Refresh and Write buttons, on the top of the stream. +Vic Gundotra +Louis Gray +Natalie Villalobos .

Ugh, this is unreadable. I'm only 40 and I have a hard time reading a mess like this. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old look. I actually regret updating this app now. I know I won't update it on my ICS tablet.

Please fix
I'm pretty sure I just had an epileptic seizure after glancing at the stream.
I think I'll just stop using the mobile app for now.
It's useless for reading posts longer than a couple of words (which is what most of my circles are about).
I'm not only here for looking at pictures.

massive #fail
Alright let me help you all on behalf of +Vic Gundotra who are asking for android tablet version. Its coming See the count down on this page. its coming fast.

They had to save that for this event.
Um, this is a lot less readable for me. For example, instead of clean text on a plain background, for your post I saw text on busy wallpaper? until I went to the individual post. :-(
Please bring back my favorite feature...non-choppy scrolling!!!
This is probably the worst update ever. Posts without pictures look awful, posts with pictures become unreadable unless the font color of the text happens to be a good match to the background. I have to GUESS where a post begins or ends and which icons belong to which post because they are mashed together.

I would have been happy with this update JUST moving the avatar moved to the corner the way it is now. NOT including those confusing avatar overlays I can't make out anyway.

Now get this off my phone and actually test things on real people before you release them!

Had we met in person, I would have slapped you for this. Bad Google!
Mee Rak
anybody else find it a bit stuttery and slow to load pics as you scroll fast? its smooth as butter on ios.
It was great to quickly check the stream before, now it's useless. It should offer an option to switch between old and new look to be usable so people who prefer visual style have the new look while those of us who prefer to actually read the content can switch back to old one. As it is currently is, I constantly have to click forth and back to see what is the individual post about and this was not necessary previously.
I love the be look and feel of the new +Google+ app. It is much more intuitive and cleaner.
The new stream looks absolutely terrible! Please keep the presentation clean and simple like everywhere else. Much easier to read!
I just edited my review on Google Play (from 5 stars to 1). I recommend you guys do the same.
God, new version is so terrible. Already uninstalled update and I will stick with previous version.
I'll give it a 2 for effort. At least they did add some functionality improvements to the new version. Since there's already a myriad of Google related apps out there, why not make these major UI changes in a Dev version and make the masses test them before? (Or was that why it got pushed to the iPhone first. If so, nice idea, wrong audience.)
Vic, this is a change in the right direction. Please continue to optimize the space and bring clearer scaling to make this a better experience, but overall, kudos. +David Perez. Now rated 1 star on Google Play. Sorry but before releasing such an update you should have designed it better.
+Thomas Schirr the design you linked to is still too much graphic and too little text. This is google+, not flickr, not pinterest.
Text and comments matter. Links also. Pictures are nice, but they are not the main media here.
+Vic Gundotra if you're going to "double down" on Android tablets, how about a properly optimized version of Google+?
+Nikolas Tautenhahn, yea, I agree, but if they have to go down this road it's a nice improvement.
+Vic Gundotra - It is not fitting to tablet screen, lots of black space on the side, could you take this as a feedback ? - Thanks
+Nikolas Tautenhahn i understand what you mean...
my link was just an incentive, an idea!
we are here at google.... oh, i know! :)
+Thomas Schirr sure it is an idea :) - and it is better than the current app, but the problem is not the design itself, the problem is trying to make this app more graphic by using a sledgehammer and this is the root cause of the problem. G+ is not mainly graphic and so all mainly graphic designs will fail

/Edit: That is what I meant with "we are here at google+ and not flickr" - this app design could be ok for some kind of bastard of twitter and flickr, in which almost every posting has an image and some very short text.
I am deeply disappointed. I love G+ for its information, not for its picutures, This is not Flicker! It became totally useless with this picture emphasis / overload. Besides, who ever puts white text on a picture which is potentially white?

The only solution for me is to either
a) Don't use G+ mobile anymore
b) Find and side-load the previous version
c) Wait for a third-party app that does better
d) Wait for Google to add a layout switching option of sorts

was: 5 stars, now: 1 star.
Klemens S
Sorry +Vic Gundotra , but this new Version desperately needs a "switch to text based view“ (view of the stream before version 2.6) option. Until then many people will vote with their feet against a new version that makes mobile Google+ almost impossible to use on slow networks. I have already downgraded to the older version.
I like the fact that you can start mobile hangouts from the app now but the stream with blown up photos and text in the photos is terrible. Moving the title and text of the posts below the photos would help, I think.
Happy about the update but please optimize for tablets!
Dear +Vic Gundotra, to be honest, the new version of the G+ App is imo horrible. The stream is too psychedelic and noisy, the way pictures are stretched is a pain in the eyes and makes text unreadable. I downgraded to the last version possible (2.4.1), which ensures me a simple and minimalist G+ experience.
David Cox
I am also in agreement that the new mobile Android app focuses too much on the image and not enough on the text. I believe it it hard to view the text that is superimposed on the image the way it has been done.

There is nothing wrong with giving an emphasis to the photos, but they it is accomplished in this case does not have the usability in my opinion. I also feel that it is difficult to tell when one post begins and the next one begins. They tend to blur together by the fact that the images and text are so tethered to the stream.

For the time being, I have begin using the web browser on my phone where I will access G+. Otherwise, I will use the desktop version for the most part.
Is there way how to change look back to previous one? Idea of new one is nice but there is a lot of contrast problems with text in pictures. And also new layout looks terrible in landscape. Please let us possibility to return to old look or fix landscape and contrast issues.
iOS version still looks more polished :(
Is the new Google+ app less of a bloated pig than the last one? Google+ would regularly consume 100% CPU on my phone till the battery died. Had to uninstall it in spite of the convenience of photo instant-upload.
Its too visually distracting and overwhelming, I prefer the older version which was simple and presented the content in a nice readable way. Eventually I'll get used to but I wish you guys didn't change it.
This looks awful. The photos make it hard to see anything.
Granted, it has its issues-the UI is borderline bloated...landscape mode is useless...and text in the stream is unreadable 90% of the time--but it's the best looking G+ client on Android, especially now that it's impossible to go back to the last version :)
thank God I made a backup last night! Thank you Titanium Backup, back to the previous version. Let's just hope that +Google+ and +Vic Gundotra take all this comment on board and do something positive about it...keep the improvements, which were great (hangouts, editing etc) but ditch the oversized and overrated images, or at least make them optional for those of us that want the text to take the front seat.
Option to toggle back to the cleaner look version? This looks too busy for me.
I am not so happy with this new version... it is very hard to get an fast overview.
Thank you for the update. It looks great, but it needs some improvements and options to adjust its display such as picture and font size.
Does anyone have the .apk file? I need it to install on my Kindle Fire. Thanks,
+Vic Gundotra perhaps we could have some white space for the text after the author's name and above pictures? I love the bigger pictures but I love to read the thoughts of others more. Please do not truncate them so readily.

The white space helps space out the stream and reduce the clutter.

Furthermore, allow us to switch to a stream overview mode easily.
appreciate the update but on a tablet in landscape mode it looks pretty awful and space wasting with the stretched out pictures. I hope this is a work in progress and was intended primarily for phones. The design doesnt scale well for tablets. I see more pictures than text on my screen. To me it went from a clean google look to unnecessary clutter on my home page making it harder to scan through posts.

Someone else said the same. The entire app now looks like those crappy myspace pages. Sad.
Honestly, I have no idea how things like this

or this

(never mind the actual content)

can ever be considered anything other than a complete disaster. I might not be an expert on UI and I don't want to pretend I'm one, but when your users can't really tell if what they see is a bug manifestation or your "artistic" intention or when you put out a social network client in which you can't really read the actual posts...well, that's an EPIC FAIL in my book.

I really don't get how anyone can like this, sorry. It's like someone had an idea of what might've been a nice looking UI if developed properly (even though it's clearly and heavily inspired by Flipboard UI in my opinion, apart from the actual flipping), but didn't really have the time or patience to actually developing it or testing it "in the field" or he simply didn't care enough, so he just went and released it as it was - broken and incomplete. This as a design is IMO completely broken except in a some specific cases when it kinda works (even if it's more by accident than by design). I mean I know plenty of iPhone and now Android users who use the G+ website in browser now rather than coping with this new design. That should speak volumes on how bad this design really is. Sorry.

How does something like this even happen?

(Sorry for rambling, but I had to say it.)
+David Haddad Got it. Next time I'll definitely target your sister and your mom. Adds a bit of flavor to it.
have you removed the bit where I have to let you access add all my contacts to google to use it? That's a serious no go for my employer.
Hating it. My stream is a giant mess of pictures, which aren't why I visit G+. Also, I can't read half the captions, since the white text is un-seeable on top of a light image. Everything loads forever. Give me the "old" stream back, but keep the rest of the update, and I'd be happy.
I hate it font-size is too large and all pics only. please reduce the font-size....
This is the first time I have wanted to hold my galaxy nexus very far away from my face. High resolution and I still can barely see more than one post at a time. Also, when showing off the speed of this device I used to demonstrate scrolling in the g+ app... not anymore. And as others have mentioned, very inefficient to tap in to each post just to get more than 5 words. The actual post view is improved. Just the stream is dysfunctional.
I appreciate for the hard work Dev team has done... Perhaps, I like the iPhone ones better...iPhone one is lot more visualized and more richer quality... +Vic Gundotra do you have any explanation of why profile is not updated as iPhone ones? +Vic Gundotra we are missing our profile template on +Android
Sean G
Great Great Great update... Edit posts & saving pics is the Biggest +1 .
New post layout, eh. Needs work. Pics seem overwhelming. Crowded & can preview less post info. Text. Other than that... Amazing Job!
Tony Ng
how about a picasa app similar to facebook's new camera app? :)

(once you figure out if you're killing the name or not.. and how you're integrating with G+ Photos)
Thanks for starting hangouts on mobile! The new action ribbon is awesome, too!

On tablets, the background pictures for posts is grainy, and I can't read the post text if there is white in the picture and any significant textual content; even if the post is opened! Maybe a black layer over all images with the alpha faded so that the white can be read? (Plus getting the aspect ratio of the images).

These basically kill usability of the app.

Keep working at it!
+Vic Gundotra I use multiple social networks but so far this is the best mobile app. It would be even better if you had the option to +1 without clicking on the link resulting in a smooth and a less than one click experience
+Vic Gundotra After using the new look off and on several times, I would really, very much, prefer to revert to the prior version. I pretty much have stopped using G+ on my phone.

Please post instructions for how we can revert to the prior version. I looked in the menus and in the Play Store but could not find any instructions for back-revving G+.

It's too bad that so many people are having issues with the new G+, because I'm sure that many valuable improvements were made. If you just make a few minor adjustments to the UI and keep the other improvements, I'm sure you'll have a winner.

At least put in some new settings/preferences so that people can turn off the full-frame image download and display as well as control the level of text detail visible for each posting. That way those who like the new G+ can keep it, while the others who do not (with good reason) can have the UI they want as well.

You know, HCI/UX has evolved for at least two decades and there are very good reasons why many widely-used UI conventions are what they are. For example, you simply must pay attention to the relative coloration/contrast of text vs. its background. Also, efficient use of screen real estate is very important from an information density perspective.

PS: I know of a very good product manager that, apparently, would complement the G+ team very nicely.
the new stream is terrible. I like everything else but the post overview is just poor (to put it nicely)
Font size .. well, it's been mentioned a thousand times. Really way too big. Would also like a toggle option for 'full graphical' (now the default) and 'regular post' (more like the old lay-out, with text dominant instead of graphics dominant).
Emily C
+Vic Gundotra Are there copyright settings for the author of photos?
Quite unfortunate that I installed this before scrolling through the comments. While I'm normally enthused every time there's a new Google update to be had, I find that this is the first time I'm really disappointed. I have a Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.4, and Google+ is now choppy, and I don't enjoy the white text that much.

I kind of feel like this was rushed out before being completed, because this does not feel like a normal, well polished Google product.
+Vic Gundotra I like all the new features but add a settings option to turn off the background pics and go to the old format of reading the stream. As it is, it makes posts unreadable at times, waste space plus it slows down and uses too much mobile bandwidth. Thanks.
Still caches content data to internal memory, which renders it useless. No, I'm not buying a new phone just to use this app.
How can i disable the "flame" publications? Or downgrade to the previous version?
I couldn't take it anymore, so I reverted back one version. So glad I did, its like night and day for usability. Not only does the stream actually contain content but I can also see the words! (Can you imagine someone sitting around thinking its a good idea to remove 90% of the stream content and making what's left unreadable?)
While I like some of the changes, the mobile stream is useless now, way too much focus on images and actually putting text on images is a terrible design idea. How much money did the phone companies pay you for this?? Our mobile bandwidth usage will go through the roof after this update and it slows down scrolling through the stream. Please release a more-text oriented version, or create a text/visual setting!!! I won't be using this the way it is at the moment.
I would love the Android feature to start a Hangout from iphone. I should've known that Google will always make the cool features for Android first.
Please go back. Deficient UI interface
+Vic Gundotra Please add a settings option to turn off the background pics and revert back to the old way of displaying the stream. As it is, the stream has become unusable and very difficult to read if the pic has light colors. Also before I was able to see many posts on one screen on my Galaxy nexus, without stutter, and now maybe 1 and a half. The new stream may look pretty but is not very efficient, both reading wise and bandwidth wise. The best of both worlds will be a settings option to revert to the old stream. Thanks for listening. BTW, the new additional features are fantastic. It's just the stream that needs an additional way to be displayed.
On the tablet 10" its strange, everything stays deformed.
And the text most of the times unreadable.
On the phone it's usable, but the text on top of the pictures ... hard to read.
+Vic Gundotra Just read all previous comments with most +1 on it. Everything has been said and I won't repeat it - the new G+ App is a very big #fail.
A stellar accomplishment in creating a visual environment on a piece of screen real estate as small as cell phones are.
Bravo +Vic Gundotra
Bravo +Google+
Please, please revert the stream layout back to it's previous, usable form. This is reason enough for me to stop using G+.
I have ununstalled Google+ on Android. +Vic Gundotra please make it usable again, I would love to use the mobile app, meanwhile I will need to do it thru a browser. As +Brent Stewart says, this is just too much like #myspace
This upadte would be awesome if G+ was a picture sharing service!

Unfortunately, we use it to display content, text and pictures... So, everything just become a mess.

Next time, I will think twice before adding picture when I want to share info.
My phone being on Ice Cream Sandwich, simply uninstalling the G+ app took me back to the default ICS version with easily readable stream.
Thanks for the tip +Hugo van der Merwe after uninstalling the new Google+ (Android 2.3.6, Motorola Droid Razr) I too have the previous version. I can read posts again, thanks for sharing that info
Hazaa!!!! Thanks +Hugo van der Merwe I uninstalled the new updated Google+ (on the HTC Vivid) and now I can actually look at the post.
Google is the Bomb!!! Rock on baby!!
Too many bells and whistles. I'm missing the clear and simple design of the previous version.
To big to install on my HTC desire. How can it need that much code?
I cannot find downloaded pics in Download folder.... Any help?
I like it. Though does take a little bit longer to load. I also don't like how it cuts out stuff on photos so you have to click through to see it.
+David Andrews Now that you mention it, that sizeable phone memory cache might have been my issue. I am downloading it again to see if I can make it fit.
Not a fan. Much less usable. The ability to initiate hangouts is great though.
Sage K.
I love it so much.Thanks for the great work.
Sage K.
I love it so much.Thanks for the great work.
I didn't like it so much... It's very beautiful and cool, but, I use Google Plus to read a lot of Google's postings, and in this new Android's interface, it shows too little text... I'll go back to Google Reader...
I will say the new Google+ Android app leaves posts without photos looking - banal on a cell phone, at least in a stream like mine full of amazing photography and graphics.
Could really awesome html formatting capabilities for posts and comments be next? =) +Vic Gundotra
Great Job, a lot nicer! Keep up the good work
Hmm, no comment yet from Google or Vic.
Maybe they haven't found all those negative comments in their "more beautiful" stream.
(But then again, Google never commented on criticism, have they?)
Please let us choose the stream we prefer! If I now want to use G+ on my mobile in an efficient way I have to do it trough the web application.
After this update there is also no way to start from the latest comment. To reach it you have to scroll every time all the previous ones till the end, this is a very bad design. 
I am doing less in MORE time because on my droid I have to get out of the stream and into a dropdown menu to check notifications. I never use stream feature on the app so this is driving me crazy! Please give us the icons back as the landing.
I keep seeing mention of a "fade-in" effect when scrolling through the stream, but that does not happen on my phone (EVO 4G). Does that only happen on certain devices?
Updated the app on my HTC Inspire and now I cannot post any photos whatsoever. Anybody got any suggestions. I've rebooted my phone about four times, didn't help. I'm regretting installing this update.
+Natalie Villalobos Please, on the behalf of many of us in the G+ community, post clear instructions on how to revert our phones back to the prior version of G+. Thank you! (Btw, I'm still on 2.3.4) Rick
Hey, die neue G+ App ist wirklich ein großer Fortschritt
I will keep this on my phone, but downgrading to the last version on my tablet.
Yeuch! Did any literate person (as in someone who can and does read and enjoys it) actually test this upgrade before releasing it? On phones? For more than 3 minutes?
I love that we can now voice our opinions and have it seen by the guys who make this stuff. Surely, +Vic Gundotra cannot say he's NOT aware of the discontent among users.
can anyone tell me where to get the backgrounds as mine is white on google plus , how do i get it like these thanks for all your help in advance.
Surprised that no one mentioned about the just released Google+ update I found couple of.minutes before on Google Play.
+David Andrews It's still wasteful on newer devices. The text in articles is so big that it gets irritating to read it (it's bigger than the title for some reason). This is on GN.

+Vic Gundotra Maybe it's time to get +Matias Duarte in on this and fix a few things. The new layout can probably be made pretty good but it feels very alpha/beta in terms UI/UX right now.
This update is pretty much the biggest disappointment since Google+ has started. I keep wondering if anyone has actually tested new design on a real stream, containing posts with some real content like...text (longer than 140 characters)?

Ironically, the post in which I rant about posts being illegible is well, illegible.

Besides that, it looks like no one has tested it using language other than English - at least use some dictionary when hyphening words.

It looks like someone has forgotten about this tab - which isn't bad. Actually it's clean, nice and has a lot of text. Oh right, it's from previous version...
I wont be polite. I just don't want to. Seriously! What the Hell?! Are you people Blind? Don't you have money to Hire UI Designers? Feeding us this Crap is just Insulting. I cant even look at these posts!
Thanks +Vic Gundotra and Google. It is a stunning upgrade and looks very beautiful.

Reading through the feedback though, I have the following suggestions:

1. An option can be provided to show comments in the stream (without having to tap a post). The options could be phrased as "show most recent x comments" where x can be a number that a user can choose.

2. The writing on the photos can be lost on white background. The characters could be given an outline of a few pixels wide in black so that the characters can be easily read.

3. A tablet version of the App should be brought out at the earliest.

4. Please get the web version redesigned by the designers of the mobile app. The screen real estate in the web version is very poorly used.
After a few days using the new app: It's useless now. Can't read the text over the fotos because of the colour; it's too short so I can't see at once if the post is interesting for me. And I have to switch to the page to see which notifications I have.
Don't understand why it should be better now. Will uninstall this version and switch to the last one - or use G+ on my mobile browser.

6 for this app! :(
Same as browser version: step in the wrong direction.
I can't speak to the substantive features, since the circus-clown appearance (which decreases readability, in my opinion) was too off-putting for me to spend any time in the app. Since I use the mobile app more than I use the desktop this may very well drive me out of Google+. You could at least have provided an opt-out setting (or, if you did, put it somewhere where I could easily find it). I realize that I am not in any demographic categories that Google much cares about but I, a fairly loyal Google user for many, many years, am being incrementally driven away.
Wish there was a drop shadow behind the text if a status update has a picture with text in the post. Its hard to read in most cases.
Vic, please ignore those who are complaining: the new app is sweet. Black text over white is as legible as it gets but is boring. Please continue to show some style. It's not perfect but it is very, very good.
It is awesome, I just want to keep scrolling forever!
Ram C
Cool- thanks for updates
My latest thoughts on G+:

I think G+ can position itself as a modern "blogging/publishing platform", for serious (e.g. professional, academic) communications.

Also, Google can tell users that G+ posts are permanently archived and searchable just like the Usenet. That's an incentive too.

Make G+ a new kind of publishing media that can be permanently cited just like Wikipedia and academic publications. That will drive a lot of traffic to G+ in the long run.

Facebook is already the base for friend-to-friend chitchats, and G+ can't take over that field without good reasons. But if you can't take a field directly, you can do it indirectly -- take other, unoccupied fields first.

It reminds me of a military telegram reporting the sinking of USS Maine ( What impresses me on that telegram is the military used telegraph services from "Western Union Telegraph Company" and there is a significant advertisement at the top of the message. This is a good example of viral marketing. Imagine if G+ becomes the new media for professional and academic communication and has a similar advertisement printed on each message...
Vic, I am one of Google’s biggest fans. I can rarely find fault with their products. This is why I am so perplexed with the updated G+ app. What is going on here? The stream is an ugly mess with distorted images and illegible text. White text superimposed on pictures? What is the logic behind this? Ironically there is no #whitespace at all. The previous version was a dream to use….
Seriously? No way to play youtube video inline?
Ram C
I like it
Please drop the text on picture it's so annoying and impossible to read/scan. I had more or less migrated my news sourcing to G+ app on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 now I am back to gReader, it just takes too long to scan through my streams. Please let me disable pictures in my stream, most of those pictures are just stock photos from linked to articles not relevant at all to my life (unlike the personal pictures my friends upload to Facebook). Of course if G+ is supposed to be mainly a photo-sharing app I see the potential in the new design.
It looks terrible on tablets, though.
But - harder to read individual postings, harder to scan a stream. Bzzzt.
This is a bad mix of image & text:
- the post picture is too big on Small screen (we have to constantly keep scroll)
- Look bad if the post image is small (low resolution).
- The white text is difficult to read (most of time)
Brief, this app should not show our posts as a Photo galery. Because in a post, text generally are more important than Images.
Horrible user experience, I don't want even to try explain why it is a fail, if you are not aware of it yourself nobody can explain it to you...
You are #pinteresting  G+ client...
How can we trust a company (Google) that change a name of gulf that  had been known for 5000 years as Persian Gulf.
If you are taking requests, I really need the app to allow joining hangouts on air. The mobility is great for sharing an event like a wedding or class reunion.
Some posts look very nice with the new app, but I don't like how it favours sharing pictures rather than text. Anyway, pictures get truncated too, so sometimes, you have to click twice to view the full version. Also, I think that superimposing the text on the picture, makes things a bit messy. Finally, when sharing web links, you can't see straightaway which website is being shared. So I'm a not a big fan of this new version, but I hope Google will find a halfway house, that will make the Google+ app really useful. If not, I will switch to the mobile web version.
Fau Sta
viewing this on my galaxy note is amazing but too many images. as others have said there should be a blend of images and more text. This will also have impact on my limited data plan. 
I like and use Google+ a lot. But when will Google+ allow personal pages to link to the corporate page like LinkedIn and Facebook do? This is an obvious oversight on the part of your product management, it almost qualifies as a bug considering how users are basically kept in the dark about the existence of their friends' company pages. The question is, when will this oversight be corrected? Right under our profile photo is the line where we write where we work. That company name should click through to the company page if one exists.
Please, show more text from each post, and don't superimpose text on images.  This is so unusable.
Why is my Android not looking like this anymore? This was awesome. Bring it back!
No sabes si es compatible con mi Cel es un Galaxy Mini Vers. 2.3.. Lo e buscado y no lo encuentro , me aparece la version estandar cuando voy a google play... Si sabes responeme por favor.. gracias
i gotta say this G+ interface was hot. It's sad it was so shortlived.
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