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Thanks for noticing +Fraser Cain. I just put you in a circle with the notification set to subscribe. 
Are You Notification Worthy?

Google+ just rolled out one of the most disruptive features I think I've seen: the ability to put people into special circles so that every time they post, you'll get a notification. Obviously, you're only going to be able to put a couple of people into those circles before your notification bar becomes completely overwhelming.

Google+ just became the opposite of Twitter and Facebook, and more like RSS

On Twitter and Facebook, there's so many posts streaming down, so quickly, the only way to compete is to post... a lot. That's because a fraction of your audience is ever going to see it. This rising posting has become an arms race - you need to post more often to get any traction with your audience.

This is now a hybrid between a Twitter-like news stream and an RSS reader where you specifically subscribe to people.

I wouldn't be surprised if Google releases the long-requested write API now.

You want to be in a Notification Circle

If you want your circlers to see everything you're posting, you'll really want to get put into a notification circle. But if you post too often, you're going to get taken out of that notification circle as people get overwhelmed.

You'll need to make every post count.

This should increase quality over quantity

If people want to get the maximum reach, they'll need to post fewer times here on G+, but with much higher quality; probably just a couple of fantastic posts a day... at most.

You need to make your posts so good people will be willing to get notified about them all. You need to cut out all the fluff and be deeply aware of what your stream would look like to someone getting notified every time you post.

Are you notification worthy?  
Seinfeld: Spongeworthy

Put me in a notification circle. :-)

If you think my posts are interesting enough, put me in a Notification Circle. Create a new circle, if you don't have one yet. Label it something like "Notification Worthy*, and the turn the slider up to Notification. I promise I'll behave.

P.S. This ability to notify people through email seems crazy. I haven't gotten spammed yet, but I'll be turning that off right away if I get barraged by emails from Google+. Not cool.
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I dropped all my circles to clean up everything, and now I cannot add people because of the limit to add people in 1 day. :-( My stream is now silent. :-( +Vic Gundotra why caps with Google's Gazillions server infrastructure?
No pressure +Vic Gundotra. :-)

Now that I've got your attention, might I suggest that everyone's "Friends" and "Family" circles are set to notification by default? That will probably help increase the amount of engagement for new users. 
Just a shame with these changes it's now impossible to notify a particular circle when sharing to more than one.
This series of changes has caused some real confusion regarding the email option and whether it replaces notifications. We now know it doesn't, thankfully.
Still, I want the ability to notify one circle whilst sharing to many back.
See discussion at -
+Rajesh Handa Sorry about that. It's our abuse prevention system. You'd be surprised how spammers exploit things by adding different people to circles every day and starting over. 
Very nice post. This can be used for business who want to move away from email as their primary channel of communication to achieve a more open and interactive way of communication. Don't you think, +Vic Gundotra?
oh to have a verified name to get a vanity URL... 

Smart Value Added. Keeper features are often the basic simple yankee pay-attention to common sense stuff like this. Thanks
No worries +Vic Gundotra I completely understand. Keep up the good work. I just wish you have enough good ideas on how to bring real friends and families into using G+ and making G+ household name. And this can only be done once offered product is 10 times better than anything in market. Till then I am hanging here :-)
I actually think this is going to create a rise in Brand Pages. For example, it might be too much to get people to put my personal profile into a Notification circle, but they might want to include our +Virtual Star Party, just to get notification of the events we're doing.
Google+ becoming the opposite of Twitter and Facebook? Sorry, but Facebook has had this for ages for Close Friends. Not hatin', just sayin'. It sure is neat. Just not new ...
+Vic Gundotra I think another addition that should be a relatively easy addition is a dashboard/ hangout event listing of upcoming public hangout events that are going to be on air or that I can join. I'd like to be able to browse through interesting hangout topics and add them to my calendar. Think of it as a hangout TV guide. For example, my stream was overwhelmed when NYT created all their Olympic athletes hangouts. It would have been nice to have a listing I could go through. Maybe also make that directory available on
This change threw me for a loop at first, but I like +Fraser Cain's positive spin on it. One thing would make it even better though +Vic Gundotra - the ability to tag posts topically and have followers subscribe to my posts by topic. I post both about Google+ and about science, and I have readers who love me for either, but not both. In my opinion topical following would put Google+ over the top in being the unbeatable best resource on the web.
Isn't that where you should/could use your circles for? You post about certain topics to a specific circle...
And +Vic Gundotra while we have your ear ;-) My only remaining complaint about this is I need the ability to turn off email notifications. I would love to get red square notifications of my subscribed circles, but want to keep them out of my inbox. Can this be made an option?
+Mark Traphagen That's why I think it's going to create a rise in Brand Pages. People will use those as a way to create Notification-worthy channels of communication.
+Fraser Cain or having a Groups function, with topical groups one could subscribe to, would be another solution.
Don't like the notifying system of mailing.
Why ?
Because Google+ or Facebook or both -- they're sending a user lots of notification mails by default -- and most people's inbox is cluttered with that (google can survey this, how many mails stay unread in most of the users' inbox). In the flood of these mails, these new mails will also get lost.
+Vic Gundotra , you should've carefully thought about it, as it's NOT going to be an option every users will use, but a very few.
All the notifications should go in the SINGLE notifying place, but you should rearrange it dynamically.

I should say, this is one update you have rolled out without much thought. (Perhaps a flashing notification icon in case a "subscribed" notification is in the notification center, and the posts will also keep flashing until we've checked it. That'll be better, because people DON'T check mails, and WON'T check mails the way they check Google+ (of Facebook) notifications. I wonder how an information house like Google can do something by not utilizing something they have ? Please make a survey, and check how many (in fact, how many thousands) mails are generally kept unread and unchecked in peoples inbox.)
Thank you.
Last week people in my circles started getting email notifications when I posted something to them. Is this now the default? I don't think most of them have any idea how to turn it off.
Sid J
You can turn on/off notifications in the settings page with lots of options. Just Google it :-)
+Sridhar Jagannathan - Right, but now out of the blue people I know who aren't quite so internet savvy are getting notifications from me, when they weren't before, so it appears that it's something I'm doing. I don't think it will even occur to them that they need to change their own settings. I had no idea why it was happening at first. It's a little embarrassing, to be honest.
+Mark Traphagen In the meantime, perhaps a rule that moves them automagically from your inbox to a folder (or label) would be a decent workaround. I use this extensively and it works well for me.
+Sridhar Jagannathan I have every one of my email notifications turned off in settings, and I still get an email for every post from the new notifications options.
Sid J
Oh I didn't know that things have changed i didn't get any extra mails...
+Sridhar Jagannathan If you activate the new subsciption option on any of your circles (move the slider all the way to the right in the circle's stream view), you will start getting those emails. I had to create a filter in my Gmail to send them to the trash.
+Mark Traphagen - Perhaps it's a glitch, but some of my contacts are receiving emails every time I post now even though they didn't subscribe to me.
+Mark Traphagen , you've pointed out an important issue. I post a lot about technology, Google, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. And as I post about these publicly, I've got many followers who like my posts.
But my friends and family don't understand Linux, and probably hate my posts about Ubuntu.
Now this creates a problem, because I'm not going to add all the people who've added me for Linux / tech news, but I want to post in public so that they can get it. At the same time, I need to keep such posts hidden from my Friends and Family circle, so that they don't put me in a ZERO circle, and turn the slider down.
[ Perhaps an option of "don't send to circles" or "exclude these circles", which will not send those posts to my "circles'" stream, but they can check 'em if visit my profile in Google+ ]
+Nure Alam Masud This is definitely a problem, and we've asked for a way to fine tune this. To let people subscribe to your posts on a specific topic. But I can also imagine it's going to create an incredibly complicated user interface which might turn off new people.

But think of it like this. My father owns copies of all the books I've written. I'm sure he hasn't read them, but he was glad to be notified that I did them. 

So you'll need to walk that fine line, and create Linux posts which provide high value to your core audience, but don't annoy your friends and family who don't actually care about the content of your posts themselves.
+Nure Alam Masud You've hit on the core problem with circles from the broadcasters point of view.
i.e +Vic Gundotra's family must get a load of tech stuff in their stream... if they use Google+ that is. Same obviously applies to anybody who dominates their stream with any certain subject matter which their family may not care about.
+Fraser Cain, I think they can easily provide an option of "don't send to circles" in the sharebox without disturbing the nice UI, and which option will keep that post hidden from my circles' stream (but they can check it in my profile, sort of muting -- when I mute a post after commenting on a popular persons post, I mute it, it doesn't send notification anymore, and is hidden from stream. But I can check it back later from that persons profile).
Yes, +Jonathan Seyghal, it is hard to maintain a "public figure" and a "family man" from the same stage ! That's why they need to add more control to make it similar to real life. My grandpa is a politician, but I don't hear what he says in the parliament when I'm with him. Rather we talk about personal family matters, and that's sweet. When he's talking in the parliament, I can turn the T.V. on to hear what he's saying, or just turn it off when I don't like it ! But his every speech is not sent to me by mail :P
Well I thought about the idea of a 'quality post' and posting less .. b/c 1, 10, 1000 or 0 have you in a new SUBSCRIPTION CIRCLE. I say continue to BE YOU and POST what you'd like .. to me, this notification circle is for the people that make less posts .. CIRCLES say of a few or 1 person make sense and are almost the same thing (just in a circle view, not notifications view).

Interesting Feature.. I still think being able to notify certain circles on posts should be around as again many have made special circles & have asked people if they wanted to join/opt in. I am guessing you'll be able to let us make Subscription Type circles that PEOPLE ADD THEMSELVES too through a post.. like for instance, a
#starwars  Circle & anytime I include a circle such as that in a post, it will auto notify those people... and those people can opt out as fast as they opted in, if they do not like it. Something tells me that's coming .. +Vic Gundotra 
+matthew rappaport It's your call. But I know that some people are posting often because they want to rise above the noise. 
<~~~ not a fan of this new notification update and this is the first time i haven't liked an update, it would be cool though if google music could get integrated with g+...
It ALL comes down to Relationships +Fraser Cain
If someone that has never interacted with you before, sends you direct notifications about their links, business, music video (although occasionally that could be cool), etc. ... it's "noise" or I'd say Spam.

The great thing about social and PLUS is that we are all different and have different ways of using the platform .. and managing it how it best fits for our lives.. and time. 

People develop all these 'rules' especially.

Don't OVERPOST.. too noisy, too much (turn down my circles) [More people want to be notified of my gazillion posts overall than a few that have said.. 'love your stuff but it's just too much for me' ]

Don't UNDERPOST .. too quiet, that person isn't too interesting or doesn't have much to say... maybe they are just a reader .. or a comment-er but hard to tell

Direct Notifications ... Relevant vs "irrelevant" .. this can only be GUESSED at by strong relationships or from getting direct confirmation from people that they want to receive them for whatever type of post they like. I've had people get just as annoyed they didn't get directly notified about a post as those that did. Also a majority of those that 'claim to be annoyed' , participated in the post & discussion ... and many seemed to be enjoying themselves while doing so. This tells me that too many people like to wag their finger at others when it's kinda unwarranted.. especially if people are going to then comment, plus 1 and reshare on the post they are upset they have been directly notified about! 

If you take the time to setup your mobile & email and other 'whom can notify you and what you want to see' in settings, most shouldn't bug you. 

I will say that the MUTE SOMEONE FROM NOTIFYING YOU is nice to have in DROPDOWNS on notifications (vs. going to someone's profile to do it) as it enables us to BLOCK less people & just stop them from potentially Spamming Us. 

New features are awesome and we continually want to see them... we've gotten use to this FAST PACE & hitting us with a lot at once!
I do think that for sure, the community shapes them and improves them as they are released many times in more of a dogfood form than a fully realized one. 

P.S. (as if one is needed!) :
We've come accustomed to labeling .. I mean I know this is TL:DR but I've seen people say 3-5 sentences is TL:DR . Maybe you can make an ARMAGEDDON version of PLUS for those that only want short n super sweet & keep the BLACK SWAN/MULHOLLAND DRIVE version of PLUS for the rest of us ;)
+matthew rappaport What's cool is that this is all personally customizable. So each person can decide how much they want to see from which people.

The problem with email is that it allows the sender to decide on the frequency of communications - that's SPAM. G+ is flipping that communication system upside down, where the recipient has full control over the frequency (if at all).

It should change the way you think about posting and communicating with people.

As you say, some people love your firehose of posts. I found some of them amazing, but it was just too many overall to keep you in a circle. Although, I've recircled you. :-)
+Peter G McDermott It just happens man, it just happens. One morning you wake up and you're verified. I didn't use Knol either.
+Vic Gundotra So here is another twist on an old G+ issue that is now coming to focus (again). Circles & Limited Posts.

If I share a topical post, say about Hangouts to my HOA focused circle (which I've cultivated for a while now), and I don't share it to the Public circle... then I can Alert folks about that via the poorly named "also send email to HOA Interest " option... as long as that circle or set of circles contains less than 100? (or some magical number of) people.

So now "Also Send Email" = G+ Alert and Email.

But they get the alert (which they asked me for) and get a Limited Post which can not be re-shared to the Public.

Can't we make an option so if a Post came in as "Limited" it can then be reshared as Public?

Much more to deal with on this topic aka: now things have changed in how we can engage here on the Plus... but that is for a later time.

p.s. Here is my post on the summary of what just happened to/for us here in the GPlusVerse:
+Fraser Cain I don't think that each person can (as you say) 'decide how much they want to see from [each person]'... at least not without some future hashtag or topical subscription opt-in function. (or a special saved search I'll mention at the end of my comment)

Right now I can see what I like, but I, as you get many posts in my stream... I now Must Do MORE Work on G+ to see what I want to see. Adding multiple folks to a "Slidered Up Circle" is just not going to work for me.

The people I want to get posts from are real people... they don't just post on one topic (Which I may be interested in) but on many.

So How do I use the tools we now have to see just the posts I'm interested in from a certain poster? Is it up to me to do hashtag searches along with their name and hope they consistently use the proper hashtag? (then make it a saved search for each person/topic combo?)

Sounds like that might work, but that is not a user-friendly thing to require of G+ users to see what they want to see.
+Ronnie Bincer We've all been asking for a level of granularity to the notification system. Some people want to hear my space posts, and others want G+ stuff. In the perfect world, people could "subscribe" to my space posts, so then we get those person/topic combos. But I think this is an interesting middle step.

Being able to notify 500 people was very helpful to getting my Super Science Circle to spread quickly. It was good for me, but also good for spammers. This new notification system levels the playing field again. It's going to be harder for me, but WAY harder for spammers.
+Fraser Cain I guess I don't see it as a middle step (love to be proven wrong here) but I see it as a Removal of Granularity that we had... it was very limited, but now it is Gone!

Maybe the programming geeks have something up their sleeves re. how they will adjust the PULL mechanism to be more like an Opt-In system but until then please Undo part of the change and let some of the granular PUSH option come back.

My expectation is that this change will hamper engagement. Something that G has been pushing on us forever, this change IMO now will stifle a lot of that from my perspective. Normally I can roll with the punches better, this change makes NO Sense to me.
Feature (I think is) Coming that will solve the issues (I think):

Opt-In Circles (Maybe they will appear as RED, instead of BLUE in your back office)
1. You put out a post asking people if they want to OPT-IN to a circle that you title : #starwars  or maybe #space  posts
2. You set the LIMIT on How many can join total & if it's open to PUBLIC, extended, your circles or a smaller group.
3. People check YES or ADD ME to be in that circle.
4. Anytime you ADD that RED OPT-IN SHARED Circle to the SHARING BOX in a post (no matter what the total # )it sends a direct notification to the people in that circle.
5. People can OPT OUT just as quickly as they OPTED IN with a simple uncheck mark.
6. People would also be able to see RED CIRCLES they've OPTED INTO in their CIRCLES Tab but it's up to the CIRCLE MODERATOR if they want to keep who is in that circle Public, Limited or Private (to view)

Problem Solved and works with the new system. BINGO BANGO BOP!
They should have just called it the 'Stalking circle'.

Makes it much more obvious what it is for.
Facebook has had a feature like this for a while, and if you count that every Twitter stream (and search) generates an RSS feed, arguably Twitter has had it all along. Fair being fair, Google+'s version is much more intuitive and surfaced, and it's important for them to have, it's just not unique by any stretch of the imagination.
Can we get the ability to get notified but not emailed every time someone in a notification enabled circle posts? Not my idea, it's +Manish Sahai 's, and a really good one. cc +Vic Gundotra 
We will be having a HOA to discuss new Posting Strategies - Live Aug. 24, 2012... Event Announcement and streaming or recorded video:
+Rajesh Handa I'm looking forward for G+ to become popular in India. My real life friends are not very active here, and this forces me to visit other sites where they're active. They should come up with some more killer features like hangouts for example. 
+Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz 
consider g+ page of Tech blogs like  theverge...........
please make option to aggregate all its authors in one circle.......
& show it in its page
+Mark Traphagen +Nure Alam Masud +Fraser Cain +Jonathan Seyghal +matthew rappaport +Ronnie Bincer ; I've been signed up with Google+ for more than a year and have found it almost unusable due to the points you have touched upon: the near impossibility of getting the right message to the right audience. I have a suspicion that it is a greater cause of the lack of engagement on G+ than is recognised. To hear this bee buzzing around my bonnet, have a look at -----------> +Fix The Graph 
+Thulasi Sreenath, more awesome features are always welcome, but  I think that improving connectivity would allow more people to get the benefit of the existing features, and so should be a priority.
I love this. i just set mine up. It will also be helpful in getting more celebrities on Google+ since they'll like that their fans can get instant notifications whenever they post. Now you'll never miss something that is really important to you.
you commented right
Round 2 of the HOA Discussion introduced via an EVENT is here: This time we focus on how these changes will affect Circle Mgt. & Staying Social (or not).
(Important. Must Read.)

Ziyuan Yao's Aug 27, 2012 Strategic Advice for Google+:
Features Are Irrelevant, Traffic Is Everything, and How to Get It

1. Features Are Irrelevant

Google+ and its predecessor Buzz have introduced numerous fancy features to try to attract prospective users: circles, hangouts, games, events, "what's hot", and many less prominent refinements. In contrast, Facebook's computing infrastructure is poor and it can't even let your browse your older-than-6-months posts, nor can you search your post archive; and only recently did Facebook enable you to edit comments, but editing posts is still impossible.

2. Traffic Is Everything

Despite being inferior to Google+ feature-wise, Facebook gets one thing right: TRAFFIC, and this is the only thing you need to rule this kind of game. Facebook has "gone social" just like English is the de facto language of America - if all your friends, public institutions and businesses speak English, would you give up all these social connections in exchange for a newly invented, feature-richer language?

Have you heard of this quotation? "Do first things first, and second things not at all. — Peter Drucker." Traffic, in this case, is the first thing and the only thing.

3. How to Get Traffic the Google Way

Facebook has become the place to go when people want to read friends' news or write their own. This is a hard-to-change social phenomenon just like a dominant language spoken by a society. Some societies do speak two or more languages simultaneously (e.g. Switzerland), but in social networking, we may have realized a law that there can only be two social networks at most.

But although Google has difficulties becoming a third Facebook/Twitter-like social network, it has its own unique opportunities. For example, unlike Facebook and Twitter which are friendship-based social networks, Google can build an interest-based social network, by enabling people who submit the same Google search query to socialize together. If Alice searches for "mousetrap" and Bob searches for "mousetrap" too, Google can provide a space for these like-minded people to become friends and discuss this common interest together. Google already has huge traffic coming from its Web Search realm, so why not leverage it for social networking? If Mark Zuckerberg runs Google, this could be his first thing to do :-)

Traditionally, Web search has been an individual, isolated experience: a human submits a query and examines a list of machine-generated search results, and if he has bad luck, he may need to repeat this "due diligence" process indefinitely. Enabling searchers of the same query to meet online and exchange information can immediately turn this individual, isolated experience into a social, collaborative one. It will be both a search revolution and a social networking revolution!
+Ziyuan Yao I agree that Google needs to focus on interests to get traffic to Google+. However, how would you prevent a 'search to meet' function turning into another Chatroulette?
+Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz 
There is still a huge misunderstanding still b/w Google+ & YouTube.
 Google + allowed YouTube users to change old ugly name into G+ username.
If you are in YouTube everyone sees new beautiful g+ name every where.
But in Google search... if Somebody search me(my g+ name),
YouTube link still shows this...

Dileep G - YouTube old ugly name

+1 if anybody noticed it!...
+Rob Ferguson It's not Chatroulette. All searchers for the same query can go into the same forum to discuss. There can also be a chat room.
+Dileep G The URL in YouTube is not changed when you are offered the G+/YT Sync of profile names... only the Visible to people part. Behind the scenes, I guess they still needed to leave the code / URL alone on YouTube.
+Ziyuan Yao it's a nice idea, but I'd be worried that it would be hijacked by idiots with nothing better to do than trolling.
+Rob Ferguson Slashdot-like self-moderation can come to rescue. Or consider how Wikipedia fights bad edits.
+Long Nguyen, I'm craving for those features. Like how G+ got a new look, even commenting system should be changed for good. Scrolling on those long threads in mobile and on web is painful. For that matter Youtube commenting system is Robust. More features - like, dislike and % of likes & dislikes. 
Add a comment...