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I'm trying not to laugh!
[edited] I just installed this app. It is crazy cool to be able to control the  Tesla from my glass. :-)
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Because if you laugh, it will honk the horn...
The article headline alone definitely had me laughing... 
Bob B
Do you have Google Glass? Do you also have a Tesla?

Yes? Seriously? Who the hell are you, Batman?

haha..  how can you not laugh!
Vic Gundotra
I have both and I still laughed.
+Vic Gundotra If you had to pick one car between your Model S and your S-Class, which would you chose?
LOL!!!  I can't wait for the lower priced Tesla's to go into production!  I will definitely be downloading that app!

The humor in the article was great!
I think the fact that someone took the time to code an app that I would imagine can be used by way less than 100 people really goes to show how accessible and customizable hardware and software have become over the past few years. I don't know about everyone else here, but I think that's just amazing.
Also, happy Canada (in case anyone follows +Vic Gundotra , reads this post and cares about Canada... But what are the odds of that?
LAUGHTER is the best medicine
+Vic Gundotra The real question: does it work on pink, Batman themed ones as well?  hahaha
I like this. But the title is misleading. The Tesla isn't exactly affordable for most, but its also not just a rich ass vehicle. I could eliminate my cell phone plan sell my current vehicle and pay off my student loan and make the payment on a Tesla model s and I'm not rich by any means. I'd have to move to a prepaid 4g at&t plan so I could tether glass off a smartphone but its doable. It's basically the same price as a fully loaded ford or Toyota pickup.
I believe it is Audi that has the "stop and go traffic" self-driving mode. Imagine activating that by voice in the Tesla, using Glass-style commands? Imagine the handoff in "pilot-speak"?

OK Tesla
You have the car.
I have the car.

I would do that EVERY DAY. I would LOOK for traffic just so I could do that.
My new goal in life: become a Rich-Ass Robo-Wizard! (sic)
It's kinda cool how sneezing unlocks all of the doors. 
I'd be slightly interested if it could control an affordable vehicle. 
+Eric DiFebbo this device isn't for those who need to worry about affording things (yet)
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