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Please join me in welcoming +U2 to Google+.
It's the Sweetest Thing :-)
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Is it me or is U2 out of focus?  
+Vic Gundotra Yes! I am in the UK, Will be staying up for these! Finish 2013 with some cool stuff please :P But great job this year!
Circled! Welcome to a better world, +U2 !
Favorite band on my favorite site!  Awesome.  I don't care what else you release today, +Vic Gundotra ,  this wins!   :0)
Love +U2.  One of my favorite songs is something not that well-known called "Grace."  Great lyrics!
Got to love a 3minute clip without a single edit...and got to love the Sweetest Thing by U2
Welcome +U2!

You are Google+ Page Nr. 22 with a custom url with 2 chars.
Great achievement for the first day here ;)
Nur Ray
The Blessings of Peace
The Beauty of Hope
The Spirit of Love
The Comfort of Faith
May these be your gifts this Christmas Season.
I mean
I LOVE U2!!!
+Vic Gundotra You must be "Pride" to have U2 on G+ because this band is not too "Bad", shall we say they are the "One"  ;-) Wellcome  U2
Never mind I won't be that guy! Yay +u2
Wow, glad to see them here - one of my all time favorites!
That's great news! Welcome +U2... I've been a huge fan for a long time. Really glad to see you on G+
Random fact: Bono wrote this song after missing his wife's birthday. 
Me encanta que los músicos se unan A Google+
Welcome too U2 ,stay a while thanks .
Definitely not good to miss your wife's birthday. Pretty good way to make it up.
Recognizing your day and its message. And any man that believes God and takes him at his word no matter what the situation is, God will perform another paradox, to keep his word. Be a creduluos and theist. Know that we ave receive end time messager is WILLIAM MARRION BRAHNAM hear him. Am aquila.
+Vic Gundotra did it actually strike you that Bono looks like a lot like you in the above screenshot from 'The Sweetest Thing' video :-) My first reaction in seeing this screenshot was 'How on earth did Vic Gundotra inject himself into a U2 video' ?
all these fucking old people who the hell uses google+ get your old asses off my site nerds.
So, you are precious. What must it be like to know every damn thing? //Your day is coming, my dear. Very soon.  :)
It's FUCKING great faggot now hop off homo.
+SoRisqy You got to love the internet. Fucktards and feeble fairies can be as big and as hard as their WOW characters.When in real life they faint at the sight of a real woman and quiver when I make a fist. But by all means carry on, at least you are contributing by making me laugh.
wow such scared much wow. What you just said about being tough over the internet is exactly how you can describe yourself too because you can make people quiver by making a fist with your hand I mean thats quite intimidating try making 2 fists one with each hand twice the intimidate such wowowow
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