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Song that perfectly captures my mood today.
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nice fav too
Thanks for this. I was going through my first divorce when this came out. Good and bad memories
I thought I was the only person listening to Counting Crows!
I wish there was a way to "star" posts. I want to watch this later, but I don't want to have to hunt it down. And I don't want to +1 something I haven't seen yet. +Vic Gundotra, could you have a word with your people? 
+Dylan Jones Just share it with a circle with just you in it. I know it's a hack, but it works well for now.
Powerful song and a favorite, but the implication...?
Quickly, +Vic Gundotra, Goto your happy place....
Vic, The Black Crowes ... (The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion) ... is what "turns my crank". Regards, Randy
+Dylan Jones If you create a circle called "bookmarks" or whatever you want you can share it with just that circle and it will be there later when you are ready for it.
+Vic Gundotra +Dylan Jones Thanks for raising this! I've thought it would be great to sort out the Google Bookmarks/ Chrome Bookmarks mismatch by using Google+.... with "personal +1s". Though, bear in mind that I'd like alot of these kept privately. A red small-text 'private' +1 tag on these when signed in might be a good way to highlight them in searches etc...
mine too. thx 4 posting!
Great song, great group. Music is one of those things that has the power to inspire individuals.
Counting Crows just released a live performance of their entire debut album August and Everything After (which Round Here was on). They're a fantastic live band, and this is imho their best live album. Highly recommended: "August and Everything After: Live at Town Hall"
So I've heard enough at 1:37 in and hit pause. The video continues to download in the background, grey bar sneaking over grey. How do I stop it, saving my bandwidth and a teensy bit of youtube's? I may want to go and hit play on another embedded video, and another. After a taster I want to move on but they're all still there, trundling along until they're fully downloaded. Must I click the youtube link so a new tab is opened for each? That makes it trivial to close the tab and stop the download but defeats the benefit of embedding.
Ging De
I am not fan of it, maybe because I am not fluent enough in English to understand the lyrics, and even then...
That's my favorite band right there.
+Ralph Corderoy +Andrew Purcell OLD quicker option: click near the end of the video to fast forward all the way. It will still load the last few seconds, but then it stops.
Or just watch, Counting Crows never grow old.
video not available on mobile, so if you're on google plus on your android, then this vid is nothing, even if you're on wifi! vids not available on mobile are too common.
+marinos, video plays on my Android phone using the YouTube app to launch it with. 
+Marinos Hadjipapas , I'm able to watch it on my galaxy s 2 on both 3g and wifi. Even if I wasn't though, I'd just open it in the browser and watch it with flash...
Interestingly, this video cannot be played within the Google+ iPhone app.

But that's okay, I will use my mind's ear to listen to it from memory. ;)
+John Kane and +Samuel Maskell, thanks guys for the tips, got it working using the youtube app to open. great song!
Great song, Vic. But I'm worried that if it matches your mood you might need some cheering up.
Love them! Adam is a hoot. Wish we could get him sharing here.
I like the song because of your good looking and conveying the message from your heart
joginder paul khurana
The start of the video makes me remember the 9-11 bombing of WTC buildings. Demolished while people were killed. But the bankers who financed all of these together with the government and corporate conspirators were never been put to trial or even in prison.
i don't see anything capturing moods.
Meanings according AD (source wiki):

The first way Counting Crows ever sounded, it was me and Dave in bars and coffee houses playing open mics, doing this song this way. The song begins with a guy walking out the front door of his house, and leaving behind this woman . But the more he begins to leave people behind in his life, the more he feels like he's leaving himself behind as well. The less and less substantial he feels like he's becoming to himself. And that's sorta what the song's about because he feels that even as he disappears from the lives of people, he's disappearing more and more from his own life. The chorus is, he sorta keeps screaming out these idioms these lessons that your mother might say to you when you were a kid, sorta child lessons ya know, "round here we always stand up straight", "carving out our names". Things that you are told when you are a kid that you do these things that.. that when you're grown up it'll add up to something, you'll have a job, you'll have a life. I think for me and the character of the song they don't add up to anything it's just a bunch of crap kinda. Your life comes to you or doesn't come to you but those things don't really mean anything. By the end of the song he's so dismayed by this that he's kinda screaming out that he can stay up as long as he wants and that no one makes him wait...the sort of things that are important if you are a kid. You know that you don't have to go to bed, you don't have to do anything. The sorta of things that don't make any difference at all when you're an adult, they're nothing. And uh and uh this is a song about, about me
lovely song, thanks Vic
nice song
How do you guys like it
I was Adam Duritz for halloween
giờ tôi đã nhận ra đó là bài hát hay và có ý nghĩa
wow, I haven't heard this song in ages.
i gotta tell you i was picturing a dark rainy alley way maybe leading up to a hospital or a fucking dog pound something ....not so sad in the middle of the desert .........dreadlocks phh
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