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I love Google+ Stories. When software can automatically weave my photos, videos and places I've been into a beautiful travelogue, that's a plus.

Congratulations to the Google+ team!
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Apk anyone?
No update here!
Thanks, Vic! Very exciting to launch this. :)
I just cant get over the fact that no new google updates are coming from you +Vic Gundotra. Sad sad sad face :(

Nonetheless, its very very cook of you that you keep promoting it!
Thanks for still showing support for Google Plus +Vic Gundotra it shows such good character! Google lost a good one... Just don't go to Apple please!
I actually use the gallery of my HTC for that. It does it offline, which I tend to prefer.
Going to Kauai next week. Hope to be able to see this in action by the time I get back!
Excited to try this for some of our user generated content. 
but for travelogues, photographers often time keep posting photos during their trip and for better sharing and organization they (including me) need to organize everything on one single trip album and post such photos when they are shot.  However, currently G+ app lacks this basic and fundamental features to post and share photos to existing album.  Please please implement this basic fundamental feature, +Vic Gundotra 
Still feels like you're part of the G+ family! Looking forward to what you do next... after some well deserved time with your family.
That's great news. Our lives pass by so quickly, our children grow up in a flash, and loved ones pass away at any moment. It's great to have a resource like this to help us turn all those great moments we capture on our tech devices into something memorable, something more meaningful than a bunch of pictures in a folder.
What is going on +Vic Gundotra? Haven't you read the Techcrunch? Now that you're gone, Google+ is meant to be shutting down not pushing out awesome features like this! You're making liars of a website's opinion piece!
If google could now distinguish between the travel pics, that matter to the whole family and my portal submission pics... that would be great!
+Dan Hirsch I believe you can edit what pictures go into the stories. Maybe it needs a hash tag or something like it?
Still missing the basic function of being able to organise my photos in to folders or albums though. If I want to show someone a specific picture I have to scroll through thousands of shots to the correct date to find it. Most irritating.

Bring back Picasa!! (or at least bring over all the functions of it)
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