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Just going through my instant uploads from Android. I found this old picture from June. +Sergey Brin said "I've got to show you something Vic...", and then proceeded to walk me up to the roof of the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

This was the point I should have realized the Google I/O keynote wasn't going to go as I had planned! LOL :-)

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That show was impressive. That's how you put on an event.
Nay Kum
Dreamforce?  Nice friendship.
that was the element of surprise in full HD. Great Event! 
Sergey.. the man himself. or should I say Iron man himself :)
That was a genius surprise act... It showed the commitment to excel in whatever they did... :) 
Any time Sergey says the words "I've got to show you something" or "Hey, check this out", you know it's going to be good :)
I've done that many times too Vic!  I'll go through my Instant Uploads and I'll stop and try to exam the pic to see where I was or what I was taking a picture of... LOL.  Sometimes I can't make heads or tails of it, but other times, it'll make me go "oh yeah!!!  That's what it is!  I remember now!!"  Thanks for the awesome feature!!!  :)
+Vic Gundotra maybe you can ask +Sergey Brin if the ability to edit a post/comment or search posts is what he'd consider basic functionality for G+ -- If so, maybe you two can do something truly miraculous and add those capabilities to the G+ iPad app already.

Should I trust that the sky is the limit for the both of you despite such simplistic and basic functionality somehow being out of reach and we are 3 versions in with this G+ iPad app ?

 "I want my two dollars..."
+Tony Miller That's only because he's the only one that could afford it. 

But I know Google realizes their products only get better the more they are used. Hopefully they continue to help distribute the future a little more evenly. 
Thank you for the awesome I/O. No doubt that next year's will be even better.
I have noticed a certain correlation between either Larry or Sergey saying that they "have something to show you" and a sudden sense that reality has suddenly lost its moorings.

It's one of my favorite things about working here. :)
That was THE moment that took I/O to another level as far as conferences. That's the type of production only companies like MTV stage for the VMAs. Amazing moment.
It was an epic event for sure.  Definitely excited to see how you top it next year!  I'll be filming with Glass by then!
Hands down one of the best tech demos in history of the industry....
Vic, you should share more of your instant uploads photos, I am sure there are other interesting bites of history
not just smiling, but out in the sunshine!
Nice. Show us more fotos please and tell us more about nexus devices. What about a n7 with 3g :-)
I'm always wary of people walking me up to roofs, just in case they try to push me off...
and on second thought .... that photos from the sky .... all the time !?! WTF!
Ah. About this time of this day, I guess I was a few floor downstairs eating a Google breakfast, waiting impatiently for the Keynote to start. This was one of the most exciting days of my life!

I really hope that I can return next year. It was great to meet you there at afterhours  +Vic Gundotra .
:D I remember watching this.... This is also when i decided that I was getting something from Google... Google, in my eyes, is the most magical organization since Disney. I hope to work there one day as a developer. Long live, Google! (typed on nexus 7)
That was the best tech event of the year
Architects of Matrix. In a good way though because Google has
build an ecosystem that has for a long time included stereoscopic 3D. Google Matrix is no prison like Facebook. I have time to be fully involved in activities outside internet because Google Matrix has no glitches that waste time too much in daily life. 3D is way to show real life in internet more realistically. I hope 3D would be used in G+ so that it could give additional dimention to Social media sharing. Instant 3D photograph upload is on my christmas wish list. In You Tube it already works with Android HTC EVO 3D videos amazingly well and fast.
Loved that event, was a real turning point for me and my switch from ios!
Is he trying to look like Tony Stark?
It was this years IO stream that has convinced me to take a couple of days off next year to watch the keynotes at home on my GoogleTV, instead of having it in a minuscule window at work.
I really want tot go to a Google I/O event. But California is far away, travel cost lost of money. I'll be there some year.
+Sarah Price That's what I was thinking but my nexus s screen is not that sharp lol I'm so getting those when they come out :)
This was awesome! i watched the live stream in Sydney, such amazing entrance!
I was watching in Melbourne Australia and yes +Sergey Brin's demo was Amazing but I felt so bad for your G+ Events launch! 

On events, wondering if there could be a way to embed the event photo feed/full feed on another site! Just a thought
that was a keynote to end all keynotes, beat that! LOL - Actually, just thinking Virgin Galactic, Zero G Google Glass looking back at Earth?
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