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Significant new improvements, rolling out starting today. 
Notifications that sync across devices, and a new Android app

Starting today, Google+ notifications are much easier to use across mobile and desktop. In particular:

- When you read a notification on one device, we'll mark it as read on your other devices
- Likewise: dismissing a notification (with a swipe or a click) does so everywhere, so you can say goodbye to annoying repeats

We've also updated the look and feel of Google+ notifications, including:

- A new bell icon (in the Google Bar, and in the mobile apps) that lets you know if anything's waiting for you
- An updated notifications tray that separates unread from previously-read items

We're rolling out these notifications improvements gradually — first on Android and the web, then on iOS. In the meantime, we're also releasing a new Android app that incorporates a lot of your feedback. For example:

- You can now delete your photos from the Photos view
- Tapping into a post shows the number of +1's, comments and reshares
- The left-hand menu design is now more consistent with other Google apps

Visit Google Play for the Android update (v4.01,, look for the new notifications icon over the next few days, and let us know what you think!

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Improvements are happening at a blistering pace
Very good. Would also like to be able to reply to comments in the mobile app.
Thanks!  Always a mile ahead in thinking and execution.
So is this finally going to fix the bug on desktop that randomly marks all notifications as read when you're in the middle of reading them? What about the one that discards any comment you're writing in the notifications pane when you get a new notif?

Otherwise, it's cart before the horse.
Several of us are seeing old posts show up in our stream like they are new. They don't have new comments. I have lots of them from March and April of 2012.
That's very impressive, thanks for sharing.
+Vic Gundotra please one day include the # of views, not just +1s, comments and reshares.  This number is captured why not provide it so we can see the "engagement level" of our photo?
Wow.... Didn't anticipate this. 
Fantastic, been waiting on something like this for a while, thank you +Vic Gundotra. Is this going to fix the hangout invitation notification in G+, after I already accepted it from the app?
+Vic Gundotra You and the entire team at Google have a special place in my heart!  
Hope there won't be the mystery 1GB data transfers on 4G like they are on my current version...
Thanks Vic. I'm hoping this gets rid of the messenger app, which duplicates hangouts functionality. 
Awesome. If anyone gets the APK, let me know. Probably a staged rollout.
Syncing over devices?! Yeah - waited for it. Great, thanks.
Have a little wish: could it be possible to see the request when someone wants to become member of a community on the app? Would be quite helpful for moderators. Thanks again to you +Vic Gundotra and your team!
the dismissing notification sync isn't system wide? it depends on the benevolence of our developers? D: #awshit
mani S
This is impressive after a while.
+Ron Amadeo I'm sure Google has their reasons for these staged rollouts but I wish that the Play team would make so that if you "clicked through" to the update from a link on Google+ or somewhere else, then it would allow you to force the update. So that impatient Google fans wouldn't have to deal with waiting.
Love it.  that "other" social network does not have this!
mani S
Not yet live for India... 10.04 pm ist. 
Looks great! I can't wait until I get the update. 
Wait so I wont get the same notifications eight times now? I AM SO FREAKIN HAPPY!
Great news! I really hope this will fix the completely broken Google+ notifications on iOS that take us to unrelated posts when we tap on them.
Any chance they also fixed the up navigaton that acts like back button?
+Vic Gundotra Is it too much to hope for that this version will work with Google TV? If not it's still probably the best thing to happen to G+ so far, seeing as how I use three to four devices regularly to check my notifications.
+Vic Gundotra Update looks great! Is there any reason why Google+ Messenger is being kept around? Is there a timetable for it being phased out? Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!
Good news! But +Google+ please integrate the swipe down to refresh as in the Gmail app!! 
This is the much needed update!!! Thank You.
where is the share to via email, sms, fb, etc ?
I hate it when I see this and can't see the update in play.
+Vic Gundotra please stop with all the staged roll out already, I understand you wanted to show the world how it works and that's great but you have the server power to just drop the update and allow the world to grab it right away so please do so. Teasing us with a post about new features and then making us wait 2-3 days to get it is just cruel and unusual punishment sir lol 
I just want the app to auto update when I access it, not just the widget. Please make it happen
"Notifications that sync across devices" 》Does email notifications on Gmail (desktop and mobile) count? Wouldn't it be awesome if it did?
Finally, the new navigation bar. You guys really need to tell your app teams to collaborate and stay consistent with such features, it's always been a pain to reach the top of the device to hit that G+ button to get the side menu. 
Love the unified card and holo feel across all products guys... you're setting trends you know (as we've recently seen) *cough * cough
Great!   Now make my Google Music All Access player sync across all devices.   I want to pause my playlist on my phone and continue where I left off on my desktop web browser.
P. Sz.
Dear +Vic Gundotra ,
thanks for the update, but:

1. Why not include the new pull to refresh method, like in Gmail?

2. Why is Messenger still there?

3. Why is the look and feel of the Google+ app on iOS superior to that of the Android version?

+Vic Gundotra can your team add swipe down to refresh on the next update? I'm really liking it in the New Gmail app. Thanks 

There's one problem though.. I want it now! =P
Can you make it so we get the notifications instantly instead of having them appear 10 minutes after they were sent? Is hard to depend on Hangouts when half the messages sit lost in cyberspace...
LOVE IT! Thank you Google+ team for this and now all you need to do next is to bring that ``Swipe down to refresh`` from Gmail to Google+ app ! :-D 
I just reported the "can't delete from photos view" issue last night. Quick turn-around +Google :D
Alright. Been looking forward for an update like this. :) thanks guys.
+Vic Gundotra 

I have it installed now. However the notification menu as shown in the screenshot for the Android app does not reflect what is on the new app update. I still have the old notification menu. 

Any reasoning behind that?
We should be able to reply to comments right from the home screen (like make the comments section pop up) so that we don't have to tap on the post and wait for the entire loading process again. 
When will Google be removing the "messenger" app, attached to the G+ app? No real need for it. 
People who post here know that this update is coming and they really want it. Such people should be bumped up to the higher priority pool for staged rollouts. It really sucks having to wait 2-3 weeks for all the staged rollouts of updates till now.
Another +1 for the pull-to-refresh like gmail. Really neat effect...
It's good update, but not so significant. 
In the desktop version, I find it very tedious to read long comment threads - the scrolling is terribly annoying, and in the notification view this is much, much worse as there are additional scrolling for the notification view itself and the cards from the chat/hangout list often pop up over that again, refusing to hide unless you can find that particular spot with your mouse pointer again.
I need to hide some google+ albums in the android gallery.. can you develop something to select albums to be synced across devices? Thx
+Péter Szentkirályi  I wanna know why almost every Google app looks better on iOS? Different teams? Not much interest in their own platform (the new Gmail is a joke mostly, compared to the iOS version)? Or some other reason.

Google really need to be more consistent and stop playing like geeks do, though I have to give it to them, they're pushing updates at a nice rate.
Nice update, but I'm not seeing the bell icon
Thinking about updating the Google+ assets for Chromebook Pixel? Hangouts and Plus don't look too sharp on that high-res screen.
Things that should have existed in the beginning. Synchronized Notification did work before the blob version came.?

Next thing could be auto scroll to the unread messages in the thread. I why force us to scroll down 200+ messages to read. And why download all messages when I most likely remember the thread anyway. It can easily be Downloaded with a simple swipe If I want to read old history. 
When will the left-swipe-in menu comes to the Google+ app?
Hope to see it soon in all Google apps
edit: swipe in menu is now available. Thx google
If it wasn't for PVZ and family I wouldn't use <the other guys> at all.
I really wonder why is the Messenger still part of G+ app? This is the second update after Hangouts was unveiled and that old Messenger relic is still hanging in the phones.
Mat Q
Everyone has his or her opinion. Yes Android is good but hey us in SA we must have a lot of airtime or data bundles just to enjoy it. It's like having an IPhone it's even the same with Lumia, but blackberry with BIS it's better. But I say yes Android is fantastic
+Vic Gundotra you and the +Google+ team are setting the bar and always finding new ways to set Google+ apart from the rest!! I really hope you guys are working on the ability to add screenshots and images within comments....
+Vic Gundotra I would love to see 'Previously read' inscription in Google+ Stream and in Community Stream. It's so annoying to find the place where you have dropped to read last time.
Could we get notification syncing for Gmail now, please?
what's the deal with the staged rollouts of app updates ? WHY?
+Brad Powell we are rolling out the notifications to all mobile and desktop users slowly. in the new android app you should receive the improvements over the next few days!
Just got the update Android App... nice!
+Ryan Lestage you should get it very soon Ryan!  it will land in mobile and desktop at the same time for you so keep an eye out.  thanks!
Just got the update. Better than the previous version. One thing that's sorely missing is the feature to respond directly to other people's comments. I shouldn't always have to hunt down a PC to do this.

Keep up the good work. 
i got updated but where's the bell notification icon? choppy scrolling still persist on nexus 4, unfortunately. :/

not amazed at all by the performance. hope android 4.3 or 5.x will make android smoother and no choppy scrolling ever.
Clear your cache before commenting
+Ryan Lestage i did clear data and cache, also uninstall and reinstall too but no luck at all.  :?

new g+ still choppy scrolling on nexus 4. compared to 9gag app, it has the fastest and smoothest scrolling i ever seen on nexus 4 though it loads lots of pictures.
I updated, but I have no bell icon, no notifications that go away all over, and basically the ONLY thing changed is "My Circles" to "ALL" in the pull down menu for what feed I want to see. 
+William Diaz +Vic Gundotra same here. the change log only mentions deleting photos, nothing about notifications. no bell icon and old notifications for me too. was this a regional update? 
Tried on both HTC One and Prime, same old notifications? 
Same here: updated but nothing new except the ability to delete photos. And the syncing across devices is delayed, not real time.
On slow connections, Google+ on Android feels a little sluggish now, as it now tries to synchronize itself on application startup. I didn't have this feeling before. It used to load beautifully, with a cooler animation as pages loaded when scrolling. And all images would be preloaded
not all of us android user live in high speed internet country. :(

i hope google consider this too when designing something. :)
+Vic Gundotra +Balaji Srinivasan Do we finally also get an option to turn Community e-mail notifications on and off separately from the "red box" notifications? It's really annoying to get two notifications for each Community event on my iPhone (one from Google+ app, the other from GMail app).
The black bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen when swiping downwards in the stream, is very annoying. Can't those options (photo, checkin, mood, write) be implemented as a button in the top bar?
It's a convenient way to get the menu.
But why stopping half the way +Vic Gundotra For my point of view it would be consequent to swipe in the notifications too instead of going to the top, tapping a little icon.
Another point is that for me it would be great if there's a notification about a new comment, you jump directly to it, not to the start of the row which is annoying in posts with lots of comments.
At last! Fantastic! Cross device syncing is much needed! 
Question is, when this update will roll out. I have the new App, but the Notifications are still the old ones. No bell symbol, nothing.

When's this starting to roll out?
I'll reserve judgement until it hits me, but the distinguishing of read/unread notifications is a big plus.

NB:  some way to be able to subscribe to change notifications such as yours (or +Balaji Srinivasan's) would be really helpful.  I didn't see either until I went looking for them (showing once again that +G is really Search, not Stream, driven).
Really confused, my app updated a few days ago and it had the new look notifications but now it's gone back to the old version.
+Austin Chang 

So why is it that if I create a new test account, it has the new notification bell,etc. But my current account still has the old one 5 days later. 

Botched roll out if you ask me. 
Any chance we will see update to Hangouts for adding SMS ability any time soon?
Hi, help. Teach me how to share a photo album in one post but from different android devices. Thank ya..
It's been almost a week and most of us still don't have the bell on the Google+ app for Android. How long must we wait? :-(
Great feature, but the UI design with the bell is just awful! It looks like an alarm, and is visually confusing. And when you click on it, you get a massive smiley bell saying "Caught up with everything!" which takes up about 50% of the vertical space and adds no value whatsoever.

The numeric indicator was clear and unambiguous. Please bring it back!  #nobell
I like the cross device sync, but I really hate the bell icon. It feels to "look at me" demanding. Bells should be reserved for alerts or things that I expect to make an audible sound. If my Google+ notifications started making sounds on my desktop, I'd have to disable them.
I finally got them. Not bad.
+Vic Gundotra Well, I'm less troubled than I thought I'd be.  +M Sinclair Stevens makes some good points about what is/isn't emphasized.  I'd focus on post titles more myself.

I've made my own observations, comparisons with the old format, and improvements I've made via my custom CSS stylesheet ( here:
In the desktop view of Notifications, I see the photo of the last person who commented on the discussion I'm in (by the way we're not commenting on a photo). I don't know these people by name or by photo. They're just in a discussion. I need to see the photo of the person who originated the post, the person I follow and know. Otherwise there is no clue as to which thread it is, except the first line...which out of context is often more confusing than helpful.
I got the update about a week ago and it's working reasonably although there are some definite bugs with the system.  However, other people are complaining that they got the update, then it went away, with no explanation from G+ as to why it is getting reversed for some people, why it's taking so long for others who still don't have it.  Is there an explanation?  Is Google trying to fix it before they roll it out to more people?  Why no updates about the status of this change?
+Vic Gundotra I noticed, that for last 2-3 weeks this feature is stopped to work for all my devices.
Did you turn it off?
+Vic Gundotra This has stopped working for me as well; across all devices and the web. :(
as I can see, today it was fixed - now all my devices back in sync
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