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Please accept our apologies for the spam we caused this afternoon.

For about 80 minutes we ran out of disk space on the service that keeps track of notifications. Hence our system continued to try sending notifications. Over, and over again. Yikes.

We didn't expect to hit these high thresholds so quickly, but we should have.

Thank you for helping us during this field trial, and once again, we are very sorry for the spam.
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No worries Vic. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more improvements!
not a problem, excellent work so far!
Storage is the master of us all.
It's ok. Thanks for the update Vic.
I'll forgive you this
Thanks for letting me in! I expect some bumps. So far it's great!
Thanks, Vic.
/sorry, I'm a smartass
It's cool! But Google running low on space?
In limited field trial every user is a beta tester here so no worries
Keep up the great work! Tons of people I know are joining Google+!!! I can't wait for Facebook to be crushed, LOL!
It's cool, it's still a beta :O! Can you share what specs are required to keep G+ running?
No worries, Vic. Luckily Gmail does a great job of threading the messages, so just looked like one message.
The service is more popular than you expected? That's nothing to complain about!
Things are running very fast here as plus, but still a lot to go before ready for prime time, I think!
I am still getting the notification notices when there are none!
Oh, that's what it was! Thanks, Vic, for keeping us posted!
Who cares, we're part of something awesome. There is every chance that I could be logging into G+ for the next 10 years so!
Mark Ng
No problem! Thanks for the great service so far.
That explains it :) Thanks for the explanation!
No problem here. Thanks for getting it fixed quick.
No problem! That's what a field trial is for...
The fact that you admit the problem and apologize for it already sets you FAR ahead of the competition.
Seeing these comment updating is amazing... but it would be great to collapse them.
Remember: If you miss the spam, you can get it back by commenting on a Vic post! :) by the way, what's the best way to give feedback on this product.
I was on a train, didn't even notice. Good job on noticing.
It's fine, Thanks for giving us google+
No problem! Great to see G+ off to a flying start, and btw thanks for keeping us posted and sharing on here.
Sorry about the problems Vic, but that's really funny... The kind of problem you want to have, and all that. :-)
Thanks for being upfront and honest! 
you're doing a great job here guys! Thanks Vic, you're awesome! :D
Wow, I saw his post popping up in my stream, started my comment and while typing a flood of comments came in in seconds :s
Good and honest job, thanks for the explanation :)
Thank you very much for communicating this so openly.
This is what testing is for, If there wasn't any issues during a beta I would really start believing Google is skynet.
this is running so smooth u wouldnt think its beta!!
LOLed rather than getting angry. same guy joined my circles 12 times. not a big deal.
Fumble. LOL. Great stuff so far.
Wow, Google really ran out of disk space, so google+ must be really huge!!! Thanks for the update, great job !!!
I wondered why I got the same email so many times. At least gmail automatically hid all the duplicates.
No problem! Happpy to be on the beta! Thank you for all your hard work, transparency, and overall communication!
No problem at all. This is a field trial and we all are testers. :)

I guess that also explains the message "This service is currently unavailable. Please try again later." when I clicked on the notification button after not receiving any notification for a long time. :)
Thanks, I know the feeling >.<
Great work guys!
Is really great to see the way google+ is evolving. Unlike totally onesided development and selfish updates on facebook. Googlers always try to personally respond to all the issues. I like that. Keep up the good work G_+
And this is why we have field trials! Great work, guys, loving this so far! :D
it's great that you care to let us know Vic! Loving G+
I didn't receive any extra e-mails. It is a beta-so no worries!
saludos a todos los usuarios de g+ desde mexico
no problems guys we still love you.
Thats the way a problem has to be handled - say what went wrong, accept it and try to not let it happen again
+1 for communication 
Tnx for the good work anyway. Loving this new project.
I hope you have enough disk space for 1 billion users and more, because this is truly an "exponential" growth, in the true sense of the word, literally!
+Vic Gundotra isn't it awesome how over 100 people replied in 4 mins on a saturday afternoon ? Google+ rocks !!!!
Oh, good. I thought it was just me. I kept seeing notifications that I could have sworn I saw before, but I assumed I was just kidding myself. Nice to know it was an issue and it's being fixed! Glad that you guys are watching things closely, and happy to deal with these sorts of things in a field trial.
It's alright. Gmail took care of threading the notifications and I didn't notice them at all. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what G+ will look like in the very near future. Thank you and the team for keeping up with and quickly fixing bugs as well. With such quick responses, I know for certain that things will great here.
Technically I think it is still Alpha... This hasn't gone Beta yet.
odd, maybe im not popular enough, i didnt get any spam lol.
I'd rather had glitches than farmville invites.
E-mail notifications are pretty useless, anyway -- way too much noise. The little red notification gem is plenty, thanks. I never saw the spam because I set up a filter to skip the inbox on day one.
+Gabriel Akonom : to give feedback, use the button at the bottom right of the web version. It's labeled "Send feedback" and is a powerful little tool built into the Field Trial.
Just keep the invites available the rest of the weekend and we'll call it by-gones. Thanks!
I'm loving how the Google team can keep us informed of what's going on. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for the transparency. Congratulations and keep up the excellent work.
That's a good marketing apologize:
1. Say Sorry
2. Explain the Problem
3. Say it's your fault and only your fault
4. Say it won't happen again or, at least, remind them it's a beta and you're improving from the errors
5. Don't let them forget you're sorry

Nice work :-)
nice problem to have :)
No worries, Vic. It is good the Google+ team is so focused and keeping the customers updated !
No worries, Vic. I'm having a ball with Google+. We all understand it's a 'field trial' so these types of issues are, believe it or not, EXPECTED.

It's all good. Keep up the great work.
Shit happens, but it would be nice to maybe have a blog post about your original assumptions, what really happened and what did you learn... as a tech worker I would find something like that invaluable.
no problem, we enjoy every situation
To bad every company didn't care about its users like Google does. The world might be a better place. We understand and its expected to have some glitches.. Thanks for letting us know and not leaving us wondering what the hell happened.
It's great to "exist" online again!

I've missed the interactions for a long, long time. Now I finally have the magical combination of (mostly) non-anonymous people AND control over who sees what!

That having that control should also make life less spammy... that's a wonderful thing!

Color me a forgiving early-adopter. :-)
No issues Vic...Problem happens..How fast we recover is important..Keep up the good work and You guys are great!!
Ler Ws
Its alright Vic :) This is sorta expected to happen
Gotta give it to you guys, you have made an awesome service here
Is our own fault for invite half of the world to this crazy party .. So no prob
I didnt get any spam. I feel kind of left out (jk). Loving G+!
Hey its a field worries here!
Google, run out of disk space?! That's unpossible.
make sure this does not happen again :-)
Don't worry, we know these things happen with new software, thanks for working on weekend. Keep the good work!
It just means that your field trial has been successful! =)
Appreciate the information - small inconvenience for such an excellent, well-polished network. Happy to be beta testing :)
+Gabriel Akonom Click "Send Feedback" in the lower right hand corner of the page. It will allow you to type comments and even submit a screenshot of the page.
Small price to pay for such an awesome service. keep up the awesome work. Also, LOVE the community engagement from yourself and the other higher ups
It's ok vic. Just keep improving.

Yo Vic.. where do I report bugs? It won't let me invite my friend because his e-mail is too long or something. Where do I report them? :S
Yea no worries Vic, we can take a few hickups with this system, its pretty awsome, keep it up fellas :)
+Vic Gundotra I guess we'll let this one slide. Now you know what it feels like to have your database polluted with bad emails. smile At least +Matt Cutts was busy today (I figured he was laying by the pool). smiles again

Won't be long now before the Circles of trust fix everything.
No problems Vic. Google+ is awesome.
I think I can manage. Google has saved me from YEARS of Spam with GMAIL!
Not a problem at all, the service has so much potential and tired of Facebook... willing to deal with anything really to be able to break the chains of that site.
Vic, dont sweat it man, but i like the user centric mindsight & keeping users informed .
Keep up the gr8 work.
g+ ROCKS & g+ users LOVE GOOGLE
David D
No problem at all. This service keeps getting better and has high potential. Bugs is what we signed up for, so it comes with having access to a wonderful service in the making.
I'd figured it was something like this. Thanks!
Google ran out of disk space? THE SKY IS FALLING?!?! OH NOES!
That is why it's a field trial ;) It is great that we have the ability to be able to get notified of these issues right in the product we are testing.
If that's the biggest problem that arises, Vic, you didn't have any problems! ;-) Tell your team we appreciate all the hard work!
I didn't think I could live something as much as android, google + has changed that. No hard feelings. 
I really don't mind about that... but i wish i could collapse this thread comments without having to mute it... ;)
Diskspace issue? duh df {dude setup nagios on df you moron}
Is like A big Cyber Group Hug :)

Keep up the good work
Wasn't afected. It's cool. :) Still, it's an awesome touch to have VP personally reaching for the users and apologizing for an hickup. That humblity on the approach to this social market it's also what will make Google+ one of or the top player of this space.

Btw, my girlfriend totally loved Google+. She's a privacy nerd and was atonished how simple was to deal with the sharing privacy control problem - one of her main stresses with Facebook. She's looking forward to stop using Facebook at all. Good work dudes. You will acomplish great things if you keep going like this.
+Vic Gundotra Someone just noticed the Beta has been removed from the name, is G+ almost ready for Public Launch?
Infinity-ing the comments above and below...everyone gets this is field, but everyone is just loving the experience.

So Vic, just keep doing what you guys are doing...opening up the fences as stability allows, and enriching the platform as resources become available.
Cool. No problem. Early jitters are to be expected.
Ka Wong
I experienced that last night, instead of this afternoon. But no worries, keep up your good work ES Team!
LOL Google spammed me!! I'm reporting you to GOOGLE!
Vic sounds like you guys are tight for servers - do want us to do a cookie raffle or something to raise some cash for you guys? LOL. Thanks for G+ love it.
G+ is growing so some flubs are expected! Glad to be testing her out! :)
No interupptions (SPAM) hit our Gmail Accounts... Probable this only effected the googler's active during the timeframe the array was at capacity... And great Service Levels fron your IT teams on a mid-summer Saturday afternoon!
I was wondering why I got 39 emails all saying 1 person added me to their circle. Thanks for letting us know.
Also, how do we report comments as spam, such as the guy above me...?
a few extra emails no big deal, thanks for the heads up. A few hiccups to be expected with Beta
No problem, issues like that are bound to come up during the early days of any software project.
Could you make it possible for adding more than 1 link a post?
It's all good man, rock on with your bad self!
no prob , keep improving . Google + rocks
Thanks for the explanation... keep on keepin on...
Okay cool, glad you guys are aware of the problem. Carry on!
Seriously, tho? Ran out of disk space? You're Google -- that's not supposed to happen! And it sure as hell shouldn't take more than 80 minutes to fix.
Goodmto know that you guys have normal people problems :)
Better that it happened now and not after this is 'live' for everybody.
No worries. Keep pushing forward.
I understrand that Google+ is still under testing.
Keep up the good Work!!!
Thanks for the quick response. Say no more, Say no more. Great work!
Great to see Google n Vic being transparent and communicative ! :D
My friend and famous person Mark Joyner's Google + account was suspended today for impersonating himself.
Love the candor and direct to user communication. This rocks.
Google running out of disk space? Is this a joke!?

T. Pham
No problemo. Everybody knows G+ is in a Beta test.
No Problem man .....G+ rocks.....
I know it's not related to the post, but I have a question : Google will delete all the "private" G+ profiles by the end of July. Mine is public, but I chose to make it not visible in search - does that mean that they will delete mine too? In other words, is not being visible in search considered as a private profile? (sorry for the off-topic :))
Your infrastructure and operational teams have done an absolutely fantastic job so far. I think we all continue to be impressed. This may be a technical preview, but it feels polished and solid to me.
Google+ is great. Thanks for making this product
The communication is fantastic! Keep up the good work! 
No problem! Keep up the amazing work!
Happens. These are early days.
you don't need to apologize everytime Google makes a mistake. we are the nation of people that has lived with AT&T as a cell phone provider and Comcast for cable provider for yearsss. I think we can handle a few glitches from Google. keep up the good work.
Every situation is a learning experience and I love being part of the Google...

Keep up the awesome work!
i'm having visions of vic running around a data center installing hard drives onto machines screaming for more storage... :-) .. kind of glad i wasn't on the receiving end of those pages today. -- good work social team on getting it handled.
Great Leadership Vic! Taking accountability is just simply awesome, much like G+!
you call that spaming :P :P lol.... You don't have to worry, you keep on improving G+ This is nothing compared to you people have done so far :D....
Disk running out of space at Google? Not a great advertisement for cloud computing! I would hav assumed Google has tools to alert before such things happen. I love G+, its great to see such a transparent team that tells people real story.. And yeah the effort taken to fix it soon on a saturday needs appreciation :)
Good you guys are at least public about it ! I guess this only reminds us all we are here to help make Google+ a better experience ;-)
road to perfection.
we are even happy with the glitches :)
It really is remarkable to me how quickly I've become addicted and accustomed to G+. It feels well thought out and is a joy to use. The above update and the attitude with which it was delivered is more confirmation that this has a solid foundation.
+Vic Gundotra Any chance of hangouts coming to the Google+ mobile app? Also integration of Google Music into Google+ would be awesome!
yes.. i want to use hangouts in android or iOS. that would be so cool..
The openness of the devs during this launch has been refreshing and quite amazing. I love the humility of the google+ team. This humility and willingness to listen to the community will make google+ the best product ever.
How does Google run out of disk space? Is the world going to end now?
Running out of disk space? No worries.. It happens to the best of us ;-) Seriously, the Google+ experience has been delightful so far. And the best part - I doubt any of us has ever seen a product team so engaged with its users and so receptive to feedback. You and your team totally rock!
excellent idea about google music integration...
Would it be possible to ball park quantify what 'high thresholds' means? I'm sure it's something extreme ... ;)
Oh yes i noticed this. I thuoght perhaps it was my browser glitching out! glad it has been clarified.
No worries. Happens to the best of us, also have endured much more shit from FB over the years!!
A Google service ran out of disk space? Incredible! Are we sharing too much?
It never a problem for me vic, I've got notification emails turned off cause I don't understand the point of having both the notification email and bar notification alert (that grand little red button) in the same time
LOL You guys ran out of disk space? This is awesome, a happy problem! I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Google, the kings of cloud storage ran out of space, and G+ is still somewhat new and growing. Congratulations! :)
Gotta run out of disk space sometime! Nice to know it happens to the best of businesses too! 
I run out of disk space all the time, and this is my personal computer, not a server :(

Anyone know what kind of RAID big servers use?
can we put "trending" or what is trending inside google+? it would be awesome!
Vic no issues ..

This would give u an idea how much we love Google n Google products ...

keep the innovation going
Hi Vic,
I'd like to talk to you about two things:
- I wanted to share a picture with my friend (your coworker) and I could not find a simple want to do that.
- It seems like I am posting this message at the end of a string of comments and my friend (your coworker) thinks that makes sense.
Let's please talk about the best way to both of these?
This is why we're testing :-) And unlike certain other companies you're quick to acknowledge your mistakes. Keep up the great work! g+ > facebook already.. can't wait to see where it's heading
+Vic Gundotra It means Google+ is simply going beyond your wildest expectactions so far, and I'm really glad of it.Thank you for your message and all the best on the road ahead. You have opened a highway.
stuff happens in experimentation stage :p
Google running out of disk space. Who'd have though that was possible. :) Though I guess it's like any other company, there's plenty as long as you reserve it for the purpose. I sure hope that budgetary arrangements for reserving more disk space go more smoothly than at my employer.
I had disabled most of email notifications, so I didn't notice the issue. Realizing that I'm not helping test this product that way, I went ahead and reenabled all of them. +1000 on the team behind this
you are great man..proud of you.
I didnt receive any notifictions yesterday. Just now Iam realizing what that means, forever alone.
+Vic Gundotra At times when random people add me to their circles I'm not getting any notification. Why so?
It's still a beta so that's ok. You guys are doing a great job here!
It's ok! I personally love Google, hence Google+, Gmail etc :D Keep up the good work! You've got my support.
leaving the problem itself aside for a moment: what i love most is your open communication!
Any ideas why I can't seem to be able to load Google+ with my FF right now? Chromium still works fine, other Google sites work in my FF fine, too.
Keep the good work, circles is a very nice feature. Sparks needs some more intelligence (for example Haskell returns mixed results, because it is apparently a common last name in USA). But I am already moving all my stuff and downsizing my FB (will only keep it for the free iTunes stuff). And please avoid the auto-liking and posting that FB has, just by clicking in link stuff gets shared in your wall ... that is really bad.
I agree with the comments above about transparency. Not many companies would come out and be that open. Thanks for the honesty and keep up the great work!
you guys are doing a GREAT job... This is going to be an AWESOME social experience. I cant stop using it... Go Google+
When I go to view photos and it says 'Photos from my circles', Why can't I (just like the stream) have my list of circles on the side so I can only see the photo sets from certain circles?
One thing i am missing at google+ is filesharing. It would be awesome if there were services like dropbox e.g. share a file with your "friends" circle.

Google's engineers should think about it : D
I wish g+ team would enable the search soft key in the g+ app in gingerbread. Thanks
Continues you and your team great job !!
Speaking of notifications: will hope to be able to turn them off at some point, for the sake of managing deluge into mobile mail and their elimination in common inbox on bberry via scroll/select/delete/next/repeat. I enjoy having a separate mobile app for Twitter notifications that can light up every 15 min, 30 min etc. And in FB, you can at least get granular notification control. Liking elegance of Google+ though.
As founder of a science/tech (STEM) outreach org, thanks for letting users in on HOW things happen. It lets us all feel more connected to our world, the tools we use, and those who build them. If we feel like we have access to the workings of the "magic" then both current and future generations will be much more willing to explore, learn, build, and make more informed choices generally. Please continue this policy of transparent communication well beyond the field trial!
not a big deal, we all have gmail which as you know it can cluster emails --- others who use hotmail or other crap should suffer!
this is a "field trial" so I expect little bugs like that... :) still the best!
We have spam spam spam egg and spam; spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam.......or Lobster Thermidor au Crevettes with a mornay sauce served in a Provencale manner with shallots and aubergines garnished with truffle pate, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam.
I like a lot and I am really interested in +Vic Gundotra posts, but I have seen this post at the top of the stream many many times already. Is it a bug? Or is it how it works? Is there a way to order the posts of the stream chronologically? Also, is there a way to collaps the comments of a post? Sometimes... they are sooooo much, that I have to scroll down A LOT.
It took me 1 minute to scroll down here to comment, wow Google+ wow!
Time to get the notification server out of the back of your office Vic? Lol. It is a fun ride my friend keep it up!
I turned email notifications off within the first hour of using +. Keep up the great work!
oh snap vic i just noticed if i click your picture then it flips into another one! now that is neat.
No problems sir ..we are ready to accept Google+ ....Google Rocks ...
Just a testament to this truly awesome Social Network and Facebook Killer!!!!! :)
No need to feel sorry Vic. This is a small ripple in ocean. Please keep the magic going at Google. Thanks.
Didn't notice it. Amazing news tough (that you're growing faster than expected, not that you had an issue), let's hope you need many more servers in the near future :D
Haha ... People are so forgiving :P .. I remember orkut's no doughnut errors .. Damn for a year everyone faced those errors. However people from India brazil still stuck to it. It ultimately after years got stabler... Vic, you are in safe grounds chilllllll
This is why the slow rollout. Excellent job guys. Keep it up. Loving g+ so far. 
+Vic Gundotra wrote an interesting post on how plus would affect FB, would love to send you a copy - could you send me an email on
I was starting to wonder what was going on with that. Thanks for the heads up Vic.
Hey +Vic Gundotra, that's what the beta is for :). People should be ready for (even expecting) really weird or annoying things to happen. Thanks for the apology though. I loved Google before Plus, but I gotta say, Google is far and away my favorite company. No Question.
Just a small bump :) Keep up the great work. Loving Google+ so far!
I like it so its cool. Plus Google + is in Beta so there will some problems. Every social media company has them.
Google+ is worth having..its faster then facebook.! Thnx
Don't worry,No problem,thank you google and support you!!!
Yes it was irksome...Thankx Vic for explanation. It seems to be resolved now
Meh - growing pains.

So far very nice integration between the services. This may be the best method Google has devised to "socialise" the Google application platform. Like!
Noel E
close enough.
It's ok
অসুবিধা নাই। সব ঠিক হয়ে যাবে।
Que coisa hein, falta de espaço em disco provocando spam do Google :(
iR Khan
Steve Jobs would have said "You are using it the wrong way"..... lolzz ;-P
never consider limits, always assume you will break them!
Google, run out of space? Never. Why did it take 80 mins to stop the spam? Why couldn't you just stop the whole notification system? Anyways, im not a guru so i'll shutup. Thank-you for keeping up informed :)
Thanks for keeping us informed. Steve Jobs surely would have told us that we were using the wrong way! :)
No worries this is what a beta is all about, keep up the good work!
I think you having some privacy issues people are not going to want their profile searchable. And right now this seems to be the case. This is not twitter and I understand that this is different then Facebook. But Privacy is a big issues People will not leave FB with privacy issues.
Um, +Robert Edwards , you don't have to put any information into your profile at all, you know, except your name and a gmail address. You don't even have to use your real name. And if you try editing your profile, you'll see that you can control everything's public availaibility. What's more, you can even set what's viewable by different people to different settings. Also, people who are really concerned about privacy aren't on Facebook to begin with.
No apologies necessary, this is one excellent beta
At least you didn't change my privacy settings without warning me.
not offended at all, just happy to be apart of the beta.
Lin Min
the best service since google serach
Sounds like somebody slept through discrete mathematics :-D
congratulations on a very good launch. Small glitches like this you mention mean nothing. This Google+ is incredible.
When I was in Google, we (some guys in search quality) and many other teams developed very cool projects which were not launched by that time because it was hard to put them in traditional google line of products search-youtube-map-news etc. I hope with this new Google+ you can launch many new and revive many old projects as parts of this environment (I think it's stupid to consider google plus just as a service comparable to facebok, no it is whole frameworks, it's a seed for a big tree) and completely change local, photo sharing, big search to make much more usable for users and communities of users
@Andrei Lpatenko
Well said!
I liked the concept of Google Wave and could think of many serious uses but it was ahead of time and lacked social control and moderation / group functions which google plus can provide.
I like the basic framework of google plus. As it is obvious, it is still early days and there are many things we wish we had and I am sure googlers are working on them
While sharing i also realize, that sometimes i need to share a post to a limited set of people from a circle.
So it could be great to have quick interface to select multiple users from a cirlce, rather than adding them individually.
Mr Gundotra
The instant upload feature on android isn't working
I uploaded my pics days ago, and in my 'Photos from Phone' album
there is nothing but the instructions as usual
I hope they didn't go elsewhere, and naturally the instant upload of new photos taken does not show up either.
No worries whatsoever! We're too happy to beta test G+ :) and BTW thanks very much for Android!!! You guys rock!
gotta lose your mind in detroit.....rock city
+Vic Gundotra At the risk of sounding like a dick, seriously Google? you wrote one of the most important application in history of your company and engineers who wrote it didn't handle the situation as common as 'disk full' gracefully? Here is the solution, hire me instead! :P
I'm pretty sure Google wants employees who are fluent with grammar rules, Harshal. Not to sound like a dick or anything...
hey is it possible to create an application for symbian... common dont disappoint me.. I have always been a google lover... I know you guys can do anything...

If you guys dont wna do it.. tell me the requisites and tell me about sdk i will learn coding... This is first time I am feeling need sumthing really badly on symbian
SYMBIAN??? omg just get an Android please
if google runs out of disk space. I am really poor with my 2TB HD.
+Vic Gundotra It's ok, after all, its such a great effort u guys have made in g+, we can bear a few last moment glitches :)
I sent a similar problem on feedback the other day. It keeps showing me unread notifications of the notifications I've already read. I guess its more or less the same problem. Looking forward for a fix.
I'll forgive you if Apps users can create profiles and use G+!!!!

Can't you allow an Admin to make the domain "social" so they can all sign up if it is a family account and not a business one?
Having a family named domain for Apps has been an ordinary experience.

That said, it's awesome you guys at Google are so honest, "Don't be evil" +1 Awesome.
T̘͙̼̼̟̯̦̺̺̺̘̣̪̫̔̌͋̂́̈́͑ͣ͒́͡ͅh̸̵̸̝͕̼̫̪̙̗̹̰͚̩̩̫̞͕̪͇̫̄̒̍͐̎̉̄ͥͨ̅̂͑̿̋a̭̖̰̖̣̮͔ͩ̉͗ͤͬ̒̒́̀́̚͘ͅͅn̛̛͈̗͚͈͖̯̤̣̼̘͚̹͔͓̂̆͊͊͑͒͡k̢̭̭̤͚̩͔̙͖̺̼̱̥̘̤̦̙̬̺̫ͦ̊ͥ́ ̶̧̛̫͖̖̺̘̱̤͎͚͎̘͓̲͖̍̇̎̄̾͞ẏ̶̪͎̩͕̰̆̄̉͘̕oͪ̂ͧ͌ͨ̕҉̰̦̝̰̪͖̭̥͇̩͔͓̜̺͔͈̀͜u̾͛͊̽ͤ̓͛҉͏̸̗̹̻̪͞ ̷̧̪͕͕͔̙̭͖͇̜̘͔̜͔͓̫͉͐͒̒̊ͣ͂̈́ģ̷̢͔̘̳͔͙̠̹͓̞̪̘̟̞͈̞͙̜̈̓̃ͩͅọ̸̢̬̝̣͉̖̪͎̻͉̰͕͓̮̪̯͙ͩ͆̉̿͐ͅơ̷̶̢̨̤͇̠̜͇͈̞̣̘̰̪͚̺̟̤̹̭ͬ͌̏̽̀̐̅̎́̾g̗̫̦͔͎̯̺͚̰̯̩͉̘͕͔̎͋ͦ̌̾ͬ̌͗̽͊̏͢͜͝l̵̢̢̪̙̺̼̪͓̬̔̏ͨ̏̑ͪ͌̾ͦę̵̛̟̣͎̪̠̖̜̞͇̮̣͙͛ͨ̈́̆̀ͨ́ ̵̴̧̨̼͓̥̠̭̞͖̺̜̝̭͍̲̮̝̀͌ͪͭͣ̽̍̓͂͆͂ͨͫͭ̍͋̓͊͞d̈́́̅̎͑͒͆ͫ͌̈́̌̇̍͢͟҉̝̹̪̞̩̜̞͎ͅę̡̬̞͈̩̹̼͎͎̣͈̥̟͕͍͕̠̐̿̃͗ͨͭ͋͒̊̉̋͊̚͘v̡̙̥͓̜̳̭̰̮̗̩̙̩̥ͮͪ̆̔́̓̍͊̿̈̈̇̀͘͜͝ͅs̶͖̟̯̟͖̜͎̘͔͛ͤͫ̍͡
̷͉̦̞͔̪̜͎̲͇̦̔͆͒͋̋ͪ̏͌ͮ̌̀͐̌̑ͅT̸̶̒̔̐̽͒̏́̍͂͂ͦ̒̆̕҉̳̥̣̤̝̺̹̹͍̪̲̙͓̖̘͙͢ͅh̡̹̰͚̣̯̝̻̰͔̟̣̥͈̠̙̖̉̍́ͦ͂͒̍̇̓͗ͥ̓̽͂͆ͩ͒e̿̿͂̉̌̉ͣͧ̾̽҉̬̥̜̭̬̖̻ ̸̝̖̣̘̺̼́͊̂͑̂̆̈́͒̿̃̌͑͂͛̋ͦ̚͜z̨̭̟͚̫̱̰͍̠ͪ̆̏̉ͫ͐̓̉̆ͧ̾̑ͬ̑͐͌̒͠͝å̏ͣ̂̓́̉̇̎̓̐̐ͤ̚̚҉̵̷͕̩̮̳̟͓̥̪̝̣̦̤͈͈̟͠͞ͅl̵̛̿̅̽͂̓̄̍͑̐͐́͢҉͍̲̺̦̬̳͔̯̭͓̪̰g̴̗̝͚̹̮͂͊͋ͣ͊ͯ̏ͬ̃̎͛o̴ͤͩ͂̐̑ͣͤ́́ͭ̃̽̑͘҉̨͏̳̹̥͕͍͖͉̮̮̱̲̝ ̊ͭ̃ͪ̒ͯ̿̓̉ͨ̃̐͛͟͠͏̣̥̫̬̦͙̕t̸̉̎ͣ̋͘҉̲̯͈̺͎̪̘́͝ē̴̵̜̻̲̮̼̺̺̱͇̯̘͖͕ͣ̓̌̔͗̎̍ͭ̍́͡ͅͅx̴̵̶̹̪̤̞̞̺̲̯̺̯̩͓̮̏̋̂ͧ́̚͝t̶̷̡̯̥̰͉̮͉̼̦͙̗̼ͩ̓ͥ̉̉ͪ̽͑̅͆̀͆͘͝ ̛̦͙̣̬̪̫̒̏ͨs̐ͩ̂͑̈́̀͞͏͎̙̩̻̟͔͇͓̰̱͓̠̦̦̖͚̼̮͞u̶̧̘͕͔̫͈̰̜̼͚͉̺̠̲͎͔̙̞͗̌̀͋ͭͬ̂ͣͮ́̂͝͞ͅp̴̧̢̠̻̲̼͇̠̲͔̟̣͑ͯ̈̆ͮ͊̓͌ͦ̒ͪͯ̌͐ͤ͒͑́̚̚͠ͅp̷̨̜͚̜̼͈̳̜̹̲̮̮̰̪͔̖̻ͧ̅ͪͭ̓̑͒͜ͅơ̠̞̟̘͎̰̔̅ͮ̇ͧ̍͒ͥ͐̄̄̏̃ͤ̃́ͮ͜͡r̼̜͚̍̽ͥ̀̂ͭ͟͡ţ̶̵̮̳̣̝̭̮̩̯͓̗͐͛̅ͩͫͯ͗͆̿͛̄̚̚ͅ ̡̘͇̞̪̬͔̭̖͙̣̭͂́ͤ̈̈ͬ̍̍͂̒̐̌̂ͯͭ͋̾̑̚͘i̟̣̟͕ͯ̾̓̊ͦ̉͛̎͗̔̾͌̔ͮͪ́͠͞ͅsͥ̿ͪ̐̊̊̂ͫ̏̈ͨ̊̔̀͜͏̼̟̲͖̙̻͘ ̲͚̖̫͖͇̦͒̏ͯ͂̍͞á̡̢̡̡͇͈̺̟ͩͥ͌̅̅̋ͥ́͢m̵̶̳̯͈̰̬ͥ͒̓ͭ͑ͤͮ̌̿ͦ͑ͩͨ̀͘a̘̗̬͔̠̬̹͎̤̤̼̿̌̊̽ͦ̎ͭͨ̎̈́̓͊ͭ͢͡͡ͅz̵̟̠̝̘̪̮̩̩̰͎͓̹̟ͭ̌͌ͮ̔ͣ̅̿̉͌̓̓̂ͨ̊̊̊̀̚͢ͅį͚̳̝̤̦͕̺̩̑͗ͩ̉͑ͯͯͥ̋̚͘ņ͐̔̋̓҉͏̱͉͈̖̠̠̻̘͙̦g̛̥̬̠̬̹̥̝̩̬͙͕̜ͧ̔͑ͧ́̔̅́̀́͜ͅ!̶̋͆̂̂̾ͥ҉̷̮͍̯̙̬̥̖̖̤͍͔̬͇̳̀͜
̸̸̶̮͙̘̭̳̠͉̲͔͉̗̬̺̺̬̻̟̝̗̇̈́͛̉͟Ȋ̧͖͇͈̼̬̦̤͙̹̖̲̃̈̔ͧ̔̉́͐̑̎͐̉͒ͩ͐̓̕͞ ́͛ͧ͂̄͑̓̓ͥ͋̎̈́̓҉̢̩̞̠͇̗͝͡r̵̡͉͖̞̥͚̜̬̖̹͔͙̟͙ͦ̿ͤ̇̂̽͊̃͛̓ͮ͒e̷̴̶͚̠̮͕͕͙̗͎̖̮̦͈̤̟͍̝̩̖͖͌ͦͥ͋̚a̸̡͇͍̗͕̱̟̖͔̥͚͎̮͇̞̞͕̾̾ͬ̽̊ͥ͛̍ͥ̈́̾̌ͩ̓ͪͣ͋̉́͟l̵͖̻̲͕͔̗͔̙̬̱͎̪̘͑͊͛̂̀̅̆͆̀́̚͟l̷̶͇͎̼̱̭̞͔͌ͤͣ̾ͯ̂̓ͮͥ̾̀͟͡y̴ͪͨ̌҉̷̨̭̳͔̰͙̦̖̜͖̞̥͓̹̜ͅ ̵̨̨͚̫͚̥͖̤̾̆͊̑̀͆̕à̡̽͂͛̓ͥ̏̇͏̷̹̻̻̬͎̹̞̼͙̮͚͉͉ͅp͎̖̫̹̝̺̮̤̥̹̳̳̊ͫ͛͌͊ͯ͊̑̂̏ͯ̓́̚͢͞ͅͅṗ̢̘͈̖̥̜͓̜̭̞̞͛̐̋̅ͦͯ̈́̽ͨ̌ͧ̂ͣ̈̈́͊͊̐̀́͝ͅͅr̢̾͋̂ͦ̃̄́̌ͩͤ̂̓͑͛͘͏̢̳̣͓͈̟̘̼̣͓̼͎̙̭͔̳̼̲ë́̾ͫ̍̽̇ͮ̈́̅͛͊̈́ͦ̀̏ͮ̑ͫ͢͠͏̛̻͚͚̳̘͇̹͓̼̝͓͇̖̪̤̤͖́c̴̺̬̬̬̭̖͙̥̦͚̺̬̘̯͚̙͎̝̑̐͛͊̈ͨ̇͑͊͗̏͢i̴̷ͤ͋ͮ̂͑ͭͯͤ̏̎̅̀ͫ̔̌̑̚͏̨̖͍̹͖͓̗̖̻̹̻̜̞̞̞́ą̈́ͪ̃͛͊ͪͬ̅͆͐ͥ͑̚͟͟҉̘͖͖̣̰͕̺̮͔̰̖̗̱̱̮̕t̢͖̯͈͕̘̲͉̖͖̙̘͍̭̂ͮ͑̌͜͞e̵̿̒̓̾̄͞҉̢̭̩̟̦̹͙̣̙̗̹ ̷̧̡̩͚̥̱̗̝̜͍̪̝̳͆̐̓̎̏ͮ̔ͫͫ̆̄̂͆̂ͧ̏ͩ͗͟i̴̞̮̮̜͓̘͇̝̺̞͍̟̱̖ͮ̄ͥͬ͆̋͋͑͌̏́͆̿̒ͤͪ́́͜t̷̡̡̘͕͕̖͕̪͕͚͍͎̰̺̣̙̏̔̒̂̓̓̈̔̈́́͡.̸̧̨͙̳̥̟͊̈́͊͆̒̒͡
not +1 for glitches, +1 for building a service so rad ppl overwhelm your back end
No Problem, but there is another special bug, i have a comment of a friend of mine, of my first post i've erased, i can't ignore this notification, when i clic on ignore this post, it's says the post doesn't error with the server or something like that :)
hope it's helps
A bit hiccups but everything is looking great.. :)
I presume celebration time will be coming near for a official release of G+ ...
I am glad, that even you guys fall into these traps, from time to time. Don't worry, we all know thing like these do happen.
G+ still in testing and Google are limiting the participant so that the problem will not affect too many peoples... One good thing is the invitation button is back again... look like G+ are ready to accept more people in! Great!!
+Vic Gundotra I find this level of transparency with G+ issues and successes very refreshing. I appreciate keeping us in the loop. Thanks!
+Vic Gundotra , no need for apologies, we are al new testers and fans.. wanting to help Google+ in eradicating the kinks out, so I am SO pleased that you accepted it and am elated that we are going to be the best there is :)
No problem, this is a great product . Just what I have been waiting for.
I can't thank you enough.
You saved my day. I was already complaining that (thanks to google mail) I have almost no SPAM in my inbox any more. Not even the spammer seems to like me ;)
Just like we can view more comments is it possible to enable a view less comments after viewing a few comments? Or if the post is quite lengthy take me to a page where thats the only thing available?
I clicked on 443 (i think?) more comments and it expanded everything down and it took several page down's to reach the next post. You might want to give a collapse option or expand in batches.

OMG - it is now expanded no matter what i do. i have to scroll down this post even on my home screen (wall?).
Con los servidores que tenéis, que habéis hecho una partición de 1TB para instalar el google +
De verdad que me encanta google + pero lo de que no tengan previsto que se iba a saturar el nuevo invento, no me lo creo... Salu2
Good inverse marketing move: there is no better way to do publicity of G+ : we grow so fast! omg we have no disk space! let's all the blogs of the world talk about that.

You have a good marketing team, congratulations. G+ can crush Fb, just do the right moves.
glad its all back and running, add me to your circle if you like, always good to meet new people
no problem .. its testing stage
I have a couple 160 gig hard drives I could lend you guys :-)
thats it, i am going back to myspace. They are still around right?
No problem Vic. Just try avoid this + hater may use this and other lil thing again Google.
Where is -1 and when do you plan to implement?
G Ragib
Google+ rocks! Shit happens. That's life. Did Apple buy all the hard drives for their NC data centre?
Nick M
Vic, I'm not sure if you can comment but how much disk space was allocated for notifications when you ran out? Just curious...
No pasa nada Vic, funciona muy bien, no he encontrado problemas.
Esta muy buena la red social y la idea de los circulos es novedosa y útil. Saludos
Please get a google+ blog going!
There is a Indian saying....Having teething issues with anything early on helps it become robust later. So..this is perfectly fine!!
Nom Nom Nom... that spam was delicious.
It's all good because you guys are nice and responsible about all of this and address it pretty quickly too.
Anybody else having issues with uploading new photos?
wow!! google out of everyone running outta disk space.. now thats sumthing to talk abt G+ n popularity of it!!
hello, Vic, nice to see GOOGLE +. Plz add some more features like a bigger profile picture, more definitions for ones carrier and goals, wife, husband denominations under relationship, direct upload (selective) from other google sites like Picasa etc
Google can never do bad by me. I understand. keep doing what you do, we are loving google+, I am lovin just eliminates the whole noise in communication with circles. genius.
Google uses disk space!! I thought it would be some kind of magic pixie dust. Time to build a new Google+ data center on the moon for redundancy.
Thanks for your hard work. i can't wait for all my friends to be on here.
yeah, social networks work best when the friends can get on too.
Nice. Glad to see things expanding so quickly! I have very high hopes for G+. Now, hopefully this comment doesn't put you over the top again ... it IS a long thread after all ... ;-)
I appreciate being able to participate in this project. Thank you.
Sigan con su gran trabajo. A mi al menos no me afectó, aunque yo no sigo a tantas personas. Felicidades.
The system is great so far, it is awesome for keeping people organized, but seems to need an easier way to connect with just one person. Maybe have a chat button or a post button or an e-mail button on people's profile? Just a thought.
somebody here can help me to get "circules" ...por favor ?
Thanks for the notification, and please keep on posting those remarkable photographs.. ;)
Como puedo tener más información soy de argentina
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