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Amazing! Love technology. :)
So does these mean we can root and flash a new ROM on our car? And when when is the Google Nexus Vehicle line coming out, I would like to pre-order now!
... One question... How hackable is this car?
The thing I hate about this is that companies then get very lax with what constitutes a finished product because they can just push updates... I am much happier with a feature or two less if it means increased performance, better design and more stability.
I don't understand why cars don't just have a control system with full on OSes. Imagine a android powered control center. With speedometer/odometer widgets, music widgets etc. The possibilities would be endless. Seems like it wouldn't be to hard to do. Wonder what's stopping them.
I've been saying this for years!
And as a freedom fighter in the police state they can issue a "software patch" that has your self driving car take you right to the police station
+Nicholas Loomans Obviously it would need to be different than a phone version of android. Embedded on a chip? Cmos? I never really got a bsod or illegal operation on an android...
Puts on tin foil hat - does it come with CarrierIQ already installed.
This is either the coolest, or the scariest, thing I've heard all day. Maybe both.
Hmmm, imagine driving down a beautiful, steep hill somewhere and FORCE CLOSE!
Well not so long ago you used to plug the mclaren's in at night for software and maintenance scheduling, so it makes sense that wireless was on its way
When it comes to automotive reliability and affordability over time, complexity does not work in our favor ... it does, however, favor automotive dealerships, where the margin is found in service, not sales.

It remains to be seen how this works out for Tesla, as they attempt an end run around the dealership laws ...
OH! OH! (Like a kid who wants to share something with the classroom) +Vic Gundotra it would be amazing to incorporate Google Translate in Google+ to automatically translate comments and posts to your language!
If those things worry you, buy version 2.0.  I'll buy v 1.0.  It's just a difference in mindset.
+Vic Gundotra   So how long before we will all be able to "root" our cars?  Aftermarket software, plug ins, apps, widgets, performance tweaks?  It would be a slightly larger risk scuttling the warranty on a car than a phone I suppose.
Some cars can already be rooted, just not wirelessly. :)
+Serge Herve Meny Exactly. Too many times have I interrupted an update on some device and had the major headache of a softbrick. That being said, I can't wait for the custom Tesla roms :D
Hope they have the monitor to check how the upgrades are going on all the cars from the central console. 
Do they use some sort of Android beneath that UI?
I'd love to replace my Nissan's LEAF Windows OS with Jelly Bean ;)
+Vic Gundotra Never understood why Google didn't push Android directly into the cars. Nobody can do software (voice control for example) better than Google.
+Miguel Silva They rented out space in a store in a local mall and had a guy talking all about it. I asked the question if it used android or what, and he says it uses a proprietary system based off Linux, but not Android. He said that a couple guys that worked on iOS developed this.
Did anyone release an overclocking kernel for it yet, or at least debloat it?
Its losing '45' miles in range by going from 300 to 265? Who the hell edits their articles anymore? This is freaking grade school math, people!
+Michael Fulton thanks, I suspected about the Linux kernel (that's what makes sense for completely new hardware devices any way) and if it's well done it can be as good as Android (just for a while:), but they sure will lack the weight Google can give, as well as a giant ecosystem of developers. I think there is no way any single car company can make a new platform evolve as fast as Android is heading to now. For instance, any car could have a Nexus 7 in the dash without the need for higher price of the car (R&D as well as custom hardware), and expensive car systems will get obsolete faster then standard and successful devices.. I think car companies should agree on a docking system for tablets as soon as possible for out own benefit.
Anyway they should be benefiting already with Android's popularity because they are using nVidia Tegra CPU on Linux kernel, the same combination as most Android tablets, and nVidia have been paying attention and updating Linux drivers mainly for this reason ;)
Reminds me of Onstar. I'd be surprised if they couldn't flash the ecu given the amount of control they already have.
The 16GB model will start at $199k with a 2 year contract. The 32 GB model will start at $299k...
I'd love to have a Model S.

+Nicholas Loomans as opposed to the normal, everyday car companies that play loose with what constitutes a car because it's not a problem until the lawsuits and recalls start?
No thank you. Once you open your car up to the internet you're inviting all kinds of trouble. Imagine someone hacking in and telling a car to slam its brakes on while it's going 70 mph down the highway. Or telling your accelerator to stick......
I'm waiting 6 months for the longer one!
If automakers had brains would they be called " half-wits "?
I wonder what happens when an electric car - has it software crash - will the driver be responsible or the manufacturer responsible if the car hit/kill someone
That's a testla looks like a Lexus
+John Pham why is that a distinction that should be made of electric cars, non-electric cars also have complex computer/software systems.  
Did anyone catch the Musk interview Bloomberg last week? 
Oh yeah - and what about when some 15 year old kids hack into your car and drive you over a cliff or into a wall?
I think the government should give us better incentives like cash back or discounts . Than some bullshit HOV sticker!.. o by the way if I could afford a Tesla I would totally buy one ... the old story about they light on fire on there own doesn't scare me. Every product haves bugs and development problems
hope they haven't licensed an embedded version of iOS for stuff like navigation!
Nissan pushes database updates all the time out too the Leaf. Not as big as a complete system update. But still.....
Will W.
Had a chance to go to the DC store and see this car. It was amazing!!
+Ryan Leanna it looks like you are trolling, but in case you are not, fyi, thus car would sound exactly like a Prius.
+Johnny Love this car looks very much like my Nissan Maxima, More so like the Infiniti M!
+Christian Orpinell you would be surprised how many cars are controlled by computers these days. The Corvette has had a computer controlled throttle since 1997. Most cars with active handling and traction control are computer controlled.
It's big deal.
If this car was be made by Apple, the only manner to update it would be to buy a new car.
If the car was run on a (non-pure) Android OS (Motorola, HTC, Samsung), it would be upgraded one time each two years.
Does it void the warranty if you unlock it?
Sure, jailbreak your car while you're going 60.
Looks great now we can get updates on our car
No matter how cool it may be to interface with your car via WiFi, I'm still waiting for my hovering vehicle.
What if the upgrade comes as you are driving 75mph on the highway and it is for a bug in the braking system?
Dude, when will they make a car with anti-gravity feature? I want to go back to the future.
Love the gravity feature

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Little +1 sign on your Tesla roof
woah, just like computers, this is innovating!
This is bad, very bad. I say this in reference to video games which seemed to shipped without game breaking glitches up till the ps2. Look at how many patches have to be done to a single game since the ps3 and X360 came into the scene. Imagine a car that ships like skyrim....... About 10 or more patches later I still see ppl complaining...... All I see Is a excuse for car companies to slack off with their software.
Umm.. yeah. Because being constantly harassed with updates on both my work & home computers every. single. day. wasn't enough. Bad move Tesla. Why can't these simply be seamlessly invisible? If we got to stop what we're doing & manually accept an update, we're not going to do it. I can just see it now: "Tesla S-Type needs to restart to complete update.", & "Software update failed, unable to continue, please reboot & retry." Stuck.
hope Apple don't sue them for patent violation :) if you look hard enough, it resembles an iPhone!!
Rooters, Make sure you don't brick it.
This is exactly why the +Tesla Motors Model S will stay relevant for years into the future.
Will W.
While this is futuristic wishful thinking its not ready for the mass market yet. While there already some integration, such as Sync by Microsoft and I have heard of a droid based system on a production car being released soon? There is just too much operator error as it is. And just like it was said above: the customer would be stuck they attempted a self update while not following the proper procedure resulting in a tow to the dealership. Either way the vehicle will have to be serviced.
Was not it easier to update the both their cars manually?
"Please pull over while your vehicle reboots"
I ride an electric bike.  I thought it was too simple to screw up, and I've already had controller issues.  If it goes in something this likely to kill you, it can't have complicated software. 
If NASA can build Android powered satellites, why not an Android powered car?
Why is this the first? Toyota sent an OTA update to my vehicle months ago.
They better do this right or the car owners are not gonna be happy.
+George Sariego Android OS doesn't have a real time kernel and given the accuracy and reliability requirements required in vehicles a full blown OS would not be reliably fast enough to support most of the vehicles important functions like air bags, active stabilization etc. So it isn't a hardware issue so nearly as it is a software one.

The current plan by folks like ford is to add in a second computer for media/non critical stuff. Ford chose a form of embedded windows. Thing is though with the explosion of tablets it makes way more sense to just make a great car dock.
+Alex Witherspoon afaik Most of the realtime stuff is in the mainline linux kernel you just need to grab a few things and compile for android to be realtime . I agree they should allow you to use smartphone or tablet as onboard computer for music infotainment and other settings
Not being able to opt-out of updates? No thanks!
I want one. Time to start Savin for something new
If my driving experience or overall vehicle performance can continually be improved or buggy software can be fixed I'll take a car that can accept updates all day over one that can't! I'm going to be considering one of the Tesla suv's in 2013
i am beautiful and im proud of it now whoever read this statement is what we call the ugliest person on earth
We have been able to "root" cars for awhile now, just not wirelessly. A simple flash of the ECU in my car bumped TQ. by 100 Lb-Ft and 56 HP.
OTA in cars is highly critical for more than minor infotainment updates or drivers for new phones ... that can be done by inserting a USB stick as well. If anything goes wrong - you are grounded or worse.
The technology is cool but I'm not sure if I think this is awesome or not. 
Hopefully there software updates work better than iOS.
I think it's time to put wifi's in cars. You can use your home WIFI or your mobile phone to access the internet and updade. Google maps allow downloading the maps for offline use, so why not using it?
 fast and rapid improvement of the technology
Max O
go hummers go!
So like mobile phones, manufacturers will release them broken only to be fixed with a patch at a later date. Joy.
aww...please...i'll have to read a lot of blog pages of owners discussing the new updates in their "i have no clue of software" to decide wether to update or not...can't count how many times i regretted bad made updates on a device...
"The Model S has to be parked to perform the upgrade and Tesla says the software push should take around two hours to complete"

Never do the upgrade when you're in busy time.
Its coming, I remember hearing Bill Gates saying this 20 years ago. This is only the beginning.
Does it come with Google maps with voice recognition? That would be nice.
I knew that. And I'm sure that Google will be a big big player in this field.
Tesla rocks, SpaceX rocks, now just work on Paypal a bit...
Hopefully, unlike my computer, it does not download the patch while I am driving somewhere. Then I will have to restart the car and upon startup it will crash.
not sure i wanna use the excuse, sorry I am late.  My car wouldnt had updates.
I'm putting CyanogenMod on mine.
First of all people seem to have missed that the only new thing here is the wireless part. Currently it is instead done with a cable at the regular service intervals for most cars and brands. Secondly for some buses and trucks this has been done for a while at least and is coming more and more. First steps wireless in the workshop only but then also "anywhere" . First it was/is only for specific non-engine components or even just those already with their own communications systems (fleet mgmt, traffic monitoring etc) . ECU stuff haven't seen that outside of the workshop in practice (wifi or cable in there). No technical limit though. Stuff isn't exactly left to chance either. New sw is downloaded and stored separately and upgraded when verified, (automatically) reversible if not working etc. My day-job is developing some of that telematics...
OTA updates! Would be funny if it had to be pushed like carriers... Oh crap, I need to shut up or carriers will start invading the car manufacturing industry...
Vel Ma
So if you get the updates free of extra charge, what's the problem? Instead of dropping ten grand for a new model, you accept the sw update and know your car is going to be better at what it's doing.
If updating is as bad as my Android phone, I don't want to bother...
It doesn't matter. I won't be able to afford an ecologically sound car any time in the foreseeable future. Kind of like an iPad, I guess.
Well done Tesla! 

BTW: Volvo trucks is going to launch this OTA update feature for the new FH model in 2013
That'd be a pain. Imagine if you forgot to update.
As +Matthew Padgett was saying your car could be hacked against your will by the UN global government police.
The google Nexus car will be self driving. That's what Google is working on so very hard with cars.
It was really a matter of time till the auto industry realized the power of connectivity. They still have a long way to go but this is an important step in the right direction. I've thought for years that it's only a matter of time before smartphones dock into a console on your car and you suddenly have internet, entertainment, directions, voice controls, and connectivity at your fingertips. Of course now that sounds much more achievable as technology marches forward.

I've been a big fan of Tesla since their inception and this is just more proof of their forward thinking that puts them in a league all their own. I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next. Very exciting!
Sounds nice. I like my cars with no computers. Thanks.
No thanks. Trouble is that engines are now far too complicated, far too compact and the parts are far too expensive. Take me back to the good old days.
Disappointed. When I read the first words of the headline, Over the air, I hoped they were really living up to Tesla's dream of Power over the air.
"Over-the-air" should have been simply over-the-wireless network, but that would be less... umm... mysterious?
What? you mean, no lightning connector involved??? :)
This is so like a sci-fi.
Some day in the future all the comments here might seem so naive.

But the thought that my car might get hacked is so scary.
It is just that OTA shouds better than OTW.
Tesla is the unit of the electromagnet. That 's incredible to note. How soon will that in all cars?
I laughed at that comment: "We're laughing now, until they remove the reverse gear to reduce piracy."
please no more updates!!! If it ain't broke please don't try fix it, PLEASE!!!
+Grant Lanning you have been able to do that for a while. Look into hp tuners software. They also make custom os for Ford and gm.
This really isn't news, all 5 Tesla owners got a software update!
Imagine the horror... "Your onboard Satnav has been upgraded to iOS 6."
This car + Gentoo Linux = every ricers dream come true! Could optimize the code with -O31 and --funroll-loops for all! Recompile the kernel to optimize the system to be .0000000000005% better. Then we can under volt the kernel too! Then over clock the engine for more speed!

Wait... I'm all confused now... what were we working on?
Nick B.
Never mind the software updates - can you push me out an over-the-air oil change?
Will it reboot mid-task like Windows, if you don't press the "Later" button?
What happens if the software has a bug in it like Apple maps? 
Commercial jet engines are run by fancy computers called FADEC. Look it up.
Believe it or not, but a colleague of mine who worked in an engineering facility supporting a Soviet space exploration program told me that they used to deliver software patches to spacecrafts orbiting the Earth over a radio channel in late 1980s!
Yes they do but they don't have a gasoline engine to cause the problems
that they do , it more sophisticated, a real mechanics nightmare
Hope the new upgrade is compatible with my engine and transmission.
Hope the car system doesn't switch to auto-crash at some point...
+David Robertson Agreed. We still have a ways to go. Need effective super capacitors or the equivalent. Instantaneous charge anywhere. So there could be charge stations and range would not be a limitation. Weight would be greatly improved.
So a system crash could cause a real life crash...?
+Matt Barlow Of course, that could happen with computer failure on gas powered cars too. If the computer fails the engine stalls, the engine stalls and then the brakes and the steering don't work right. So not much is really changing. lol
What happens when there is is a problem with the patch? It happens to a lot of software updates these days. 
A virus that would lock all the doors and auto-drive to Disney World! That would be kinda cool. I can just see myself talking to my boss now "I'm sorry David. My car wants me to go to Disney World and I seem to have a virus and I can't stop it from taking me there"
That will be adventure web cruising 
Without the patch it might just crash u know! 
Can we RDP into a car now too? :-D
Cara ; dan bisakah berbagi untuk kesana
There will always be problems with new technology but..... I think my family would appreciate a car that drives itself. For some reason they don't think I'm a very good driver. What I would really like is a transportation system that you can schedule rides without it taking an hour and costing an arm and a leg. Less pollution, less garage space, less vehicle cost - but still have your freedom.
Vic, watch out.  This is iRobot written all over it.
I agree with mathew. Who wants a car to contoll your life and take you places youu dont want to go like "to the police station" lol
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