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Rehearsing for our Google+ update in the morning. I hope you can all join us and watch the live video stream!


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I'll be there....virtually. 
I'll be there. Surprise us, will ya? 
Ging De
Will it be a big update? I hope it will fix the performance problems I have been having...
B Powell
+Vic Gundotra can you give us something? Google has been trolling us for some time with the Nexus

Just a smidgen of an inkling of what we MIGHT expect...
I'll be at work when you go live. My shift will be excruciatingly slow, more so than usual. Thanks +Vic Gundotra !
woah...i saw the whole "can't sleep" tease +Vic Gundotra now I have my alarm set :D
Andy L
Beautiful set!
Peter Teoh
Tomorrow's announcement: FREE NEXUS 5 FOR ALL G+ USERS!!!!!!1!
The update will be "Google+ is now available on Android 4.4, Nexus 5, and Nexus 10 2013."
Clues, perhaps, in the set? Looks like it may have some location-based elements given the SanFran street names on the one prop.
A part of me wants an Android+nexus update. But oh well, I'll be listening via the video stream. Haha.

I hope SMS integration is finally coming to hangouts. 
I will be in class, but will have access to many of my devices. Already excited. This looks like to be a big event for Google+, I'm assuming we will see tons of updates. And who knows, Android 4.4 may fly in just like Sergey's Glass demo. 
More Photos goodies!!!!!
fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for y'all tomorrow
+Vic Gundotra I gotta be on the floor all day tomorrow. Any chance you can hold a Nexus 5 for me until I get off work! I'll owe you one!
Can you please announce the Nexus 5 along with the new Hangouts SMS integration?
My funds are ready, my case is ordered. I'm all good to go GOOGLE! Just waiting for you :-) 
Canadian mobile, WIND, launched a pre-registration page that has this slogan, ''Google Nexus 5. The smart, new phone made to capture the moments that matter''. Check the hashtag of this post, #momentsthatmatter
+Vic Gundotra . The last 10 minutes of the show he's going to say that's it guys. Oh wait one more . Expect the nexus 5 this Friday . That would be a dream come true 
looking forward to the stream.

i'll be watching live at 3:30Am on the 30th in Australia :)
It must be a big announcement. Good luck!
Tricky man that you are, +Vic Gundotra , why do I have this gut feeling that the whole scene will be different tomorrow? Will this so called "Google+ update" turn into something else? hmmm...  :)
Beijing Time is a few points ah? I want to wait to see 
+Vic Gundotra from one Vik to another, best of luck tomorrow. Break a leg :) looking forward to it!
That laptop of the image is a "mac? Sorry, I can't see it correctly.
To arrange an exclusive event of Google+, must come great news.
In my region is just in time for the break, so I'll be there.
I just checked my calendar and saw this event... It says that the event will start at 4:30 pm UK time and I'll end at 6:30... 2 hours of Google plus? Really? 
My mind is ready even though I work at that time. 
This event is going off at 3am for me. Luckily the Rugby League World Cup is happening in the Northern Hemisphere also, so I'll have two reasons to stay up.
Nothing to see here. . . keep moving.   Whatever it is that +Vic Gundotra will present, the carriers will ruin the joy of getting it.  
+David Dzado Good catch! Probably just some more Google trolling but my fingers are crossed and f5 button ready to be mashed. 
The return of Creative Kit, with more Halloween effects?
We have renamed Android and Chrome to Google+. Everyone will now run Google+ on their smart phones, laptops, cars, and smart implants.
'Crooked St
North Beach
Fisherman’s Wharf
...Left Lane'
What can it mean?!
I will be there, I just hope that one of the new features will be adding a picture to a post. I hate talking about the same topic and not able to add a picture unless you start a new post.
This has got to be the Nexus 5/Kit Kat event right? They can't have a Play Store event, Google+ event, and Android/hardware event this close together...
Not a fan of the macbook on the podium :*(
All the phones are in the shipping containers in San Fran harbor. !!!!
I think add a feature Statistics to Google+ Pages
I'm camped in front of my Chrome Book waiting in anticipation!
Yeah what's with the apple product. I hate ianything
My guess is that at least part of the event will involve a Latitude replacement. +Google removed Latitude from Maps for a reason and I'm pretty sure it wasn't just to make Latitude users mad. I think an even more robust replacement applet will show up in +Google+.
Google buying facebook and merging with G+
I hope they get rid of the blue nag bars on mobile.....
+Corey Foltman What do you expect? Google's a very Apple dependent company in terms of computers. Its all either OSX or Linux. 
Come on there's gotta some kinda catch, surprise Android+Nexus announcement at the end?
Hopefully this update doesn't erase more contacts and basically render a social site useless when you can't socially connect with others.
what time is this update?? I would like to watch it.
Vic, since I'm a Google ION, any chance you can pull a few strings for Google Glass invites? I had allot of interest from my geek friends (Engineers from various technology backgrounds). I'll see you again at the next Google IO. Sorry for stealing pillows each year ;)
Why do I have a feeling the mic guy is like " if you screw this up...."
Sean S
Wow.  I didn't realize you guys were going to go all out with a stage set up like this.   Must be something big.
Please let it be the Nexus 5. I want to throw my money at you Google, but you won't let me!!
I love #GooglePlus  but I really hope there will be  a fix for the miss counting and double counting of the number of people one has circled. A black eye for a great product.............................
Please, no more updates. Serious bugfixing and source code revising, please!
Sounds like a big G+ update.. Hmm I would not be surprised If they add more tools for communities like the -1 button, Google+'s weak spot is communities(Need a lot of work, most of the posts are shit). Hangouts SMS integration I can see that happening, Google now for Chrome sounds too good to be true but one can only hope. Hopefully my predictions are acurate :D im really hoping for a +1/-1 rating system whatever.. Like on imgur.
I'd like a plain a simple fix for content that simply disappears from my Favourites circle, the place where I share (for myself only) interesting posts. This has been broken for many months. It's the circle I use to excite and interest students in the possibilities offered by G+. What use is it if posts older than six months simply don't remain in the circle?
I wouldn't be surprised if we actually see some sort of mention of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 - maybe even release/availability dates.

With all the rumours and leaks floating around, Google knows everyone is watching and waiting closely for the news. They would only need to mention it at this event by surprise and it would spread to the entire globe. 

Who knows - maybe Google+ has been embedded quite deeply into Android 4.4 now. Everyone is expecting just G+ news but it could go much deeper.  
Hope this is a stepping stone to the KitKat announcement, and possibly integrates Voice SMS/MMS into the Hangouts web client? 
getting up early here in Australia I guess :-) 
Dang Vic, that looks big. Nexus 5 I hope :3
+Vic Gundotra I can't wait.. Going to get a glass invite.. And it is my birthday tomorrow...
Ready and waiting to see what kind of treats you guys have in store for us. Give me a break? :)
This is interesting. What could that next big thing be that is coming to G+.. What could be that big that it calls for a live announcement? I hope there's also a big "a propos"... like "btw. ... we are also releasing a complete set of APIs for G+"
It's just few hours, getting exciting!
Like others have said, I would love to see Hangouts SMS/MMS integration. However, bring Google Voice into the fold. The service is invaluable, but the app (both the Chrome and Android apps) leave a lot to be desired!
There are 6 features I'd really like to see in Google+, namely (1) gif support in hangouts (2) video messaging in hangouts (3) voice calling in hangouts (4) a "shared with me" section for albums in Google+ (5) the return of the auto backups section on Google+ for android (6) fixed Mr jingles
Please tell me it's about Nexus 5. Give unpredictability a shot!
Just a little under 12 hours from now
What time? YouTube google developers channel?
I was considering sleeping tonight as the event starts at 3 am local time.

However, seeing the big fancy stage, with rehearsals in place, makes me think there is something lot bigger happening than the standard round of #googleplusupdate  
+Chris Jackson The event is at 9.30 Pacific standard time. The link to the video has yet to be released. Only a Google+ event invite has been sent to the public at this point.
+Hayden Coonan How's parenthood going? You may be up at 3am anyway... :P

With both Nexus 4 and 7 sitting in the draw with broken screens, I am starting to run thin on Android devices.... so Nexus 5 launch needs to happen sooner rather than later.
+Darko Bogdanovic - as a first contact with the Nexus devices this is pretty good.. The lack of bloatware is pretty cool too! Definitely would consider a 5 for my next device.. 
So you guys are pulling the camera off Android and putting it on Google+?  
Can't come cause I will be following latest nexus 5 rumors on internet!
Hangouts is my favorite way to communicate, thanks!
so they using an apple computer....okay
It must be awesome to be you guys. 
I'll blame my bad training because of this :).. Because I cannt help my self focus on training to watch this.
Greate works +Google+ team
Thanks. I'll be there virtually. Perfect timing btw. I'm off duty this week so I've time to watch. See you +Vic Gundotra 
+Vic Gundotra what i need to do to not miss it will it be on youtube or like hangout thing or will you post link to stream here?
Ewen Chou
Everyone thinks this is not the Nexus 5 / KitKat announcement because it is a Google+ event.... But what if the big announcement is the rumored new Google Android launcher in 4.4? And it is fully integrated with Google+ (think Facebook Home but better)?

"Capture the epic and everyday in a whole new way" (paraphrased)...

Seems to hint at a new way for us to capture important moments... maybe via new Google+ integrations baked right into the new launcher in 4.4!

Also remember the new Android APIs that let you set the default SMS handler... maybe because the new Google+ launcher will take over phone's sms functionality with Hangouts.

Could this be what will be announced tomorrow? Or maybe I'm just way too anxious to get the Nexus 5 tomorrow heh =D

+Vic Gundotra Whatever you're announcing today. Please, make sure that invitations display the event's time in the user's own time zone. At least in the forwarded invitations in the Android app I can only find "9:30 Nordamerikanische Westküsten-Normalzeit" which doesn't help me a lot in Germany. On another note, while I could see that there are comments on the invitation you forwarded I could not read them on Android and I couldn't find a way to comment it myself.
When exactly will the live-stream start? in which timezone?

Edit saw +Zain Ajam's post, it's 9.30 Pacific standard time - thanks!
If you confirm the event it will appear in googles calendar and ill place itself at the right time +Felix Homann 
no one trolls about the  mac on the table?
+Vic Gundotra I love to hear you speak on stage....if there is one person on earth that knows how to deliver a story its you! But a big live stream for G+ only??? I find that hard to believe! :)
You know exactly what everybody wants to see ;) 
Timo Ta
Launch KitKat please!! ;) and my next phone, the Nexus 5
Check the post Vic shared yesterday. There is an event invitation which you should be able to confirm +Felix Homann 
Make sure it comes to t mobile
+Petra Breunig The invitation +Vic Gundotra shared yesterday is exactly the one I've been referencing. On Android it says "9:30 Nordamerikanische Westküsten-Normalzeit". I don't know what that equates to in my timezone (Germany) and I am too lazy to google it ;-)
So I had to confirm the invitation without knowing when the event starts just to find out when the event starts? That's possible, sure. But it's not a sane user experience.
+Daniel Genovés Borrella Thats the irony, Google loves Apple so much they even use their products. It's Apple vs. Google, not Google vs. Apple lol ;)
Gotta love Google for their trolling.
Are you using a Mac for the presentation??? Are you crazy???
My highest hopes is that the meebo acquisition they did last year gets build into hangouts so we can talk to other social networks. I hope there will be a straw-poll feature for tallying votes to posted questions. And simply, sub folders to organise photo albums because it feels like a sea that badly needs vessels. Oh and better feed separation, reshares from actual posts, comment discussion feed and finally the youtube integration. Thanks +Vic Gundotra 
It's my timezone too +Felix Homann :-)
Well, that's right. But I don't mind - if it doesn't fit for me, I delete it.
So, what day and what time is this going to commence?
MacBook behind Google+ event... dafuq
I saw some new changes on user interface here in G+ using desktop, is that the update? is it started? :-)
I am hoping for Schemer integration into Google+ Events and a way to schedule events and hangouts more easily, like 
I just want pinned posts in communities
Google+ presented from a mac not chromebook
Where can we see it, and what time is it? 
Google+ taking the place of Reader, finally? With businesses managing their pages as they used to manage their feeds, plus accessing G+ Analytics (facebook-like) & allowing people to comment on the G+ stream. And Blogger-type integration on the pages' main website (disqus-like). With "mark as read". Available on Nexus 5, 10 and Google Watch :).
G+ is so much better than facebook. Unlike facebook, It has no ads (and coming from a company that relies heavily on ads!) no arbitrary user deletions, no strict limits. Moreover, it has so many features that are absent from facebook and a much better page layout.
My suggestions for the G+ of the future are these: 1) HD Hangouts with more than 20 people on them. Optionally 3D HD Hangouts. Private (and not only public!) recording of these hangouts. Better effects that can alter voice and not only our images 2) Word processing capabilities when posting or editing text 3) Video processing capabilities at least on par or better than youtube and deeper integration of youtube with G+ 4) Different styles of appearance like those that exist on Gmail 5) Subcircles. Useful if you want to categorize a circle inside a larger circle and treat it differently 6)Promotion of open source, open hardware and open science through a distinct label. (like G+ Open) 7)Resurrection of some defunct Google services like Google reader through G+ in a clever way 8)Tools for programmers and integration with Google code (also in a clever way that will not frighten the average non programmer user) 9) A blog label that will import and export blogging posts from wordpress or blogspot 10)Smart statistics of usage based on many factors (time, ways of use, kinds of interactions etc), symbolic  rewards and a straightforward diary template 11) Internal tabs that will enhance the functionality of G+ (Right now tabs exist only when you want to see your different circles. Just expand this functionality throughout the whole G+) 12) Deeper customization in every level to the point of personalization. 13) Integration with and raising the social responsibility towards the world social problems (poverty, wars, state oppression, pollution, waste, blind violence, racism, sexism etc)
Anyway, G+ is evolving rapidly and nicely and I am looking forward for the new changes that you will announce today!
I hope that someday G+ will annihilate facebook and unlike facebook it will make world a better place for all...
Free nexus5s to active first generation G+ ppl...I don't mind that one lol
Dunno but I'm getting some crashes with Chrome this morning. Probably unrelated though, too early on the west coast.
Please integrate  the old Google Reader (or Google NOW) into Google+...
I totally drank the kool aid where Google is concerned but I keep my fingers crossed that with the multitude of platforms, services, and apps, that they have in which the ad saturation is about at maximum density that with one (just one!) service, ads will be optional or absent. Wishful thinking or not how, much ad money do you guys really need?!

Isn't it conceivable that with one blissfully ad free space more users would jump on the G-train?

I loath ads and in every instance of ad add ons I have deleted my account.
Could you bring +Google+ to the Windows Store as a live tile for Surface? The Google app works, but I'd really like G+ (and the other apps!) to be separate.

I will hold my eyes open so I don't miss anything!
Hey Vic I'm trying to comment on that GTR is not let in me can you help with that thanks
I think its something more than just g+ update. Has to do with new hangouts and helpouts and kitkat.
I have never seen this big a tease for a g+ only update from Vic before :)
I am deactivating my google+ account if you don't release the nexus 5 at some point today.
That should be a #Pixel   up there on that stage, not a MacBook. Come on, guys!
Putting it on my calendar as we speak
+Gabriel Ortiz , you must have an unlimited data plan that allows you to do hangouts at any time, anywhere; and you can view and post pictures and videos any time, anywhere.  Good for you.
I thiink it will be the android 4.4 relase date..and several updats for gopgle plus and hope that event will be about this
I'm in Vancouver Washington where can I find the LIVE STREAM and what time, Pacific Standard Time please. THANKX +Vic Gundotra 
Man its hard waiting for ........i don't know......something awesome.
if there is no nexus 5..its not interessting enaugh
sunny b
Finally they will unveil the all knowing HAL a.k.a Google,  who has turned EVIL ;) ...
They're going to announce how GMail and G+ are merging together! You'll find your Inbox buried in the Communities menu, and you'll have to circle everybody you want to e-mail.
I'm thinking today's the day the mystery of the gigantic barge in the Bay Area is revealed.
+Travis Blair if you use Chrome, you should have a new app launcher in your task bar, next to the start button (assuming you've upgraded to 8.1). In regards to seeing more Google apps in the window store... I think MS is the one "blocking" that. 
+Vic Gundotra if you guys are gonna unveil anything to do with Google+ photos PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be support for sub-albums. I'm not really interested in any other photo features. As it is I've been asking for this since Google+ first added photo support. I'm on the cusp of moving all my pictures back to Flickr because I just can't organize my pictures on Google+ the way I want to.
The stage, on the picture of this post, does not seem suited to the presentation of Nexus 5. We must be content to watch only news on google+
Hey +Vic Gundotra, the Google+ page for the event isn't loading. I guess it's being hammered. Error 500.
Yep, we're getting nothing on the event page. Mostly doesn't load, but when it does, there's no sign of a video.
There won't be a Nexus 5 today, Google Press speaker from germany made a posting on g+
Yeah down for me too: 500 error
no link, error pages...well done and communicated
Must a VERY BIG UPDATE if both u and Sundar Pichai will take part. Maybe a G+ update event laced with N5's with some KitKat on top. With HOPE, anything is possible...
Some of you people do understand that Android is a different product then Google+, right?
+Brian D Most, if not all, of us do, yes. But Google+ is also seemingly the backbone of nearly EVERYTHING Google is doing. It's the backbone of Hangouts, which also appears to be getting a massive overhaul with KitKat. It's not remotely infeasible that they could use the Google+ refreshes to demonstrate how they impacted the design of KitKat.
Sigh... Excellent event +Vic Gundotra , we are psyched. I do think Google needs to do a better job of explaining branding for dummies though... People seem to think that Google+ and Android are the same thing.
Seem to be interesting and exiting just sign me in....
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