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Google+ grows 43% in June – reaches 31,9 million unique visitors in the US, new numbers from Compete shows

The June social network traffic numbers from Compete are now available, and confirms that Google+ had a huge visitor and traffic increase in June. This month Google+ had 31,9 million visitors to it's site, compared to 22,3 million visitors in May, an increase of 43,1%.

Has gained 14,2 million visitors in 2012
Since the year started, Google+ has gained 14,2 million visitors, from 17,6 million visitors in December to 31,9 million visitors in June.
For the first time, according to Compete statistics, Google+ is now larger than Linkedin, who had 24,6 million visitors in June. Linkedin had a 6,5% decrease in visitors in June compared to May.

The Social Networks
These are the social network numbers (in million visitors) for June, including the percentage change compared to May.
Facebook 158,6 (+1,0%)
YouTube 153,8 (+0,75%)
Twitter 42,6 (+0,9%)
Google+ 31,9 (+43,1%)
Linkedin 24,6 (-6,5%)
MySpace 21,9 (-8,0%)
Tumblr 21,6 (+0,1%)
Pinterest 19,4 (+0,4%)

Over 100 million worldwide visitors from desktop only?
The Compete numbers are US only and desktop only. If US still representents about 30% of the Google+ global community, as earlier statistics have shown, Google+ now has more than 100 million worldwide visitors via desktops each month.
During the Google I/O Conference in June, Google’s +Vic Gundotra announced that the Google+ mobile traffic is now larger than the desktop traffic. Gundotra also announced that Google+ has 250 million accounts, 150 million active users during a month and 75 million active daily users.
The June statistics from Compete seems to confirm the published figures from Google.

Hitwise visit numbers also confirms the growth
Also according to Experian Hitwise, Google+ had a great June.
According to Experian Hitwise Google+ had 0,85% of the visits to US social networks in June, compared to 0,63% in May.
While the Compete statistics records unique visitors, Experian Hitwise numbers record uniqe visits. Experian Hitwise numbers are also US only and desktop only.

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Ghost town? No of course not!
M Rai
+Vic Gundotra Sorry to hijack but why can't I search Google+ on the new iPad app? 
But, but... we should not call it a social network. ;) Great numbers!
That's how our little "Ghosttown [not!]" is supposed to grow. :-)
Mind that this is during summer, where general traffic to social networks usually go down quite a bit. Impressive +Vic Gundotra
A whole lot of ghosts in this town :)
Boo, ghost town. Casper and Beetlejuice just added me to their circles.
The cool about this ghost town is ghosts always have something good to share. Unlike another place (fb) where zombie apocalypse took place. There, zombies keep saying "brains!" because theirs don't work anymore. ;-)
Nice stats, still a long way to go! Mobile app is a killer, I love using it.
Interesting numbers... Good to see people flocking to G+. It's hard for me to consider YouTube a social network, however. (Although I realize some people try to use it that way. Annoying people, that is.) #goodbyefacebook #hellogoogleplus
The overall experience in G+ is very pleasant. The people also make a huge difference. G+ has a lot of high quality, engaging content and it allows for richer, more interactive posting.

The interface revamp a few weeks back was great but there is still some grounds to cover; I'm happy with the way it's going though!
This is a platform that invites single identity with multiple outward facing aspects. As such, it's a feature rich environment for businesses and interest groups. I love you mom, but I've seen enough of your new cyprus tree, I'm going to move you to my Be Quiet circle. No harm, no foul, and it's easy to check and make sure the sheriff still hasn't passed away.
+Vic Gundotra The Google+ "Ghost Town" reminds me of the fairy nightclub in True Blood (what a great name for a club) ... hidden away from those who can't or won't look, enthralling and exhausting activity around the clock, and something interesting always happening just around the next corner, plus whatever's occurring on the main stage.
Now if only the keyboard worked the same in Google products as in all other websites. Sure would be nice to be able to use pageup/pagedown, arrows, home, etc. again.
Still less than 1% of visits, though: let's not get ahead of ourselves...
Good, be glad to see FB die someday! 
That's great news! I can help. I am hoping to help send hundreds of thousands of college students to Google+. You can't have a fun party without the college students!
Greg M
+M Rai Same with inability to edit any of your posts via the G+ app on iPad.
The hox and the s3 are major contributors I think. Just setting up those things for the first time encourages setting up a google username -which pretty much equates to a new g+ user wether they use it or not. 
If MS ran G+, they'd have shuttered it after the first dip.
Congratulation to Google + team.
This platform keeps growing and new features keep coming.
I love Google+ and I use it on daily basis.
Congrats +Vic Gundotra & +Google+ team! What a great news for Google+. First you received the best ratings in Customer Satisfaction among social networks and now G+ is fastest growing social network - Wow!! Now If you implement the embedded translations including mobile and a universal commenting system you'll see even more people flooding here.
I find this to be the best social network for me. The only other one I actively use it Twitter.
Where's all of the comments??
I think great mobile apps are the key to your success! 
The less noise content has always driven me to use +Google+ what about?
I hope with growth G+ can retain its unique atmosphere. I don't care about the quantity it us the quality of posts and conversations that keep me here.
Switching over to g+ full time... Now that the mobile app is available...which btw works seamlessly ..unlike fb which is still # 1 but still can't get their mobile app to function after multiple updates ...
This is definitely something for the Google+ is dead folks to chew on. I imagine it will probably taste something like their foot. 
Figure says Google+ needs more integration with YouTube..!
Google "Zerg Rush" if bored!
oooo ! that's good but if it becomes sth like facebook (:-&) , i will definitly quit it .
a year of disciplined improvement has made G+ the best social service ever. Well done!
Love Google+ and all that it is!  Wish more people would give it a try.  The integration and UI are awesome.
Keep it up +Vic Gundotra . I feel we are on the cusp of critical mass. I just need a few more friends to join to get the rest involved. (Btw the photo sharing features in G+ events snagged a few, great stuff)
Tighter integration with youtube will take it past facebook!
Mark Ng
To be honest the mobile app is the only reason i even use G+. Its just such a joy to use. The desktop version isn't too great in comparison.
Congratulations +Vic Gundotra ; but I so want to be able go ( show ) invisible/online/offline to a particular individual in my Chat List. Thanks a lot for every thing. :)
That's what happens when you do,the right thing towards people the gods help you 
Must be because of that new Band Stars game ;-)
Google+ has gained traction by constantly improving UI, which distinguishes itself from other social networks. I love it!
Go go go G+! 6__^ BTW, congrats on the new iPad app, so sexy and smooth! I bet that would just increase the already high mobile use :)
I was willing to give it a shot after watching GOOGLE I/O. G+ events is a brilliant idea and I find myself using it quite a lot. Everyone I've showed it to has said "facebook doesn't have that cool feature". Also, the timely release of updates to the Google+ ios apps probably contributed to more usage. Now that I've finally gotten my hands on a nexus7 I only expect my Google+ usage to increase
Was the conversion of google maps/places to google+ pages part of these stats?
It seems Google Plus has hit puberty...
I would agree, lots of tweens appearing lately. That's when you KNOW its cool.. Why couldn't they have made the minimum age 18? Or maybe 25?
congratulations! Google is always the best in my mind, I stand by you.
congrats! and the best is yet to come!
I use G+ mobile app like crazy too, way more than my desktop. 
+brian thomaston
I wasn't talking about teens. I was talking about it's general growth.
And teens being on Google Plus isn't necessarily a bad thing. The minimum age was 18 but that later changed. Age limits doesn't stop people from lying.
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