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Very very funny must be android convert from iPhone
B David
My only issue is there aren't a lot of vendors implementing the greatness that is Google Wallet. Yea all your McDonalds do...but that's about it. A lot of locations that claim to use NFC either don't or have gotten rid of it. At least in my city. I would love to see a group (like the maps team) go out and get these businesses on board (yes I'll take the job :)). Grocery stores and even banks. Man I'd love to be able to withdrawal money using Google wallet.
Love how this is going to play out. Watch how VZW will waste a ton of money to make this work.
When are y'all going to start taking more of a stand when it comes to carriers and timely updates for us that bleed android
Really this has to stop, I'm in California and att isis isn't available here, and they wont even give me the option to use Google wallet 
I will self indulgently go off topic and talk about how wonderful it is that the Chrome browser automatically translated a web page from Dutch to English, allowing my boyfriend to easily purchase tickets to a concert in Brugge, Belgium. Luckily, as there were only 12 seats left, and I would have been heartbroken to miss this show while we are in Europe.
VZW might waste money but im sure the big card carriers are behind it anyway.  Visa, MC, amex, and discover is all I ever see and im sure they want to keep it that way
Verizon ruined my pure Google experience on the Galaxy Nexus, now I'm enjoying the RAZR M
+Brad Powell: Normally, that'd be an issue for Isis, too, but I suspect they'll find a way to strong-arm support for it (and not Google Wallet) into brick-and-mortars.
B David
Hasnt Verizon/Isis been reported? I hope something positive comes from that..I long the day I return too Europe where carrier interference is practically nonexistent
I'm in a test market for Isis and I love it... because there are A LOT more terminals now where I can use Google wallet with my unlocked Nexus 4! (All the Isis terminals I've seen work with PayPass/Google Wallet.) Stick it to the man!
I'm glad to see this get attention. It is wrong of Verizon for what they are doing. Android is about having choices.
I wrote a mobile app for the Palm Pre once. 99 cent download, what it did complete with screen shots were clearly laid out in the details yet on the 2nd day someone gave me a 1 star rating complaining that it didn't have some feature they wanted. Pretty much ruined my mobile development experience.
I have a galaxy nexus with NFC but can't use Google Wallet because Verizon won't allow it and I can't use ISIS because... i dont know why. Guess Verizon is both oppressive and incompetent. #VerizonFail
Clay Shaw
I rooted my Gnex specifically so I could install Google Wallet.
Wallet's functional on my VZW Galaxy Nexus. Another reason custom ROMs are very important to me. 
Glad it snowed here the other day. Isis is going to need some ice after that burn, +Vic Gundotra 
Google wallet really needs to be rolled out to other countries sooner.
I've got a rooted Verizon GNexus running the JellyBelly rom with Google Wallet. After my contract is up, I'm off Verizon and onto Ting.
I deeply regret ever getting an +HTC One X on +AT&T I am sick of waiting for Jellybean. I will only ever buy stock +Nexus in the future. Carriers doing what they want is beyond a joke now. 
Verizon will waste millions to figure out they shouldn't be in that business. Stick to your core VZ. 
Is that what they held out for? LOL
I was looking to download google wallet til I found out T-Mobile doesnt support it on the Galaxy S 3. I'm deeply integrated into Google that I would like to have the choice to use Google Wallet and not this Isis app.
+David Timothy I can't wait until they have "Isis" nfc readers in Verizon stores so I can go there, buy a cheap cover for my s3, and then use the Google Wallet I hacked into my vzw phone to pay for it. 
Verizon will go the way of Apple if they keep it up...
I purchased my Galaxy Nexus carrier-free from an importer store named Kogan's in Australia (before Google Play sold 'em on the website) and honestly, I couldn't go back to anything other than stock Android. Sure I can't use Google Wallet but I don't have to deal with carriers and manufacturers "working hard" to put a useless feature on my phone, such as Samsung's own App Store that features an extra 2-3 registration screens on first boot.

What sucks is, people will buy a new phone with a different Android "experience" on it, then dislike Android because of a lack of manufacturer / carrier unity or "missing features".

In this case, Apple have it spot on -- an iOS device is an iOS device no matter what generation product you have. But we all know they're like the schoolyard bullies playing keep-away: "Want the iPhone? Do ya? huh? Well don't touch the software and you can have it back!"
I canceled VZW due to their consistent delay on Android updates. Much happier with T-Mobile and my Nexus 4.
Serves them right. Now the FCC needs to fine them (substantially) for their blatantly anti-competitive behavior. 
Theres always a right way and the Verizon way.
Take aways:

Buy an unlocked phone from a third party.

Negotiate for a plan discount.

VZ pushes bloatware any way that they can - even during DSL initial configuration. Fortunately, they can't push to a Linux box. Their service [I use the term loosely] rep claimed that I could not set up my DSL from Linux. When I told her that A) she could tell it to the Public Service Commission, and.B) I probably could set up the service by hand, but wouldn't answer for any resulting havoc, they connected me to a nice Level II support tech who walked me through the procedure.
I really hope Google Wallet partners with Octopus here in Hong Kong. Octopus has been the overwhelming leader here in wireless payments here for a decade, with almost 100% of the public using the service regularly instead of cash.

Get Google wallet integration (so we can use our phones for public transport and store payments and use our Octopus balance for Play Store purchases) and you have an instant hit.
+Chris Johnson
They might be obligated to for many reasons including pre-existing carrier contracts. Don't assume they can just flip a switch and make it work without serious legal or contractual ramifications.
Why would VZW try to compete with Google on technology?!  What happened to allowing fair competition and let the consumer decide what they want.  I want Google Wallet on my Google Nexus!
Please vote with your wallet.  Stop giving Verizon any more your money.
Reddit was in an uproar about this the past few days. There was a mass FCC complaint flood just from them. Hopefully it will get their attention.
The pure android experience argument is getting old. Google Wallet is nice. However, Google can not be allowed to monopolize the mobile payment market. At some point Google needs to not participate in some ventures. You can't be in control of the OS and the mobile payments and the mapping software. Googles free software is actually hurting competition. Once Google kills its competition with free stuff, it can start to monetize and monopolize. Who cares what wallet syste, it is. If it stores credit card accounts and enables them at NFC terminals, who cares what company puts out the app.

Ask yourself this. Why is Google interested in Google wallet success? How do they profit from it. 
POS i hate verizon, I dont cancel the contract because I am not an idiot but I am done with them,
+Anthony Tordillos - Verizon laughs at fines. Rescinding their Upper C Block license (since they are ignoring the Open Network provisions) would get their attention...
Andy P
Does anyone even read user reviews or check the rating for apps. I know I don't. 
i always read the reviews before getting
an app or anthing else i buy of the internet
Andy P
If I'm buying an electronic device or booking a hotel then ill check out opinions of other purchasers or visitors. But not a dollar app. if I'd taken the reviews for dome of my favorite apps seriously I'd have missed out on some great ones.
Only available in the US though :( The UK has paypass all over the place as well :(
Matt S
Here in UK . McDonald, KFC , Starbucks, Costa, asda (not sure about that one but terminals are the same) I think shell started to implement NFC, and loads of smaller retailers in town centre (Derby) +Vic Gundotra please put your act together and expand it to UK. My town is like 100k ppl and I could easily use wallet in every other shop I go to. I don't want to mention places like London.
They have even started to accept NFC payments on buses!!! (there is 8million ppl using TFL a day)
Here in UK every third phone has NFC (would be every other but there is iPhone) its only business for Google 
Serves them right.
Here in the UK we have neither App - wish Wallet was available.
Contactless payments have been rolled out. NFC phones are about. Just need this large piece of the puzzle and some cooperation from the banks and carriers. Just!!
I call douchbaggery on VZW for this.
...But at least Google can deliver the ads, yeah they're awesome at that. I get ads every day telling me about all sorts of stuff I CAN'T BUY on Google Play. Because Google - that knows so much about me, about searching, about advertising, about crunching numbers and sorting data - are completely unable to sort that out. The play store must be run by some sort of outsourced children trying to learn how to stand and walk while the competition stands on the side-lines laughing at the freakshow.
Another junk app from Verizon. They shouldn't be able to put this out the without allowing Google Wallet.
Considering I've been sitting for 10 weeks waiting on a response from Google Wallet support on a Google Nexus branded phone, I'd gladly welcome ISIS if their support is better (can't possibly be any worse). 

Consumers don't care HOW the tech works but they do care that it DOES work. And when you're dealing with people's money, 10 weeks of waiting for an "escalated" ticket to get resolved on a Google branded app for a Google branded phone isn't going to win over a lot of people.

Fix your obvious customer service problem and everything else will fall into place. (And no, I'm not on Verizon. I'm on a Wallet supported GSM network). 
I seriously considered downloading the app just so I could review it badly and then uninstall it. But that feels like walking with muddy boots over Google's white carpet just to upset their guest. Still, love the idea. Still, doubt they care.
Just installed Isis on my brand new Galaxy Note II.  My phone was unsupported.  Really?  And come to find out that it's the telecoms as far as the reason why I don't have Google wallet enabled on my phone. 
Doesn't work on rooted phones? What a joke. I'm glad that I just use my Thunderbolt as a MiFi for my N7.
Google Wallet on Sprint, no problem at all.
B David
Google wallet will work at any paypass location.... I've used it (well touched my phone to it-didnt buy anything) on paypass pads in McDonalds and Walgreens. Both locations my phone awoke and prompted me for my pin.
verizon is anti-competitive and blocks competitors apps illegally 
Oh... Yes..

Thanks for sharing hahaha. 
And yet, Google chose to launch the Galaxy Nexus as a VZW exclusive in the US. And there's still the yakju/takju crap...
It's launch was Verizon exclusive, it went to other carriers later on.
+Richard Faraci  I guess I don't remember that, I would think that if that had happened it was probably just because the phone was ready before the GSM version. Nah I take that back
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