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Yes, I'll admit it. I cried during the first part of this film.

I watched it with my children. I'm not sure you could even hear any breathing during this film.

We are all connected. We can act. Please watch.
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It's pretty incredible...
It was my young son who insisted I watch this and share it on Google ... very moving.
We are all connected and we will succeed. Our only goal should be to make the world a better place for all our children.. Thank goodness, (and thanks to G+ and other social media platforms) we now have the tools to get organized. Thank you for using your influence to spread the message.
Before you donate, please do your own research. Ask yourself - is this group I'm about to give money to likely to have an impact? That's my simple criteria.
We can also donate to doctors that care for the people and infrastructure that allows people to be secure in their lives. Giving to a hype machine that largely seeks to capture a warlord in hiding doesn't help the with the underlying causes of such instability, and it may potentially being supporting a military that is also cruel to the people.

Besides, there's no shortage of warlords around. Do we really want to be world police just because a trendy video that tugs on our heartstrings says so? The use of propaganda techniques in the video is masterful.
it toke me nine minuets to think we should help people we can help here rather than somewhere we can't help. do the best you can to help a person around you and maybe that will fill that whole that made you cry in the first place.
The cause and the emotion and the viral awareness is phenomenal. But has anyone looked into the charity behind this? How well run are they - their board, their finances? Is supporting the Ugandan military a good thing? Can the awareness backfire and help the evil man Joseph Kony more than it could hurt him?
The Invisible Children group responsible for the video have critics. They don't steward money donated to them well, but I'm not suggesting that we donate money to the group behind the video. I'm suggesting we end the needless slaughter of human life.

Arguing the merits of intervention in Uganda ignores the larger issue in that these issues are constantly ignored until they are in the past and they can safely by criticized without bearing the responsibility of taking action.

It is easy to say today what genocide in Rwanda was awful because I'm not committing myself to doing anything today. But who spoke of it in 1994? I'm proposing that we find a solution for such slaughter in the future by enabling the UN to deploy a small number of troops for short terms to handle situations like these as soon as they arise.
This video is so amazing. It reminds me of a quote I once heard...."Never underestimate the power of a group of small devoted individuals"
Worth a read: From "Last year’s fundraising efforts (by Invisible Children), “only 32% went to direct services, with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production”, according to the critical response to the campaign on Visible Children. In other words, what we’re funding is largely the publicity for Invisible Children as an organisation.
Ging De
That's weird, my last post got edited out. Rewriting it then: Please be critical about what you watch.
I don't necessarily agree with how this organization operates (mainly its handling of money), however, the message communicated through the video is absolutely one worth listening to. It is simply unacceptable to let this unnecessary slaughter continue.
if you would really want to make a difference join the army and find out how you can help them in person don't just through money at it.And i bet you'll find something wrong in the way that system is built. there are still people in your own town that don't have a roof over there heads. and people that still don't own houses that have to rent other peoples property which only make the richer and the poor just stay poor. And i know that some of the people have been given the opportunity to make something of themselves but some how the system still lead them to the streets. STOP AND THINK MAYBE YOUR OWN FAMILY MEMBER MIGHT NEED YOUR HELP. and here you are putting some one you don't even know in front of your own. If you think its cruel to do this than do what ever make you feel like you did the right thing all this is letters meaningless letters being put in front of your screen so you can avoid the real problem around you.
Wow.. I feel useless.. I had vague ideas what was happening in Africa.. but not about this...
The trolls are out and about with this. I do not support 30,000 children being tortured or turned into sex slaves. I believe Kony should be brought to justice. I am my brother's keeper.
My issue is only 31% actually goes to helping anyone.
Then don't focus on the charity. Focus on the issue itself.
+Lalo Rodriguezarias I'm a community mental health therapist for children( and their families) in Compton-South Los Angeles. I do think about the people in my community.
I'm still crying, but most of all I'm very very angry, that these damn mean ass people do what they do for greed! If the shoe was on the other foot, just one time. But, I wouldn't be pulling the trigger for greed, it would be to wipe their kind out.......Enough is Enough!!!
It's not trolling.

Don't automatically equate disagreeing with the methods advocated by this organization and condoning the actions of a dude operating a ruthless army of child soldiers.

There's no shortage of warlords and rights abusers that operate in the area. While some may comparatively be better than others, who are we to try to send military support over for the sake of catching some dude who is already in hiding?

I'm not necessarily saying to think Invisible Children is totally horrible. They spread a message with good intentions, but it bears researching what they're about before we start considering the people that don't like what they do heartless bastards.

Personally, I think this is interventionism disguised as a feel-good expertly packaged piece of propaganda. I calls it like I sees it. There are other ways to help those people.
africa shud fix its own problems. we are at the othr side of world and we hav our own issues. sure its bad but its probly normal over there so i could care less
invisible children gets a very poor rating due to their policy of not disclosing their finances. Find a better charity, this one is sketchy.
this video just shows me how easily a child could be brain washed into believing any story that is told to them. great physiological manipulation.
+Kimberly Shoemaker I would cut the elephant into pieces and marinate a hundredth of it in pork gravy with a bit of chipotle throw it in the oven and barbacue the rest.
Invisible Children has been condemned time and time again. As a registered not-for-profit, its finances are public. Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 31% went to their charity program (page 6)*. This is far from ideal, and Charity Navigator rates their accountability 2/4 stars because they haven’t had their finances externally audited. But it goes way deeper than that.

The group is in favour of direct military intervention, and their money funds the Ugandan government’s army and various other military forces. Here’s a photo of the founders of Invisible Children posing with weapons and personnel of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting, but Invisible Children defends them,
+Jason Darr the nothing universe is a theory but the perfect part is wrong. and I am me you can lie to live but to not lie and live is a true life need more for your paper?
The Kony movie is a beautiful piece of propaganda. Very well made and gets the job done. I do not find it disingenuous, and I think they wear the fact that it is propaganda on their sleeve. The whole point of the film is to create awareness in the hope that awareness leads to resolution. What is really appealing about their propaganda is that it is very well planned out, and they show us what they want to do and how they are going to go about doing it. Part of the intrigue with is to see if this will actually work. Can general awareness and concern through a media campaign actually obtain results in a foreign land? Fascinating.
People in central Africa (especially in the DR Congo) are suffering in ways we cannot fully comprehend, and there are many sources of the suffering, not just the LRA. This is a very complex part of the world that is very fragile economically and politically. However, the presence of other militia groups and unstable governments shouldn't be used as reasons to disregard the LRA. I personally think people should have the right to rise up against their government and/or conduct civil war without intervention by foreign countries. However, if you study the LRA they have crossed every possible line of humanity and do not deserve the status of "freedom fighters". If we take the stance that they are just an "Africa problem, let them sort it out" then we are missing the point of the film. They haven't been sorted out in over 20 years of trying, and have been perpetrating every conceivable violation. Eliminating them will not solve all the issues of central Africa, but it would be huge. HUGE.
My impression is that the three founders of Invisible Children were personally impacted by the people they met while travelling in Uganda. This compelled them to do something about it, to try to help. (Several members of my immediate family have also travelled in central Africa and they too returned compelled to do something) The founders of IC felt what has been done by the central African governments and first world governments haven't been enough. 20+ years of Kony bringing terror down upon the people. Whatever the world has done or hasn't done hasn't been enough. So the filmmakers are trying to do something. I respect them for that.
I don't think any child should go through this so I will do what I can to help catch KONY.
.When his kid say' sad', i feel we are connected.
Sadly, my generation is going to be remembered for being a bunch of bandwagon jumping slacktivists who simply follow trend of the day. It used to be the Occupy bandwagon for sometime and now this Kony stuff. Am getting sick and tiered of this really. How many dictators are we going to make famous so that we can arrest them? How about making Africa famous for a change for pit sake? How many Africans even have access to read and follow your "trend" of the day.
The real world is a decent place. You just can't hack it.
They don't needs money ...they needs waters & foods & safety & and mans powers. This is not just in Uganda all over the world
An old man had a habit of early morning walks on the beach. One day, after a storm, he saw a human figure in the distance moving like a dancer. As he came closer he saw that it was a young woman and she was not dancing but was reaching down to the sand, picking up a starfish and very gently throwing them into the ocean.
"Young lady," he asked, "Why are you throwing starfish into the ocean?"
"The sun is up, and the tide is going out, and if I do not throw them in they will die."
"But young lady, do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it? You cannot possibly make a difference."
The young woman listened politely, paused and then bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the sea, past the breaking waves,
saying, "It made a difference for that one."
This is all great but ....... who backs Kony. You stop Kony, sorry to say there will be other one backed up by whoever backed up Kony. This is not conspiracy just the way it works........ If you've not lived in Africa, lived with the people know their background I don't expect you to understand. Living here a few days, even months, even a few years really means nothing.... Sorry. I do agree there is a problem but the fuel is coming from somewhere else. Search the source. To stop only Kony is like blowing your nose when you have flu.

The US government spends HUGE amount of cash to stop PIRACY but are not willing to do the same with human lives.... go figure, don't expect help from them either.
Yea lets make this world a beter place
I don't want to police the world. Our government makes me cry. My own streets have depravity and homelessness, suffering. Why is this such an issue for me? Would I like this and other things around the world to end? Yes. Would I put the problems of others above my own? Probably not. I'm sorry, but it's just illogical.

Also, I should probably stop saying things like this because I am thinking about being in politics.
Thank God this is getting out there. Don't forget to join us on April 20, plastering the world with awareness of Kony and posters. Help them. Please. 
John O
Now is the time for the US to repair what we have neglected for so long - our own country.
Keep it rolling there are many places in Africa that need your attention and educational help.
watched this last night. amazing.
Good one, there is every reason we should celebrate freedom and fight against those that oppressed.
i watched it last night as well, quite shocking for the families of Africa. RIP to the children and families destroyed and killed by this tragic event.
This is how humanity should act, to support each other only for the sake of CARE… when US sent its army to Afghanistan to fight against Al Gaida the true reason was because US seeks its own security and no any other reason. But this move is unique it gives an optimistic feeling that waa world’s heart is still beating.
ayo joe
this man is a monster, he is a terrorist
these kids does not deserve the suffers.
Great video. Really touched.
WOW...gonna support this all the way!!just ordered my KONY KIT LET'S DO THIS!!!>=\
this is ridiculous. It should not be occuring. We should all do something about this.
as some of the current memes flying around state...people watch a 30 minute video and all of a sudden they're an activist.

Next week it will be something else and the vast majority will have totally forgotten the name Kony
This video advocates US military intervention in Uganda in support of an evil government that imprisons, tortures and executes homosexuals, amongst others. The Ugandan government has also used children as soldiers in their bloody struggle for power.

Kony is an evil man, no doubt, but please check your facts about the Invisible Children movement. They are coldly manipulating your feelings for political gain.
We all forget about the pain and suffering that we don't see...... let's get together and give our future generation a better future!
450 plus but only 258 share, please share this to every one before start doing other actions
we must save them
the message is getting out its making local news channel reports this good Keep it sharing the movie show it to everyone .. No child should have to live feeling fear of being taken like that ..
mhmmmm touched deep inside...
We need to do some more research (may be in google) some sources are saying that Kony is not a problem any more, and that Invisible Children is just trying to get more money, while I hear others crying and asking for help.
Well havent we always stopped power hungry individuals who do not wish to follow the rest of the worlds views and sometimes force is the answer towards a problem.
Im also from Africa Botswana and didnt know till today that this is happening in Uganda and some other African countries. Nice work guys
Cant you all see its all a scam, the movie is a royal ficonary movie, noting is real the kid is a actor and the jacob is a actor. its all bull
Thanks for sharing, this woke me up. I mean that in a good way.
human's power - will , commitment change the world, thanks!!
Our ministry applies 99% of funds DIRECTLY to the actual need.
I wouldn't give a dime to any agency for any "cause" which only applied 31%.
There is no way this is a scram. Atrocities like this have been happening in all parts of Africa for a long time.....since they were originally dubbed slaves. This is a horrendous abuse of power that has been condoned by big business in the US & other countries. We need to enact change or the children who reach adulthood will be mentally sicker than the man who did these awful things to them........there is obviously still hope for these children so why can't we just give it!! We consider ourselves a Humane People........Well, Lets PROVE IT!!
alguien me podria decir como ver este video en español o subtitulado?? gracias....
Tks Thomas for the link. It enabled a better understanding of the situation and the organisation.
How about lets help the fucking homeless children here in America !! This is just another phase that everyone will jump on and forget about.... I call bullshit on the whole thing !!
Kony is everywhere, he is an example of so many Konies... not only men... KONY is the dark side of ME, of you... please don't go to far with personal comments i.e. Remington..... please... this kind of fight is mine since 48 years.... thanks for the film...

one question? Who gave the weapons to the Children soldiers....?
discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Yes, must stop and every where.
Whether the money is going to Kony our his corrupt police force or the Ugandan military doesn't make much of a difference. The whole point of the video is to get enough support from the American people for our government to send the advisors over. We can do that by calling, writing, and meeting with our nations leaders and our big icons. They provide that info for you to use so use it. You don't have to donate if you think its being wrongfully used. But if you have a heart and soul at least write a letter to somebody and show them you care. We are only asking for support America. Make Kony famous.
The world is full of KONY'S while we watch and really don't do anything. I like what you are doing you can count me in
Sorry, for 1,000's of years the natives have behaved like savages and now it's upon everyone else to fix the problem? If we help, we're invading, if we do nothing, we're uncaring. Meanwhile, the group spends about 1/3 of the income to help the people they are putting on the posters to collect money.
And for those thinking its a scam check the news. Look it up. Actually do some research. If we don't stop this now who says he can't be the next Hitler. Who says he won't bring this to our doorstep. How would you feel if it was your children? Be real people. Just spread the word for us. Share the video. Maker him known. Make Kony famous!
And thank you Carlos Nelson. We appreciate Al the support we can get.
Why is it that stupid Americans think they are saving the world with these? Open your eyes in your OWN country! There are US citizens (apparently living the great American dream) who live in worse conditions than people in third world countries. FACT.

Yes Kony is bad - shock horror, nothing new! Fact is; there are many more like him. Play some corny sad music, show how awesome your life is in comparison and of course it's going to hit home hard and pull some heart strings.

Some of these actions are mirrored by US global enterprises such as Nestle (yes I'm talking about kidnapping and slavery). Difference is; they have great PR campaigns to cover it up.

Maybe I should make a youtube video about that and make it go viral...

ps. what's with all the "hey follow my link" side promotion crap on here? It really removes credibility from the campaign in my opinion.
What a very powerful video. Kony and his type need to be stopped NOW and anything I can do, I will.
+Curt Conant you ready to go fight in person? If not, don't just support a group exploiting the tragedy for personal gain.
boo Jay
Team Seal 6, your mission, should you choose to accept it.....
I dont think so that there are no solution to our problems this time!
Id Etim
Wow! sounds interesting! what much can i Say!
I love this vid. It's an eye opener.
Would have been happy to support sending troops to get this bloke, rather than Saddam!
I guess the Americans should first look at the source of guns and ammunition Kony is getting...... In most cases, Amercians sell weapons and later fight the same guys, and say we have saved the wourld.... ridiculous
It is time that we have a joint world Government to work for common benefits and problems of all man kind and to root out international criminals against humanity. UNO should have an armed police force in addition to Interpol which, with the consent of all nations should pursue and capture the criminal of this type.
I too have shared this film, but please note the info below (search KONY UGANDA for more info) AWARENESS IS IMPORTANT & ACTION in COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR POLITICAL ELADERS & PRESIDENT OBAMA. I am NOT recommending you send money to the org that made this film. You do NOT need to give money to an organization to make a difference. KONY fled Uganda 6 years ago and Obama has provided 100 US advisers yo assist the Ugandan gov't in finding him. His army (LRA = Lord's Risistance Army) is weaker in Uganda and operating in surrounding countries, still creating great harm to children & civilians. WRITE/EMAIL to your political leaders & WRITE/EMAIL TO THE WHITEHOUSE, urging President Obama to continue supporting the Ugandan gov't and the effort to bring KONY to justice. As humans we must not turn away from seeking justice simply because an horrific event is far away or becoming not quite so horrific. Horrific is horrific and this man is definitely a bad guy.
The "powers that be" have looked on for 20 years for Kony to commit such atrocities because his actions have no effect on their parochial & selfish interests. He has remained illusive this far not because of the vast expanse of the jungle where he hides, nor of the level of sophistication of his strategies; No! It has just been because of the lack of will to get him brought to justice. How does Kony compare to Gaddafi in his ability to remain illusive? Double standards!
It is very impressive .I just joined the community and shared the link with all my friends and groups on the face book.
machine gun preacher
Haven't seen it and I really do not agree with a "charity" basically guilt tripping people into donating, the world is in debt ffs.
Yes! This is the way!!!! All children must be happy!
i hear it BUT i'll get my friend to do this
I have zero trust in the organization behind this video.
Good efforts... the human raise to erase the inhumanity..
Prayer along with all the commitment, passion and energy is needed too. A seriously awesome 30 minutes of cinematography - WELL DONE and WHAT a PROMISE!!
This is the problem with the world.. Everyone in the developed world seems to believe they can solve Africa's Problems without involving Africans themselves.

In my honest opinion.. The entire content of this video is fabricated. The figures are exagerrated for impact. (check UN stats)

Thanks for all your empty tears.. They amount to nothing and your contributions to this dead cause will achieve nothing.
Yep, I remember how all that awareness really helped the Ethopian famine in the 80s. And the awareness of breast cancer on Facebook.
Yep, awareness has sure made some big inroads to real-life problems.
+Arnold O.W. I have lived in Africa my whole life and not first world africa either, I have been in corrupt Africa and dangerous Africa. Africans themselves can’t get involved themselves because every country has its own problem to deal with, take Zimbabwe for example with Robert Mugabe. He is an evil man and has done many cruel things yet he is still there because even though some people want to fight majority are to scared too. If there was a push from an outside source, a back up that can bring faith and hope to the people the problems would be resolved much faster.
The content is not exaggerated because I have seen first hand children in the streets and starving running for their lives. The children are the ones who suffer the most, they are sent out onto the streets to beg for money and they bring it home and it is abused. It is a sad world and every country in Africa has a problem, and if the world even glimpses in the direction and notes one big problem at least they can help one place at a time. So many people there would appreciate it more that you will ever know.
am inspired to see that we all care for each other regardless of where we come from. i hope this mission will be successful and that kony will be brought to Justice
With so much resource, so much technology,so much organizing, so much awareness available, the world is still not getting Kony?!! Can we have atleast ten percent of Iraq campaign's budget for this cause? Surely the politicians of this world are a failure.
I feel so proud to be in this world were all care for all.
And at sure these extended hands would succeed in their project and bring kony under justice. thanks for sharing this through out.
I don't know what to say I feel sick to my stomach that such evil exist...... and we let it happen.... living our lives pretending all is okay......What to do How do we stop this creep
I watched this as well.. very empowering
I can't believed that the book I am reading "we wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families" by Philip Gourevitch,connectsb with this video,I can feel more reality and can't hold my tears from falling...
Anyway who cares! ( I care) william from cork Ireland.
I never knew about this criminal until I saw this video. I really hope we will be successful in this mission. Maybe I can also help.
Arise awake stop not till the goal is reached
Awesome movie, very interesting that they chose 4/20 as the date. Some significance to that perhaps?
The Zeitgeist series of films is what we need to create awareness for... I don't understand why people go nuts over this and not TZM.
I watched it with my class nd cried i feel horrible about alm thebthibgs i take for granted and thwn look at these kids i already bought bracelets
This Kony guy makes me hate myself as a human being. Oh Jesus.
+Jeffrey D. +Kyle Dametto +shantel dearling +Wil Wheaton Have you actually read the links in that Daily What post? They do not in any way prove that there's anything intrinsically wrong with the campaign itself. Mostly it boils down to these things:

1. Their board of directors is only 4 people instead of 5. Does that seriously invalidate a cause?
2. The people in charge of IC make a decent living. $80,000, apparently, which isn't nothing, but it's a fraction of what the directors of many big, well respected NGOs get.
3. The movie displays a disgusting hipster attitude. But apparently it works. I'm surprised how many people are only now hearing about Kony and the LRA. Apparently this approach works. Should the medium invalidate the message?
4. The people in charge of IC are not perfect paragons of virtue. Apparently they're human!
5. They want military intervention. Yes, because everything else has been tried already. Do you have any idea how many peace talks there have been with the LRA?
5. They're exaggerating how bad Kony really is. Really? Are you saying that mass abductions of boys to turn them into murder machines, and girls to turn them into sex slaves, is not evil? Is there anything at all in their movie that is blatantly not true? Is Hitler not so bad because plenty of Jews survived?

It's good to be critical of charity organizations, but let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater here.
Sounds like propaganda to convince people that US intervention is foreign countries is a good this going to justify bombing libya back to the stone age and letting british oil companies exploit everything they can...
+James Stallard I agree but if the human race refused revolutions because they seem too hard and far away, we would still be in the stone age.
Since there are so many haters posting the same critics time and again, I feel obliged to repost Invisible Children response to critcism thanks to +Rodney Cajudo and +Travis Arnzen

Furthermore, as it was already hinted, you don't need to donate if you don't want or you don't trust the organization, the main goal here seems to be raising awareness and that you can do for free. Heck, even by criticizing you raise awareness, it shows it matters to you, otherwise you'd be commenting something else.

Just by reading this post #youredoingitright
It's amazing how 1 persons idea can change the world. Honestly our government should have stopped this long ago, not 26 years later.
+Vic Gundotra Invisible Children responds to their critics... Get the facts about where the money goes and all the rest. Gandhi said : First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Invisible children has been championing this cause for 8-9 years. They've been invisible, they've been laughed at, right now they're being attacked... looks like they are close to winning. #stopkony2012
around the world today,we can protect each other,it's the power
It's shocking, this kind of evil needs to be stopped
I understand why all this publicity is being gained, but why did it become so famous now, it's kind of old news.
We got to start helpin!!!!
Joseph Kony fled Uganda quite a while ago and is most likely dead or starving to death in the Congo.
ah, why let knowledge, information, and reality get in the way of a great story? Thanks for this post.
This video is a great starting point. I have found that instead jumping in head first, this is the time to understand the ins and outs of the conflict because the video presents a singular perspective.
There are a lot more forces at work than what is presented, and while supporting Invisible Children is a worthy undertaking, doing it in full awareness of the situation on the ground is best.
Having been in Uganda, I have seen this, and I know how things have changed for children. on home soil get them first or did u forgot the real fight... Looks to me like another bull shit story... USA had slaves from where? Exactly my point... But when USA says its wrong than its wrong... Wake up 
Keep thos crap on facebook. I dont come to g+ to see the exact same stuff i see over on that mess of a sight
the one who make this video using his own son to make you support him... GJ...
Can't say I enjoyed this,it was very hard to watch.Tthank you for it. You clearly and effectively delivered a message that needed to be heard. ToniALice
Really people give money to a currupt government to kill a currupt rebel wtf .
Speechless - "who are you not to change the world?"
Showed this to my senior kids... Not a dry eye- a great tool for teaching global citizenship
It's time to do something about this!! For Sure .. I'm gunna load up my town with those posters!!!!!!
must stop Kony !!!
very moving, I totally cried too. And how cute is Gavin!
It's going BIG TIME! On the TODAY show this a.m. Congrats Mr. Filmaker. Let's get this guy!
wherether you believe or not, walk a mile in these kids shoes, spend half a aday in africa, if we not fighting aids we fighting not to be savaged by our own ppl, africa is love and a gods heart but it unfortunately has horrible ppl in it as everywhere in the world, not all that we donate and pay for goes to what you intialy pay for even in day to day life so you are not forced to donate and how about you wak a mile in an ugandan who sleeps without food no parent s no love nothing and stick to your fancy gadgets and toys and nice life he's not saying donate your life saving or even forcing any one, so write or blog about this foundation and how shaddy you think it or might be just help the chilredn and continue sippin on you champagne...1ove africa @leendow on twitter
Whether Kony2012 is a worthwhile charity to support or not is a personal decision. However, while you may or may not agree that it's a worthy charity to support, you must admit one thing. It's definitely raised the global awareness of what's happening in Uganda. If one does not agree that Kony2012 is a good charity to donate money to, but they're still moved enough by the videos to donate to another Uganda-based charity, or a mission from a church associated with their own church, or ... you must admit that Kony2012 is having a positive impact. It's getting the word out about the children in Uganda. That's what you should focus on, not whether or not Kony2012 is fiscally responsible, or not. Let the individual giver make that decision, but by all means give them the information to make that decision.

I just think Kony2012 has more than one benefit; the 30% or so that actually makes it to Uganda, and the spillover effect to other charities. The other charities in effect are getting free marketing done by Kony2012.
Save your money. Save your countrymen
Does anyone else watch documentaries on Hitler and wonder, why did he get away with it so long ? Why did we react so slowly then ? Thousands of lives could have been spared . I am appalled that someone could watch this movie and complain about the $ . Don't send $ , make a call, write a letter, pass the MESSAGE . Be a human being that will do more than shed a tear watching a sad movie . Just help them by pressuring our govt to continue aid . It's 100 troops people . If there was an oil field to be won we wouldn't have to ask twice would we ? And another thing . About invisible children's cash handling . It costs a lot to travel to Africa, it costs a lot to make a film . It is money invested in spreading this information so we can be informed and act if we are so moved . KONY is much like Hitler and I can't look back on today and wonder , what should I have done ?
What bothers me is that people dont 'get' the social media thrust of what theyre trying to do. What they are doing doesnt fit the mold of what has been done in the ast, so it is being condemned: like the printing press. Here is my response to the nay sayers in case you missed it:
Seems IC is being challanged as opportunists playing on good people's sympathies. They posted a long rebuttal here on g+ about only ~30% of received funds going to the children, with the rest being staff salaries and expenses. My jury is still out on this one.

The best bet is to look around you locally, and give where YOU see the money going to local needs. Families are living on the streets right here at home.
The term "trying to tug on the heartstrings" is the most depressing thing I've ever heard. You shouldn't need it. Its self justification for doing nothing. This is the starting point to help. I see links to "konys side of the story" and it fills me with dread, that we would think that there is a mitigating reason for enslaving children.

And as for the idea that our soldiers shouldn't get involved ask yourself this: if you were a soldier would you rather fight for your country to have more oil or would you fight for the freedom of children.

If your answer is the former than you are in the wrong job.
This really touches your heart... It's sad to know what's happening around the world today.
we have to help this children, cause we can do it, together. it so sad see this video.
Atrocity is recognized as such by victim and predator alike, by all who learn about it at whatever remove. Atrocity has no excuses, no mitigating argument.

Atrocity never balances or rectifies the past. Atrocity merely arms the future for more atrocity. It is self-perpetuating upon itself, a barbarous form of incest.

Whoever commits atrocity also commits those future atrocities thus bred.
I"mjust totaly pruud that our President fianally sent military advisors to help those people! Kony is no better than Adolf Hitler. The world didn"t allow his atrosities so why is the world allowing this to happen not only to women and families but to all those innocent children. Violence breeds violence , the world has to break the chain . I'm 56 yrs old and me and my family believes our government should do something to stop this violence!
Every one shared and this made CBS last night! Such a powerful message to all nations and politicians!
For what it's worth, while their motivation and the goals are both good, Invisible Children may not be the best way to help. IC is also not the only organization on this mission. If you're interested in helping but worried about IC's responsibility with donated money, another option (and there are more) is
I can't thank you enough for sharing this video.
Wow! Kony 2012! Stop that bastard!
I donated to the cause and will do my part in this campaign
My world geo teacher showed us this. I cried. Just amazing how we can all come together to help stop him. 
Please be careful, do some study into this charity, there are some serious questions with regard to their finances, having said that, yes we need to bring every individual like KONY to justice.
I received this video yesterday. It is so upsetting what children have to go through. May our prayers be added to these boys and girls. How can he be tolerated for such a long extended time?
There has to be a shorter version of this video because i did not feel motivated to watch the entire video.
While I can appreciate how bad this guy is I honesty don't believe that this movement will make a difference. This is mostly a bunch of hippy college kids wanting to feel special.
Mar Cel
I've seen this post a million times... has anyone ever thought of correcting the word "Famous" to "Infamous"? I'm no english major but that should be fixed...
Edward ! Thankyou ! I shared that link with the rest of my KONY 2012 messages . Also when you're on the govt. Site and have created your account ( which takes ONLY 5 MINUTES & its FREE ! ) there are other petitions on this issue . Find them and sign them ALL . Much love to the human in you that has time and energy to make a few clicks for a better world !
Ross, hippie college kids have done incredible things for this worlds betterment ! They have passion and energy ! But seriously, I'm 40 and I give a sh.. ! 4 kids , a dog , and a fish . Don't make assumptions .
EVERYONE should be reposting and +1 this
Do your research before sharing, look into where the money actually goes rather than joining a mindless group of sheep roped into viral marketing.
This is powerful. Saw it yesterday and was moved deeply at both the atrocity and the overwhelming response. Woke up this morning to it on the radio news.
"Who are you to end a war? I'm here to tell you, who are you not to."

We can make a difference.. Keep spreading the word!
Look into Invisible Children first! This video doesn't mention that the Ugandan army they advocate supporting is notorious for rape, murder, looting...not to mention, a mere 32% of the organization's income actually goes to humanitarian efforts. The rest goes toward airfare, publicity, paychecks, making tear-jerker videos...Do your research before you contemplate donating to this organization!
I think what they're trying to do is a good thing among a sea of good things needing to be done, but good nevertheless.

For me, even though I was moved and I was left hoping they have success, I was also left with the following opinion:

Where sober and serious real-world issues are concerned, too much production value detracts from the message, makes erstwhile sincere pathos feel more like manipulation, and turns communication into something closer to propaganda.

Just my opinion.
+Vic Gundotra This group is a pretty shady charity. I think you should read up on it more before you encourage people to send them money.
I can't guarantee for these guys, of course, and it's important to do some research before you decide to donate. But one thing seems pretty clear to me: they've managed to raise the awareness in an unprecedented way. Many famous organizations are managing much more funds with very poor results. It'd be interesting to verify with the same zeal them as well... Anyway, from a marketing perspective: well done. Now, take action according to your brain and goodwill :)
Are you actually telling the truth, if so thanks for the warning!!!
Please research before supporting this organization. They almost had me, but instincts told me something was not right.
i dont care if they spend a billion dollars, who cares about the organization and the money aspect? as long as they bring awareness to the atrocity of what is going on, isn't that the point? whats the price of saving these kids lives? even one child's life is priceless. so many people criticizing, its unreal.
I support the idea, make someone so famous that you would recognize him in a Walmart. Its what Americas most wanted tried to do.
^ And that the answer to why "Invisible Children" is opportunistic and manipulative. To those who say "What does it matter since they are raising awareness?" I say spend your money with better organizations. This is being handled already. You're just lining their pockets some more.
Conscious analysis indeed! others should pay heed!
I think this is a great way to let the world know what is happening to these children over there. I believe that we should do something to help these children not live in fear of their lives and the US should train the African forces how to protect their citizens. STOP KONY!!!
God Bless everyone involved in this. The internet has become a powerful tool. And God most of all help Jacob find his brother in heaven.
Don't give them money then. I have never given them money but I am bugging the piss out of everyone talking about this guy. I don't talk about the non profit. Let's not miss the forest for the trees.
Wonderful! though I did not watch it through and I believe more wonderful are to be created by the team that acted on it.
The worst part about successfully garnering lots of attention is all the attention it garners.
machine gun preacher.. i thought its just a fiction movie... but in the end of that movie.. i just know its a true story.. and i watched this kony 2012 film.. its been held for 24 year.. how do i know it in 2012... so sad..
M K Jauhari KGF Karnataka INDIA
Being a proud member of largest democracy on planet earth who can change the non performing Govts with ease - I demand India too should act the way USA acts as we have 3rd largest army with us. In past East Pakistan was liberated to form Bangala Desh. India and USA should act hand in hand to take care of humanity world wide.
Everyone needs to watch this !!
Hello to every body, I'm Cecilia Guzmán from Ecuador in south america, the video is excellent but my english no much. i'm so sorry for this... I know , a lot of people in latinoamerica is going to see this video but for understan all of these habe to take subtitles or be in Spanish. We want heelp too. tanks
I agree that maybe money shouldn't be sent. But I also agree with others that the AWARENESS is the key thing here, and letting leadership / govt know that we have concerns IS helpful. Look at what happened with SOPA/PIPA!!!! Stopped because of awareness, some phone calls and a ton of emails and petitions which barely impact any time from your day....
I had no idea that this was taken place and i feel like I've been in a hole because i didn't know who KONY was. Now that I know I will do my part. God bless the children of Uganda!! They will be in my thoughts and prayers.
My conclusion is that they're only asking for year. A little bit of money, a lot of faith, or just a share of the video...but only for a year. How bad could it be? And if/when this guy is found at the end of said year? How that would restore our reputation and prove that we have evolved, etc.
everyone needs a job, but for what is being accomplished I'd like to see more jobs like that tackling slavery, rape, kidnapping right here in america.......bottome line the concept is that we the people have a voice and if we stand together for what is so obviously right :)
We need to act on this! It is wrong and it damages their human rights!
Fantastic !! The digital media has become so powerful !! uploaded 5th march and already 32'million hits !!! Traveled Africa and know the problems ...This is awsome !! Impressive !!
+Conor Farrell Thanks for pointing to the article, I hope everybody on this thread reads it before running into oversimplification in this particular case. How to deal with abuse of human rights is the global question here. Glad that digital media brought attention to one of those abuses though in outdated manner ( you do realize people that the peak was in 2005 and 2006 and children are semi-adults now). May be somebody should start a project on digital media "One country a day" to educate people on what is going on in the world, looks that many don't read newspapers anymore.
Not trying to be insensitive, but we have starving uneducated, homeless, and dieing children here on our own soil and we cant take care of them, why do never see them our any one creating organization and videos to help them. Care and giving starts at home
I really don't care to see our will I not watch this video. All this talk about Kony is B.S. who really cares? Fix your own backyard before always trying to fix others!
Apparently many people do care. Caring neighbors look out for each others' backyard. Stuff it.
I've heard many people express the same opinion as +Marces Williams. The implication seems to be that charities to benefit people in other countries shouldn't be given priority until we've solved all our own social problems in the U.S. Well, I'm skeptical that any country will ever solve all of its social ills... but if local charity is your bag, then there are numerous organizations devoted to fighting hunger and poverty in the United States. Maybe they don't have viral videos, but they are there and if you really want to help (and aren't just here to troll and complain), then I recommend you visit,,, or any of the numerous local charities in your neighborhood. Acting locally is great, but there's nothing wrong with U.S. citizens starting or supporting charities that also act globally.
Thank you for posting this incredible update on the Invisible Children! Taking Action has never been made easier to do than this. Let's make 2012 the year we change the world!
Very good initiative and a great effort, but Kony is just the tip of the iceberg, who is supporting Kony, who is selling weapons to him, weapons that are devastating Sudan and so many other poor countries in Africa...? Who is really making profit of these poor children...? I think if we are going to act to make change that will last we need to ask real questions and go strait to the base of the problem.
Of course I strongly support the international effort to arrest him. Kony can be stopped but he will be replaced as long as support for people like him exists… I mean Kony is just the facade of the problem...
justice and world peace need to go viral asap
sukses koninya.
kalo dinegara saya penjahat terbesar dpr.
"If you, like many others, shared the film, how much did you research [about] the organization before sharing its compelling film?"
You can give to a charity if you want. That's the easy way to say you have done something to help. more power to you. But we aren't going to solve our issues giving away money that we dont have to a country that doesn't care about its own people. If we keep help them like that and not teaching then we are creating a vicious circle. And we will never solve the problem, but this should start at home were Life, love , and humility can be taught then spread around the would. leap frogging the issues creates more issues.
I watched that video in school today I almost cried I couldn't believe hardly any one new about it but I know the entire world is going to help catch him and save all those poor kids!!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxox
If anyone could do it, its our generation!!
Thank you Dear Google friends. Please if you can e-mail me this message in Spanish I will send it to may family and friends in
Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina. Thank you.
My heart and my help are with you.
nasim j
oh u have long story, simply tell US that Kony has OIL & Gold. See US will do another 911. Guaranteed.
Pathetic all over facebook and causes but the kid keeo suffering the need love, care., protection, Its a childs right to have a childhood.
I watched the film one thing for sure is this is no longer a African thing it is happening all over the world in every city, the only way to cure it, abolish the boundaries and monetary system that fuel's greed and poverty, the people that kidnap children need to be arrested and taught the meaning of living without killing
This is so inspiring. It made me proud to be a human being.
@ Vic. thanx for posting it.
My grand daughter Jude advised me to watch it only yesterday.
ok then what?
Do we stay and try and build the country?
If so we will just be called occupier. If we leave then another one will just pop up and be worse.
look at history.
now what are you going to do with the 30,000 broken kids.
if they have been living like this for any time they are broken and most likely unrepairable.
So what do we do with them?
lock them up? Kill them? What/
Have you even thought of the Exit plan?
every time the US gets involved in this we are called occupiers and then we are hated even more. have you thought of this?
Yes we need to help them but there has to be a plan after his arrest to make sure one of the 30,000 kids does not take his place and becomes worse when the US leaves.
look at how we are vilified over afghanistan. Before you go yea right go back to before 2001 when the taliban was in charge and see how bad they treated there people distroyed artifacts that where thousands of years old. how they treated the women and children.
Now if you say well aid orginizations will stay. ok who is going to protect you becuse if you think another group will not grow up as soon as our military is gone your are the one that is nuts history is on my side.
check out what goes on in africa every time some ones military comes in and cleans out the rebels then leaves, in a short time another one pops up that is even worse.
So again what is your exit plan?
Don't ignore this Make an ACT to it 
Dan O
This is such a good idea! Why isn't this strategy used even more often for other social problems?
There have been other Joseph Kony's. He is not the first and will not be the last. Sin and evil exists around us. It always has. Amen
Watched and shared. I agree. We CAN do this. I want to see it happen, too. Thanks for doing your part. :)
Stopping Kony won't end the rape and kidnapping and all the other stuff of African children, he is not the only person in africa doing this, we need to find a way to stop it ALL.
Kony is the worst in the world. We need to employ a covert mission to get this person, there is no other way.
“there are more people on facebook than 200 years ago” WHEN THEIR WHERE HORRIBLE COMPUTERS
This effort is all about causality, we are now a global community that are smarter, better informed and far more connected than any society that ever exsisted. I can't tell you for certain that this organization is completely legit but I can say for certain that all of us, together, can change things for the better if we just try. +John Webb , I understand where you're coming from but you simply cannot argue with the facts of the situation, this guy is an indicted war criminal. Those who do have the tools to capture him should try, because That is the right thing to do, end of. By putting pressure on your govt to act you are forcing the issue on them, these people are your representatives on the world level, with unparralelled power and influance, so if they are speaking for you what is it you're voice is saying? There are only 2 answers to that Q: 1. I don't care enough to do something or 2. I do care. I can't sit back and let this opportunity pass by, it has the potential to move society beyond what it is today.
Whatever alterior motive the organisation may or may not have, its irrelevant.
If another person assumes Konys place and continues with his butchery after his capture, its irrelevant.
If the child soldiers Are broken and can't be fixed, its irrelevant.
If your forces go in and don't have an exit strategy, its irrelevant.
If we, this global community that we hear about everyday, do not lend our voice in support of what this is all about, it is relevant.
Yay! I just finished watching this video for the 5th time. It really moved me. and I sent a chain letter to all of my friends saying to forward this to everyone. It was really long. Im really glad someone cares. CHANGE THE WORLD! STOP KONY!!
let's donate and get the action kit, and be part of this change.
How about google spending the Money it earns through this video (impressions, clicks, orders) to a charitable organisation?
The organization behind this film is very shady. I wouldn't donate a penny to them.
The issue is more complex than presented in the video. They are playing into the desire everyone has to be a super hero and defeat the evil villian. The real story is more complex, and many in Africa don't want the western Bruce Willis/Chuck Norris/Luke Skywalker approach to a problem. Africans want a voice in this! It is well said in this African media I link. Please be informed by this:
What's the saying?

A sucker's born every day...
I still don't get why people are calling invis children a shady org.
Who didn't that is so cruel of Kony 
This is the most movin video I've ever seen
He deserves to die for encouraging murder!
I watched this video in school today... it's really sad. 
We must get the word out and stop Kony... I am praying that God will stop him in any way he sees fit.... Please watch this video, and pass it on!!!
1) How many of you wonder why that video begins with a pregnant woman giving birth?
2) How many of you had to Google to find out who Kony was?
3) How many of you are wondering why 5:40 looks like a mass grave?
4) How many of you believe that the video uploader is Kony?
5) How many of you actually legitimately care?
6) How many of you got this video more than twelve times per second for fourteen eternities?
7) How many of you are just watching it because everyone is watching it?
8) How many of you think it's racist?
9) How many of you think this video is supportive of Kony's actions?
10) How many of you are missing the whole point of this video?
Oh yeah and the post that +Jeffrey D. made (third from top) proves a point. The article is better written than the video is narrated.
So what if their in a different country.......they deserve safety and comfort. We can not only act, we can make a difference.
So its all good when peter pan makes a kid army but when a black guy dose all hell breaks loose.
Invisible Children Inc. is not a real non-profit. They look to be successful though, so just take it with a grain of salt. If you want the US and others to police the world, Kony would be a good start.
While we all argue back and forth about the integrity of the charity behind the film, we can save billions of lives by adopting a plant-based diet and purchasing fair trade products. There's no point in fighting a "monster" when we help to fund industries of slavery, death and suffering. Peace is easy, if you want it to be.
Yeah! We need to invade other countries and save them. Like... we should invade Iraq and save the Iraqi children from that evil tie-runt Saddam Hussein. What? Oh, it's already done. Well, then we need to invade Halfghonistan and save the Halfgonni women from the slaughter of the evil Talyban. What? Oh, it's already done. Well, we need to invade Libya and help the brave people protesting in the streets from being murdered by Qudaffy. What? It's already been done? Well, hell.... let's just invade Uganda. crickets cool... that one has not been done yet. Let's go git'em boyz.

We are the World Police!! (/sarcasm)
Thanks for such amazing work.For real together we can change the world
i love the idea!!! but my question is where those gangs came from!!!! only and made in USA and send to uganda to exchange with the diament!!!!! so we got to help them and god bless the children of uganda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dreamed an Abercrombie & Fitch commercial told me to help capture this guy in Africa. It was weird but strangely moving.
Mar g
Kony is a horrible, terrible person, and he should die. WE MUST ARREST HIM! KONY 2012!!!
i cant believe some1 would actually do that to children :(
The latest fauxtivist fad sweeping the web? The Koni Video created with the intent to drive up donations for a shady non-profit called The Invisible Children. The truth behind this movement is easy. Get the support of the american people and government so we can go save the kids in Uganda. What looks to be a noble action is nothing more than special interest groups funding a non profit with the hopes to have Military intervention in uganda therefore stabilizing the are so that they can go in and harvest the Oil recently found in Uganda. Don't be alive me? Read the following links.
Find middle ground, promote KONY 2012 not Invisible Children. KONY 2012's purpose is to bring more US involvement not to bring funds to Invisible Children. Besides the fact, Invisible Children is not your common charity. It's not a charity for direct action it's a charity for raising awareness.
I have nothing against the purpose but.. what happens after? When they show the list of people look what country the number two man is from.. Uganda, most likely the man below Kony, or similar to at least. Shouldn't the focus be on stopping the LRA and not just the man behind it. Its not like they just stop if their leader is gone, if they believe their purpose is right.
Bringing this man to justice can help bring closure to the 30,000+ of his victims. But yes it would be nice to see all evil organizations destroyed. But just FYI the LRA's power as an organization has been greatly diminished since the early 2000's.
+Brendan Krahn the LRA is nothing without their leader though. Of course we should work on stopping it all but first and for most has got to be getting the children home safely. Then end Kony and the LRA that's behind him. Finding Kony to stop him and get the children home is the first step. And that is what most of us are donating money for. To stop Kony (which includes the LRA) and get those kids home.
There really isn't much more to this than you think. You are donating to a marketing machine, that does do good, the fact that they are able to grab so many peoples attentions shows that they are effective in what they do. They pay their top 3 employee's a total of 89k. They're major expensive is production and travel, which is understandable. When you donate to them, you aren't just donating to help, you're donating to their message, which is effective in getting people to further donate, and give time. I see no fault in donating to a group promotes awareness and contributes.
This is the problem I have with charities, the management gets paid so darn much. If you want to make a donation do it directly to the institution not through another party.
I had watched this movie also, it is so touching and sad, I sure would love run over this guy with an tank if possible. I think this video is gone viral on youtube, facebook, and other websites and many people responded. With that said, I am sure he will get caught pretty soon and face his punishment, didn't this guy learned any lessons from the deaths of saddam hussein, Gadhafi, and other horrible dictators not see his doom coming. Too bad, so sad for him his end his coming near, hopefully. Stupid dictators when will they ever learn not abuse their power so much.
really your initiation/work towards humanity will be appreciated, eye open entire world to react on that bad guy Kony, he should be punished
It's real man. I belive in cleaning him off the face of this planet, probly more than Ben Lauden. I'll see what I can do. This took a lot of work, so I belive in its credability. I will donate something to the cause. Keep doing what your doing, your changing things. That matters.
Does anyone remember the news when Alice Auma died? She and Kony are spiritually, if not physically related. Read wikipedia - I was reading about Kony and remembered her name from the news. She is linked from his wikipedia page. She is dead, but he carries on. Saddam Hussein is dead, but... ? The leader is not the problem of the culture, but a symptom of its problems.
+Brendan Krahn some info directly from Invisible Children: "Help us end #LRA violence. Visit to find out why and how.@MittRomney Join us for #KONY2012" Notice it says "end LRA violence" not "end Kony violence"
Not to mention +Jason Darr said it well. The LRA is much weaker and has moved from Uganda now.
+Brian Wright yup you're perfectly right check out one of the public company's reports: Much more where this stuff comes from, info and such.
+Andrew Dotson tells it pretty well. It's not your average charity. They raise awareness more than engage in direct action.
Friends, take some time, research the topic, go deep. Once you've found the facts, double and triple checked the facts and studied it out then make your decision.
it's interesting that less than 24 hour after 40 million people start feeling they can do something about someone who is doing wrong someone steps in and starts casting shadows that we are lied to and that people try to do good and maybe just are not the best keep record on the money the come in are a bit off.. ..The video is good it stand's as telling story it edited to grab your hearts but I say it's more.. It proof that with 24 hours you can effect the world .. if the video does anything it should open people eye and minds.. If you feel there are question in what this group is doing with the money then do not give but do share the video .. If we can at best put the pressure on those that have the power effect thing then let do it.. I not supporter of the government in there and it's army's they have have blood on their hands too but any one who use children to do as Kony need to be brought in to face the courts .. To start tering down a movment before it has achange will make it not work it can effect the whole event and cause by making people feel there is wrong .. How do you know it won't work till it has been given a chance ? If anyone from the main group is here then answer the issue at hand if there a problem with people saying the money not spent right then stop and show them people .. be clear to what is going on.. stop the people who dough there a reason or that the money isn't just going to some thing more evil . The easy way to ask if something is wrong is to ask those who run the show.. So Let hear from those people let them stand up for the reason and show people this is the good fight.. I have no fear it is right to stop this guy Kony I just hate to lose that chance to show people do have voice and the power to change events like this .. I have not investment in thie groups i have no money put into there cause just the time to stop and share a video ifeel show the truth .. From a friend that saw my re-share they said the truth is that this man will hide and eve use the children he has as a shield when found and would rather die with all over then then face the world.. my hops are he is caught with out anyone dying ..but if the Ugandan army is left to it own this will happen as they will not bring anyone in just kill them. this why we need people who will help and not have them just bomb and shot there way to the end .. The Army there isn't the best they are not clean of doing bad thing but in time even they will be held in account their evil ..
Vic, we understand the atrocities Kony committed, but exactly what's new? Why all the interest all of a sudden? Tell the children the truth, dude...
It's been proven to be a scam! You are better off giving your $ to a reputable charity or food shelf, church, shelter in your OWN community!
I'm touched deeply and the neck of my t shirt is soaked, lol! I'm amazed at what people will go through to help make life better for other humans. What love!!!!!! Truly amazing!! Thank you for allowing me to be apart of such a movement. I am very greatful and truly touched!!
This proves how just a few can plan and dictate our emotions...
What I think is amazing is how many people are complaining about this. Uganda rulers say they handled this years ago. How? He moved next door and they call that handled. As long as this devil is free to move around he will continue his barbaric abuse of children.
This guy was all but wiped out years ago. Nearly all of his followers were killed in 2008 and he's on the run. In 2010 the US Congress voted to fund operations against this guy and Obama sent US military units in October 2011 and they're hunting this guy down as we speak. Capturing or killing him now won't change anything. This is just a cheap attempt of this so-called charity organization to elicit donations for a cause thats not even an issue anymore. Sure this guy is bad, sure the International Court has a warrant for his arrest, sure it would more than wonderful if he could be brought to justice in The Hague. But all this sudden outpouring of concern is about a decade too late.
Should have stopped looking for bin Laden?
I agree Vic, we must help the woman and children in Africa they are part of us. Everyday we are going about our business, work, having lunch etc, they are suffering. I know when I watch this I will be crying as well. It makes you feel hopeless that can't you fix things, I try to help as much as I can. Everyone should sponser a child from Africa, it's not that expensive and the feeling you get from a picture sent or a school report card is joyful. I suggest "World Vision" Bono does a lot of work with this agency and you can actually visit the child by making arrangements. Most of these agencies you cannot, I researched this completely before I got involved. One child at a time at least it's some help. April
I like
thanks you about this vidios
This Koni has been evasive for a very long time. I agree that his time must end immediately. Interesting enough he is no longer a problem for Uganda. Why would someone like him move easily in Central African countries without being noticed. All the countries are in possession of his photographs as we speak. How did we obtain video clips and photographs of him addressing people and why can't the same methods used to be closer to him be used to arrest him?
El vídeo donde se menciona el nombre de Joseph Kony acecino de niños de Uganda , apenas me llego y en lo poco que estoy informado , repudio todas sus acciones , de matanzas de niños que se niegan a seguirlo , Un Adolfo un Buch mas, espero se logre su detención , pero que no lo metan a la cárcel ni que lo maten con una inyección letal , ( NO ) este tipo necesita otro tipo de castigo
Watch the movie Blood Diamond - well, don't if you're the kind of person who only wants happy feel-good in your life. But if you want something deeper, even the Hollywood dramatization is more realistic.
If you want to watch a really tough video, then try the film Earthlings - the big benefit is, you are able to improve many things by yourself!
interesting!!! seen this campaign a month ago, well done!!!
What about the Israilian craminal and they did aganist phalestain childeren. How can i trust in westren?
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Thank you very much to share with us thest moment of your life and also reality of of life .....
"We must stop constantly fighting for human rights and equal justice in an unjust system, and start building a society where equal rights are an integral part of the design." - Jacque Fresco (Zeitgeist, Resource Based Economy, Venus Project)


no, there's no "design", only individuals and their models of reality. they continuously make countless decisions, all based on their models. what we call society is the aggregation of all those countless human actions.

therefore the only way towards a better world is by individuals refining their models of reality, starting first with the eradication of compulsory schooling (coercion is the antithesis of learning)... to fix as many models of reality as possible which will automatically bring about a better world.

but no design can fix anything... only tools can help that free up information flow.
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