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I'm increasingly convinced that +Sergey Brin is actually Batman.
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I don't think there is any question of that!
Just crazy nuts good.
Is Skydiving the latest skill required to get hired by the big Goog?
I think he's closer to Iron Man.
Google should develop a smart helmet with a lot of cameras and functions!
Does Google have an Applied Sciences division like Wayne Enterprises?
rudy s
sucking up to the boss, eh?
Well, Bruce Wayne anyway (no one is supposed to know about the Batman thing)
Erich W
never a dull day at google
See what you guys can do about a Mars Hangout.
+Vic Gundotra , a Google Helmet combined with Lockheed's exoskeleton would be just truly awesome!
rudy s
everyone saying Iron Man, Larry Ellison is Iron Man, pfft.
So +Sergey Brin wanted to participate in the jump, but the board of directors wouldn't allow it?
Tony stark = Ironman
Between +Elon Musk and +Sergey Brin, I think I see where the billionaire playboy by day, crime-fighter by night thing comes from. ;) 
But Everyone knows that Batman! Just Ask Robin! Lol! 
That's him +Jason Summerfield !!! I think +vint cerf defintely falls under SAS of the web category, über bad ass of the cyberspace in my book
I bet any company co-founder can pull off this kind of stuff in a tech demo in next 10-20 years....this can only happen at Google
I've been assuming that for the past several years. It makes a lot of what happens at this company make much more sense. :)
Lue G
He reminds me of Tony Stark
So when the Joker asked where he gets those wonderful toys, in 1989's Batman, the answer is Google.  :)
Someone on his profile asked if he was the Iron Man.
I think he's more like Tony Stark :D Glass presentation vas certainly Stark-esque :D
If +Sergey Brin had flown in yesterday to the Day 1 Keynote, he could have solidified his Tony Stark-esque status until the end of time.
Go watch him save the Gotham City in the next Batman sequel.
+Sergey Brin , Omnipotent Commander Of The Universe (The OCU). Surely that is a Google job title, no?
Wow! he works For Google?...Now he really is gay!! Lol 
More like Iron Man, but I am not sure about the playboy part.
Iron man seems more like it... he's got more than a passing resemblance to stark/ downey jr
i like batman. and the dc superheroes.
Let's just call him the Steel Man (ok, he really reminds of Iron Man), he stole Vic's presentations, but was glad to see him act so natural, a little goofy in a bit, and later appologized to Vic about it. Cool show! Was Isabel a little too excited - she did not seem herself, but it's probably not very easy to stand in front of so many people...
+Suheal Ahmed I think you nailed that one. My vote would be Stark as well. However I am frequently tempted to exclaim "Where does he get all those wonderful toys?!?"
+Vic Gundotra be ready to be taken down by the Joker. How dare you reveal the identity of Batman !
you are my fan number 1 and you are the best in the world
Simplemente gracias por G+, se resume en "Bacanisimo"
Shany G
He tries to copy cat tony stark :)
He's Iron Man, what with the Google Glasses HUD.
If so, California's a good place to keep him. 
+Shany G I'm afraid Iron Man is, in most respects, a copycat of Batman. Ergo, a copy of a copy of Batman.
More like Tony Stark next year the suit
Definitely more like Tony Stark/Iron Man.
+Sergey Brin Should be the voice of Google! I feel like he is super charismatic with people and the cameras!
Congratulations Daryl.  Are you coming out for the first time in front of all these Google+ people or does everyone already know.
Vic, i thought you sucked when you were at Microsoft and i'm increasingly convinced that you still suck.
I would agree with that Vic, I am so delighted about all the amazing things that Google has brought to the tech world.
Sooooo, apparently folks at Google have lots of free time on their hands???
I always thought +Steve Ballmer was an overweight +Lex Luther...
What does that make you, Vic?
And if he isn't Batman, well, it's not to late to get started....
You ever notice how you never see Sergey and Batman anywhere together???
im a fan of football and basketball mostly sports
Ah, THAT'S why his house in Palo Alto is taking so long to build. . .
Rich with lots of cool toys. Claims a "fight evil mantra" but some people question his particular decision making. Looks good...
But I've met one of his parents. So he can't really be batman.
Sergey and his team are really inspirational. If you have an idea.. go out there and make it happen!
Sorry to burst your bubble but... I'm Batman! * looks intently * * flaps arms *
I would have thought Iron Man myself but then I may be biased towards what's marvel-lous ;-)
He reminds me of Tony Stark in a lot of ways
Great job, Vic.  Although I wasn't there this time, you guys hit the ball out of the park.
Seems more like Ironman with that Heads-Up-Display.
"Where does he get these wonderful toys?" Haha
Indeed! He is just in disguise!
So Larry is Robin, but who's the joker?
lol...remind him to wear the suit next time man..
Sean G
+Vic Gundotra you Rock! G+ is a joy... Happy Bday. You guys must be having SO much fun. Its been a Big Dream of mine to be apart of Google.
But, being a Fan... Is just as Cool! If you been using Google since 98... You get it.
Love the Nexus line... 2013 Google will lead in Tablet Market Share!
How far you have come... But lets thank Apple & Steve Jobs too. For Real.
iTunes set the trend, the idea. Now its a GoldRush. We All enjoy(:
Sean G
Hmm. He does Fly High & in the Sky. NananananNana... Batman! Haha
It's crazy to me that I can watch you guys live on the internets... While you're jumping out of the sky, and also comment on something you might actually read. It's like the disconnect is shrinking.
T Ma
Or Chuck (Fucking) Norris...
He's one white persian cat away from being a Bond villain.
The russian dark knight...sergey
+Vic Gundotra  He'd like to, I think he must dream about doing some iron man suite too. Just avoid convincing him to try this. Tell him that the "Don't try this at home" is for real. :D :D The world needs a genius of his class healthy and fit, not in a wheelchair. Just sayin.
He is more like Tony Stark +Vic Gundotra 
Him walking into your google+ events presentation was reminiscent of Ironman 1 when he flies in at the end during the big presentation
now the Joker's gonna get you, Vic
No +Shravan Kale, Tony Stark builts stuff himself whereas batman uses stuff made by others... so ideally Sergey Brin is Batman.
Batman is like dark and spooky...Brin is cool like Stark
Yup. He is closer to Stark than Batman.
Vic Gundotra. I love your country and everything that I have seen here. You are rich people.
He looks like Tony Stark and he makes cool electronic toys. I'm just waiting for the Google I/O when he comes out in an Iron Man type suit.
Yeah...breaking news, Google is buying Lockheed Martin :D
Jsem stále přesvědčen že Sergey Brin ja náš přítel a čekám až budem moci jim dát na sovětský  líčka, či jinou partii co proto. 
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