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Flying to Baltimore. Beautiful sunset.
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Hmm..I sure hope that was taken above 15000ft for the safety of all passengers +Vic Gundotra:)..Nice shot btw...
+Vic Gundotra not sure if you have been to MD before...and specifically Baltimore...but you must get some blue crab. Preferably whole, steamed and spiced. Yumm! We've got some excellent local and regional beers too man! Enjo!
enjoy my hometown brother..//it is beautiful there
Everytime i hear the word Baltimore i think about the Counting Crows
Are you going to the Grace Hopper Conference?
Welcome! Don't go outside the inner harbor. Just saying...
Like looking at the Northern Lights during the day!
See you at the Annapolis boat show Vic :-)
looks wonderful! probably fly - it is very exciting?
If you have time try the papermoon diner.
I would like to see a nice panoramic photo from you :)
+Vic Gundotra ......I hear +RC Concepcion is wondering when you're going to wish him a Happy Birthday...... and stop taking the spotlight off his Professional Work with great Amateur Shots like this! ;-P 
Very nice, but what is this plane, please...
he is also using a GS3 not a nexus
I hope that app you're using is Holo themed =)
Can the Phandroid and Android Forums guys buy you a beer while you're here? I live downtown!
Uncle vic, trains, planes and automobiles.. Snap seeded :-)
Welcome!  Let me know if you need some good restaurant suggestions!
Snapseed..his do I get my hands on this photo software...
I recommend you stop by Nacho Mama's in the Canton neighborhood while you are in town.
I am glad to see that Google is working on third party application integration.  Do you know how soon developers can expect an API?
+Metodi Kanarchev  That is not Google enough. I'll edit it for you...

"Snapseed for Google Glass? Editing while flying out of a blimp?"
Snapseed ...I love it on my iPhone ...I want it for my Android too...:))))
I'm waiting for Snapseed for Android!
I think I'm going to have to cull this post to add some fellow mobilographers (on android no less!) to my circles.
At least we know that Snapseed works with a Galaxy S3 ;-)
wow snapseed for android will be coming soon
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