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For all you iPhone and iPad users, enjoy this new release of Google+.
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+Vic Gundotra  I dunno if you can help me here but... #Chrome is driving me crazy today...its unusable. I am trying to login to Calendar and it keeps giving me a redirect loop error..then after I cleared my cache and fixed my computers clock settings...Chrome decided I wasn't logged into Google + anymore and every time I try to login sends me to a "Join Now" page for +

Sending this from the brand new iPad Google+ app and it looks great.........I just want my Nexus 7 now so that I can compare........................... *tumbleweed*
Not live on the UK store yet, as far as I can see.
I have to admit that the effort that Google puts forth to accommodate Apple users is astounding.  This is what makes Google great.  Try to be fair to users when possible, thus creating healthy competition from all angles.   
So glad yall did's fantasmical..
It's good, but why did u leave the old design on the iPhone app, yet gave the iPad app the new look (Android)? It's all about consistency eh
Will be downloading it in the next minute! I'm looking forward to it.
Wow. So great. Thanks a lot! I wish the Android version was that cool on tablets :)
Thanks, it's a awesome update
Dude so great update, your innovations goes at the speed of light! Much better than the facebook App
Why don't all my circles show up on my ipad as they do on my iphone?  All I get is All circles, What's Hot and Nearby.

Edit: Nevermind, switching from All Circles to what's hot made them all magically appear =)
Definitely a beautiful app, tho I notice a bit of jerkiness in landscape mode on the new IPad... Just FYI! :-)
+Vic Gundotra love the two-finger gesture to share a post and I'm glad that the wait is over. :-)
Finally a dedicated app for the iPad and looks good,Messenger absent :-(
Thank You!!! I've been waiting for this one and it is awesome!!! I'm sending this from my iPad 3 and I must say, so far, I'm impressed. 
Maybe i just missed the announcement, but i just updated the app on my Android tablet also - comes in the same style now.
Great job! Now i can use it on all my devices.
Now I no longer have to use the iPod version at 2x. Hooray!
The new update is pretty awesome! I'm using it right now and my only complaint is the amount of empty space surrounding a post.
Just downloaded it. Absolutely amazing!
One of the first things I noticed about the app is that I cannot edit my posts and I can neither edit nor delete my comments. These are important features to make the app usable and I'm amazed that Google didn't implement them. Right now, iShare+ seems to be the better iPad app in terms of usability. #googleplusupdates
P.S.: This comment was edited in iShare+.
Someone call Facebook and tell them that is how to do an iPad app - nice work Googlers!
Nice Flipboard feel to it. A bit too much motion for me. When scrolling up I don't want to see posts slide in, I just want them to be there. You're letting your designers do fancy tricks that are distractions. Round avatars? Some look really dopey because the user expended a lot of effort to make them look nice as a square and you've butchered them by turning them into circles.
Jen B.
omg!! its awesome!! i been waiting for this in a long time.. facebook is missing out and they better not copy from u guys!! :D 
why are 2 hr old posts out in front of 15 second old posts...I'd prefer they be arranged chronologically.  I don't like to have to hunt for latest posts somewhere in the timeline by looking for time it was posted
Why doesn't it have events and local?
I see no Messenger, no Circles and no Events? Why's that?
Please tell me that there will be an update that adds events, messenger, and local, and photos and my circles tab...
Gorgeous spell bounding

got word today...thank you for everything vic...we exceed expectations old friend..//
Why does it say I have the wrong notification . It says I have 2 or 3. When I open app. It really only has 1
Ryan C
This is amazing
Question - what will google now do to gain more traction/mindshare?
Yup. I love this app on iPad. But I don't have any of my pals moving from FB yet. 
Question - will google let users share content with other SNS? If answer is a no, then this will continue to be sort of a niche that case google mustn't expect any different outcomes than what happened of Orkut (do u remember)?
Where is the search in the iPad App für Google+?
It looks great! And first impression with using it is also positive! 
It's a wonderful app, thanks to the team and to Vic for putting together such a truly fantastic experience for the iPad
+Vic Gundotra my one question is, why doesn't Google+ let users share with other SNS? This is the one big stumbling block from my PoV.
Our close circle, our family, friends and colleagues must see us use Google+ with sharing enabled between sns. At least the curiosity would get them to step in to check it out.
Where is the option to edit profile ?!
Absolutely fantastic application! Very smooth and it's just a pleasure to use it. By the way, do you plan to integrate Google Talk into the app? Or it's already there and I just don't see it? :)
Ok, but, how can I create an event with the iPad app?
Thank you. The phone version was a big yawn on the iPad
It is neat looking app. For sure. I love the posts flow.
Though there are few aspects I don't like on apps of G+ and I find them annoying:
1. I cannot find circles management. I can add people to circles, though where can I remove them or move? Desktop function only? No way... Any kind of social circles are based on mobility, including management of the service.
2. No chance to download graphics, photos from app. If I can do so in any FB app, I can do so in desktop version, why not in app?
3. Inability of editing posts in app is certainly missing. Why not integrating hold-and-menu-choose function in own posts? This function misses in FB as well and annoys. G+ could make it better.
4. Any kind of slates cannot be treated as temps for stationary computers but as fully independent units with whole management of services. That shall be prerequisite for apps management.

In last years I became much more mobile. It is iPhone and iPad in use much more than notebook or stationary computers. Delay of G+ on iPad actually made me stay with FB. I am serious. I got now app, though still with feeling as it was not priority or not neccesairy thing. I won't change iPad for android. That is not option for me. I live in Sweden, where Google Play does not sell music neither films, Google Music doesn't exist. No integrated services, management platforms of own content...
It would be great and beneficial, if Google would consider iPad users as equals to Android-slates users.
One more observation:
When reading the post and I launch the link embedded in post, then return to stream, I land always in the beginning of stream! That is not comfortable at all. I would lie to return to place I found post.
Well done G+ app, just fix the post and profile editing feature ;) but this should be easy
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