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Google+, crossing 90,000,000 users

+Larry Page just announced some stunning statistics for Google+.

On behalf of the Google+ team, I wanted to thank you for using Google+. Four months ago, when we opened to the public, we were not sure what kind of reception we would receive. Your feedback has helped us build this service, and we can't thank you enough for your enthusiastic support.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has".

We deeply believe in the power of people. Google can be about pages and people, about information and individuals.

This past quarter we began to simplify the Google experience. Gmail, Android, Chrome, Search, Ads, and YouTube are in the early stages of having deep support for your identity and your relationships. Expect us to deliver something truly beautiful. We've only just begun to work on that promise.

With your continued support, we hope to delight you in 2012.
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This thing will never catch on...
I've noticed a lot of my friends making Google+ accounts. Keep up the good work, google!
congrats google+!
gonna be 100M by a month or two, gonna shot up quicker than facebook haha
Great stuff!

I'm sure that even more new features are going to be added to make Google+ even better!
+Karl Smith Give it some time. When I joined Facebook in 2007 (FB was around for three years back then), not many people were using it, and a lot of people and I were still using MySpace more, and it took a year (if not a bit more) for that trend to change.
Great job, but please open up for 13+ year olds soon. Or at least provide users with wrong birthdates on their account a way to change the wrong birthdate.
just think, 13+ are not even on yet. Thats why FB # are inflated.
Big congrats! I pulled the plug on Facebook on New Year's Day and haven't looked back, and don't intend to. Keep making good product, stick to your motto, and you'll keep me in the Promoter category.
You are doing great so far, even if I want Incoming back, and better ways of creating sub-streams from someone I follow. He/she may have several interests, but only one of them that I care for. Need more self-curation.
The only thing I would say about the feature thing, while thrilled with what's been going on so far, is that G+ is great because it's so clean, and it's important Google ensures cleanliness and speed are priorities over bloat features (although I have every confidence, given it's Google, that this will be the case)! Basically, I think it's more important to see good features than lots of features.
Am truly delighted already, and can't wait for the new delights of 2012!
Sweet!! Now fix the STREAM! Change it back...
This is awesome! Keep up the great work Google! Now hopefully more people I know will join.
Congrats +Vic Gundotra, +Larry Page, +Sergey Brin and all the rest of you hard working Googlers out there! You have made Google+ an amazing place to come to every day where I can connect with such a wonderful, caring, and talented community! Thank you.
Holy Schinike... 90 Mil... thats just amazing.. !
Let's just hope that all the fb users that want you to repost their blubberings to show that you are their "friend" stay on fb. #slacktivism #losermode
Thanks for all the hard work, +Vic Gundotra and team. I am loving what you guys are building and you should be incredibly proud of your achievements.

Where this is going truly excites me.
Thanx for creating this wonderful and awesome platform I've come to love truely. Keep up the great work!
Ging De
That is great news +Vic Gundotra. I would love you to revise your policies to match more with your other services (Google Images can contain a lot more offending content that Google+). I would love #nsfw and #nudity hashtags to be supported in a consistent way.
Mark Zuckerberg Tweet from 2015:
WTS facebook $10 OBO
G+ has been our way of life since the days it was available. Its has been the best social media for our company. Thank you and we look forward to more improvements.
90 milhões de usuários no Google+
+Brynn Brown Always feel free to let us know what we can do for you - we're always looking to improve receiving feedback from the community. Thank you for being a part of G+.
congrats ..i think that announcement is taking some of my pain away from ah stock price. I'll be buying more stock tomorrow.
+Vic Gundotra and team:
I'm also very excited about the photo community here on Google+
Thanks a lot for having a strong focus on that :)
I am looking forward to more of my friends joining. Some of them has only just recently discovered Twitter though.
Well done Google+ team. Keep the good stuff coming.
Excellent work google , go google and keep up the excellent work thanks
You already delight us. We have new friends; we get to see amazing new photos every day; we have stimulating conversations, learn new things, and laugh hard in hangouts. Yes, I'd say we are genuinely delighted. Thank you +Vic Gundotra and everyone at Google.
+Walid Muhammad they are gathering feedback from each user continuously. And since many users are demanding to bring back Incoming stream. So my guess they are working to bring it back with enhanced and better mechanism.
OnTheTopic: congrats to Google and its talented assets on reaching this milestone and wishing them the best year ahead.
+Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz +Natalie Villalobos +Ahmed Zeeshan
Wow- great changes to facebook is why here and happy
i cant wait till facebook is non existent like myspace
Ed Webb
Bring back Buzz!
Seems logical that the growth will continue...
And to think Mark Zuckerberg is in my circle! Not kidding! Only he has not shared anything with me yet or anyone else.
me either, FB is a business without moral standard.
That is outstanding news! Thanks for letting us be a part of this great community!
Congrats! And I love the Margaret Mead quote!
That's great news! I've been using it from the start and have to say it's starting to grow on me. I know a lot of my friends have joined, but I wish more of them would actively log into it. I think one thing G+ does really well is notify users when someone comments on your "stuff"...which is something that I find doesn't happen so predictably on FB (which in turn makes me less and less interested in being active on FB)... Great job Google+ team
So +Mark Zuckerberg, how about a diaper change? Oh, and can you please stop copying +Google+ features? We know that's your thing and all but you look pretty mediocre.
I'm so damn proud of this company!
I wear my Google+ circles shirt proudly!
I wonder why Google just isn’t breaking out how many of those 90 million users are actually visiting G+ pages every day, week or month!
no.. i think there will be 900M when the api is available..
I'm calling it: G+ is no longer a project or test or wannabe. We are officially a full on social network and FB should be afraid... very afraid
I deleted my FB account months ago now. I thought I'd have withdrawal symptoms but thanks to my new new friends, all is good in G+ land :)
Congratulations Vic! G+ is an amazing product
+Dean Ouellette add your apps account to your new Gmail circle and share your circles to that circle. Login to your apps account and import the circles shared by Gmail account. Not perfect but a workaround until Vic and his team gets a proper tool.
G Jones
I love G+ and try to get all my friends to move to it. But IMO the 90M number is deceptive because a lot of people have G+ accounts who don't really use them. (Yes, the same thing is true of other social networking sites but IMO it's worse here.)

I have no idea how to get people to start using G+ more, but I sure wish Google would try to do something about it!
+Vic Gundotra - I hope the graph in the picture is accurate visual because it looks like Google+ is accelerating. In other words 6 months from now we will not merely see 180 million Google+ members, but probably more like around 300 million. I'm telling you it's only a matter of time when I do a search for somebody on Google+ that I'll be surprised that they are not on Google+ because more people on the internet will be on Google+ than absent from Google+. I have all 20 fingers and toes crossed.
Build a great product and people will follow. Intergration across the Googke products are great.
G Jones
+Karás Hernández I am still on FB but I have deleted from my FB friends everyone who also has a G+ account.
Hey Vic. Hope all is well! Can you tell us how many of those people actually use Google + - meaning they post updates or participate in discussions etc.? I think some folks wonder whether the numbers you're quoting are inflated because users who sign in to most (all?) Google services such as Gmail or Google Apps also, by extension, are considered "users" of Google+. I don't know what the real details are but am curious. What's the scoop?
+Mark Ashton they are not going to answer that, but actually you are also quite wrong in thinking that only participating in discussions(commenting) or posting updates count as an active user. Most users actually just consumer content wherever they are either on google+, twitter or facebook.
Congratulations and thanks to you and your team for putting a beating heart and soul into this experience. It's not just the code, the copy, the commercials going out by your team as at face value social software by itself doesn't build community nor necessarily have all those intangible elements which will bind us together. Your teams continue to do two things in not only building out Google+ but in including us directly in this ride and journey. We feel like part of an extended family which for myself and probably others isn't something we'd never have thought we would ever say about Google. There are many others out there in this space that build out social tools and put out blog posts and call it a day without ever truly making sure the seeds for community are planted or willing to include their life in the product. In that regard for life bursting from every post from so many on your team and across G+, through to circle adds from people from all over and +1's... it stands in stark contrast to the other places where it feels like all we get are press releases (as blog posts). It's easy to complain that Google+ hasn't solved all the worlds problems yet or made time travel possible but I'm sure that will come down the line in your 2080 roadmap for it, I'll gladly take and appreciate everything given so far only 7 months in.
I am really excited whats next... wow.. just wow.. the team is doing really great.. Congrats +Vic Gundotra and team. G+ is really awesome for me.. I spend my whole day here!... Cant wait for whats next!!!
+Nick Preese , you so hit the proverbial nail on the head. Integration across Google products are what set THIS social network apart from all others. And that's what I pitch to all my friends who are reluctant to make the switch. I mean, they already use Google's search, & most already use Google maps, Chrome & Gmail. It's so much more convenient to use G+ for everything than to use that other social networking site, then piece milling everything else to try and make a whole.
+Vic Gundotra I just joined and so far I'm LOVING it! The features are pretty cool and the community here is fuckin awesome. I know it just started and all and work is still in progress, but PLEASE, do not become like facebook. I know you're Google (and fuckin big...and I mean BIIIIIIG) and you're tough and competitive in technology, innovation, and competition and how "business is business", but I don't want Google+, in 5 years, become the disgrace and annoyance that is Facebook. Basically, side with the people and don't sell your souls in expense of us (the community) for stupid money. (You're rich and wealthy anyways, so if anything, keep G+ true to itself or else I'll do what I did to my facebook account on this year's New Year's Resolution: I PERMANENTLY deleted it (not deactivated it, DELETED it! and before you know it, people will follow if you start showing more interest to those with pockets-full-of-money instead of us, so don't betray us or disappoint us). Other than that, keep up the great work! :D
This is great news! I finally have gotten some of my friends to become active on G+!
From zero to today's achievement of Google+, the company did an amazing job. I love this much more than FB. 
thanks for teaming up with AKB48 ( ̄ー ̄)
Oh and please keep G+ clean like it is now. What I hate so much about FB is all the useless dating ads or other useless ads in the page. Also all the useless features like poke is such a waste of time. Please keep Google Plus ad free.
+Vagif Zeynalov I don't think teenagers are interested in G+. My prediction for the future is this: Facebook will be (already is) the immature, "teenager" social network and G+ will be (already is) the mature, 20 and up social network. Mark my words. The teenagers I know couldn't care less about the ugly design and lousiness on Facebook.
De Vuk
Google+ is getting bigger and bigger I like it :-)
+Gila Jones Give it time. This year will be crucial for Google+ but I trust more and more people will realize how awesome it is. The Google team is working so hard and they really are spoiling us with all the features and improvements they do on a daily basis. People just need to start finding value and quality here to use it more. My family is starting to use G+ a lot more these days after months of not being really active, and as they use it they get excited about how great it is and all the awesome features. What I did with my family was this: I helped them set up their Google+ accounts, then I deleted my Facebook account so that if they wanted to get in touch with me or know whats going on in my life they would check G+. I started to upload cool pictures of me with my wife and baby. I also frequently post valuable things to try to keep them interested. If they post a comment I answer back as soon as I can to keep them engaged. I told them to install the mobile app and I started to text them through messenger a lot (Again I try to send pictures or things they would like). And of course the hangouts! We do hangouts quite often and we have a great time together! And now after months of working with them they are starting to use G+ more and more. They post things of their own and they comment a lot more and participate on the conversations. A few days ago my sister uploaded some photos of her baby because she said she "didn't want everybody to see them like they do on Facebook". She didn't know how to create an album so I did it for her. And I commented on the pictures as soon as I could. I guess its all about cultivating a relationship like we do in the real world and I think that's why it takes more time for someone to get more active in here than they do on Facebook with their fast-food, superficial, narcissistic friend mechanism. You want to be sincerely interested on the people you want to have here in Google+ and you want them to feel welcome and feel that when they post something it will be of value to someone else.
+David Perez Thank you. Your comment made my night. I hear this over and over again from so many people. It's still a delight to hear a personal story like yours.
insanely awesome! 90M in 4 mo!!
For those who cast doubt on numbers, I understand. But if you google the launch of G+ back in July, nobody esp the stupid 'experts' would not even think this product had any leg. But look at it now, we are arguing whether it is 40m or 50m per active daily usage! Isn't this the achievement Google made in 2011?
Well that is so coll...And +LinkedIn owner needs to take care of his words onward that, like he said last time "People around the world don't have any extra time for another social network"..Boom!
Great work +Google+
+Vic Gundotra So excitinG+ to see that soooo many people are joining our global family of G+niuses here!! Thank you for this beautiful world we get to share, play and connect in!
+Daria Musk : many more are coming into this platform, as they see and know its potential through interesting people (like yourself) who do lots of cool things with g+. ;)
+David Perez : With g+ integration across google services, i'm sure many less than 18 are really enthusiastic to try it out.
yes, it might not be 100% of all teenagers but even if 25% percent of them are interested it can make a difference (in both accounts created and activity). dont you think so?
Really happy about this news but how many of this 90M open G+ daily? Or at least every 2/3 days?

90M is an impressive result but if a good amount just signed up and never use the service... well... it's self explanatory.
That second to last paragraph sounds great; they've only just started to simplify android, chrome, google plus, youtube. I hope they mean just design and unification instead of features.
greetings +Vic Gundotra :)
Quite glad to hear that g+ has grown to 90 million. It is a big number but we still have bigger numbers upa ahead in future. ;)
Congrats to the whole team who have been adding numerous features to g+ to make it better and better. Massive effort indeed!!
especially the record video through webcam for video blog posting is delicious.
everyday i'm eager to know whats the new additions to g+ like getting new toys!! :)

PS : any idea on the total number of features in g+ till now?
and i'd like to see yummy & bigger updates soon. ;)

+Carlos Balderas : the issue is several people want g+ to be have the same usage stats and the same social graph as they get on FB (which it has after 7 years!!) and since they dont get it, they reject g+. this is silly.
many are hankering after the active usage so much that larry had to give the usage with google products and not only g+.
It would not be great as compared to FB obviously and journalists will throw even more mud at the network saying the active usage is too low. In 8 months g+ has made great inroads despite heavy changes from FB which is an achievement in itself.
Personally i think the active usage is from minimum of 20% to a max of 40%, which is quite good imho for a new social network. :)
People who are interested in active usage, please check how well FB and twitter did in their first year. ;)
building a social network is not a simple walk with an incumbent around. ;)
I feel with more and more features and better integration with google services, that g+ will be become an important network in future. :)
It is not easy but it is possible and if google can sustain what they are doing with g+ , its quite possible that we have a valid network in our hands.

+Blake Ethridge : extended family is nice term. yes , we get to know and connect to the g+ in a personal way. :)

+Roberto Velasquez : g+ team (including vivek and brad) are doing things which make this place in every aspect better than FB especially in compared to privacy. to go against FB, they have to be meticulous and it will be challenging.
so i'm sure till they threaten FB , g+ will stay this cool way. But after that, i also do hope that they maintain clean feel and more importantly give control to users :)
i'm sure there will be ads but g+ can do it better than FB. ;)

+David Perez : great work on getting your family to g+. :)
I also send things to people to get their attention over to g+. ;)
Still, g+ has to bring in some biggie features to truly attract the usual FB person.
I love +. Please keep it clean and uncluttered unlike that other social media site...
I missed this because of the #sopablackout yesterday... but this is awesome!
be prepared for the upcoming transfer of yahoo to microsoft...
Go Google!! Now go make your quarterly numbers darn it!! If microsoft and apple can pull it off, I certainly expect you to!
+Arvind Kumar - Thanks and I bet there is a lot of exciting things in store for G+ this year as Katango and Fridge have yet to be rolled into G+ and launched (as well as other acquisitions that would seem like a sure fire fit).
how can i may become a part of Google team...or be a go-ogler??
You can thank us if you like. But, it's really you guys. You made a great project come to life and people came. Well done!
the problem is not how many people subscribe g+, but g+ is not in mind of people like FB, FB is a common way to say FB, like tom tom is common way to say car navigator...for bigG i suppose that there are log time for increase not only on fake statistic ! :-)
+Pranabananda Jena I'm sorry this tool has taken us a few weeks longer than expected. But don't give up on us yet! We are working hard on this.
+Blake Ethridge : i had read about both of katango and fridge long back. had to look them up again. ;)
yes, they can easily create custom groups for the users based on what they want the group to be about.
It can increase activity in g+ by a lot.

Before that, g+ team needs to implement the most of things listed in +Robert Scoble' s post

They really need to make existing g+ much more efficient and then add the new features, imho. :)
sometimes i wonder how they havent improved certain things yet, especially if they can lead to a much better experience!!!
Have more thoughts on this, will add them later. :)
+Vic Gundotra I love Google+ but when will search + your world come to the UK. There's no sign of it yet, at least not where I am. Can't wait!
what sounds do infants make...
natural sounds...
web browsing...connections...circles...
connecting our worlds...
in better ways...
+Blake Ethridge : continuing on the discussion,

the major blockage in adoption of g+ seems to be the way that people expect it to be a replacement of FB.
But g+ is far far bigger than FB in terms of building your interest based social graph.
people simply entrenched within FB think that only their friends based social graph is the best.
But they do not realise that, with g+ potentially any person around the planet who has the same passion as you can become a friend and it can lead to a wonderful conversations.(which is been happening all around as g+ started)

Google really needs to pull in some couple of great ads (maybe we get one after the circle builders are ready from katango ;) ) to show the normal FB user that unlike FB, through g+ a person can connect to the whole world based on their interests. :)

All unknown people are friends, yet to be met. ;) :)
90M users, 90,000,001 posts.
Woooow!! how many are we having right now one year and a half later +Vic Gundotra ?? and how much more are u planing to reach in the same time from now on? :)
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