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This is a big deal!
Paul Lindner originally shared:
Have an Address Book? Want to invite some friends? We have the solution for you. You can now upload contacts on the Find and Invite page by clicking on the Upload address book button :

You'll need an address book file on your computer. Get one by performing any of the following actions:

Outlook -
Select File > Import/Export > Export from the main menu
Choose Comma Separated Values (Windows) > Select "Contacts" > Save exported file
Outlook Express -

Select File > Export > Address Book from the main menu.
Select Text File (Comma Separated Values).
Click Export.
Your Other Gmail account -

Apple Address Book -
Open the Address Book application on your Mac. Click on the 'all group' of your contacts. Select File > Export Vcards.

Thunderbird -
Click Addressbook, Select Personal Address Book. Click Tools, then Export. Save as *.csv.

Others -
Most other contact managers or email systems support contact export in VCard/VCF/CSV format. Consult your local help system to find out how. Leave a comment if you want to share you exporting experience.

-- If you have problems please feel free to click on the 'Send Feedback' link in the lower right.

Happy Inviting!
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Can send me the link to the video with you talking about Mercedes Benz engineering. Thanks much!
sc li
it would be good if google will convert gmail contact groups directly into circles... it saves a lot effort starting g+
Already uploaded my complete Facebook friend list to G+ via Yahoo to Gmail which synced it with G+...
What happens to the uploaded data after we find people?
Can I get an Address Book from a Google group
But contact groups are not ideal circles. Contact groups on how you know people eg work, family. Circles how you want to share and consume content. Unless you email your contacts based on interests. I.e share content via email and have email discussion threads better off organizing circles not on email contact groups. Some automated circle grouping based on google analysis of say your twitter stream, klout engagement etc would be great though
Does this mean invites are wide open? Mass inviting so far has just led to frustration.
+Trout Monfalco -- Uploaded data is not stored, which is one advantage of this method.

Only import the contacts you want. Leave the rest behind.
Thank you +Paul Lindner If you put those kind of details linked off pages like this, I think more people would use it. Too many feelings of regret doing this in the past - Facebook for one constantly pestering you to friend someone you clearly don't want to or would have already. ;) (years later.)
it only allows 5000 though right?
useless of course. I "uploaded" almost 800 contacts with emails and they dont appear anywhere. wanna bet Google knows the data though, and i can never erase it can I. just tricked me into giving a ton of info about some important people. they got that from me in about a second. I'm quite sure at least on of those 800 ppl is on the+
Can I please look at the graph you built for don't forget bob and got the wrong bob?
I think the contacts you upload become suggested adds for your circles
+Andrew Brin -- I think we set the bar high on invites. One reason we revamped contact upload is so that you only add the people you want and you can leave unwanted data behind. We don't auto-select everything and spam your entire address book.
That's huge! Wish I could share from my mobile though... 
Vic, i saw your Mercedes ad during Wolf Blitzers Situation Room this afternoon i think...good stuff..proud to see a fellow person of Indian heritage soaring and representing well...btw watch the road next and get me a job at google! wishes Driven to Distraction (Full)
+Vic Gundotra surely Google+ could "automatically" suggest friends based on your GMail account's contact groups?
@Paul lindner. that sounds great but I wasn't asked to limit any data and nothing appeared anywhere. it's as though nothing happened
Andrew -- let us know the format/source of the file and your browser and we'll try reproducing it.
Tried uploading an address book in which all email address are based on our company's internal email system... :P
An option to allow Gmail to convert your contact groups into Circles would be good. I don't want it happening automatically though.
+paullindner file exported from Apple Contacts. everything current Apple products including G+ on Safari
Thanks for the info ....
This guide on how to export the address book from Outlook should be put in Google+ itself, perhaps as a video guide in Google style. 'Need help exporting your address book from Microsoft Outlook? Watch this video guide!'
Martin - good idea and feedback.

Andrew - we're looking into aggregate error reports.
You're welcome! Perhaps even better would be if Google+ could simply import the Outlook address book straight out, but that might pose some technical difficulties as G+ would need temporary access to someone's computer, which also brings with it some privacy matters for which it would probably be necessary to obtain the user's explicit consent in order to legally cover Google/Google+
It'd be nice if we could import groups created in Gmail contacts too. It's a pain to recreate all my circles all over again.
Hey Vic, Managing Circles with large address book is pain..
Need solution to ease the pain out. I am seeing 500 people in Find and Invite, but adding them using drag drop, really itches..
+Ray Wells – guess I was referring to having GMail contacts integrated into Google+ "natively" as an option; as opposed to the whole export → import rigmarole.
Actually, my Gmail contacts do not sync to G+. I have more than 500 contacts, and only two of them are shown in G+ on the "Find People" page. What am I doing wrong?
I also synced my Facebook contacts to Gmail using Yahoo (a week ago or so), but they don't show up on G+.
I'm pretty sure Vic Gundotra is personally working on all the issues and change requests posted in these comments.
i seriously feel G+ should be able to directly integrate and share contact with FB, it will do more gd for G+ instead of using Yahoo mail as a intermediate router, we would have to create a new yahoo account just for this one purpose which is not kinda straight forward
F Tao
My posts shared through Google+ disappeared from FB for no reason.And the Chrome extension which I used to share things simultaneously on G+ and FB seemed to be blocked by FB.Who can accept such abrupt PRIVACY intrusion by FB?!!!
+Feng Tao Its not privacy intrusion in my opinion its blocking it because posts are being generated into ur FB page which it doesnt trust, if it allows it to happen that way it can encourage hacking into FB accounts. The chrome extensions mostly are not legally integrated with FB to make it a trusted source
sc li
+Feng Tao well, i think it could not be considered as privacy intrusion. just a kind of protectionism. for every website, the most valuable asset is users, and friends exporter is just like moving the gold out from a bank...
F Tao
+Nikhil Joseph +Louis S.C. Li Well,the fact is that I successfully posted things on FB via G+ and they disappeared after a certain period time (maybe overnight) and clearly the extension was blocked by FB onwards.There are some other extensions do the same sharing function and they are working perfectly ok.It seems that FB is afraid of the 'simultaneous sharing things on G+ and FB' feature of that extension so it was blocked.
sc li
again as i said, it is protectionism, just like apple's strategy~ closed and proprietary
+Louis S.C. Li well as per my understanding FB is trying to block these chrome extensions; which is absolutely understandable because these are external applications trying to post data to their website even if its your page ; then the whole point of keeping FB alive wd be wasted as people may just use G+ and post in FB which def they wdnt encourage
Thanks for feedback. A couple of points:

* If you have a Google account your contacts should show up in the Find & Invite page as suggestions. Consult to see what is in your account.
* If you have contacts in a different account you need to link accounts or export/import.
* Remember we do integrate with Hotmail and Yahoo contacts, they're generally easier and more accurate.
* Thanks for everyone that asked about Contact Groups and support for more external accounts -- both are common requests.
+Paul Lindner well yes integration to yahoo and hotmail is available but i still feel if there is a way to actually integrate to FB well not G+, atleast Gmail becoz usually people have more contacts in social networking than in mail accounts, but as said before if its blocked by FB then not much Google to do about it
Kri San
+Nikhil Joseph +Paul Lindner Nikhil there is a way to import from FB but involves using a Yahoo account. Frm your Yahoo account import FB contacts, and then connect from Google+ to Yahoo (or if that does not work export a CSV in Yahoo and upload into G+).
Facebook is already panicking & that is why just recently they removed an app that allowed import of facebook contacts to other social networking sites
Now facebook has started making changes, inorder to compete with G+. I feel facebook is just like microsoft, EVIL
No wonder Facebook & Microsoft are allies(Bing)
+Krishna Santhanam yeah i know there is a method to do so, i have implied the same method only but it just seems as a round about method I just feel it needs to be directly integratable.
+Neil Acharya well i consider FB and G+ as two diff entities both have its own + and - in its own way....Circles in G+ are too good, FB has groups and pages where discussions happen easily so it is two diff entities atleast for my use!!
If it is external contact list - How are my contacts protected and not used by Google or forwarded to 3rd party?
sc li
+Nikhil Joseph g+ is already doing sth for business accounts, obviously would be similar concept to pages and groups, just wait and see and i think google wont let us down~
+Neil Acharya yeah even i heard the concept of business accounts me too waiting for it more than business accoutns, I am looking out for closed groups.....and yeah FB locks your data only to Google it gives your data to yahoo....similarly Google takes data from yahoo and hotmail. so we cant actually say Fb locks our data...yes to google it does but i dont think there is option in G+ to export to FB is there..?
+Nikhil Joseph No, coz FB has blocked all ways to export contacts from FB to G+
+Neil Acharya you are talking about export from FB to G+; similarly is there a possibility of importing G+ contacts to FB, now both of this cant be FB's issue ; its not possible coz both of them have not merged with each other; unless that happens either way wont be possible ....both have merged with Yahoo and hotmail so its possible bidirectionally.....
A killer feature can be an "easy" procedure to invite all of our Facebook contacts to G+.

I know the Facebook guys are not going to make it the easy way, but I'm sure there are ways to do it...
So it only appears in the circle suggestions with a green tag. It does not even show up in your gmail contacts unless you encircle people where it adds to your Other Contacts that does not sync with address book. I had to manually select and remove those I didn't want to keep at the bottom of circle suggestion list. Not bad.
google never has and never will get my address book, even so I when my gamil account was hacked they still managed to glean about a dozen addresses and send out spam.
This would be a big deal...if I haven't been using gmail contacts for years!!! :) ...Google owns me need for new life data imports for me.
This is cool but when building a circle, we still have to individually drag friends to include in the circle. I've feedbacked that G+ could allow one user to share his ready-made circles with his friends so that his friends wouldn't have to manually rebuild similar circles from scratch.

For example, if I have built a circle of 50 friends and I'm pretty sure that these people know one another as well, then I would like to be able to publish this circle to these 50 friends to ease their own circle-building efforts. What do we call such a circle in graph theory? A clique! A good example of a clique is a class of students, or workers on the same team.

So that when a new user is invited to G+, the friend who invited him also has prepared some circles for him!

After this, there is no need to worry about Facebook not allowing importing contacts to G+.
I find it etertaining that some people really believe that google would waste its rescources to spam your address book. I would rather store my data with a company that contains an over scrutinized terms and agreements then one that doesn't

Google contacts currently allows the ability to add multiple "labels" to a contact so this should make contact/circle integration easy enough
Is there a way to collapse post comments?
+Ziyuan Yao i think they got your idea! There's no need to explain the same thing in 4(!) following comments again and again. I mean... you even made it boldface! ;) Besides I like the idea of sharing circles but enough is enough...
Nice, I just set up a yahoo account, connected it to my facebook account, exported my contacts books to yahoo, exported CSV file from Yahoo, and imported my my contact book to Google+. All in 10 minutes. not bad but I am sure Facebook could make it easier if they wanted to.
One thing, I removed people from my contacts in gmail but they get readded automatically can i disable that functionality i don't want every address in my address book just because i send them an email once ...
Philipp Klippel: Sorry, let me merge and shrink my comments a little.
...56 translations later we get:

"You know that your friend has the answer."
Yes circle building can be a collaborative effort rather than a solo mission.
I wish there was a way to mute comments but leave the original post visible.
Thats why I wont go to an Ipod. You either go Apple all the way or you're SOL...
The fact you lead by example speaks volumes. Just sayin...
this is great tips indeed
-I strictly use Gmail for contacts, but Google+ does NOT tell me which of my contacts have google accounts. That would be extremely helpful. Those are the folks I'd like to invite first.
+Christian Oestlien +Vic Gundotra You just kicked one of my friends off for using a longstanding, personally preferred alternate surname as opposed to using his legal name. I assume this is under the pretenses of the "Brands" issue. This is not a brand issue, it's an identity issue. If you want people to use your service, you have to let them be who they are. You can't dictate their identity for them.
+michael, so it means you and your friend will dictate even you're not the one who spent tons of money to hire those software engineers and veteran software gurus to make google+.
Its easy not to be thrown out, just follow what the rules is then it will be happy time.
It's like in your house rules that everybody should follow then if you don't like it, go away and have your own life...
We live once not twice, dont hide and lie...
Okay did that. Save to location then import?
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