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Early morning walk on the beach.
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Not bad for a tablet cam, I guess.
Cha ang
beautiful, where are u?
so that pretty much confirmed that a Nexus 10 is indeed coming. Hahaha
+Vic Gundotra  what was the camera of choice? [edited]
2048 x 1536 pixels
File Name:
File Size:
Camera: Nexus 10
So a 3.1MP camera module. Not bad for a tab. Why don't you run a GLbenchmark test??
Can't we have such a camera on the Nexus 4?
I don't want to be seen taking photographs with a 10-inch tablet. :-/
+Rupak Dey No, that is unfortunately the max size for pictures on G+. Everything larger is down scaled. 
Super rico !  La playa, la brisa, esa sensacion de libertad !
Oh no. Not one of those psychedelic nightmare-pictures again. :-D Hopefully the reason for this HDR-madness is some misguided app and not the camera of the Nexus 10 itself.
Nexus 10 looks like it has a good Camera Vic
Come on guys. Seriously. How can anyone find that attractive? If I'd see a sky like this while walking on the beach I would kiss my wife and kids goodbye knowing that the shockwave and radiation will be here any minute ...
samsung Nexus 10,just amazing huh guys.
+Felix Berthelmann It's probably Snapseed that Google bought a while ago. Maybe their filters are available in the camera app in Android 4.2...
im just looking forward to monday
this is how u release the Nexus 10 ??? lool nice quality
Excellent photo! But I still can see the red spot in the middle. Is this a general problem with almost all cameras on mobile devices?
Early morning tease is bad! If you know what I mean ;-)
Lok Lui
Nexus 10.... Can I trade in my 7 for it?
Yeah....the next great thing....Nexus 10
Can't wait to get a Nexus 10 :D hope you guys price to impress
This picture looks lovely, i hope the Nexus 4 camera is as good if not better, im making the best out of my Gnex 
What a great Nexus 10 picture 
crap, as if it wasn't hard enough to decide which awesome android device to get, now I need to consider this potential wonder... First things first, got to replace my OG samsung galaxy S cappy with the new nexus phone, then either a n7 or n10 to round out the family
How do people know it's a nexus 10 photo? 
in a picture's exif data, it generally saves the name and info about the camera that took it... while it can be faked without much effort, it seems more likely that Vic is just teasing us
Thanks, I'm on my nexus 7 and can't view more details on a photo. 
wow, Google's v-world is looking very realistic! Impressive progress. Can't wait for the public release.
Beautiful, thanks for Posting, lol
+Vic Gundotra are you showing this image on purpose so we can see the "NEXUS 10" exif info and get a taste of what´s coming next monday? Great images btw!
Loving the new pics taken with the new nexus 10
Looks good vic can't wait Android dominates (family full of idrones)i'm the only one with Android 
Great, an option for HDR use. Would be great if Google integrated Snapseed in 4.2! Because the manipulation of your taken picture is a hassle! Another great thing would be if Picasa could be a better link between desktop and mobile for your pictures. I wanna pay for extra cloudspace but I want to access my pictures everywhere using GDrive (now it's just the view of a simple file). So cut picasa and bring it together with Drive. Can't wait to watch the Nexus 10, but for now my Nexus 7 will do the trick!
Beautiful! So nexus 10 is official now. Just wait for details on 29th.
Photo details: Camera: Nexus 10
Great Shot.
Was Nixx Software used to tweak the photo?
looks like Nexus 10 camera is coming  with HDR mode :D
Thanks Vic for the leak, now we know N10 is coming :D
But.... where's the purple haze??
Beautiful Where Is This And Here's Hoping Monday Will Reveal Some Bad Ass Cool Stuff!!!
does Nexus 10 has a DSLR built in... :D
Not bad for 3,1 Mpix and Nexus 10 tanlet. ;-D
hmm...both of the photos posted (the other one is the one with the boats) seem to not only have HDR enabled, but some type of depth of field option as well...the edges seem blurred out very 4.2 might bring the ability to enable multiple filters simultaneously in real-time? sounds fun :)
Nexus 10 is coming?
Why does the next Nexus tablet has a rear camera while Nexus7 doesn't? What was the reason for such change?

Anyway, that's a nice looking shot. I wonder how it fared with moving people in it, seeing that it's HDR enabled shot.
Picking up the nexus 10 the first day it comes out :)
I'm just waiting on the pricing to come out for the Nexus 10. ftw
do something for india , get broadband like google fiber to india at cheap price and then i will be ur fan 
Nexus 10 =) Can't wait for the big reveal next week!
lol its not much of a reveal if everyone knows bout it!!! 

But yes, I'm beyond excited for this thing to get here!!!!! so I DONT have to buy an ipad lol
nice pic from nexus10?
nexus 10 and I'm gonna sell my ipad 2 for this piece of awesomeness
Come on let us see the tablet, I've been waiting for the next Google Experience Device Tablet since I got my xoom, and I need to update but don't like manufacturer overlays. Bring us some pics and specs of the Nexus 10 please! Monday is an eternity!
What, no purple lens flare? But Apple says... ;P
Camera: Nexus 10
very interesting tones... I dig it :)
the detail preserved in the light and dark areas of this photo are remarkable for a multi-function device. Normally you don't get dynamic range like this from the small CCD's used. 
So much talk about HDR. :-) The dynamic range in the image is actually not that great if this indeed was HDR. Large white areas are burned out beyond repair and the hills in the background are pretty dark. So im actually gonna guess its not shot in HDR mode. 
+Felix Berthelmann  Why are you so negative.... and are you that much of a perfectionist with all us amateurs? Picking on Vic Gundotra's vacation Pics is really not cool here at all. Most likely it'd be Apple as the ones to lock users out of choices in turning HDR on or OFF. Neverzzz Google.... they prove all the time they are all about CHOICE FIRST!!! GET REAL and maybe try to look at the bright side of life for once..... even though it may be against your very nature! ;-P  ....because Vic has never claimed to be an EXPERT on HDR in the first place! 
+Kyle Ray I'm not picking on anyone. And I'm not a perfectionist. But this picture is just so artifical looking and ugly. So unreal and free of everything I like in a good picture. It´s the antithesis of an adorable image. OK. It's from a tablet. So what!? No dynamic range and a filter I do not like. I'm OK with that.
But my point is that I do not understand the scores of people who seem to like this "over the top" picture. The scores of people who are so "positive" about it as if they have never seen a better picture.
Oh. But wait. Those people are cool you said, right? So that might explain it. Btw. What's the point of a social network when there is no discussion, but only 200+ guys saying the very same thing? ;-)
Please don't release that horrible nexus 10 tablet. It looks horrid. You all can do better
Well, now i am waiting for a "sexy" Chromebook with Android 4.2 instead ChromeOS! :)
Jerry B
Nexus 10 nice!!!
I will buy a Nexus 10 if it is as light as the iPad mini.  Can't use two hands while reading and standing on a crowded MUNI bus or BART train.
where is the purple haze? dont like pics without a purple haze
Awesome! Finally a Nexus I would want from the heart. Not just from my head...

Having said that, it almost looks like that there is a graduating filter used! Hmm...
Which app did you use for this HDR?

P.S. Nexus 10, nice leak :)
Did you leave the tablet on a bar stool after taking these?
See... this is why I love Google/Android! They're not afraid to leak info to the public like they're some secret, gestapo-like, fruity organization. Speaking of which, it looks like they matched the resolution of the retina display iPad.

Oh, and I forgot to add... I will be buying this!!!
wow... impressive pics from a tablet! still think people taking pics with large tablets just look ridiculous though! ;)  cant wait to actually see this device.
oh come on,due to delay of the event,guys we have to wait at this moment,sad
Very cruel, teasing us with your EXIF data.
Since the event is postponed due to hurricane, what date will it be held?
as i am in direct path of Hurricane Sandy and with all the generators and UPS etc pre sold in my area i will most likely have to save my money for repairs :( bye bye Nexus 10 
Im totally loving the new line of nexus devices one wish really open the playground im from Trinidad and would love to purchase my new nexus devices from the play store. btw apples are for sick days when you to have fun pop a couple jelly beans for a smile
I couldn't get my NEXUS 4.
join the club of no nexus 4 btw not sold in trinidad yet really keep the content we want the devices 
What beach? Keep them comimg love pics of the beach!
Is it taken from the new upcoming "Nexus 10" tablet ?? 
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